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Author Topic: Nightmare Enigma  (Read 1378 times)

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Nightmare Enigma
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:33:21 PM »
Tim stepped into the mess hall of the prison, long since past the point where his stomach was making audible noises to indicate hunger. The hall was a mix of rough looking human prisoners and aliens both human-like and the strange, biohazard suited, creatures who lingered by themselves. Once he had got the usual uninteresting tat that passed for a healthy meal in the prison he made his way to the table farthest from the door. If he could get through another meal without having to deal with another prisoner he would be happy.

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 06:52:53 AM »
Brandy glanced up from the meal, her red bangs falling across her face and effectively hiding her luminous red eyes, as she watched the loner.The late commer to the mess hall spiked Brandy's interest. He always came here later then most, always kept to himself and from what Brandy heard always claimed his innocents to anyone who would listen. Several of Brandy's cronies sat at the table were already muttering about giving him what he deserved.  She shook her head Silly man, drawing attention to himself she thought. He would be a lot better off finding some subservient gang to hide behind. She glanced again at the burly man sat beside her. The current leader of the more dominant prison gang called himself Cruiser, he was sharp and mean. He chose that moment to pay a possessive hand on Brandy's.

This open display was for the other thugs benefit more then a caring moment between lover's. Brandy provided certain services for Cruiser and he protected her. Due to the relationship the young woman knew she couldn't show to much open interest in the other male prisoners, she would have to try and get her target alone, away from prying eyes and preferably before he ended up with a cracked rib or worse.

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2017, 12:21:30 PM »
Skurai had been in the cafeteria earlier. She may have been one of the first ones there and now sat with her food completely eaten at her table, legs crossed and writing silently on a scrap of paper.. she got the paper and stub of a pencil, nobody knew but her.

People seemed to give her a wide enough girth, leaving the entire end of the table she was sitting at just for her. And that was perfectly fine with her. None of these idiots we're worth crimpin' here.. Except maybe that Brandy woman. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.

She watched as a man made his way to the only remaining empty table, the one furthest away from the door, and coincidentally the table closest to her. She knew he was the prison's newest captor and just that would cause the poor lad trouble. Without glancing around she could tell there were several people who had their eyes on him, the Brandy girl included.

Skurai wasn't interested in such a man, persay...but his story was another matter, because just by looking at him she knew he hadn't killed anyone before and she knew the government knew this as well. A man's deadlights were much changed by the spilling of blood and while she'd maimed and hurt and maybe tortured some people..she could say she hadn't sent anyone to Davey's locker just yet...but she'd known people who had. And she's seen how it changes a man.

Quietly, Skurai finished up her scribbles.

((P.S. if you need pirate slang to be defined just let me know. I just tried to write how Skurai thinks. ALSO, I'm on my phone so I'm going back and editing autocorrected nonsense hahaha.))
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Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2017, 01:05:38 PM »
"Not again," Tim muttered under his breath as he heard one of the lizard-like prisoner's sneaking up on him, but before it could make a move on him he had his hand around its throat. "Go on, just try," he said calmly. "I've dealt with worse than you in my life." As he held the creature his sleeve rolled down, revealing a vicious scar running down his right arm. The lizard quickly thought better of the idea, Tim letting go once he had nodded, before turning back to his food, only to find a young woman in a white lab coat in front of him. "What do you want?"

"Mertens once to see you once you've finished," the woman said, slipping a piece of paper onto the table with the location of the lab, before walking off. She headed over to Skurai and Brandy, doing the same while feeling grateful the prisoners seemed to ignore her presence in the mess hall.

"I guess I better get this over with," Tim said when he had finished, getting up and travelling to almost the other side of the station, knocking on a door with 'Dr Mertens' written on it in large letters, waiting for a response.

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2017, 01:31:34 PM »
Brandy deliberately paid no attention the lab assistant, it wouldn't do for her to be to eager to go see Mertens, she had seen her slip the same note to both the newest prisoner and the space captain. Brandy and Skurai weren't what you would call the best of friends, after all who had freinds in a prison? However they had crossed paths over there time here and had a mutual knowlage and respect for each other. Taking the time to finish her meal. She slipped silently from her seat.  Cruiser glanced up, the silent eye conversation between them would of only been picked up by the sharpest of observers and most prisoners were one spanner short of a full tool set.

Stalking from the mess hall she made her way through the the prison towards the lab,Brandy walked confidently, she always transversed in the bang middle of every walk way, apart from when she was procuring items. This was so that others could see her and get out of her way, everyone knew not to touch a hair on the red head. Reaching the lab door, she opened it and announced "Prisoner 1498, Brandy reporting"

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #5 on: September 02, 2017, 02:20:15 PM »
With a subtle movement, Skurai slipped the paper between her boot laces and down into the sole of her boots. She'd noticed the white coat approaching the new man.. Who..If Skurai was a good judge of character, was doing a pretty good job of not being bullied. She wondered if the scar on his arm had been received due to something criminal..

The long clothes lady was nearing her table and Skurai paused in mid standing, ready to put her garbage down the shute and head off. With deft hands she grasped the letter and read it silently.

Mertens..  Dr. MERTENS.. She gritted her teeth at the thought of this person. What could they want? She had

Although Skurai was a prisoner and held no crew or ships inside the cage she was forced into, she still held the air of someone of authority. Her strides were quick and sharp as she headed into the office.

"Skurai.." She spoke quietly. She wasn't about to say she was 'reporting' to anyone. And whatever Dr. Mertens wanted was making her lip curl in disgust.

 Looking over she saw the red haired Brandy and nodded. The woman was clever and Skurai held a slight respect for her.
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Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #6 on: September 02, 2017, 02:44:21 PM »
"Come in," came a voice from inside. "The door isn't locked."

Tim opened the door into an almost empty room, dominated by a massive computer on one side and what appeared to be a glass window, but beyond was nothing but complete darkness. At first Tim couldn't figure out where the professor was, until he realised a pair of lab coat clad legs was visible poking out from under the computer.

"You ask us here and you can't be bothered to say stop working for five seconds?" Tim asked, raising an eyebrow."

"Sorry," the professor said, slipping out from under the computer. He was a short, skinny man in his 30s, a tangled mop of red hair on his head and a pair of glasses perched haphazardly on the end of his nose. "My name is Professor John Mertens..." he stopped as he saw the lack of interest from all three. "Sorry, you aren't here to talk about me. What would you say I'm in possession of a device which could prove you were innocent?"

"If you're referring to that computer," Tim replied, "that's barely more complex than the average ship's computer of a merchant's frigate, I don't see what you think THAT could do."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #7 on: September 02, 2017, 03:28:37 PM »
"What's the catch?" Brandy asked immediately. If there was one thing Brandy knew people didn't offer anything for free. She glanced at the other two prisoners present, an odd selection of people to choose. Certainly the only make prisoner made sense as he claimed his innocence all the time. Brandy wouldn't dream of classing herself as such, and she didn't know Skurai well enough to comment.
"Why us?" She asked suspicious. The red head crossed her arms. She was willing to at least here the professor out.

Grabbing a chair, she swiveled it so the back was facing the room, then placed it a position were she could see all three people and the door she sat astride the chair and waited.

Offline Minty

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #8 on: September 02, 2017, 03:34:23 PM »
Skurai walked in with the rest, her eyes keenly on the doctor. She was most definitely not innocent, but was he offering a pardon?  Her arms crossed over her chest as she kept standing beside Brandy and this man.  "Hmm.."

Yes, she wanted to hear the catch too. Her eyebrows rose with skepticism. Of course this would probably mean they wanted her to be their privateer.. And no way was she working for any government or corporate entity...

But..maybe she could use this to get free. To gain a ship..

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #9 on: September 02, 2017, 04:55:46 PM »
"That computer isn't what I'm referring to," Mertens said, stepping up to a datapad next to the window and pressing a series of buttons. The room beyond lit up, revealing three chairs side by side, above which hung helmets attached to the ceiling above. "This technology is, to the best of my knowledge, unique. We aren't sure of its origins, but it is called Enigma, it accesses your memories and plays them back to you. It's so advanced even military-grade psychic shielding is no defence against it."

"They're right," Tim said. "Why us? There's got to be at least 400 prisoners here, you could've picked ANY of them."

"When you run a lab here you have a LOT of free time," Mertens replied. "Plenty SAY they're innocent, but you three are the only ones who I suspect may genuinely be victims of miscarriages of justice. I can't force you to take part, but if you do so and I'm wrong nothing will change."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #10 on: September 03, 2017, 07:22:02 AM »
Victims of miscarriages of justice, Brandy rather liked that statement. It showed that Mertens had certainly done his home work. Brandy tempered the night she had been caught all to well and the revelation of who had betrayed her. She wanted out of this place to get her revenge. However giving a machine access to her memories seemed rather dangerous, and Brandy had deeply hidden memories she would rather forget.

Neither of the other two prisoners were jumping to volunteer either she noticed. Brandy was surprised that the male hadn't but the professor's hand of, to try and get released. The next logical step would be to talk to the others alone and see what they thought of the idea. "I think we need time to consider our options" she said outloud.

Offline Minty

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #11 on: September 03, 2017, 10:45:41 AM »
It was true that Skurai had no idea what her traitorous, yellow belly crew member said about her. It was never even mentioned to her all the details. She knew though that there was enough looting, pillaging, maiming, and other disobedient content in her past that it probably didn't matter.. She was guilty of something no matter what.

She peered into the window at the machine. Cold and sterile and just...awful looking. No..No she didn't want to be placed in that room. Skurai could feel her breathing hitch a little and forced herself to calm down.. She had no idea whys he was so afraid, but she was and she didn't want to show it. Hopefully only only Brandy and Tim had noticed her small bout.

But.. What if she was innocent? What if..?

The thought of being free and being able to captain her own ship. To not have to be so uptight all the time in fear of her life, made her back stand a bit straighter. And as she heard Brandy declare that they'd need time to talk this over she was able to pull herself out of her mind. "Yes. I think we need some time to discuss this between ourselves.. Will we be alone inside there?..In our memories?"  This question was once that she couldn't help but ask. Skurai just didn't think she wanted to be shut up in her mind without some connection to the outside world. "..Annnd..You aren't sure of its origins? I take it we are the first victims of this...machine? How sure are you on how to work it and make sure we don't die or end up as headcases?.."

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2017, 11:33:33 AM »
"It's been used before," Mertens said. "The archaeological dig team who found it decided to test it as a prank. The soldier who revealed he was sleeping with his captain's daughter having been expressly told NOT to probably wishes he stayed out of the machine. If you need time, there's an errand I need to run, I won't be long." He ducked out of the room, leaving the trio alone.

"This feels too good to be true," Tim said as he walked up to the glass. "But...I've exhausted near enough every legal route I can, right now I've got nothing to lose by at least trying. You two can go back to your cells if you want."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2017, 12:27:50 PM »
"It's nice to meet you to!" Brandy responded sacastically. Brandy tuned her attention to the other female prisoner, clearly the man was only going to think of himself. Why had the proffessor chosen three of them, he'd mentioned a single solider test run,but no mulipule trials, what if they would each see each others memories? "Thoughts?" She asked Skurai. Brandy was interested to get the silver haired women's opinion before deciding the best course of action.

Offline Minty

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #14 on: September 03, 2017, 12:37:26 PM »
Her eyes narrowed at the doctor's words. She watched the man leave and then saw one of the prisoners near the glass. Voicing that he would be participating.

She heard Brandy speaking. Listening to the woman ask her what she thought. Skurai didn't want her to see how afraid she really was of this whole scenario. 

She moved toward the glass herself. "I don't trust this..I don't like this.." She put her hand on the glass. Her head was beginning to hurt from the war going on in her head. Yes, she wanted to be free, to get back out and do what she did best..But this was a lot to ask of her. This was asking her to give up control and power to people she definitely did not trust. With a deep sigh that fogged up the glass just a bit, she leaned her forehead against the cold window and closed her eyes.

"If.." She turned around toward Brandy and even gave Tim a look although she wasn't sure he cared about anyone at the moment. "If there's a possibility of us being able to team up in there.. I think we should." She knew she couldn't trust these people any more than the Dr and whoever else was behind this. But having comrades was comforting, and none of them had anything against the other as far as she knew.  "I don't trust any of this, but...But..Having a crew with me make sit a bit more tolerable."

Outright saying she was afraid was out of the question even if it was obvious she was. But asking to form a party or team seemed like a logical way to be comforted.

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2017, 02:15:28 PM »
"The only thing that worries me," Tim said, "is there are memories that...I would prefer the machine stays out of, and I don't get the impression Mertens has much say on how deep the machine goes into your mind."

"I can't promise you anything," Mertens said, walking back into the room and opening the door to the chamber. "Why don't you go into the machine first Tim? If it doesn't instantly kill you it might reassure the other two."

"I guess I have nothing to lose," Tim said, stepping through the door and walking to the middle chair, which was surprisingly comfortable. "Anything else you want to warn us about Doc?"

"It will feel very real," Mertens replied. "But be aware, these are only images, they can't harm you, you can't harm them. Good luck."

"Thanks," Tim said semi-sarcastically as he felt the helmet close over his head. For a few moments it was so dark he thought he had been put under and anaesthetic, but then his eyes focused, revealing he was in a mostly dark room, light only shining on where he was stood. "Professor Mertens?" he called out, but got no response. "Well, this is weird as hell."

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #16 on: September 03, 2017, 02:36:19 PM »
Team up? Well that seemed like a smart move, Brandy didn't mind offering her services to Shurai. The male however was a whole nother story. Before Brandy had chance to speak further Mertens reappeared. The proffessor then asked Tim to give them a demonstration. Tim?! So that was his name Brandy thought, she watched from her perch as the two went into the second room. Curiously she got up and walked over to the window, in time to see the helmet lower over Tim's face.

For several seconds nothing seemed to be happening, and Brandy was about to ask when Tim's body began to twitch. It was a bit surreal watching from behind the glass, they could not see what Tim saw for now and the professor wasn't volentering any information on the process.  "This is kind of pathetic" Brandy said. Not one to back down she knocked on the glass to grab Mertens attention. She indicated to herself and then the room,after seeing him nod she headed towards the door of the chamber. "Don't worry, I've got your back. Even if Tim hasn't" she told Shurai before entering the chamber.

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #17 on: September 03, 2017, 04:39:07 PM »
Hmm. Tim. Skurai filed the other inmate's name into the back of her mind, while Tim stepped into the other room and got into the chair, the helmet covering his face.

Nothing was really happening as far as she could tell. He was just laying there.. And that seemed harmless enough.

She watched Brandy flag the doctor and turn toward her, letting Skurai know she had her back. Hm, well that was at least something.

And so, not wanting to be alone in the room with Dr. Mertens, she walked in with Brandy and took the last seat. She felt the helmet close over her face, and then she was in darkness. Her breath started coming faster, making her chest hurt. Oh god, it was too dark in here..

"Hello? ..Hello!" She gritted her teeth to stay calm.
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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #18 on: September 03, 2017, 04:43:48 PM »
"I don't think this is a memory," Tim said when the other two appeared in front of him. "At least, this isn't a memory I remember. Can you hear me Mertens?" complete silence was their only response. "You'd think he'd tell us more about how this system works before hooking us into it."

"Perhaps I can help," came a female voice, as a dark haired woman in a long brown dress seemed to materialise out of the darkness around them. "Tell me what you seek, I can find it for you."

"How..." Tim stopped, letting out a laugh as he realised who it was. "You're Enigma I take it?"

"That is correct," Enigma replied. "I have found it is...helpful for those linked to me if they have a person to speak to rather than a disembodied voice."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #19 on: September 04, 2017, 12:24:16 PM »
At first there was nothing and then slowly as if far away a light began to shine, Brandy headed towards it. In it stood Tim waiting. On the two woman's arrival at what Brandy could only describe as the rendezvous point. Tim address the Dr. Nothing happened and no response was gained until a woman appeared. She claimed she was the computer. Brandy nodded, it made sense a computer as smart as this would have made a 3D image to help others understand.

"We seek the truth" Brandy responded, she felt rather silly saying such a sentence but she didn't elaborate just yet. She glanced over at Skurai, Brandy had felt a little tention from the other woman and wondered if she was scared.Nah! she thought. That was a silly thing to think. Still she sidled closer to Rai offering her back to the woman so they could protect each other if needed.

Offline Minty

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #20 on: September 04, 2017, 06:51:27 PM »
The darkness was disorienting, but soon enough she saw Brandy and followed her until they came upon Tim. Apparently nobody outside the machine could hear them.

Out of the darkness came a female voice and then the owner of the voice materialized before them. "MM, yea that makes sense. It's a pleasure to meet you, Enigma." Her crooked smile peek out from the tension she was feeling.

Having Brandy nearby was helpful. It helped Skurai not feel so disoriented by the darkness. She gave Brandy a slight nod.

"Yes.. Dr. Mertens said we may be victims of miscarriages of justice. We're here to find out if that's true..and if it is..what really happened."

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #21 on: September 05, 2017, 03:57:47 AM »
"It is more true than any of you three realise," Enigma said, looking between the three. "You are not just victims of a miscarriage of justice, but victims of one man who has orchestrated it all for a reason I cannot entirely fathom."

"Who could possibly do that?" Tim asked. "We didn't know each other before we came to this prison."

"If the other two wouldn't mind," Enigma replied. "If I show Tim's memory first it will make...a little more sense."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #22 on: September 05, 2017, 02:26:39 PM »
"Oh I do love a good show and tell" exclaimed Brandy with false enthusiasm. Her mind was reeling, they were all victims of one man? How was that even possible as Tim said they had no other connection apart from the fact they were here.

She glanced over at Skurai, how was she taking all this. Brandy wished not for the first time that she had her sword with her.

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Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #23 on: September 06, 2017, 07:04:08 PM »
Skurai nodded. "I'm curious about Tim's story anyway. Let's have a look." She had folded her arms across her chest and moved closer to Brandy. Her eyes were narrow slits at the moment. Apparently whatever Enigma showed them would be true. And according to her they were all the victims of the same person. As with Brandy, Skurai wished she had her own weapons and the fact that she was standing with her arms uneasily folded, hands clenching onto nothing, may have given that away.

She looked over and met Brandy's gaze. "Nothing like going in unarmed, eh?" A slight crooked smile slid across her lips. Maybe the first sign that she wasn't so uptight and serious all the time.

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #24 on: September 07, 2017, 04:34:02 AM »
The space around them changed suddenly, no longer a barely lit room, suddenly a large hotel room dominated by a double bed, the large window on one side showing a large, rain-lashed city. The bed had two occupants: one was a young woman, with tousled green hair. She was snuggled up to a man who, in spite of being younger, was recognisably Tim.

"This...this was our last..." Tim started saying, before pausing. "Wait, if this is my memory, why are we looking AT me?" He let out a gasp as he realised. "The man who targeted us, you've linked with him before haven't you? That's how you know we're innocent." Enigma nodded. "Show me."

"You should prepare yourself-"

"I don't care," Tim snapped. "SHOW ME!" Suddenly they were joined in the room by a figure in a black leather jacket, a skull-fronted helmet pulled over his head and a pistol magnetically attached to his right leg. The memory began to play, the figure walking over to the side of the bed the girl was sleeping, pausing for a moment before taking out his gun and firing three shots into her chest. "Rachel," Tim said, letting out a sob. The man walked over to the other side of the bed, kneeling down in front of Tim and removing his helmet.

"Consider that payback for my father," the man said calmly. "Don't worry, we'll see each other again soon enough, I promise you." He stood up and turned to face them, his appearance causing Tim to let out a gasp. The face was heavily scarred, with signs of bionic enhancement.

", it can't be him," he said desperately. "Leon Weskia died in battle three years before Rachel was murdered, he CANNOT have been here."

"You would not have seen him like this," Enigma said. "And if you haven't, I would only know his appearance if I had linked with him myself. Do you wish me to explain to the others why Weskia would target you?" Tim made no response or protest. "Leon Weskia's father was Admiral Weskia, at his height one of the Earth Navy's greatest leaders. But he had a dark secret: he used his position of power to abuse vulnerable youngsters, and it was only when Tim and Rachel discovered him acting suspiciously years later that he was arrested."

"Are you saying Leon murdered the love of my life as revenge for his father being imprisoned for what he did to me?" Tim asked incredulously. "Leon was always a strange person but that...that's sadistic."

"I am not certain what his motives were," Enigma replied. "But I am certain Leon was involved, either directly or indirectly, in the events that lead to all three of you being arrested."

Offline Levi

Re: Nightmare Enigma
« Reply #25 on: September 09, 2017, 01:22:19 PM »
Watching the scene from Tim's memory had been a bit bizarre to say the least, and then the discovery that the computer had linked with the man guilty of putting them all in here was just taking the piss! Brandy folded her arms and drummer her fingers Lean Weskia, now where had she heard that name before.... Ah yes hadn't there been some article about a war hero dying in a horrific battle or somewhere. Beyind this vague recollection of seeing the name, nothing else really rang a bell with Brandy.

Nothing that was apart from the helmet Leon had taken of. Brandy had recognized it instantly. At her last home (her only home if she didn't include the prison) the gangs occasionally sent a man to see Brandy instead of her coming to see them. On one such occasion a stranger wearing a rather distinctive helmet had visited. Brandy hadn't thought anything of it, she had never seen the others faces so handle assumed someone had sent him.

This had not been the case as Brandy had found out at her trial, for it was this masked man who had sent her into a trap, was this Leon underneath the black helmet? If so what had she ever done to him?