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Started by HouseStark09, September 05, 2017, 08:51:35 PM

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Hello all! Welcome Welcome! Come take a look at what I have to offer!

I will make this thread as easy to naviagte as possible. I am not good at making things pretty, so I will settle for simple.

About me!
- Read my O/Os, if you want to get to know me better.
- I play female characters, unless doubling.
- I am open to MxF pairings and FxF
- I post atleast once a day, usually more
- Post length will match yours


- Teacher or Professor x Student
- Teacher or Professor x Parent
- Boss x Employee
- Co-workers
- Single Parent x Single Parent
- Mob boss x Undercover agent
- Man x Best Friend's Wife
- Scientist x Science Experiment
- Arranged Marriage
- Man x Daughters Best Friend
- Celebrity x Fan
- Celebrity x Non-fan
- Body guard x Subject being guarded
- Mother x Child's coach
- Girl x best friends father/brother
- Step mother/father x Step daughter/son

I am able to play OCS and Cannon, depending on the situation and fandom. I also am up for AUS.
- Game of Thrones
- Harry Potter
- Criminal Minds
- Law and Order SVU
- The 100
- Hunger games
- Marvel cinematic universe

I am honestly good at coming up with plots on the fly! Give me a pairing and we can work out a plot that works for both of us. Here are some plots I like, feel free to modify them as you see fit.

A family from another planet:
Live in Teacher x Parent roleplay
(Could be modern or historical)

Character A is a single parent. They are a big wig and are very well known in the world. They have many children, I was thinking between 5 & 7. All of which are adopted. They are a strict displinarian, maybe having a military backround? They have their children up by dawn and schedules packed all day. They have school six days a week, with sundays off. The children are mischevious and will be a big part of the roleplay. Character A tries to parent them with love, but is honestly not to good at it. They aren't good with emotions and the lovey type stuff.

Enter Character B. A professor who reccently lost thier significant other and needs a place to call home. They arrive at the manor with their one child due to a reccomendation by a mutal friend. Character B is very trying. They don't follow the house rules. They aren't very strict with the children, and they do not get along with Character A in the slightest. Though the children are trying to get rid of the teacher and their child, the pair eventually ends up winning them over. The first private tutor in ages that stayed over a week.

He's a playboy:
CEO/Millionaire x Assistant

Character A is basically a man child. He does what he wants with no regards for the rules. He inherited his company from his father, but really doesn't have much of an interest in running it. He only does what he has to do to get by. He is a womanizing, rich, sleeze, who takes everything for granted. Enter character B. Hard working, made from scratch Character B. She grew up with nothing and made her way to the top. Yes, there is a top when t comes to personal assistants. She was hired after a long line of others. Character A usually ends up sleeping with them, therefore they quit. Character B put up with all his bullshit. Hasn't fallen for his charm. She does her job. Basically running the company. She is there for five years. It was a company Christmas party. They had a little to much to drink. A line is crossed. Character A is sure she will quit. Just like the rest of them did. She stayed. Pretended like it never happened. Eight weeks later she quits. No warning. She up and leaves.

Fast forward five years. Character B is living her life in the middle of no-where. A small town where nobody would bother to look. She had successfully weaned herself out of the spotlight and into her own world. It just so happens that one picture ruins her life. It was for an article on the fifth year of Character A's name to fame. A reporter found her. Snapped the picture. Her life was over. Featured in the article, there she was with her five year old daughter. His five year old daughter. She was beyond screwed. No location was given. It was just a matter of time before he tracked her down. If he even bothered...

Fire & Ice

He was a hockey star. Until his career ended in pieces. He had a problem with alcohol and killed someone on the ice. It was ruled an accident, but he always blamed himself.

She was a pro skater. That was until she injured her knee, her partner and fiancé abandoned her. She searches and scours the world until she finds the hockey player. He grudgingly agrees to train with her.

The pair hardly got along. They had so much tension. They got on each other's nerves and constantly argued.

They trained in her home in aspen. Best trainer around. They were going for gold in the olympics. Nobody believed they could do it. They were nicknamed fire and ice. They soon became big stars.

He still had a drinking problem, until she decided that instead of drinking he could have sex with her. A better way for both of them to release their tension and then he wouldn't drink.

They fell in love, even if he couldn't tell her. They finally get to the olympics, they get silver. He leaves. She could never figure out why. She assumed he thought she wasn't good enough to get him gold. He thinks she would be better off with another partner. He also always hated that she always picked skating over him.

Fast forward 5-10 years. He is back in his home town. Still has a problem with alcohol. He is convinced by two kids to train them for the olympics. After training them for months the kids get a bright idea. Why not invite his previous partner to help. They send her a video of their progress and she makes a trip out to watch them. Unfortunately the kids 'forget' to mention to her about her partner, as well as tell him that she was coming.

Ghost of Highschool Past

She was top of her class, 4.0 GPA, valedictorian. She had a couple friends, but wasn't well liked. She was too uptight, took bookish, overall hard to like.

He was the opposite. Quarterback on the football team. Friends coming out of his ears. Teachers and students alike bent at his will.

It was their sophomore year, winter formal. His date got alcohol poisoning. All he really wanted was a willing girl, it didn't matter who it was. She lost her virginity to him. She knew it wasn't going to go farther than the one night. She knew it going into it. He wasn't the type to settle down.

What she didn't expect was to get pregnant. She didn't expect him to deny sleeping with her at all when she told him. He was sixteen, what did she expect? From that moment on, she hated him.

She kept the pregnancy a secret and gave the baby up for adoption. They both moved on with their lives.

Fast forward fifteen years. He is a bar owner, and lives above it. His father is very wealthy, so he is set for life. She is a radio show host, secretly dating her co-host.

That's when she came looking. She didn't want anything from either of them, she just needed them to sign some papers. She wanted to her emancipated from the foster system. Since she was never adopted they still had legal custody over her. She had no clue who her mother was, but she saw her fathers name in one of the files. She tracked him down to get him to sign the papers. It's a big shock for him. She inquires about her mother and eventually the pair track the woman down.

It doesn't stop there. Both feel obligated to go to her emancipation trial. Unfortunately the judge doesn't grant her emancipation, but instead puts her in custody of her parents.

The arrangement

She was in for life. She had gotten used to it. There wasn't an electric chair in her future. She could live within the walls of this prison forever. It was maximum security. She had her own cell. Guards and other inmates alike were terrified of her. And they should be. She wasn't much better than a monster. She felt nothing. She killed without blinking.

He is CIA. One of their best. The United States couldn't ask for a more loyal man. He took care of anything they needed. His next assignment wasn't going to be pleasant.

She was given a choice. Though it wasn't really a choice. It was a tracking chip and a tiny bomb in her brain. He held the switch. He could control her every action. She has had handlers in the past. Didn't normally listen to them, but this time she had to. Unless she wanted to die. Which she was considering. In the end, she relented. Self preservation was everything. Besides, it wasn't much different than what she was doing before. Now she was just on the 'right' side of things.

She resent him for knowing so much about her. For being a cop in general. He is appalled that the government has resorted to using criminals to do their dirty work. Neither is happy with the arrangement. But the fact is, he valued his job. He would follow orders no matter  what. And she wanted to live. So it was settled. They would be working 'together'.

- We can discuss why she is in prison, it will be a long list.
- We can work out what sort of missions they need to go on.


Lady Stark (see what I did there?), I am very interested in doing a plot with you. I like a lot of the same things you do, so if there is a special thing you want to RP out, please let me know!
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- Fire and Ice
- Ghost of highschool past
- The arrangement

As well as a couple pairings!