FNAF: New Adventures. (F lf M/F, Animatronics, Humor.)

Started by Lustful Bride, August 29, 2017, 03:37:33 PM

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Lustful Bride

Name: The New Girl

Content:  Exotic Human on Robot/Anthro. Semi Non Con (negotiable), Funny moments, and more.

Scenario 1: Rachel is a young woman who had been left at Freddy Fazbear's many times as a child by parents who couldn't afford to pay a babysitter and had lots of work to do. She became very familiar with the old pizzeria in her youth and even memorized some of the songs by heart. As she grew older there was never a need to leave her there anymore and the years passed on by with Rachel never visiting Fazbear's until she hears that after many bad years the old Pizzeria has not only shut down, but the place that was to replace it actually burnt down! It is no longer considered a good financial investment and most are content to just let the old franchise fade away into memory. While visiting the burnt out remains of her childhood, she finds what appears to be a collection of plush dolls that are of Freddy and the gang, they are in stunningly perfect condition and seem to have no owner.

With no one around to stop her she decides to take them home with her as a memento of the happy times the animatronics brought to her and so many great memories that brightened up her youth. Once she settles in for the night though, she feels eyes upon her and hears the sounds of something moving around her home. She shrugged it off the first few nights, until on the fifth night of this, she hears a vary familiar song, being hummed by her favorite pirate...but it cant be foxy, can it? And if it is, who else is there?

Scenario 2: Rachel has recently gotten a job at Animatron International. A Company that works building animatronics and several other similar devices, as well as maintaining them. They also specialize in renting out animatronics from their maintenance facility. The only problem is finding someone willing to spend their nights keeping an eye on these old animatronics for little pay, even with the offer of free food. Rachel herself only did it out of personal reasons. She missed the many afternoons spent at Fazbear's, and after hearing many of the old animatronics (And several new ones) are at the maintenance and renting facility, she answers their add. Its more money than she is making washing dishes, and offers her free food she could take home with her. Whats not to love?

She reports for duty on her first night and all goes well. She hears the usual spiel about how the animatronics tend to walk around at night, along with how they have all been given several upgrades she needs to keep an eye out for, both in hardware and software, to better make them entertaining at parties, and even for interested adult parties, whatever that means.

Setting:  Modern, Pizzeria, Sister Location, maybe at Rachel's home or other game locations.

Requirements: Someone whose okay with playing the animatronics and knows the story enough to use it in a roleplay. A sense of humor and doesn't mind comedy combined with smut.

Other:  I'm open to Discussion and any ideas that you have and want to include. I'm perfectly fine with many things so feel free to offer up an idea or two.

I've been craving this rp again with the newest game out, and I'm open to changing it around if you desire :P

Some inspirational images.

Name: Under new management.

Content: Exotic Human on Robot/Anthro. Semi Non Con (negotiable), Funny moments, and more.

Scenario: An excitable young woman, seeing the light of investments has become a primary shareholder of Fazbear Entertainment right out of college. Now she needs to try and run the pizzeria and earn enough money to pay for her expenses as well as earn a living. It isn't easy as most of the money went into repairs and refurbishing the building to be more suitable and the staff she has hired on only wants to be around during the day. It isn't easy running the infamous pizzeria all on her own, but at the very least the place came with a set of the old animatronics all included in the deal What is the worst that could happen?

Setting: Inspired heavily by the new game 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator"

Requirements: Someone who knows the games and doesn't mind a mix of smut and humor, or playing the animatronics of either gender.

Other info: You don't have to really know the games insider and out or every single minute detail, just enough to understand what's going on. I am looking for something light hearted and more geared towards fun to be honest.

Lustful Bride

Bump: 12/9/17

With the release of the new game I have gotten a desire to play this once more, and I even included a new idea as well. :P

Lustful Bride

Bump: 8/13/19. 

Started to crave this again, and wouldn't mind starting this off with someone, despite how ridiculous the entire FnAF fandom and series has kind of been. :P