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Author Topic: Story Seeds and Played Characters [F for M]  (Read 3157 times)

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Story Seeds and Played Characters [F for M]
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:30:05 pm »
If these are still up - I'm still looking. Despite my O/O thread saying I'm not interested in one-on-one play, most of these are geared toward exactly that!

So this is my current list of cravings including some images I used as inspiration.
I'm a female heterosexual writer who plays female heterosexual characters that tend to be strong-willed but are ultimately submissive. That doesn't necessarily mean that all stories will be D/s oriented. Nor does it mean that I'm looking to play entirely with dominant male characters. I do tend to prefer moderately aggressive, alpha type male characters to pair with my characters.
*no one is at all obligated to stick to the images, there is room for collaboration with everything*

Idea One: Musketeer

  This is honestly more of a setting/verse than it is a fully realized idea. I've always loved the stories of the three musketeers and would
love to play within the setting. I really love the Aramis x Queen Anne forbidden romance, but I fully understand if that feels too
overdone. Really anything where YC is a musketeer, doesn't need to be canon or pulled from the BBC show. I'm just using the image for reference.
If you scroll down, there are a few more formed ideas that take place within this 'verse. It's probably my strongest craving right now.

Scroll Down for updates story ideas!

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Re: Current Cravings : [f for m]
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 07:33:12 pm »
Idea 2: Doomed To Failure (Musketeer 'Verse)


   She is betrothed to a rich nobleman, someone she's never met. He's much older than she is and the marriage
would help her family considerably. Before the wedding, she is taken from her family's home to her new lands. Along the way, her
carriage is overrun by passing bandits. She escapes into the surrounding forests. After days traveling in what she thinks is the right
direction, she pauses by a lake to refresh herself. Disrobing, she washes her dress as best she can, setting her clothes to dry on a tree
while she bathes herself nearby.

   YC is a peasant who works a farm in the land owned by her intended. While out setting traps and hunting, he comes across MC in the
 forest. At first, she is displeased with him spying on her, and he finds her to be thoroughly spoiled and off-putting. Still, he knows that
delivering her intact to his Laird would earn him more than a few coin. Thus, he decides to accompany her the rest of the way. It's only
a few days' travel anyway. During their travels, however, they become closer. Friends, at the very least. MC is anxious to know about her
 future husband, hoping he is gallant and handsome. In truth, YC knows him to be strict and homely. The Laird isn't a bad man. But YC
can see that the Laird is too old to love a girl the way she ought to be loved.

   Upon arrival, MC is introduced to the Laird and wedding preparations are continued, while YC is given a handsome reward for his bounty
 - even invited to the wedding, whereupon he finds himself struck by unwelcome feelings of jealousy when the Laird kisses his bride, even
 more so during the bedding ceremony. After, they continue their friendship which eventually grows into an affair. When (if) the Laird finds
 out, he threatens MC that he'll harm YC if she doesn't obey. In his anger, perhaps he becomes abusive, but she has to convince YC that
she doesn't love him in order to save his life.

Perhaps they run away together. Perhaps they die trying. Essentially, the story will seek to explore the desperation that comes from a love
that shouldn't be allowed to exist, and yet does.

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Re: Stories Please [f x m]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2017, 08:03:11 pm »

Was playing this idea out with someone whose style of play didn't mesh with mine. No harm done, but I did really love the story potential if someone else is interested.

The premise: (Musketeer 'Verse)
Bandits swept through the a small farm town near a river bend. MC's father, along with most other men nearby, were killed. The musketeers arrived, but they were too late.
   Taking down some information, they pursued the bandits downstream. Before they left, however, YC spots mine - a young girl with mud on her face and dirt on her tattered
clothes, still very much a child and no one of consequence. He offered her assurance that her father's killers would be brought to justice before he and the other musketeers
went on their way.
   Four years later, she's a grown woman. Her mother has passed away and nothing keeps her in her small farm town. Throughout the years, she's kept herself strong with the
 idea of joining the brave men who took down those bandits, ensuring no one else would suffer the way her mother had. Taking on the name of the illegitimate son of some
dead lord with no known kin, she binds her hair and chest, passing under the guise of a young man in cadet training. YC takes her on to mentor on her last leg of training,
 recognizing something about her though unsure as to what. Meanwhile she remembers YC vividly as the hero of her village, probably exaggerated by childish memory as some
 savior of the less fortunate.
   The story picks up either in cadet training where the musketeers are choosing their apprentices, or after the ceremony to choose when they begin training together. MC is a
young woman pretending to be a young man, thinking she's trying to become like her mentor when she finds later on that the real reason she went down this path was that
she thought she was in love with the musketeer that saved her all those years. Of course, she can't tell him she's really a woman. Eventually, he discovers and hidden
romance ensues (since he obviously can't have it known that his lover is either a boy or a woman pretending for the sake of infiltrating their ranks) or, if you prefer to play a
more cruel character - blackmail (though it is less preferred).

My personal character preference for this is Lily James as MC, but I'm open to suggestions to an extent. She can't be too curvaceous for obvious reasons.
As for YC, it's up to your discretion.

This story is one that I have tried twice before, once on Elliquiy, and once through Discord. It is still something I'd very much like to play. The issue I keep coming to
 is that I really don't like it when other people rewrite my posts over me or otherwise play my character for me, without asking. Both times, this has happened.

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Re: Stories Please [f x m]
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2018, 03:39:12 pm »
Ok this is like a remake of Idea 3, which got removed.
I have this Discord SL where my main character Anouk DeLaurier is played.
It's called Rookshaven.

She was originally paired with a Necromancer Professor, but real life issues muddled our story.
I would ideally love to have a professor love interest for her, but I'm also open to other ideas. I just really don't want her arc to die.
If you're interested, message me on Discord under @Nikki Pomme#0001 or look into the game? Rookshaven Univerity
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Re: Story Seedlings [F for M]
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2018, 09:48:40 pm »
also also also
this is just an image and a shot in the dark really!

I have been completely in love with this image since I was 15. I always imagined it like two slaves that just escaped into the canals under the city. There's a bitter-sweetness and gentle way they're coming together, but there's also a hint of feral desperation. I would love to build a story around that. Like I said, it's just an image and a shot in the dark. It's entirely open to interpretation and other ideas as a one-shot or a continued story.
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Re: Story Seedlings [F for M]
« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2018, 09:13:39 pm »
Just going to list some of my main characters that I play. I have a small handful, and if necessary can make more depending on what's needed for the story. This is just who I usually play and how I occasionally switch them up depending on the story they're played in.

Voila! My Characters!

Name: Anouk DeLaurier (Daae)
Age: played between ages 18 - 26
PB/FC: Adelaide Kane
Genre: Modern-Fantasy
Location: Scotland / France / New Orleans, USA
Blurb: Anouk has attended the Rookshaven Academy since she was a child. The daughter of a water-binding mage from Toulouse, France and a Necromancer mother from New Orleans, she's been raised by her father since she was three years old. Shortly after she turned seven, her father married another water-binding mage from Paris who brought into the world Anouk's two younger brothers. Since she was a babe, she'd suffered from horrible night-terrors that see her fleeing through the forests surrounding the campus in her sleep, waking up cold and alone in darkness.
 - when she was still in her mother's womb, her mother sacrificed the fetus eventually-called-Anouk to the demon Mephistoph
 - her nightmares come from the demon within her, fighting to take control
 - Anouk spends her time researching her condition in the school library, obsessed with answers for her strange dreams
 - Being a half-breed rather than a pureblood, her abilities manifest weaker than other mages
Where is she played: The most common place to find her is in the Rookshaven server on Discord, however as she is my main character - I can and do play her whenever possible. After graduation, she migrates to New Orleans, where her mother lives to work in the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. While her official job title there is Coordinator Liaison, helping coordinate weddings and events in the Cathedral - unofficially, she works in tandem with the priest to find others who suffered as she did in her youth. Her nights are spent deciphering the Soyga, aiming to find a pattern that might predict where the next demon will surface.
Virgin?: No.
Incarnations: Anouk is a very old character of mine whose arc is interwoven with the concept of reincarnation. Semi-Fandom oriented, her soul's story begins in 1740 when a young woman from Conques, a village in France, met a cursed monster. The woman fell in love with the monster and, in doing so, broke the curse placed on him by an enchantress. With the curse lifted, the beast began to age rapidly to account for all those years he spent cursed in stasis. When he passed, the heart broken Belle cast a spell of her own, binding her soul to this realm in hopes that she would meet him again in her next life. The monster, however, died at peace, surrounded by a love he had never known and thus transcended.
  Over the centuries, Belle was reincarnated through her own lineage. The spirit constantly at war for control within the body of her descendants whom she called host. And for centuries, generations of women down her line have met an untimely death after being inexplicably drawn toward danger, propelled into darkness by a soul lurking in the far reaches of their minds that searched for her Monster-made-Man.
  In Anouk's life, her mind is torn in three different directions. Logically, she knows the demon within is evil, but can't escape the ghost of her ancestor willing her toward surrender.

Name: Cassia
Age: 18 - 22
PB/FC: Courtney Eaton
Settings: Game of Thrones, House Gargalen / Ancient Roman, Vestal Virgin
Blurb: Depending on where she's played, her story changes.
   As Lady of the Salt Shore, she protected her house against the Lord Vaith after her father died when the Vaith of the Red Dunes attempted to force a marriage on her. Her cousins in House Yronwood came to her rescue, almost too late to stop it. For years after, she refused to leave her home, allowing rumors to spread throughout Dorne that the Lord Vaith had in fact forced himself on her. Or worse still, that she'd produced a child for him. Whether or not those rumors were true, Cassia never spoke of it to anyone. Instead, she focused her attention on the wines her House produced. Through trade, she brought in fruits and wood from the seven kingdoms to mix flavors with the standard Dornish wines. From House Manderly, she learned other methods of fermentation, utilizing them to produce sweeter, thicker liquors that could elevate her small house to a place of status where she wouldn't need to rely on a marriage alliance.

   As a Vestal Virgin in Rome, she was taken in at the age of six from a wealthy family known for their wine trade. Growing up in the College of Vestals, her days were spent studying or tending the hearth that kept Rome safe from harm. Shortly after her eighteenth year, her father was named a traitor to the empire by one of his competitors. As her family fell to ruin, she was no longer seen as fit to be a Vestal. Rather than releasing her to the streets where she might fend for herself, Cassia was taken to the market and sold as a slave.
Variations: Another version of her Roman story exists where, rather than her family falling to ruin, the city was attacked by Saxons who slaughtered the majority of the population and ravaged the College of Vestals. Cassia found shelter eventually in a tunnel by the hearth where she hid as her sisters screamed for mercy. When the Empire's Armies returned, her brother took over her father's house and begged the Senate to allow his sister be returned to him, citing that their line was otherwise deceased and he required her to form alliances elsewhere.
Virgin?: Maybe.

Name: Daniella "Dani" Del Sol
Stage Name: Sunshine/Sunny
Age: 21
PB: Carrington Durham
Hometown: Parkland, FL
Job: Exotic Dancer
 - Burlesque Dancing
 - Contortionist / Flexibility
 - Body Shots
 - "Go F*ck Yourself" - by Two Feet
 - "Lavender and Velvet" by Alina Baraz ft Galmitas
 - "Hold Me Down" - by Halsey
Genre: Modern Realism / Modern Fantasy
Location: Miami, FL
Virgin?: A virgin stripper? yeah, that'll happen...
Brief Bio:
     Cuban Father, German Mother - it happened in SoFla more often than most would expect. Growing up in Parkland, one of the wealthier parts of South Florida, she had the makings of an ultra sheltered life. New car at 16, thousand dollars dropped on her prom dress, no worries about tuition at the University of Florida. But all of that changed when the fire nation attacked.

   It was the Parkland Shooting that changed everything. She had been out of high school for two years, but her baby sister was a junior. The freshman building took the brunt of the attack, but it was enough to bring Dani home. Her mother kept the apron strings tight around her girls after that. So much so that as soon as Dani had enough money working for her dad as a secretary, she booked it to Miami with some friends.

   Of course, money ran out quick. Without a way to pay for rent, she turned to something that wouldn't be taxed. She was young, after all, and without a college degree her choices were limited. Waiting tables was cool for a while, but her tips got taxed and she had to tip out the bussers, hosts, and bartenders every night. Eventually her friend Brittany got her an interview at The Factory. Within a month, she was moved into the Cat House, and not long after that - she had her own regulars coming to see her.

  When she's not working, she spends her time tanning by the pool, taking selfies for her Instagram or posting on Snapchat, which of course her followers have to pay to view. It's extra income for her and free advertising for the club. Wins all around.

variation of Dani

Name: Daniella "Dani" Del Sol
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'6''
Personality: Bubbly | Cheerful | Ambitious
 - dancing
 - Instagram and Snapchat
 - music festivals
 - going to the beach
 - traveling
 - guys who take control
 - creampies
 - big cocks
 - throat fucking
 - anal
 - micro dicks
 - men she can walk all over
 - feet fetishes
 - sissies
 - service tops

   German mother, Cuban Father, Dani was raised with her kid-sister in Parkland, Florida. Not as well known for affluence as Boca Raton, sure, but her parents really wanted her to be raised in a nice neighborhood that was family-friendly with excellent schools and blah blah blah. Her dad had that whole Cubanaso machismo thing going for him, while her mother fostered more of a woman-takes-care-of-the-home aesthetic. Even still, they always made sure Dani and her sister knew they could be and do whatever they wanted. They worked hard so their girls would have every opportunity.

  Which is probably why when Dani went off to college and just started messing around a bunch - they were less than pleased. She joined the Phi Miu sorority at FIU, and it just kinda took over everything. Instead of going to class, she hung out with Frat brothers. Taking several "me-days" off to party at the W's rooftop bar on Miami Beach. And since Daddy was paying the bills, he got the letter of academic probation when her grades slipped and a few classes dropped her from their rosters.

   Over the phone, he told her she was cut off. If she wanted to go to school, it would be on her own dime. Every class, book, and fee for her sorority would be billed directly from her trust fund. At first, she called his bluff. Then the notifications started coming in. $50,000 for one semester withdrawn from her personal account. That shook her to her core. When she called her mom to whine about it, her number was blocked. She still had a decent cushion, but she was only a freshman at FIU. By the time she graduated, if she graduated, there would be nothing left. So she did what any cut-loose girl would do: drop out. That definitely didn't make her parents happy, but they kept to their word.

   It was maybe enough to live off of for the rest of her life, if she ever lowered her standards enough to shop at Target or something. That wasn't really an option though. Her next plan of action was to move. Out of Miami, out of Florida. If she was going to slowly sink into poverty, no way in Hell was she going to let her friends see it happen. Her Instagram and Snapchat were kept up, selling subscriptions to her Snapchat that linked to a paypal so gross old guys could send her money in exchange for the privilege of ogling her goodies. Not enough to get by on its own, but it got her introduced to people she wouldn't otherwise know.

  Obviously, she knew that whole thing had a shelf-life. Sure, she was 21 and cute as hell now, but in nine or so years - web-camming for cash would just be sad. In her new home, a small studio apartment with a fantastic few of...another shitty building, she set out to network. That was, after all, what millennials did best. Social media networking was just the phone version of a skill set. Occasionally, she volunteered at a local animal shelter. She liked dogs, after all. It wasn't out of the goodness of her heart though. The shelter she volunteered at linked their website to a very prominent and single businessman who was grieving his dead wife.

  The shelter held benefits, she got to go. Outwardly, she looked like a sweet young girl with a bleeding heart that just wanted to make the world better. It was an angle she played well, keeping her hair platinum blonde to compliment her big blue eyes - angel face, dimpled smile, and a body to sin for.


Name: Alexandra Rodriguez
Age: 17 - 20
Content Warning: If played under 18, character is not available for sexual content.
Location: Miami, FL / Seattle, WA
Genre: Modern Fantasy / WoD
Vices: Drug Addict
Class: Medium, Santera
   She'd always known her abuelos were into some weird shit. Rubbing eggs on her when she had a bad dream, tying chicken bones over the front door, keeping these old ass journals tucked between their mattress. It was just superstition. Most viejas in Miami had that to some degree. So when the summer before her senior year rolled around and her friends asked her to swipe one for an extra spooky night in the abandoned asylum, she was all for it. Break out the Ouija board, light some candles, call up a couple crazy ghosties for fun. You know, kid stuff.

  What happened was straight out of a horror movie. Which, in retrospect, seems kind of obvious. Cut her some slack, she was sixteen. Without delving into the details of that awful night, one friend died, another had a concussion, and her best friend since preschool ended up in a coma. When her best-of-all-bestie woke up, the girl was mute and basically catatonic. After talking to the police, and no one believing her outside of her bat-shit abuela - she was allowed to go on to her senior year of high school.

  Unfortunately, something wasn't right. Everywhere she went after that night, she saw ghosts. Sometimes they were faint, wispy little things. Others, they were as present as any living person. She felt like she was going insane, seeing things that weren't there. Feeling them able to reach out and touch her, while everyone else in the room payed attention to their lessons and she had to pretend everything was fine.

  What could she do? The smart thing would have been to get help from somewhere, but she'd seen the way the cops looked at her before. Stealing her parents credit cards and cash, all the jewelry in the house, and anything else that looked valuable - she bailed. First, up the western coast of Florida, but there were too many spirits there. Too many old buildings where they could collect. So she started hitch-hiking. Taking jobs and trading favors in exchange for money, a ride, or a place to crash. No idea where she's trying to go, but it seems like the spirits only bother her when they realize she can see them. Usually, that means she has to leave town whenever she slips up.
Variations: Sometimes, Alex is played in Zombie Apocalypse stories. Instead of growing up in Miami, she grew up in Brooklyn and hustled to get a partial scholarship to the CIA. In this variation, she is not a medium or a santera. Just a girl who knows how to cook and survive while running from dead things. In either story though, running from the dead is a constant.

Closing Note!: If you've read any of my other posts or my O/O list, you'll probably see that I'm not very active on Elliquiy. I have a strong preference for playing on Discord. I think forum RP tends to go really slowly, and I generally lack patience. If you're the type of writer who takes a day or two regularly between posts, I promise you that I am not the writing partner for you. While I don't check my Elliquiy very often, I am on Discord every day, so that is the best way to reach me for long term play. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!
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Re: Story Seeds and Played Characters [F for M]
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2018, 05:57:34 pm »
New Cravings:

Lately, I've been craving a lot of historical stuff.
I'm not sure I have the time to build an entire world, but I'm not taking it off the table either.

Mainly, I'm looking for someone to build a small one-on-one story with based around any of the following timelines:
William Wallace / Robert the Bruce during the early Scottish Resistance
10th Century Volga Vikings

Admittedly, I don't know much about the history of either timeline, but I have an interest and can research as needed.
If you're aim is to play with someone who has a stronger background in the history of a particular plot - my experience lies almost exclusively in the cultures of 12th to 14th century Ottoman Empire, with some loose knowledge about the Greek and Roman Empires as well.

Regarding romances, I tend to have a strong preference toward playing unbroken slave-types, willful submissives who won't submit until they feel their submission has been earned through either fear or respect. Lately though, I've developed an interest in arranged marriage arcs that force two characters who don't like one another to coexist and develop feelings over time. Some non-con or dub-con is preferred, but in general I would like to get to a place where the characters have genuine feelings for one another. Clans and bride-stealing have piqued my interest as well.

I have plans to be more active on Elliquiy in the up-coming months, so if this update is still up - it means I'm still searching. The only thing I will say before closing this post up is that I will be out of town between the 18th and the 24th of November, 2018, and thus away from E. I'll still be on discord, since the account is linked to an app on my phone. I can be added or messaged there @Nikki Pomme#0001 . Otherwise, message me, and I'll respond as soon as I get back into town.

Thanks for reading.
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