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June 19, 2018, 02:08:47 AM

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Author Topic: Stories Please [f x m]  (Read 1445 times)

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Stories Please [f x m]
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:30:05 PM »
New to E, PLEASE tell me if I'm doing this right or wrong.

So this is my current list of cravings including some images I used as inspiration.
I'm a female heterosexual writer who plays female heterosexual characters that tend to be strong-willed but are ultimately submissive. That doesn't necessarily mean that all stories will be D/s oriented. Nor does it mean that I'm looking to play entirely with dominant male characters. I do tend to prefer moderately aggressive, alpha type male characters to pair with my characters.
*no one is at all obligated to stick to the images, there is room for collaboration with everything*

Idea One: Musketeers

  This is honestly more of a setting/verse than it is a fully realized idea. I've always loved the stories of the three musketeers and would
love to play within the setting. I really love the Aramis x Queen Anne forbidden romance, but I fully understand if that feels too
overdone. Really anything where YC is a musketeer, doesn't need to be canon or pulled from the BBC show. I'm just using the image for reference.
If you scroll down, there are a few more formed ideas that take place within this 'verse. It's probably my strongest craving right now.

Idea Two: Phantom of the Opera (Christine x Erik) Lost Interest

   This story, depending on YC, lends itself to the possibility of more of a D/s relationship. Christine is the young ingenue who dreams
 of singing on the stage to feel close to her dead father. Erik is the "phantom" living in the shadows who sees her as the muse he has
 to possess. While Raul is the strong, albeit vanilla, hero that wants to love her and show her that love isn't about obsession or
possession. I would also like to explore some alternative notions where Erik is a vampire, demon, actual phantom; while also delving
into Stockholm themes. Some people have hinted that stories like PotO was a story of Stockholm Syndrome thinly veiled. I'm
interested in writing a version where Erik controls and manipulates her mind a lot of the time, something borderline to fully non-con
some of the time where she tries to resist at first.


Idea Four: By The Old Gods and The New (original) Not overly interested in this at the moment.

   MC is an ancient deity, lesser known and definitely not as powerful as others from her time. Local villagers used to visit
her temple annually to pray for blessings on marriages and crops. However, as times changed, her followers scattered.
More time went by and her temple fell to ruin. Hundreds of years later, mankind worships new Gods now. YC is one such
 being. He sets up shop nearby (or on top of) where her temple used to be, not knowing that the former deity still lingers.
 As people begin to trickle back to the area, she gains strength. Not enough to every overpower YC, but enough that she
can take on a more corporeal form. In an effort to not be kicked from her home, she takes on the role as one of the
priestesses to YC's shrine.
   I would like for my character to be something like an oread or oceanid, a nymph of whatever body of water or mountain
is nearby, depending on what you decide for your character to be the God of. Also, in the beginning, YC would be unaware
of MC's history. She's just a priestess at his temple, to start with.

All of these stories have the opportunity for smut, but I prefer the stories to be driven by the drama of the arc. If romance, love, or sex happen - that's fine. If death and destruction happen - that's fine. As long as it's a well-written and interesting story, then I'm down.
PM me or respond here. I'll update this as we go. 

*Note* if you can/want to play multiple characters within a story arc, that's even better! But totally not necessary!
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Re: Current Cravings : [f for m]
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 07:33:12 PM »
Idea 5: Doomed To Failure (Musketeer 'Verse)


   She is betrothed to a rich nobleman, someone she's never met. He's much older than she is and the marriage
would help her family considerably. Before the wedding, she is taken from her family's home to her new lands. Along the way, her
carriage is overrun by passing bandits. She escapes into the surrounding forests. After days traveling in what she thinks is the right
direction, she pauses by a lake to refresh herself. Disrobing, she washes her dress as best she can, setting her clothes to dry on a tree
while she bathes herself nearby.

   YC is a peasant who works a farm in the land owned by her intended. While out setting traps and hunting, he comes across MC in the
 forest. At first, she is displeased with him spying on her, and he finds her to be thoroughly spoiled and off-putting. Still, he knows that
delivering her intact to his Laird would earn him more than a few coin. Thus, he decides to accompany her the rest of the way. It's only
a few days' travel anyway. During their travels, however, they become closer. Friends, at the very least. MC is anxious to know about her
 future husband, hoping he is gallant and handsome. In truth, YC knows him to be strict and homely. The Laird isn't a bad man. But YC
can see that the Laird is too old to love a girl the way she ought to be loved.

   Upon arrival, MC is introduced to the Laird and wedding preparations are continued, while YC is given a handsome reward for his bounty
 - even invited to the wedding, whereupon he finds himself struck by unwelcome feelings of jealousy when the Laird kisses his bride, even
 more so during the bedding ceremony. After, they continue their friendship which eventually grows into an affair. When (if) the Laird finds
 out, he threatens MC that he'll harm YC if she doesn't obey. In his anger, perhaps he becomes abusive, but she has to convince YC that
she doesn't love him in order to save his life.

Perhaps they run away together. Perhaps they die trying. Essentially, the story will seek to explore the desperation that comes from a love
that shouldn't be allowed to exist, and yet does.

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Re: Stories Please [f x m]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2017, 08:03:11 PM »

Was playing this idea out with someone whose style of play didn't mesh with mine. No harm done, but I did really love the story potential if someone else is interested.

The premise: (Musketeer 'Verse)
Bandits swept through the a small farm town near a river bend. MC's father, along with most other men nearby, were killed. The musketeers arrived, but they were too late.
   Taking down some information, they pursued the bandits downstream. Before they left, however, YC spots mine - a young girl with mud on her face and dirt on her tattered
clothes, still very much a child and no one of consequence. He offered her assurance that her father's killers would be brought to justice before he and the other musketeers
went on their way.
   Four years later, she's a grown woman. Her mother has passed away and nothing keeps her in her small farm town. Throughout the years, she's kept herself strong with the
 idea of joining the brave men who took down those bandits, ensuring no one else would suffer the way her mother had. Taking on the name of the illegitimate son of some
dead lord with no known kin, she binds her hair and chest, passing under the guise of a young man in cadet training. YC takes her on to mentor on her last leg of training,
 recognizing something about her though unsure as to what. Meanwhile she remembers YC vividly as the hero of her village, probably exaggerated by childish memory as some
 savior of the less fortunate.
   The story picks up either in cadet training where the musketeers are choosing their apprentices, or after the ceremony to choose when they begin training together. MC is a
young woman pretending to be a young man, thinking she's trying to become like her mentor when she finds later on that the real reason she went down this path was that
she thought she was in love with the musketeer that saved her all those years. Of course, she can't tell him she's really a woman. Eventually, he discovers and hidden
romance ensues (since he obviously can't have it known that his lover is either a boy or a woman pretending for the sake of infiltrating their ranks) or, if you prefer to play a
more cruel character - blackmail (though it is less preferred).

My personal character preference for this is Lily James as MC, but I'm open to suggestions to an extent. She can't be too curvaceous for obvious reasons.
As for YC, it's up to your discretion.

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Re: Stories Please [f x m] Scroll Down
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2018, 06:44:02 PM »
I was recently in a Game Of Thrones Rp where I played
Lady Gargalen of Salt Shore

The story was set in Dorne. She was betrothed to
Prince Arys Martell

The story was set 30 years after the books ended. All the kingdoms were separated and ruled independently of one another. In Dorne, Arianne Martell was the queen for a while, and she went nuts. Nobody in Dorne liked her (not ultra cannon, because we all know Arianne was a sweatheart loved by all). When she died, Arys Martell was named King of Dorne. The other houses wanted independence and threatened civil war. Lady Gargalen was young and impressionable and cousin to Lord Yronwood, who wanted to name himself High King of Dorne as the Bloodroyal. MC wanted peace, as did Arys who intended on abdicating to avoid war. We don't have to stick to all of that, that's just how the story I had started.

I would really love to be able to continue that story, but the original writer for Arys had irl issues and ended up not being able to continue. If anyone on E would like to try to play it out, let me know.
MC was assaulted before she met with Arys, so she is a little afraid of human contact and relies heavily on drinking to soothe that. I really just fell in love with their story, and I hate that it had to end.

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Re: Stories Please [f x m]
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2018, 03:39:12 PM »
Ok this is like a remake of Idea 3, which got removed.
I have this Discord SL where my main character Anouk DeLaurier is played.
It's called Rookshaven.

She was originally paired with a Necromancer Professor, but real life issues muddled our story.
I would ideally love to have a professor love interest for her, but I'm also open to other ideas. I just really don't want her arc to die.
If you're interested, message me on Discord under @AnoukDeLaurier#8140 or look into the game? Rookshaven Univerity