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Author Topic: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread  (Read 1023 times)

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Offline Hobbes1266Topic starter

Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:14:25 PM »
Do you really wish to find yourself stranded? Do you think you can uncover the islands mysteries? Can you survive against the lustful beings that lurk in every shadow and even those that so boldly walk in the daylight? You're sure? Alright... then all I must know is who will be thrown to the island like scraps to the hounds.

The origins

No god moding, simple

In the roleplay you will be expected to post your characters plan of action for the day, you will have twenty four points a day to spend on actions, one for each hour, let me know how you plan on spending them and roleplay will occur on what actually happen

You can do basically whatever you want in game that your character is physically capable of, but don't be a jerk out of character

Respect other players limits, do not attempt to force their characters into situations that would make them uncomfortable

What game master says goes, I'll do my best not to abuse this but it's important for keeping structure

If you can't post for some time let me know, I'll try to find a way to keep your character busy without effecting the story too much

If you want to leave the roleplay let me know, your character will be taken care of, if you want to return your character may or may not be available for play when you return

I will let you know when and if your character is accepted, unless your character has been made improperly or doesn't follow the rules I do not plan on baring anyone from the game and even then I will be more than happy to help fix any mistakes a character may have. I do not plan on having more than ten characters, and I will not allow more than twelve.

I reserve the right to amend this list at any time for any reason

Age: How many years old is your character? If age is different from normal human for whatever reason please explain.
Appearance: How does your character look? Picture and/or description, description preferred
Hobbies: What did your character do for fun? Helpful for knowing what they're capable of.
Proffession: How did your character survive in normal life? Helpful for knowing what they're capable of.
Abnormalities: Anything unusual about your character? Are they something other than human? Have a peg leg? Horns? Something else? GM maintains right of veto, will err on the side of caution, if it's less useful for day to day survival than claws it is probably acceptable.
History: What has your characters life been like? No need to include how your character ended up on the island.

Stats 87 points to distribute between each
Strength 0
Speed 0
Survival 0
Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Will 0
Endurance 0
Lust 20 points spent on lust subtract from the score

Unlisted skills: Any skill not listed in the stats, or sub skills of the stats. GM maintains right of veto, but doesn't plan on using it.

Ons: Anything that gets your motor humming?
Offs: VERY IMPORTANT. Please be as clear as possible, be specific if you can, as much detail as possible would help for preventing uncomfortable encounters in game.

Offline Hobbes1266Topic starter

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 01:14:54 PM »

Offline pdragon

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2017, 11:06:00 AM »
Name: Alexander James (AJ) Schumacher
Age: 19
Appearance: Stands 5'5 and weighs in at 130lbs. AJ is a young man of mixed decent, shown by his mocha brown skin and his straw blonde hair. Despite being a boy his appearance is very feminine, with soft, pretty facial features, a slender frame, and a large bubbly butt obtained from many a squat thrust. He even grows his hair out long to appear more feminine and often wears make up and girly outfits. He regularly works out to keep himself fit, and it shows mostly in his lower body, with lean, toned legs, thick thighs, and a sculpted ass. From the waist up his body is less toned and more slender, but he has very low body fat and maintains a lean, healthy look. He also has a trio of pale beauty marks under each eye, which some playfully refer to as "deer-freckles". While being a cross dresser might lead one to assume otherwise, he is actually pretty "blessed" when it comes to his package, his mixture of German and African American genes serving him well in the dick department.

Hobbies: Swimming, video games, streaming, watching crappy B movies
Proffession: Flower arranger/cashier - Streamer
Abnormalities: Other than being really pretty for a guy he's more or less normal

History: AJ is a California native of mixed decent, having a German father and an African American mother. Growing up in modern day America he's lived a pretty easy life, with his parents' jobs earning them enough to send him to private school and his grades enough to get him into a decent college. His biggest issues growing up where people teasing him because of his feminine looks, but given the large LGBT slant in California even that wasn't as bad as it would have been if he had grown up elsewhere. However he didn't start really embracing his feminine looks until he met his girlfriend back in highschool, who introduced him to cross dressing, as well as a whole slew of other wild and naughty things. He very much enjoys feeling pretty and feminine, especially since his girlfriend likes it a lot as well, but is very comfortable in the fact that he's a boy, and actually gets a bit annoyed when he's confused for or refereed to as trans (he doesn't hate trans people it's just simply not what he is). In addition to his current job at a local flower shop, AJ and his girlfriend make extra money on the side as video game streamers, though with a twist. By day they do regular, safe for work streams, but after hours they switch over to an adult site and provide a much more explicit show, playing games while fucking each other or making kinky challenges or bets while playing. Their channel "Lady and the Trap" has gotten quite popular as a result.

Strength 9 less than spectacular
Speed 15 works out his legs regularly, used to run Track
Survival 11 Father took him camping when he was younger and threw out a few sagely tips but that's it
Intelligence 13 A pretty good student
Perception 11 Good eyesight and hearing
Will 7 Very much a follower instead of a leader
Endurance 13 A mixture of regular exercise and night long fuck sessions have left him pretty fit, he can also be stretched pretty wide
Lust 12 Despite his rather kinky and public sex life, he actually doesn't crave sex much more than the average person, he mostly just goes along with his girlfriend's desires.

Unlisted skills: Is adept at playing games while sucking dick or getting fucked with only minimal skill loss.

Ons: Vaginal, Anal (especially receiving), Oral, Rimming, Frotting, Creampies, Facials, Cum play, Food play, Pegging, Thick cocks, Group sex, Gang bangs, Multiple penetrations, Toys, Light Bondage, Non-con, Tentacles, Pansexual (men, woman, futas, etc.), Spanking, Public
Offs: Scat, Waterworks, Vomit, Guro, Death, Blood, Pain/Torture, Vore, Egg laying, Heavy Bondage, Orgasm denial, Mind control (aphrodisiacs are fine), Being made to drink his own cum (drinking others' cum is fine/encouraged)

Offline Hobbes1266Topic starter

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2017, 11:34:41 AM »
Hailbane, 8 feet is a little too tall, please keep it closer to human size, it's far too close to the maximum height a human has ever been, 7 feet would be more acceptable.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2017, 10:50:55 PM »
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Offline JoanieSappho

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2017, 03:48:28 PM »
Name: Florence Irving
Age: 44
Appearance: Standing at about 5'4, Florence is a petite woman who, in terms of her looks, has slipped quite gracefully into her middle age. While she dresses modestly, her choices in clothing only mostly conceal the shape of her body which, while certainly not excessive, is still quite pleasantly formed with a figure that can best be described as 'motherly', especially around the hips and chest. Her hair, originally a pale blonde, has started to turn grey.
While she has turned to dye in recent years, she has instead embraced the change in colour rather than trying to fight it.
Her glasses are thin and light, worn over kind, honey-brown eyes. Being a chef and having lots of quite delicious food around her has led to a few pounds and a little bit of pudge around her stomach, but her weight seems to have settled more on her curvy backside and hips than her stomach, and she hasn't indulged herself too much

Hobbies: Sewing, writing, trashy romance novels, watching vast amounts of porn
Proffession: Chef
Abnormalities: None, really

History: Florence is a very skilled an accomplished chef, both through natural talent and years of work but, while she is quite happy with her career - she's no celebrity chef, but she is known in certain circles - this success has come at the expense of most of the rest of her life. Her last relationship ended when she was 22 and wanted to focus on making her own career and success, and her only intimate company since then has required batteries to operate. these days, she's quite aware that she's alone, getting on in years, and her hormones are making a last desperate rush down to her crotch.
Not to mention, she has noted a certain amount of interest in younger men and women on her part, even if she hasn't quite worked up the nerve to make any advances yet.
Although, there is this cute twenty year old woman who just started working for her, who might be open to some 'hands-on instruction' ...

Strength 9 Not too great, plus she's starting to get on a bit.
Speed 10 Nothing special
Survival 15 Growing up in the country, Florence knows what is good to eat and how to prepare it
Intelligence 15 Smart enough to run her own career
Perception 8 Those glasses aren't just for show
Will 15 She's gotten to where she has by being confident, mature and headstrong
Endurance 11 A mixture of regular exercise and frequent masturbation sessions have left her pretty fit, although her sweet tooth hasn't helped
Lust 16 Her twenty-two year long dry spell, not to mention her exposure to the wonderful world of the internet, has definitely left a permament mark on Florence. She's a desperate old woman and knows it.

Ons: Vaginal, Anal (especially receiving), Oral, masturbation, Cum play, Food play, large cocks, Group sex, Gang bangs, Multiple penetrations, Toys, Light Bondage, Non-con, Tentacles, Pansexual (men, woman, futas, etc.), Public, younger partners. (Not hers, but mine and I certainly wouldn't object to them happening: Mind control, impregnation, lactation, oviposition, egg-laying, entirely non-humanoid monsters)
Offs: Scat, Vomit, Guro, Death, Blood, Pain/Torture, Vore, Heavy Bondage, Orgasm denial

Offline Lazzat

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #6 on: September 05, 2017, 01:04:02 AM »
Name: Lucille Aelane
Age: 20 (Human Equivalent)
Appearance: Roughly 5'8 Lucille is a slender and attractive elvish woman who's noble lineage shows in her soft features. She has a hint of athleticism to her form as she has worked hard to maintain an appearance that would provide her with a high quality husband. Her golden hair is long, healthy and well kept which her two long elven ears poke out of. She has quite large breasts as well; typical for the women in her family. She tends to blush deeply when embarrassed and smile with a playful glint in her eyes when happy.

Hobbies: Conversation, reading poetry, gardening, watching plays
Profession: Noble woman
Abnormalities: She's an elf so naturally she sports an appropriate set of ears.

History: As the oldest unmarried woman in the Aelane family Lucille is vital to her line's future. She's waited longer than most for marriage seeking to find both a high quality man in terms of character and appearance but also status. When she was younger she allowed herself to be chased by various boys and even engaged in some shameful acts with another young noble woman but was quickly reprimanded by her mother. From then on she was raised to act as a haughty noble despite her naturally sweet disposition. Lucille has managed to take her mind off of her loneliness and pent up desire by losing herself in poetry, gardening and watching plays to pass the days in between searching for the perfect husband.

Strength 8 She's a noble not a warrior.
Speed 10 Not particular fast but not slow either.
Survival 12 Basic knowledge of plants and animals is essential to elven society.
Intelligence 15 She's smart and well educated as expected of her class.
Perception 17 Those long ears aren't just there to look cute.
Will 10 She's used to taking orders from her superiors but she's not a pushover either.
Endurance 12 Her elven body is at least somewhat durable.
Lust 17 It's believed that the Aelane line may have mixed with a nymph at one point.

Ons: Vaginal, anal, giving oral, being groped, group sex, gangbangs, multiple penetration, tentacles, pansexual, mind control, light bondage, non-con, monsters, aphrodisiac, sexual harassment, revealing clothing
Offs: Gore, scat, waterworks, vore, rimming, food play, egg-laying, furry, blood, excessive violence or force during sex
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Offline GentleBlueberry

Re: Surviving a lustful island: Character thread
« Reply #7 on: September 06, 2017, 10:24:45 PM »
Name: Abigail Liles
Age: 23
Appearance: Abigail is a slender young woman who stands 5'6” and weighs about 135 pounds. She possesses a light, thin frame due to the difficulty of finding food in her environment, although she manages to keep herself from getting too bony. Despite her best efforts, her long mane of auburn hair is messy and unkempt, and can get in her way at times, especially if it gets snagged by something (or someone). She has a fair skin tone, although her shy disposition frequently leaves a pinkish hue in her cheeks when she interacts with others. Despite lacking a little meat on her bones, her body is flexible and durable, and her chest has blossomed with a sizable, shapely pair of orbs at the least. Doesn't have a set look in terms of her wardrobe, since she wears whatever she can find that fits her.

Hobbies: Scavenging, reading, star gazing.
Proffession: Medic
Abnormalities: Still a virgin. Normal otherwise.

History: Abigail was born and raised decades after a war that destroyed her civilization, leaving the world empty for the most part. She grew up in a small settlement and took to the study of medicine, learning how to handle injuries and illnesses with their limited resources. As she reached adulthood, she started journeying beyond the safety of her home, learning how to scavenge extra supplies. One day, however, a power struggle within the settlement turned violent, forcing Abby to flee with the few supplies that she could steal.

After leaving her home, Abigail spent an extended period of time wandering by herself, scavenging for supplies and taking shelter wherever she could. Few others came into contact with her during this time, and although she always managed to stay on good terms with them, none of them stuck around or survived long enough to get to know her much. The isolation has made her somewhat needy, craving companionship romantic or otherwise, but her skills mean that she will never be dead weight.


Strength 11 Life on the road has kept her relatively fit.
Speed 9 She's clumsy. Usually relies on evasion rather than speed to escape trouble.
Survival 15 Abigail is a talented scavenger, and has a lot of experience to draw on in survival situations.
Intelligence 9 Not exactly dumb, but she's a slow thinker, and her naivete makes her easy to manipulate.
Perception 14 Quiet and contemplative, she's the type of girl who notices things that others may miss.
Will 11 Acclimates to harsh living conditions rather well, but she loses her nerve quickly when caught by someone with malicious intent.
Endurance 12 Flexible enough to contend with being bent or twisted, but she can only exert herself so much before exhaustion sets in.
Lust 14 Thanks to her life of isolation, Abigail is still a virgin. Her burning desire for sexual attention makes her easy to seduce, whether by man or monster.

Vaginal; anal (receiving); oral; crotch rubbing/grinding; being groped or teased; older partners (up to middle aged); being bound, restrained, gagged, or otherwise physically overpowered; noncon; gangbangs; toys; consecutive orgasms; multiple penetrations; hair pulling; strangulation; tentacles; soft vore; large insertions; cum inflation; oviposition; any creatures found in my O/O page

Offs: Furry creatures, especially those that resemble horses, dogs, or cats; scat, waterworks, vomit, gore, blood, mind control (psychological manipulation is fine)
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