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May 20, 2022, 08:27:26 am

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Author Topic: Stuck! And fighting for survival!  (Read 1019 times)

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Stuck! And fighting for survival!
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:42:01 pm »

I have a plot idea based loosely on the concept of the first season of Sword Art Online. This story, however, will not be set in Sword Art Online, or have anything to do with it. (If there are takers who absolutely want the sword art online version, this can be requested and discussed.)

Basically, a new mmorpg goes live with very realistic virtual reality. The players logging in actually feel and see and do as if they are the character. The game's setting is a dark fantasy game with monsters, orcs and various lifelike representations of common fantasy foes in MMORPGs. The game also possesses a smart AI game system that can balance out the game and create new random quests, create new unique items, add unique skills, etc...

A million people log in on launch date to play this absolutely stunning game that is so realistic, the gamers will actually feel hunger, pain and everything looks incredibly real in the game...

Only for the game's designer bringing about his penultimate plan. Every connected gamer cannot log out. It is impossible. Family members can't remove the virtual reality gear from the gamers either, for it instantly kills them... and worse... if your character in game dies, you die for real. The only way to leave the massive, world spanning game... is to finish it, a task that could experienced gamers years to accomplish, essentially locking a million people in virtual lives in a dangerous, realistic fantasy world... but where there characters are still game characters, so they actually have to gain experience and spend stat points and gain skills and train them to become stronger, while they have a health bar and magical equipment etc...

Their goal? Survive.

How? By living a real life, in a lifelike, yet fantasy video game, with skill trees, yet a need for sustenance and sleep, stats that can be increased, yet skill requiring natural aptitude and dedication to level instead of merely brainlessly grinding. A complex fusion between a real life person and a gaming character... that has needs and wants and everything that entails. NPCs can be killed and various forms of them respawn. Smaller and larger events in this vast fantasy world can be triggered, like barbarian invasions, civil war, riots, dragon attacks, etc. Players can actually kill one another, but there will be penalties for that.

The endgame is so far in the distance and future, most people have no idea what to expect, but considering there is NO level cap in the game... it doesn't look promising. And as the game takes months, and months turn into years, people start getting so used to living in that fantasy world, they start living actual lives in it. Marrying, building houses, some carving out small kingdoms, some staying in designated safe zones, a few rare, small starter towns where you can't be killed no matter what, falling in love...

Anyone interested, please pm me. I'm looking to play a heterosexual male character and I'm looking for someone that is willing to play a female character. Being able to play multiple characters is a bonus.