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April 14, 2021, 09:06:40 pm

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Author Topic: The Dragon's Lair  (Read 820 times)

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The Dragon's Lair
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:56:13 pm »
Wander closer, my friend, closer. The dimly lit interior of my lair is glinting and gleaming, but not with the usual treasure. Rather, here are the gems and coins of my thoughts.

If you are interested in any of the following, or they inspire you, feel free to pm me so we can develop ideas! Here's a look at my ons and offs, if you want to double check that we're a good match.

Story Heavy With Erotic Themes Throughout - Slow Burn

Welcome To The Other Side: She moved to a new apartment complex, a beautiful modern style building with an absolutely stunning, almost magical, courtyard filled with a peaceful landscape including multiple flowering bushes and trees and a cute little meandering stream through it. The residents are a little off, but seem nice enough, and working her dream job is enough to compensate. However, strange bizzare things begin to happen . . . and it's only when she stumbles through the garden that she finds the reason for it. [Futa/furry/monster friendly, but can go straight fantasy creatures a la fairies, werewolves, etc]

I'd Walk A Thousand Miles: A young bardic girl sets off on an adventure in order to help save the only family she has left. Searching high and low for any clues to lead to the absolution of his wasting, she finds herself in the company of another adventurer, one who unknowingly holds the key to helping her survive the dangerous quest . . . and may also teach her a few important things along the way. [Human girl, roughly having just reached adulthood, can be paired with any other race]

The Dragon's Heat: Taken by Kane Marrok, alternative ideas by Nimbalt

Hard Eroticism, Light Plot - Quick Encounters or Fast Burn

The Sweetest Fruit: I've been away from home for a while, studying abroad for two years. While I missed my mom and dad, the person I missed the most was my older brother. He was the man I desired more than any other; every other man I'd had, in comparison, had fallen short of him. I'd been attempting seduction for years, since I was old enough to realize what sex was and what made my pussy slick. And now, coming home, I was more determined than ever to tempt him with my feminine charms. My previous seduction attempts had been innocent, almost nothings that could be written off if he tried hard enough - standing just right for him to see through my sheer nighty when I came to hug him good night, leaving the bathroom door open and the curtain just slightly back when I showered so he could see my naked body covered in the warm spray of water, slightly shorter skirts that flaunted my legs and just hid my ass from view that flared up to show my lacy thong whenever I spun "too quickly". I always felt his eyes follow me after this . . . and I knew tonight I'd be able to pull out multiple stops, considering mom and dad were visiting Aunt Carol out of town and wouldn't be home for a week. I could barely sit still in my seat on the airplane, fighting the urge to squirm as my arousal made itself known. Only a few more minutes, and I'd be landing. He had promised me he'd pick me up, after all . . . [Incest, could also be uncle or cousin or father]

Chase Me: The world had become different, and I couldn't help but run. You and I had been taking part in our annual camp out in the woods near our town, a tradition since we were young, when you suddenly stiffened after an errant breeze drifted from my neck to you. My scent entered your nose, telling you I was plenty fertile and ripe for the taking. Cursing, you stepped back, and I saw your eyes gleam with a hunger that I'd never seen aimed at me before. In a choked voice, you told me to leave. Confused, I tried to ask what was wrong, before instincts within me quivered in worry and fear. I took a step back, then another, before I turned and fled from our campsite. Behind me, I heard a war cry echo through the trees, the foliage tearing at my clothes as I trampled a path away from you. But it was for naught. You caught me and, lost to your need and desire, eagerly took me over and over and over again.

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