From boy to slavegirl

Started by craeric, September 08, 2017, 07:46:15 PM

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I'm looking for a tale, setting negotiatable, where a boy- 16-20 years old- is enslaved and made into a female sex slave.  Simple as that.  I would prefer to play the slaveboy/girl in this.  If anybody is interested, message me. 


I realize I should give some ideas, but wanted to leave it open.  Here are some possible settings:
General/off the cuff:

Alternate history/SF- due to a population explosion, particularly among the poor, parents are able to designate children under a certain age (lets say 18) as slaves and sell them.  My family has hit hard times and decided to do so- you, my new master or mistress,  see a girl in my male form and decide to have some  fun.

Post apocalyptic- the world has fallen.  There are people with few skills or prospects who have but one recourse.... including my young character.  Of course, there are also men who find any effeminate grounds for full feminization- and what is a slave going to do about it!?

Fantasy: I'm the prince of a fallen kingdom who needs, in the eyes of my captors, humiliation and a new purpose.  Becoming a conquering generals slave concubine would definitely fit, but he/she doesn't like...boys...
a mage can take care of THAT little detail.

Specific setting:
Shadowrun-    Collateral in the form of a young corper boy was inadvertently taken during the run and the black market is as good a place to dispose of him as any. 
Free cities- a free TWINE game, for those not in the know.  Archaeology owner/former male concubine to be would be what I want.
Starwars- Bounty hunter picked up the son of a bounty as well.  Either himself or a crime lord could use the effeminate 'boy' and remake HER.

if any of these ideas are of interest, I'm game to discuss :)


OK, still looking, but not sure what more to say.

Maybe a few other ideas:
Brother of a superhero targeted by arch rival- and to humiliate brother/have a concubine enslaved as a girl

For a less nonconcentual, somewhat, idea- A boy is attracted to another, and in order to win him takes some kind of serum or magical concoction that turns him into a girl- unfortunately it also makes the imbider VERY submissive- and the new lass ends up a (Legal or BDSM/24 seven) Slave girl.


The 'alternate history' and Free cities were basically taken in one fun swoop, but still looking for others.   Particularly fun might be the shadowrun or fantasy prince to slavegirl ideas.  If anybody is game.

A lesbian amazon given a slaveboy as reward and remaking her as a lesser being would be kind of fun and hot too.


Kyra tg

Happy to explore slavegirl themed game again. Any ideas. I like a body swap or vat grown Slave body. 18 plus needed.