Rose Garden Filled With Thorns

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Riley, over here! Riley! Riley is that Vera Wang?!" The voices were shouted at her more than to her, and she knew that she need not answer any of them. She had done this for years, ever since she had turned sixteen, been let out of her ABC contract, and hired an agent that had worked to make her image less child star and more attainable, budding sex symbol. While most kids' parents may have objected, she was not most kids.

Riley Cameron had grown up the daughter of a commodities-trading fund executive and an Oscar winning actress. Her parents' connections had gotten her a role on a small sitcom when she was three, and she graduated to the pre-teen shows of Disney when she was eleven. While none could predict that she would age as she had, producers knew they had a gold mine when, at fourteen, she had captured the attention of every school boy under college-age, and her television show, Tuesday's Troubles, took off, becoming the largest and most successful youth franchise since Hannah Montana. Her mother, being from the industry, knew how contracts worked and ensured that she had full control over royalties and a producer credit. That meant a lifetime stream of income once the show became what it became, which was a generational touchstone for anyone growing up at the same time she did. And for that same generation, she would always be the girl that other girls wanted to be friends with and that the boys just....wanted.

Now Riley was established as a commodity, every bit the fashion draw as much, or really more, than the desired actress of Hollywood. In fact, her roles today were few and far between. After leaving Disney, her people opened a cosmetics and clothing line, releasing her products in every large retail outlet along the East Coast and with steady and long term streams of income, she never had to work again if she chose. The situation suited her. She was more Kardashian than Jennifer Lawrence, but that also meant she was away from the glaring pressure to answer the question whether she would see the silver screen successes that her mother had seen before, for which she was grateful. And now, as tonight, she was still invited to the best Hollywood parties, premieres, and events, with the hosts typically just wanting her present to bolster their own celebrity and cachet.

As the cameras flashed at the entrance to the premiere of her mother's latest film, the New York City paparazzi shouted for her love and attention. And though she smiled and hid her annoyance, her real focus was on where, exactly, her husband was. He had called moments before the driver arrived at their hotel and said he would have to meet her at the premiere, which meant she would arrive alone. She knew that always meant another round of "are they together or not" tabloid stories, which didn't bother her so much as bore her, since she had to address the questions over and over again for weeks, until whenever their latest joint appearance would be. They had met when she was only 20, though he was 34. The age gap had not bothered her parents and, at the time, she found him captivating, charming, and beautiful. She still felt....something, for him. But while that something was, at times, exotic, electric, and powerful, she was equally likely to hate him, feel contempt with him, or be bored with him. She suspected he was sleeping with the teenage assistant he had hired the year the girl entered college, though she had no room of her own to complain, having been "rumored" to hook up when he wasn't looking herself. Through it all, they typically left such matters silent and out of public view, coming together on nights such as these to preserve their fortunes from a divorce proceeding and the prying eyes of the media. Live and let live, she thought, so long as he did the same. The problem tonight, however, was that she was set to begin a three week guest stint on Law and Order, which meant she would be staying in New York, filming there and in Boston, while he flew back to Los Angeles, where they kept a nice, large home in the hills overlooking the ocean and the city below. It meant three weeks of the questions.

"Hey Ry," she heard a voice approach behind her, just before turning to see the handsome supporting actor of the film she was about to see, Jonathan Crow. Crow was thirty five and in line to be the heir to the legacy of George Clooney. Preternaturally handsome, with no sign of aging anything but gracefully, the man was single, a commodity in Hollywood, and an unquestionable leading man for decades to come. Her eyes smiled as broadly as her mouth as she turned to say hello. No sooner had she done so, he greeted her with a warm, simply friendly hug and kiss upon her cheek.

"Hey Jon," she said.

"Where is Blaine?" he asked, away from the ears of any paparazzo at the distant photography line, leaving them only to fill in the imaginary, flirtatious conversation they conjured up and wanted to report. While they would be wrong, they actually wouldn't be far off. She certainly wondered if Jon Crow was available at the moment and would not mind finding out.

"He's on his way," she said. "He had some late work that kept him." The movie star with her stood a moment and offered his arm to escort her into the premiere.

"Well let's go inside," he said. She smiled again and took his arm, walking in with him, then quickly outside the eyes of any media, again leaving them to create a narrative of their choice. A while later, shortly before the movie was set to begin, as she mingled with Crow and others, including her mother, wine in hand, she saw her husband sneak through the entrance nearly undetected, finally ready to be by her side. As he did, she released Crow's hand, hoping he hadn't seen it. She didn't want to have the fight now, if she could avoid it.

"There you are," she said, clearly annoyed, but where nobody could hear, as he approached. "Where have you been?"


Hello there.

I'd love for this to be a long term orientated roleplay with a fair bit of detail. I'd love for this to involve hook ups for both Riley and Blain as they work on their troubled relationship and perhaps form others.

Down to brain storm story arcs and scenario ideas.

My kinks would be rough sex, anal, dirty talking, spanking, hair pulling, light biting, light slapping, risky sex/hold the moan, cheating, rimjobs (both ways), clothed sex, interracial, larger men, cream pies, facials, being man handled and bisexuality. Sadomasochism Slapping Spanking Rough fucking Hatefucking Dub con Non con Tit fucking Footjobs Anal Receiving oral Fucking in public Blackmail Risk of being caught Infidelity Stockings Leggings Lingerie Drug/alcohol intoxication.

My limits are only largely scat and piss.

But I'm not one that's make or break in regard to kinks. I prefer a nice developed story and characters.

I do really want to use Google docs to rp on and either kik, skype or Google chat/hangouts to chat and set things up on.

I would really prefer to actually play the male roles and have someone play as Riley but could potentially play the female role

All I demand is that you're respectful, and cooperative. So thank you so much for reading all of this. It would be awesome if you could send me an opening message that really sells yourself, a message that makes me pick you from all the other responses.