The Reluctant Master Redux (seeking female partner)

Started by imjessme, September 04, 2017, 07:47:03 PM

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A while ago I was writing a story with another author, and it was one of my absolute favourites. Unfortunately, life intervened and it seems that she won't be available to continue. I'm looking for someone who would like to either resume the story with me, or maybe re-imagine it from the beginning.

The setting is several hundred years in the future. Alexander "Xander" Davis is an independent cargo hauler, and owner and operator of the Seraphina, a cargo ship about the same size as Serenity from Firefly. 

As the story begins, Xander is hired to haul a small but valuable cargo. He's told nothing of the contents, and specifically forbidden from opening any of the containers.  The arrangement isn't all that unusual, so he takes the job. In-transit, a minor accident causes the cargo to shift and one of the containers to open.  Inside, rather than the drugs or whatever contraband that he'd expected, Xander finds a nude woman, held in cryo stasis but quickly waking up.

Once awake and able, the woman kneels before Xander, declaring herself his devoted slave and asking how she may serve him, hinting that her services lean toward the sexual, but that she would be happy to serve in any capacity he wanted, so long as he was happy with her.

Through a somewhat challenging conversation Xander learns that she is Vera Altriden, daughter of the ruler of a nearby star system. Vera was kidnapped, and reprogrammed to believe that she belonged to whomever woke her up from cryo sleep. The reasons for the kidnapping aren't revealed right away, and in fact, Vera has no memory of it.  She is simply happy and content to be with the man whom she believes to be her master.

Vera is not just an empty shell though. Much of her original personality remains intact. Before the kidnapping, when she was a princess with little to do officially, Vera read anything she could get her hands on.  She's actually smarter than her master, probably by quite a bit, but has now decided to use her intelligence and knowledge to help him in any was that she can.  Rather than a plucky sexual sidekick, Vera becomes very much his partner in life as well as in bed.

There are a few "writers' bible" rules that we used that I'd like to carry over.  For one, and the most important, is that Vera's loyalty to Xander, and eventually his to her, are never broken.  They can be questioned when the story demands it, but nothing can actually ever come between them. 

Second, Vera is insistent that she is Xander's slave. It's part of her conditioning, and being anything else could only ever be secondary.  (For instance, in the original story, to get out of a situation, the two are going to get married.  Vera agrees, but is very adamant that she will only be Xander's wife if she can still be his slave).

Vera was originally played as having opinions, feelings, desires of her own. Xander doesn't want (and I don't either) a Vera who is 100% subservient at all times. She would occasionally argue, sometimes disagree, although she would, in the end, always obey, because ultimately, pleasing her master was her greatest desire.  She was also not above "punishing" her master in playful was, especially if she didn't get her way, but again only in playful, usually sexual ways.

So if this at all seems interesting you you and your line to discuss it more, I'd love to hear from you.  I can, if you want, link you to the original stories so you can get more of an idea of how they worked together.  I think I said before, I'm willing to start the story over again or to try to continue from where the originals left off.

Thanks for looking!

~ Jess


I am very interested in this plot! I would prefer to start over, or at least give me a chance to try and flesh out the guy character. I like building the foundation (even if it is a copy of another).
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Hi, thanks for the response.  I'm afraid that I might have been unintentionally vague though. I'm looking for a female partner to play the Vera character.


It looks like things didn't work out with this story, so opening back up for potential partners. Please PM me if interested.