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Author Topic: DARK FANTASY Partner Wanted (MxF, FxF)  (Read 698 times)

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DARK FANTASY Partner Wanted (MxF, FxF)
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:49:47 AM »

My name is Martin and I roleplay for about 3 years now. I am not super experienced writer, but on the other hand I have great imagination and sense for details which make good story. I do adult RP mostly because I like exploring the situations and characters which I am not able to meet or experience in my real life, although I consider my real life as very interesting and satisfying. Writing is not about improving language or writer's skills for me, it is way to enjoy the stories and their experiences no matter how realistic it is. Also it gives me opportunity to relax and have break from my regular duties and worries, which is great for mental hygiene.

Please keep that in mind especially if you looking for someone to write with in rich florid language. I am not native English speaker and if someone consider that as problem, I am not the one to play with. Which does not mean I am not working on it and I don't do my best.


I am looking for someone able to reply at least three or four times a week, better every day and if circumstances are inclined, I also like to play in real time very much. It does not occur very often, since most of people here are from different time zone (mine is UTC +1,00), but I can adapt and write in appropriate time of day. I mostly reply all the time except of afternoons and weekends, when it is not regular for me to have computer around (which does not mean that I am silent all the time in these days.

I don't have any strong requirements concerning length of posts, it mostly depends on specific partner, although I don't like one liners in other than real time mode. If you reply twice a week with two lines, it is very hard to move story somewhere. I mostly play in PM, but don't mind public thread.

There is one VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT I have. Lately I had bad luck for partners starting to discuss the story and details with me and disappearing after first 2 or 3 replies in story or even earlier. It sucks because it takes me lot of time to set it up and settle everything and that effort is all for nothing then. If you are not sure or don't like my ideas or preferences, just leave it be. Or if you find out later, that it does not suit you, just let me know.

I consider it as basic politeness to reply (even if it is just few words) and let me know what is wrong. And of course there is always space for adjustments and further discussion which could lead to something convenient for both of us.


I prefer playing modern/slice of life/real life plots (or however you call that). It is very important for me to be able to understand and get into heads of characters and it is not possible for me if they are mystical creatures. I like to play in common environment like office, houses or apartments, possibly also outside and in public places like restaurants, hotels, airports etc. (see my plot offer further).

Lately I like dark fantasy themes most, but I am generally open to all suggestions within general framework I described. My characters are mostly dominant males, but I am also able to play submissive or dominant females if necessary. Basically I like pattern dom male/sub female most (or alternatively dom female/sub female), but everything can be discussed.

I have no F-list or some specific DOs and DON'Ts, but related to above mentioned genre, I like when there is some BDSM elements and rough sex, but at the same time there could be 'romantic and gentle sex' if it fits to story.

I don't mind most of possible kinks, but if you have some specific which is important to you and you are not sure if it is OK, just ask and make sure. My most favourite kink is public humiliation or even degradation. Not necessarily on violent basis, but preferably partly or fully non consensual actions leading with small steps to consensual obedience even in public. For details see plots further.

I have no requirements of smut/plot ratio, although I don't like it to be only about smut as well as if there is no smut at all. It has to be only logical and consistent.


As for pairings, I am able to play also woman if needed, but definitely prefer man. I have no much limits concerning pairings, as example it could be (MC first - alternatively woman):

boss/employee (job applicant)
pencil pusher/maid
hotel guest/receptionist (or room service)
passenger/stewardess (in plane, train)
customer/sales assistant
host/au-pair (foreign student)

Genrally MC would be mostly someone with formal or/and moral authority above YC, which is the source of his power at least in the beginning. I don't mind incest, but not specifically looking for it.


It is crucial for me, that all plots has to be as much realistic as possible. That means I like when it is something which could possibly happen in real life (no matter how presumable is that all characters and circumstances could meet to let it really happen). That excludes any fantasy elements or superpowers, since I am convinced that real world and its possibilities are interested enough, no need to improve them artificially). Some examples follows.

Job interview
Young girl (YC), a fresh graduate, applying for her first job in her field. She's eager to please and desperate not to go back to her minimum wage job. She's got spunk, and class. Kinda your girl next door type or the innocent one. She's the good girl. MC is middle level manager looking for new assistant with possible advancement depending on her skills and abilities. Will she got the job? And how would be her first days?​

The secret society
Money (or/and fame and power) hungry student of law school (YC) and her (boy)friend (MC), moderately successful business man (or professor at university). They are invited to join a secret society of whose list of members includes some of the richest and most successful men and women. YC pushes MC into joining up. What she doesn't realize is this secret society expects all women members to submit completely to the male members, MC finds this out and is only too happy to pay up and sign his (girl)friend into a life of slavery, relieved to no longer be at her mercy and have all the money power and women he wants while she gets a much needed lesson about which sex is in charge.​

Kicked out
Teenage girl (YC) is kicked out of either her parents home or her lovers and goes in desperation and no other possibilities to her neighbors (MC) or an acquaintance that lives near by and asks if she can stay. He agrees and it appears to be much longer stay than she presumed.​

Inquiring perspective young secretary

YC is a girl out of high school who becomes the secretary of MC? She's not a great secretary, but she's cute. He accidentally catches on that she reads a lot of erotica about girls being enslaved and dominated. They start flirting and teasing each other about what he would do to her if she were his slave and slowly, they start talking about making it real.

The leasing agency
YC runs into hard times financially. She finds an obscure website that will actually buy her rights for a certain amount of time. Human rights, civil rights and legal rights are what these people deal. They lease these things from the leasers and then sell them to their clients. MC would be shopping for someone that can handle his temper.​

Home office
YC gets a job at my home office for the summer before she goes to college. She just isn't prepared for how her life is going to change. It will show up that it is going to be long term job turning her life upside down.

Hypnotic Takeover
YC is a business woman maybe the CEO of a company. MY rivals with her (or is her longterm "friend") and is trying to take over her company but has failed thus far. He turns to paying a hypnotist to visit her as a client and hypnotize her installing trigger words that have different affects on her. For example put her under and open to suggestion, make her obey his every word even if she doesn't want to, turn into a cum hungry sex slave eager to please. He uses this to both take over the company, make her his slave and humiliated her in front of everyone who ever respected her. Eventually she'd become a party trick he could offer to friends, colleagues, anyone he please just to see her or their reaction.

Hypnotized Student/Lab assistant
A student cramming hard for her finals has trouble concentrating and retaining information. She seeks the help of a hypnotist suggested by a friend with a secret grudge against her. The hypnotist has a hidden agenda filling her mind with trigger words and behaviour programming that will make her submissive to anyone who knows what to say or do to her.
A student needs extra cash to get her through her studies takes on a lab assistant job, the scientist is working in a 'perfect woman' project and unknown to her she is more a lab rat than a lab assistance. Behavioural and physical changes are made to her through his experimentation until she becomes a 'perfect woman'

You Belong to Me Now
The world is a darker place where your word is your bond, no matter what it is, and things that were once outlawed are now fair game. YC's father has a gambling addiction and doesn't know how to stop, especially when he's winning. While he's on a winning streak he says something stupid and puts his daughter, YC, up for grabs in front of several people. And loses. And she ends up in MC's grasp one way or another.

The Resort
On an otherwise uninhabited remote area of deep woods and mountains somewhere in the continent far away from other civilization there exists a resort known only to the rich and elite. On top of all the usual amenities found in other similar vacation destinations, there is one thing that separates this resort from all others: for the duration of their stay, every guest is given a girl to tend to all of their needs. The choices range from the most experienced of girls to young virgins just waiting to have their cherry popped. Best of all, guests are allowed to do whatever they wish to their temporary slave, wherever they wish to do it.

YC lives with her older brother whose 23, and her legal guardian. They lost their parents to a car accident a year ago after which he swore he'd take care of her no matter what. After a few months of trying to live on their own, he became addicted to gambling which resulted in them losing a lot of money. He said it was a way to put food on the table when you came out lucky. MC was one of his gambling buddies and would always lend him money. This time he lent him more than he usually does and he hasn't paid him back. He never talked about YC, making sure you guys didn't know she existed which worked. MC gave him an extra month, but it soon turned into 3 months. He became fed up with waiting and finally decided to pay him a visit.

YC would be the babysitter. She was asked to babysit and when she got there, the 'kid' (MC) ended up being older than she thought (maybe 17+). Not hugely into much younger as she would be about 19). Essentially she was hired to make sure there were no parties, or drugs or anything like that going on. MC was practicing hypnosis, and has a crush on YC and, in a spur of the moment decision, he decides to try hypnosis on her with something simple (an errand, or giving food, or being flirty), and it works like a charm. Here is the catch: she doesn't remember any of it, but it seems to effect her the more he does it; she gets increasingly hot and bothered around him and doesn't know why, she stops questioning him at all when he asks her for something, and/or it completely affects her personality towards him.​


If you like something of my plots or it gave you another interesting idea you want to discuss and try, don't hesitate to contact me, better via PM, but you can also write directly here in the thread. I am also open to new ideas within the framework I described higher.

EVERYTHING COULD BE DISCUSSED if you mean it seriously, just let me know!
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