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Author Topic: Seeking anyone! (mxm, fxf, mxf) updated  (Read 1019 times)

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Seeking anyone! (mxm, fxf, mxf) updated
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:09:43 pm »
Hello! I am a newbie to Elliquiy, but I am not a newbie to roleplaying. I will try my best to fit your needs, long as you also fit my own. I do keep a steady roleplay pace, but if something does come up, I will tell you. I do not plan to post a lot in a day, as I have other activities I like to do, but I will try to post frequently as possible. You are welcome to bother me with replying, long as it isn't every day.

Now then, please PM me if you want to roleplay any of these with me, and we can discuss things from there (I don't mind if you post in this thread either, I just prefer PM). I do have my own guidelines, so I'll be sure to tell them all to you. Yes, I will roleplay NSFW, but I would like to keep it minimal depending on the roleplay. Anything purple is what I would prefer to play, but if you convince me we can change things up.


Magician x Alchemist - perhaps they bicker over science? And admire each other's work. (We could put this in an FullMetal Alchemist setting)
Magician x Other Worlder - a magician stumbles upon an ordinary human, and hasn't seen one for centuries. They slowly start to discover they're from another world. Or maybe, vice versa.
Elf Prince/Princess x Human - the elf saves the human from harm a countless number of times, and eventually takes them in for a cup of tea. They start to ask where the human is from, why they're so close to the elf territory, and where their homeland is.
Vampire x Human - the human could be their cattle, or they can be someone higher up. Maybe they saved the vampire from harm.
Mermaid/Merman x Pirate - the pirate ship captures the fish that is part man, and a certain pirate is interested in them. They take them away from their captain and set off on their own journey, but the two don't get along well.
Cat person x human - the cat could be an ordinary cat, and then suddenly shape-shifted into a human lookalike! How will their owner react? Similar to Pet x Master.
Spirit x Human - an annoying spirit follows a human around daily. They don't even give them any special powers or anything, they just annoy them on a daily basis. But then over time, the human starts to notice strange phenomenons around them.
Human x Time Traveler - time keeps shifting, again and again. The human is stuck in this never-ending loophole, and it's no thanks to the time traveler who started it. They have to continue a whole month over and over again, until the time traveler is satisfied.
Suggestion x Suggestion - Free to any suggestions for a fantasy setting!
Winged Being x Your Choice - a winged being falls from the sky, with scrapes and bruises. Your character tends to them, and hides them in the shed. You have to help them find a way back home, before someone finds out about their wings, which they can't seem to close.

Archer x Hunter - what is the difference between the two? An archer carries a bow and is capable of setting traps, along with dismantling. They can pin-point their target easily. A hunter can also set traps, and use a gun, or even an axe. The two share the same forest, and they're both after the game there. A little friendly rivalry. Can be put in a fantasy setting.
Prince(ss) x Outsider - The prince(ss) stumbles upon someone they thought would only appear in books, and they visit them in secret every day. When their secret is out, they try to find ways to be together.
Writer x Character - the writer's character has come to life! What will happen? How much will the writer be able to predict what they do? Is this really how they portrayed their character? (could be a self-insert for the writer)
Orphan x Orphan - two orphans that could be from the same orphanage, and they escape together after finding out why that orphanage was there.
Nonbinary x Trans - we should discuss how these two meet, and which role you are willing to take.

NSFW roleplay
Please try and remember there is a plot when doing nsfw roleplays with me!

Slave x Master - the master is from a royal family, and he keeps his precious slave. He is not afraid to share this slave with others.
AI x Buyer - An AI is shipped to someone's house, and they can do whatever they wish to them. What they do not know, is that the AI used to be part-human.
Idol x Fan - The idol is kidnapped and has to do whatever the 'fan' wishes.
Vampire x Human - the vampire keeps his/her human as a pet, and isn't afraid to show them off to the other vampires. This could also be similar to slave x master.

Sorry most of my anime pairings are m x m... if you want to suggest a m x f, go ahead. I noticed there aren't many anime fandoms in elliquiy, but it's worth a shot.

Seraph of the End
Yu x Mika
Ferid x Crowley
Crowley x Yu - considered NSFW
Ferid x Mika - considered NSFW
Vampire OC x Vampire OC
Vampire OC x Human OC

Gold x Silver
Red x Green
N x Touya/Hilbert
N x Touko/Hilda
Proton x Archer
Red x Giovanni - considered NSFW
Lyra x Gold - I prefer yandere Lyra, so this is NSFW
Lyra x Red
Red x Ethan

Aldnoah Zero
Inaho x Slaine - only ship I'm asking for in this, really.

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Re: Seeking anyone! (mxm, fxf, mxf) updated
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 02:39:20 pm »
Updated a bit. I'm also making an o/o page, but that will take a while.