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Author Topic: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines  (Read 10120 times)

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Offline Miroque

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #200 on: September 02, 2017, 10:32:42 am »
I dont think I will do second application. not that I dont want to get in, but I just dont want to spend all my ideas in one game.

Offline Petrus02

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #201 on: September 02, 2017, 11:35:02 am »
still thinking if i do a second submission, i  actually like my char...

Offline ChaoticSky

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #202 on: September 02, 2017, 12:03:58 pm »
I may toss a second one up tonight or tomorrow.

Offline Snake

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #203 on: September 02, 2017, 12:14:01 pm »
I have a sheet and all prepared and ready but I don't have them with me. If Akina gets in I'll have it up on myt-weaverws right away. I'm unfortunately like 75 miles away from my notes at the moment.

Offline Re Z L

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #204 on: September 02, 2017, 02:12:26 pm »
The only secondary I'd be interested in making is probably a Kineticist, but unfortunately the Occult stuff isn't in use.

So, just the lovely barbarian lady for me  ;D

Offline Waldham

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #205 on: September 02, 2017, 05:29:11 pm »

Emielle Amblecouronne
Human Martial Master Fighter


  • Hair Color:  Black
  • Eye Color:  Blue
  • Skin Color:  Pale White
  • Height:  6' 2"
  • Weight:  150 lbs
  • Gender:  Female
  • Orientation:  Bisexual
  • Alignment:  Neutral Good


Emielle would rather use the weapons and the armors, the technology that the divine or profane magic that either a spell or a magic item. She is not particularly bloodthirsty and sees no purpose in finishing off felled foes or battling to a lethal end. Dead targets can’t talk, after all, and can never be turned to the righteous side.
She is tall and strongly built, with dark hair. His eyes are light blue, gleam with intelligence and curiosity and his natural expression is wary. She favors a hooded cloak, not only for protection from the elements, but also to obscure his garishly shiny armor. She is skilled in melee combat.


Native from Skelt, Emielle is passionate about engineering: water-powered lifts, hydraulic energy thanks to dwarfs from Kradoggan. Skelt has as a viable trade route. As she grew older, she longed to experience life outside of Sklet, and when she turned 16 she left Skelt.
So she has had opportunity to travel in other country as guard for the merchant caravan.
Emielle always felt awkward in his skin. She increasingly found himself identifying with strong female figures. And for most of his life Emielle would carry the conviction that he had been born with the incomplete body. She rescued Yllissa in Mindspin Mountains from a contingent of the Twisted Nail trive that attacked the caravan that Emielle escorted.
In thanks for her rescue, Illyssa pledged her skills to Emielle, but the fighter  would have none of it. Illysa was welcome to travel with her, but she owe her nothing.
And by the time the two reached their destination, they'd fallen in love.
Emielle had revealed to Ilyssa to be unsatisfied with his body, she was incomplete. Illysa spent a fair amount of her personal time to research an elixir for Emielle, one that would shift her physical gender to match the rest of her.

She's coming to Phaendar for the seasonal Market Festival, and hopes to find interesting raw material : ore for her, herbals, alchemical reagents for Ylissa.


Human Experimenter Vigilante
As the most frail of the many offspring born in the human slave pen of the Twisted Nail tribe, Illyssa escaped only because of his cunning and the help from Emielle. Her formative years were brutal, she flourished amid the violence and bloodshed of the orcs around her. Even as a child, Illyssa could discreetly create dozens of toxic slurries, flesh-burning unguents, and paralytic tinctures out of only crushed bugs and scavenged f lora, and poison became his favorite method of dealing with his tormenters. She has seen the horrors committed in Dretha’s Cradle.
Yllissa was 16, she is 6-1/2 feet tall, weighing only 200 pounds. The dark blond hair on his head suggest Ulfen descent, but Yllissa never knew his mother, nor has he ever cared to.
The scar that runs across this woman’s face renders her both unmistakable and unforgettable, and she wears her thick, dark blond hair pulled back as if to emphasize this mark
 She fell in love with a human woman named Emielle, who gave Ylissa a locket. The lock of hair inside Yllissa’s locket belongs to Emielle. And Emielle has it also.

Character Sheet

Attributes: Str 14 | Dex 13 | Con 14 | Int 13 | Wis 12 | Cha 12

Worldly : Benefit: Once per day when attempting a skill check for a skill you’re untrained in, you can roll twice and take the better result.
Wealth: 300 gp

Character Sheet (in progression)

Other Information

  • Ons: She likes all physical characters except obese and overweight. She prefers female and hermaphrodite partners. She can copulate with all races and species if she attracted by the partner. She likes knotting cock, large and small breasts, big and multiple penises, tentacles. Emille is not paying enough attention to the status.
    She likes anal and vaginal sex, the bondage, domination, multiple partners, oral sex, sex toys.
  • Offs: She doesn't like giving or receveing ennemas, scat. She hates pain and torture.
  • Post Frequency:  I can post every day, sometimes stuff can get in the way.  If there's important things going on I try to make sure I stay on top of responses so people aren't waiting on me.

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Offline 1651LeviathanTopic starter

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #206 on: September 02, 2017, 11:45:04 pm »
No one should feel obligated to make a second character; it's an option that's there for the folks with a lot of time and energy!

Waldham: Emielle is now on the finished characters list.

Offline Snake

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #207 on: September 02, 2017, 11:55:34 pm »
Well I should work a bit more then. Akina's not on there though now I feel liek I need to put more effort into it. Can I play a Skinwalker?

Offline Waldham

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #208 on: September 03, 2017, 03:43:21 pm »
Thanks 1651Leviathan to put me on the potential character list.

Someone, can he/she explain me how do put a link from Mythweaver on my post ?

I have the following message : Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links.

Offline Snake

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #209 on: September 03, 2017, 03:55:10 pm »
Url=http://"link"]Image or Text link[/url

Offline Re Z L

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #210 on: September 03, 2017, 04:39:41 pm »
Thanks 1651Leviathan to put me on the potential character list.

Someone, can he/she explain me how do put a link from Mythweaver on my post ?

I have the following message : Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links.

I believe you're too new, there's a period of time where you can't post any links for a while, tied to the number of posts you've made I think

Also, your characters attributes are spread pretty thin, You should probably consider having an 18, or at least a 16 in Strength if you're going to be a melee fighter.

Offline ChaoticSky

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #211 on: September 03, 2017, 06:30:00 pm »
Second character wheee. Sheet is done!

Name: Aoh

Race: Half Orc
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Green Faith
Level: 1 D10 Slayer


Derived Stats
Bab: +1
Fort: 4 (+2Class+2Con)
Ref : 3 (+2Class+1DexB)
Will: 1 (+0Class+1WisB)
CMB: 5 (+1BAB+4StrB)
CMD: 16 (10+1BAB+4StrB+1DexB)
AC  : 14 (10+1DexB+3Armour)

HP: 12/12

Skills (6+2bg/lvl)
Acrobatics (Dex)
Bluff 4 [1sp+3+0ChaB]
Climb (Str)
Craft[Natural] 6 [1bg+3+0IntB+2Gear]
Intimidate (Cha)
Knowledge(dungeoneering) (Int)
Knowledge(geography) 5 [1bg+3+0IntB+1trait]
Knowledge(local) (Int)
Knowledge(nature) 5 [1sp+3+0IntB+1trait]
Perception 7 [1sp+3+1WisB+2trait(natural only)] +2 in dim/dark
Ride (Dex)
Sense Motive 5 [1sp+3+1WisB]
Stealth 5 [1sp+3+1DexB] +2 in dim/dark
Survival 7 [1sp+3+1WisB+2gear] +1 Tracking
Swim (Str).

Languages: Common, Orc.

Aoh is a young Half Orc woman, with the expected green skin, pointed ears, and undersized tusks. Her hair is a distinctly darker, almost leafy green and cropped roughly short and parted to one side, a product of cutting her own hair without a mirror other than convenient pools of water as much as anything else. Her eyes are a rich yellow-orange amber colour with slightly slitted pupils and like her Orcish fore-bearers they reflect light in the dark. Her body is lithe and toned from a active lifestyle, though she has very little bust to speak of she makes up for it with long, refined legs and a ass that is as firm and toned as any could want. She is also surprisingly cute for a half Orc, having fled Belkzen almost as soon as she could walk, Aoh escaped much of the abuse and disfigurement that would have defined her life if she remained. Though she still has scars... dozens of them, most are old and faded and on balance, she suspects most of them came from the hardships of living in the Fangwood, rather than abuse from before her flight. Certainly, none are large enough to be noteworthy now. In addition her scars, her skin is kissed with darker-green tattoos which encircle her right arm, right leg, neck and stripe down the right side of her face.

Not given to wearing more than she needs to, Aoh wears a simple halter-style top of hide that covers her chest and rises up to encircle her neck, with a matching skirt of the same, the leather rising into a set of straps that she simply ties on one side, leaving that leg mostly bare. A simple bundle of her possessions, laid out on a strip of hide, are rolled up and tied with a cord is carried over her back. For defence and hunting, she carries a variety of weapons, mostly made herself using wood and stone. A spear usually waits in hand, to deal with immediate problems or opportunistic hunting, while an oversized Terbutje sits tied to her bundle for more serious problems. A Gladius, a short robust sword and her only metal weapon sits with its handle poking out of top of the bundle, within each reach, as does the butt end of a short spear.

Despite what one may assume, Aoh likes people in general! Shes very friendly and always happy to get along and make new friends. She is simply very comfortable in her own company and her life in the Fangwood is the only one she knows. She grew up mostly alone in the woods and in ironic synchronicity with born-and-raised Nimrathi; she values the freedom inherent in her lifestyle very highly. It was not until her teens that her fear of other people finally ebbed enough for her to approach the  human town of Phaendar, wherein she found that other people were not (always) the cruel monsters of her nightmares. Awakening her desire for human contact, this gave her a chance to interact with other people and she has spent the years since then relentlessly working to get over her awkwardness and learn more about the ways of other people, odd as they sometimes are. She has made amazing strides in this area, enough to hold her own comfortably, but shes no smooth talker.

At the same time, she has spent most of her life alone in the woods and there is a certain primal mien to her manner and movements. She has learned, intellectually, the ways of more civilized folk but that does not mean she understands them and near-instinctively resents attempts to 'help' her be more normal. She gets along best with people who are content to let her be herself while still being friendly. While not especially interested in sex, she doesnt see a reason not to partake of such a enjoyable activity if circumstances allow. Which may have resulted in her having something of a friendly reputation locally.

Born in the Hold of Belkzen to an ambitious orcish father and a thoroughly broken slave of a mother, Aoh was lucky to survive being born a girl at all. Surviving only due to the potential value of selling her, her earliest days are a barely remembered haze of pain and terror. Nearly as soon as she could walk, she fled. No plan, no preparation, too young to have any of the skills she would need to survive on her own, merely a opportunity to escape, hastily claimed. The little girl fled into the forest and did not stop until she literally dropped from exhaustion. Free, but her trials were only just beginning. Armed with nothing but heavy rocks she was forced to survive alone in the wilderness. She went hungry more often than not, spent nights curled up and shivvering against the chill, and got sick on a semi-regular basis from eating raw meat. Only sheer luck and paranoia saved her from the more dangerous denizens of the woods and those who live around it. She would have died her first winter for certain if not for a chance fire started by a inattenative hunter. She avoided people of all sorts with a terror that bordered phobia.

But the seasons turned and Aoh survived and as the snows melted she found new hope. She became watchful and resourceful. She found rocks sharp enough to cut, learned how to smash stones together to make more and the in the process discovered how to make sparks to light her own fires. She watched animals on the hunt, seeing how they killed and scavenged from their leftovers. Then turned her crude spears on the wildlife to wound them before falling on them with stone knives and desperate hunger. Over time her craft was refined, necessitated by the fact her stone weapons kept breaking, and she eventually built up a collection of tools; stones of various shapes and purposes, pieces of antler and bone. Her spears became longer and straighter as her skills and tools improved, her blades shaper and more sturdy as she discovered which types of stone worked better than others. By the time she was a teenager, she could survive quite contently in her new home, having bled and suffered for her knowledge and skills for over a decade, the Fangswood was no longer a trial, merely a way of life.

It was also around this time that curiosity finally won out over fear. Feeling that she had learned as much as she could on her own but desiring to continue improve, the urges of her maturing body and the loneliness of one who had never known a kind touch or word in her life, all conspired to drive her from her forest home and into a human town, a place named 'Phaendar'. She brought several dead animals in the hope that the locals would simply trade with her as she had seen them do with others (because of course she had watched the town first)... rather than trying to hurt her. This decision literally changed her life, as the locals seemed to have no interest in hurting her at all! A local hunter, after hearing her story offered to trade her kills for some formal training. He taught her how to preserve animal hides, both for sale and for clothing (which was better than the ratty, uncured skins she was wearing at this point) and which furs were most valuable. Aoh swiftly fell into a orbit around the town, though she could range away for months at a time she inevitably returned bearing furs, herbs and other natural goods for trade, which she used at first to barter for lessons in skills she desired. Reading and writing, then books on the Fangwood, lessons from herbalists, hunters, tanners and others. Awkward at first, her social skills improved over time and she got a better handle on this new world. In time, she began trading for gold, and used that to get things she couldnt simply barter for.

By now shes been visiting Phaendar for several years and is well known among the community of hunters and gatherers there. Perhaps looked upon with fond annoyance by anyone shes bugged for lessons on this or that subject... Though she was often a far more attentive student than younger children who rarely valued the knowledge their elders tried to impart. She has a reputation for being friendly, interested in new things and people, and being stubborn as a mule once she gets a idea in her head. They still tell stories in the local tavern about the first (and only) time she ever got drunk. However, while the proud people of Nirmathas would never stoop so low as to take advantage of Aoh, she has ended up with a reputation as a relatively easy lay who is very energetic in bed and very pliant if your 'manly' enough to handle her.

Features, Feats & Traits
Half Orc
Ability Score: +2 Str
Type: Humanoid (Half Orc)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Senses: Darkvision 60ft. Scent 30ft.
Shamans Apprentice: Gain Endurance Feat.
Sacred Tattoo: +1 to all Saves
Dimdweller: +2 to Intimidate/Perc/Stealth when benefiting from Concealment due to darkness or dm light.
Orc Blood: Count as humans and orcs for effects related to race.
Languages: Common and Orc.
Favoured Class: Slayer; +1/6 of a slayer Talent. +0Talent/+0SP/+0HP
Proficiency:All simple/martial weapons, light/medium armour and shields (except tower).
Studied Target (Ex): Can study an opponent as a move action or immediate action during a Sneak Attack. Gain +1 Bluff/Know/Perc/SensMot/Surv checks, weapon attack/damage rolls and to DC of slayer abilities against target. Only one opponent at a time. Remain in effect until target is dead or they study a new target. At lvl 5 and every 5 after, gain additional +1, and can study a additional target. At lvl7 can study a target as a move or swift action. Current: +1/1 Target
Track (Ex): Add 1/2 lvl to Survival skill checks to track.

R-Endurance: +4 on Swim to resist nonL from exhaustion, Con continue running/avoid nonL from forced march/hold your breath/avoid nonL from starvation or thirst, Fort avoid nonL from hot/cold environments/to resist damage from suffocation. May sleep in light/medium armor without fatigue.
1-Keen Scent: Gain Scent ability.

-Unlearned: Cannot attempt untrained Knowledge Checks
+Devotee of the Green: +1 Know(geo) and Know(nature). Add one as Class Skill.
+Reactionary: +2 Init
+Eyes of the Wild: +2 Perc in natural settings.

Equipment [32.5/100 lbs. Light: 33lb]
Weapons [ lbs]
Gladius (1d6 PorS. 2x19-20 Crit. 3 lbs)   
Stone Shortspear (1d6 P. 2x20 Crit. 20ft Range. Fragile. 2 lbs)
Stone Spear (1d8 P. 2x20 Crit. 20ft Range. Fragile. 5 lbs)
Great Terbutje (1d10 S. 2x19-20 Crit. Fragile. 4lbs)

Armour [18 lbs]
Hide Shirt (MW. +4AC. +4MAxDex. 0 CheckPen. 185lbs.)

Gear [0lbs]

Items [10 lbs]
=Artians's Tools (Masterwork. Crafting[Nature] +2. 5lbs)
=Survival Kit (Masterwork. Survival +2. 5lbs)
-Mess Kit (bowl, utensils)
-Two waterskins
-Maps with major landmarks
-Utility knife
-Guide to local animals and plants.

GM/Misc Stuff
-MW Hide Shirt [-85; made it!]
-Masterwork Artisan's Tools [-55]
-Masterwork Survival Kit [50]
-stone shortspear [0.3]
-stone spear [0.5]
-stone dagger [0.5]
-gladius [15]
-great terbutje [12]

GM Notes
-I can commit to posting daily.
-Craft[Natural] denotes skill at crafting with natural materials rather than a specific sort of item. No metal, nothing that needs a forge, or chemical treatments, etc. But can be used as a general crafting skill to make anything based entirely on natural products; stone, wood, animal skin, etc. The purpose of this skill is potential party convenience and fluff, not powergaming. Wont be taking any crafting feats (so no magic items), or selling anything i make... or otherwise doing things that would make the GM squint at me. -Levi approved.
-Scent: Can detect opponents by sense of smell within 30 ft. If upwind, the range is 60 ft. If downwind; 15 ft. Strong scents (smoke, rotting garbage, etc) can be detected at 2x range. Overpowering scents(skunk musk, troglodyte stench, etc) 3x range. Detects another creature’s presence but not its specific location, finding the direction to the scent is a move action. If source is within 5 ft (1 square), can pinpoint the area that the source occupies, even if invisible. Can identify familiar odors just as humans do familiar sights.
With Survival and Scent, can follow tracks by smell, making a Survival check to find/follow a track. Typical DC for a fresh trail is 10 and increases/decreases depending on quarry's odour/number of creatures/age of the trail. +2 DC for each hour, otherwise follows the rules for Survival in regards to tracking. Tracking by scent ignores surface conditions and poor visibility, but water, particularly running water, ruins a trail. As do false, powerful odors can easily mask other scents (DC 20 instead of 10).
-Just sayin~

-Daddy's Callin: Aoh's father is, presumably still alive and may be interested in reclaiming his lost 'property'. Maybe teach her a lesson about the role of women in orc society :P
-Suitor in the wild: Since Aoh has stopped avoiding all contact with people, shes met others not just in Phaendar but out in the Fangwood as well. Perhaps someone she met, a half elf hunter, a human druid, or otherwise was captivated by her appearance and skill and whether or not they had sex then, her paramour is definitely interested in meeting her again. They may even be a local, but struggle to find a way to capture Aoh's heart.
-A 'gentle' gaze: somewhat the opposite of the above; a local maiden has had her heart stolen by Aoh, who may not even realise it! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.. but in this case the girl is going alittle too far with it... she wants to make Aoh her's, to keep her here rather than letting her leave again...and while shes not sure how yet, she will find a way to tame the wild greenskin.
-Green spurned: Aoh was approached at some point by a local druid who sought her out as a apprentice... but Aoh turned him down. Repeatedly. Finally the man gave up in a huff and left her alone... but he has not forgotten her 'insult', and should the opportunity arise he will be glad to balance the scales.

Sex Stuff
Aoh is: naturalistic, pansexual, open to sexual submission and lacks societal taboos. This is not to say that she goes around fucking all the time, or naked.. but she really doesnt get why more modest folk wear more than they need to, or take sex so seriously. Animals certainly dont. By extension, she doesnt see anything remarkable (or kinky) about things like homosexuality, dubious consent, multiple partners, very rough sex, bestiality, scent play or other such things as can be found in the wilds, one way or another. On the flipside alot of more civilized activities, even very common ones, can be quite strange and sometimes unwelcome to her. Anal, bondage, elaborate BDSM-themed dom/sub relationships, clothing-based play, and so on. Verbal flirting is likely to go over her head... but she has no trouble getting the message with more physical flirting.

To get;

belt of con/dex/str
headband of int/wis
ring of protection
cloak of resistance

improved init
additional traits
power attack

Con16(3)Ref9HP:53/53Permanent Effects: Aura of Good,
Int12(1)Will8PP:4/4Active Effects:

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Offline Snake

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #212 on: September 03, 2017, 08:20:24 pm »
Hope you don't mind ChaoticSky, I borrowed your format :p this is my second submission.

Name: Remi Silverfang

Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Undecided
Level: 1 Bloodrager

Strength: 18 | Dexterity: 14 | Constitution: 16 | Intelligence: 8 | Wisdom: 10 | Charisma: 14
Derived Stats
Bab: +1 Total Attack: +5 Melee/+3 Ranged
Saves: +5/+2/+2
CMB: +5 (+1BAB+4StrB)
CMD: 17 (10+1BAB+4StrB+2DexB)
AC  : 16 (10+2DexB+4Armour)

HP: 13/13
Skills (4 -1+1 Favored Class)
Climb +8; Intimidate +6; Perception +4; Survival +4
Languages: Common
Personality: Remi has a well-balanced mindset though; learning combat, survival and social grace from her parents and extended family. Losing most of them to a sudden flood and a pitched battle shaped up her opinions though; it also gave her a deep appreciation for the raw, awesome fury of nature unleashed. Despite not knowing where her parents are, she maintains hope that she'll find them again one day; thinking they just went a different direction after being swept away.  However, she holds a serious grudge against Mothrune as a whole for betraying them and against hobgoblins for their role in their destruction as a well-respected mercenary company. But! Remi actually respects their military discipline and ability to think tactically; but that doesn't stop her rage from boiling up and exploding out in combat.

  History: Remi was born in Kalsgard and into a band of professional mercenaries that travelled anywhere in the Inner Sea that offered employment. They'd worked all over from Cheliax to Lastwall to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, but the most employment they found were as a band of marauders in the employ of Mothrune. That was until her father learned that they were fighting alongside monster contingents made up of some of the most evil humaoids in the region: Hobgoblins. There was a period of uneasy alliance between the bands in the service to the almight gold piece but as long as they kept away from each other and out of their respective hair: the friction was minimal.

Until the band from Kalsgard ended up being duped by their Mothrunite employers when it was found out that some of them had been secretly passing information to the rangers of Nirmanthas. When Remi was about 16 or 17, the two groups finally had it out in rather dramatic fashion; clashing in the midst of a seething rainstorm that broke in the mountains between the countries. The battle was absolutely savage with men and women on both sides being cut down; the Ulfen Mercs actually proved to be superior in combat thanks to their sheer size and physical might. But mostly it was due to the forethought to bring clerics and a couple arcanists with them to blow apart the hobgoblin ranks and scatter them.

Despite being a young woman at the time; Remi herself was thrown into combat and had been managing to hold her own; but usually against one or two hobs at a time and backed up by her mercenary "family." The entire fight was over when nature took a hand in it and a torrent of floodwater surged through a nearby slot canyon and washed both sides downstream. Most of the stronger warriors were able to swim out or protect themselves from being battered around too much but they were hopelessly scattered.

Remi was drug down by her lack of strength and the ring mail she was wearing; forced to slip the protective shirt off; she clung desperately to a large tree that'd been washed down and stuck between two large boulders.  When the flood subsided, the young woman found herself terribly alone and afraid; dragging her half naked body out of the calming water and onto the log she hauled herself out. She searched for three full days for any survivors until she found several broken and deceased members of her "family"; heartbroken and full of sorrow, she did what she could to honor he fallen brethren in their custom- building a massive funeral pyre for the three of them once she removed any supplies she'd need.

The flood has provided a large amount of wood to do so and not burn everything else down at least. It'd be almost a month before she staggered; weak and starving into the town of Skelt; after explaining her story she was allowed to stay for a few weeks. Luckily she'd be reunited with some members of her band when they found their way to the village and she was back on the path of the mercenary; but this time they'd join the Rangers of Nirmanthas after they were betrayed by Mothrune.

When Remi was 18, she'd hear rumors about somethin else going on with those little gobliny bastards and was quick to join in.

Features, Feats & Traits
Ability Score: +2 Str & Con
Type: Humanoid (Human)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Languages: Common
Dual-Talented: Gain an additional +2 to ability score, lose Bonus Feat and Skilled
Favoured Class: Bloodrager (+1 Skill Rank)
Proficiency:Simple & Martial Weapons, Light and Medium Armor, Shields
Fast Movement: +10 Land Speed
Bloodrage: 7 rnds per day, Fatigued for twice rounds spent after rage; +2 Attack in Melee, +2 Melee Damage, +2 Thrown Damage, +2 Will Saves, Gain 2 Temporary HP; -2 AC (I'm using the Unchained Version of Rage since it's easier to handle)
Bloodline: Infernal
   Bloodline Powers: Hellfire Strike (3/day; Swift action; Gain Flaming weapon enchantment for 1 rnd)
1-Iron Will (+2 Will Save)
-Loyalty (When offended or insulted by an ally, gain -2 to bluff and diplomacy until they apologize)
+Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
+Armor Expert (+1 ACP, reduces ACP by 1)
+Ironfang Survivor (+2 dodge AC vs Goblinoids, 1/day roll Stealth, Intimidate and Bluff twice, and take the highest roll)

Offline Hexed

Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #213 on: September 04, 2017, 11:33:39 am »
Welp. Sorry it took so long ta post this.


Rilka is an orphan found in the shattered remains of a convoy that had the misfortune to run into a goblin raid. Brought back to the town of Phaendar where an older couple took her in. With their children long since having left home the house was just too quiet for them. She led a happy childhood with her adopted parents as she grew up, time spent with her father working on the farm while time with her mother was spent gathering herbs and mixing up pultices.

Everything changed one night when she was twelve when a great fire roared from the sky and hammered into one of their fields. Taking up her father's crossbow, for she'd not let his old bones go seeking out what had happened by himself she set out to find what had befallen their land. It didn't take her long to find the large crater within the field of wheat, the edges covered in smouldering stalks while in the center there was a small glowing stone. After putting out the fire she worked her way into the center of the crater and when poking the no longer glowing stone with the crossbow drew no reaction she picked it up and took it home to show her parents. While none of them knew what it was her father had recalled stories of rare metals falling from the sky so with a bit of spare cord they made a necklace of it for the young girl. And that night she wore it to bed.

Running. Running. Always running as the shadows around her twisted and warped while the echo of hundreds of voices surrounded her. It mattered not how she ran though as tendrils of whispy shadow wrapped around her and dragged her back upon a massive bulk bearing many maws full of sharp fangs. The tendrils bound her completely even going so far as to cover her shrieking mouth before she was pulled closer to one of the smaller maws, despite her fears it began not munching on her but whispering secrets into her ears.

Waking from the strange dream that wasn't a dream she found things different. Shadows no longer hid what they covered from her sight. With a happy laugh she went about her chores for the day only to be stymied as the animals drew back from her and things just went plain wrong around her.  With the town being relatively small it didn't take long before stories of the cursed happenings around the young girl to spread but she gave them no mind as she continued to help with farm work and patching up peoples wounds. Even as at night she'd listen to the whispers within the darkest of shadows beneath the stars and learn many secrets. While she was a 'cursed child" there wasn't a drastic  change in behavior and she began displaying a growing talent for divine magics which led the townsfolk to having an easier time accepting her.

Time passes and she grows. Now an adult she stays with her aging parents content unlike her adopted siblings to stay and help them. The arrival once more of the Market Festival has her coming to town proper to trade and dance. And heal those foolish enough to get themselves hurt doing stupid showoff things.

Personality: Friendly and motherish. She's willing to take care of any who need it and will try her best to keep them cheerful. Of course she is a farm lass and has no problem thumping someone if they're being stupid, especially since it's not like she can really hurt someone with a hit. More prone to trying to talk things out she tries at least to play mediator between arguing folks but she's not above using her magics or reputation as cursed to quiet people down. With a fondness for stargazing and shadows she can quite often be found at night sitting in a shade with a clear view of the sky.

Appearance: Small and hefty she stands barely above three feet in height with only a light tan darkening her surprisingly pale skin. Her shoulderblade length black hair is left loose for the most part, a simple strip of leather tying it into a ponytail to keep it out of the way when needed. Her bangs are kept cut above her dark eyes, while her cheeks are chubby and her full lips often curl up in wide grins. Her usual garb is simple and sturdy but even it's thickness does little to hide the curves of her short and lush form. Even bound best as she can the heavy swells of her breasts are attention catching and when coupled with her wide hips and soft rear are easy proof that despite being waist high to most folk she's no child. Unlike most halfling's she wears shoes... sometimes.  (Yeah. No tats or jewlery like the pic. The tats are later after all. :D  )

Bondage. Weither locking someone in place and playing or being bound herself she quite enjoys it. She's fond of cuddling and teasing but doesn't mind a bit of rougher play.

That said offs are abuse or causing pain just to cause it, spanking's fine but don't deck her and expect it to turn her on. Toilet play is also another big off as that's not really sexy to her.

I usually am around every day to at least check posts, but I've been finding myself crashing like crazy on the weekends lately so might slow down then.

Here's my dark tapestry oracle. Even if there's already plenty of other offerings to go through. :D

Far as I can tell she's finished and on the last day too. <.<  >.>

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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Aoh is done! Yay. Ugh, what a mess she was to make! I started with a druid archtype ive been wanting to try... then realized it wasnt quite working out the way i wanted. So i switched to a wild child brawler... then realized brawlers are banned (cries), so now shes a slayer!

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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Woah, last day flood of characters. As if my decisions won't be hard enough...

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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I feel for you, I just had to go through the same process, and it wasn't easy at all. You have a much bigger list than I did. Good luck. *Passes him a C-note to pick the swashbuckler* lol

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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Updated Krishena with Master of Many Styles (which ended up not changing much right now), and added in some math. Got my fingers crossed for this game!

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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First of all, thank you so very much for applying. I got an insane amount of interest, and sadly I can't run a game for all of you. I know it stings not to be chosen for a game, but in this case there were some very good submissions that I couldn't take. I wish you all best of luck with your gaming endeavours in the future, and I hope to see you around! If you weren't picked, please do stay tuned; I may get in touch about replacements if such become necessary. If you want, I can provide a brief explanation by PM of why your character wasn't chosen; I know some people appreciate feedback.

With that said, the final party will be:

Blinkin's Myranda Miller, Swashbuckler.
Ixy's Takari Fox-At-Dusk, Rogue.
AnneReinard's Shiru Tasmi, Rogue.
Re Z L's Inkut Kella, Barbarian.
Aylinas' Ayanah Tasmi, Arcanist.
Snake's Akina Nailo, Ranger.
Hexed's Rilka, Oracle.

For those of you who were picked, please head to the OOC Thread, here:
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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #219 on: September 04, 2017, 11:16:23 pm »
Good luck and have fun everyone!

Congrats to those chosen!


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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
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Congratulations! Enjoy the game!

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Re: [PF] Ironfang Invasion: Hunted Heroines
« Reply #221 on: September 05, 2017, 11:48:21 am »
I do think that everyone had some really good submissions though! :3