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January 17, 2022, 05:41:32 am

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Author Topic: The creature... (F for M swamp/water monster, writer gender don't matter)  (Read 646 times)

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Aaria Lennox
lives deep, deep in the bayou with her weirdo scientist cousin that treats like absolute shit, like literal shit would be worth more than her to him. She get the smallest and most meager living areas in the entire laboratory... even though there are better rooms available...

He ignores her all the time and says horrible awful crap to her whenever he does acknowledge her, calling her a burden heaped on him after her parents went and toppled over their car.,
Aaria has no idea what exactly kind of science her cousin is involved in, only that some shady poachers in the bayou come by often and spend large amounts of time talking to her cousin in private, she'd even seen him hand them money... but why? What services did they provide her cousin?

She decides to sneak into his lab one night and find out once and for all what in the devil that freak was doing  ferreted away in his lab all day every day... what she finds, she is not prepared for...
Strange creatures locked inside aquariums, all of them bizarre and frightening in appearance... the last one she comes to however... the most puzzling of all is a literal cage set over a deep pool filled with dark murky water...

There is an opener provided that really explains a lot...

The pre-written opening post
Six years she had lived with Kaiden, stuck out here in the deep, deep recesses of the lonely bayou with only the harsh cruelty of her cousin to keep her company... it was the icing on the cake to her misery after the tragic car wreck that had taken her parents lives...
Aaria Lennox had thought living with a marine biologist and zoologist would be exciting and interesting, but it would turn out that her sole remaining blood relative was a cold and selfish asshole that only had let her come live with him for the sweet chunk of money her parents had left to her... and Kaiden was put in charge of it for her... she doubted there was little more than a dime of it left now after Kaiden got his greedy hands on it...

“I still haven't gotten to see his damn lab either...” Aaria grumbled to herself as she finished scrubbing at the last pan she'd used to cook dinner... she always did all the chores, Kaiden would have her neck if she didn't... she wouldn't complain though, it was only because she cooked the meals that she was able to ensure she actually got anything to eat at all “One more week and I'll be eighteen years old, then I can legally get the fuck out of here... maybe I can get a job in the french quarter or something, waitressing perhaps? I'll take anything... anything to get out of here...”

A heavy sigh escaped the pretty redhead as she turned off the hot water and peeled the rubber dish gloves off her hands, setting them down at the back of the sink, why did her parents have to die? Why did they have to have stupid Kaiden as her legal guardian if anything happened to them? Did they even have an idea what Kaiden was really like? She doubted it... she couldn't blame them for her misery.
She turned her head to glare with narrowed eyes towards the locked door at the far end of the kitchen... that door opened up into the laboratory and Kaiden was always adamant that she was never ever to go in there, he always said she would just wreck his precious experiments or contaminate irreplacable samples... but she couldn't help but suspect there was more, something Kaiden didn't want anyone else to know about...

Maybe it was the look he always got on his face or something, but Aaria couldn'y shake the feeling there was something really, really bizarre going on in there... Kaiden was just way too weird about that lab... almost nervous, scared... what was it he was so afraid of even her seeing?

“What the hell, why not? Kaiden is fast asleep by now and I'll be in and out within just a few minutes...I want to see what is in there...” Aaria murmured, taking slow uncertain steps towards the door as she reached up into her hair to withdraw a hairpin from her sloppy job of pinning up her hair to keep grease away from it while she cooked... she stopped in front of the door and nibbled nervously on her lower lip “What's the harm right? What could he seriously have in here that is so awful?”

Nodding to herself, Aaria bent over slightly and got to work on the lock... she'd gotten rather good at this after all the times Kaiden had gotten drunk and tried to lock her out of the compound, she'd just pick the front door once she was sure Kaiden had passed out and go on to bed... the drunk moron would wake up on the mud room floor with a hang over and no recollection of the night before.

“Got it!” Aaria cheered softly as she heard the familiar clicking noise of the lock sliding free, she grasped the slightly rusted copper handle and eagerly pulled the door open...
The curious girl walked inside slowly, aqua blue eyes gazing around the spacious laboratory room... two of the walls were lined with individual aquarium tanks containing strange bizarre aquatic creatures she'd never seen before, they were almost downright frightening looking specimens...
Shaking her head as she averted her gaze from the tanks, Aaria gave her attention to the most curious thing in the lab... it looked like a small pool about ten feet wide built into the floor, it was filled with the dark murky water of the swamp and over the top was a tall bottomless cage bolted into the floor... what the hell did Kaiden have in there? Why wasn't whatever it was in a tank like everything else? Perhaps it was too large? Funny, the water was so still... she had absolutely no idea how deep it was, the water was way too dark...

“He's probably asleep right now...”

Aaria cried out in absolute horrified shock as she whirled around to come face to face with her squirrely looking cousin Kaiden... her lips trembled as she tried desperately to come up with any kind of excuse, but... what excuse could she possibly give for why she use a hair pin on his lab door? A lab she'd never set foot in once before in all the six years she'd been here...

“He? I don't understand... what's in there? And... what are all these weird creatures?” Aaria stammered, her eyes filling with tears... she had no idea what Kaiden would do now, he'd never beaten her before, but... the eerie calm on his face was scaring her, what was he going to do?

“Those in the tanks? Oh, those are mutations I've been studying... they are unique, but nothing overtly special... but this here...” He said, walking around her and gesturing to the cage covered pool “He however is very special... I'm really looking forward to studying him, however... I'm having difficulties getting him to eat anything...”

Kaiden turned around and gave his terrified and confused looking younger cousin a strange smile that sent shivers down her spine “I took some samples of his stomach bile the last time he lifted his head out of the water, it was quite the feat getting the chains around his neck to make him gag some up... but after much study... I think I am reaching a breakthrough... he really is so unique, do you want to know why, Aaria?”

“Wh-why?” Aaria asked softly, her voice trembling as she stared into the creepy expression on her cousin's face.

“I found traces of female ejaculation in it... I am 98% certain this creature feeds on it, it is his food...” Kaiden replied softly, his eyes glinting menacingly as he took a couple intimidating steps towards the redhead terrified out of her mind “I was going to go into town and snatch up some hooker no one would miss, but... you really are such a burden and you just couldn't keep your nose out of my business... perhaps you will be of use to me now after all...”

“What? You're crazy, stay away!” Aaria shrieked, turning and trying to flee, but Kaiden lunged forward and grasped hold of her hair, surprising her with physical strength that she would have never guessed he possessed, he proceed to haul her stumbling and struggling over towards the caged pool “Kaiden, stop! Please stop, I'll never come in here again! I swear! Please let me go! Please”

She looked up as she heard the jingle of keys, her eyes briefly lingered on Kaiden shoving a key into the padlock on the cage door... at least until she saw the stirring of the pool's water and she started to see a horned greyish green head start to emerge from the water, stopping just below glowing white eyes...

“Oh my God!” Aaria whimpered softly just before Kaiden pulled open the door and shoved her inside, he slammed the cage door shut and snapped the padlock closed again... Aaria stood on the edge of the pool clinging to the metal of the cage now, tears gliding down her face “Kaiden, please! Please!”

“He came out for you, Aaria... I think he likes you...” Kaiden chuckled, backing away from the cage with a dark smile “I'll just leave you two alone now and come back later, be sure to tell me everything you can for my research when I return... I simply must know if I was right. Though if he kills you... less burden for me. It's a win situation regardless of the outcome”

The rat bastard laughed before he turned and left the lab with quick footsteps... leaving Aaria alone there with the strange creature peering at her in the water...

My idea is that the creature does pleasure her to orgasm to feed on her cum and every time, he's gentle with her and so careful not to hurt her. Kaiden forces her in a couple times more over the course of a couple days and during this time, the creature becomes fond of her and wishes to take this human as his mate... and she in turn becomes fascinated by him.

I was thinking the pair might hatch a plan to escape together into the bayou. Perhaps he has a lair out there and Aaria decides to go with him? Let's talk and figure this out, eh? :)