Taming a thief (mxm) plot

Started by Graves of Chaos, August 23, 2017, 08:12:13 PM

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Graves of Chaos


story inspired by!
It all started like any other day, me waking up with excruciating pain in my lower extremities. I knew exactly what it was and that it was caused by the undue stress of my living environment. I had spent days on end trying to get away from a stressful family, just to end up in yet another hell hole. The only gratifying point making it all worth while? The stunning Adonis currently sleeping in the bed across the room from me. His beauty was what I aspire to someday have. For now the most I can accomplish is to look as presentable as humanly possible for someone like me. Not an easy task when you are only five foot two and slim for a man. I get confused for a woman at least once a day because of my slim features. It is frustrating and least of all annoying.

But enough about me. Let me continue the story. As I said, it was a normal pain filled day where I immediately went to find some form of pain relief or muscle relaxant to ease my discomfort, all the while hiding my pain from the one I least wanted to see it. He had already patched me up the night before and was now looking at me with those glorious eyes, as if to tell me he understood my pain and that I should try to rest. But there is no rest for the wicked. Instead I don my usual blue cotton shirt and find a pair of matching blue jeans. Simple enough considering most of my wardrobe is blue. It is after all my favorite color.

Ah! Forgive my rudeness, I have yet to introduce myself. I am Ozwald Hostium the third. I am the son of a powerful business man. A man who sells death in the form of convenient video surveillance and guiding systems for aircraft. including missiles. A different kind of death than the beautiful art I offer to my hapless victims who dare get in my way. I want to make a name for myself in my own way, by creating beautiful works of art that even my old man will have to pay attention to. For once he will have to see my work and see me for who I truly am.

I digress, have once more gotten off topic and started yet another tirade. I really need to stop doing that. You would think a twenty two year old would have better control over themselves. Ah, control. Another thing I must learn to master as it is a much needed skill when living with someone you pine for but that is very much straight. He has a girlfriend after all. And it wouldn't do for someone like me, as dark and twisted as I am, to taint such a stunning creature as him. I even hesitate to say his name for fear this vile mouth will warp the beauty of it. So even as he greets me "Hello Ozwald. Another day of mastering the arts?" I simply smile a shy little simper and nod before scurrying off to my studio.

He thinks I am some delicate frail little thing that requires his protection, but I spend my nights how most people would expect from evil but not of someone so weak looking as me. I kill and steal and fight against the one who protects this hideous city. But for now I play my part as the nobody in the shadows of the art building. I paint my masterpieces of creatures that tend to often resemble the one I have let steal my heart away.

College roommates, childhood friends. One the son of a wealthy businessman, the other the son of two middle class parents. They had met at a business party when they were young and had become close friends, the wealthy man's boy sneaking out to spend time with his companion.

All grown up, the 'little rich boy' is an aspiring artist studying to advance his career without his father's help or approval, the other a high school-to-college football jock studying criminal justice. The jock with a controlling girlfriend and his room mate trying to pretend he doesn't have feelings for his childhood friend.

Both have a secret from the other. Both have superpowers. The artist is a thief in the night that uses his powers to manipulate space, creating intricate illusions that seem real enough to cause a good deal of harm. The jock is a hero bent on stopping the thief any means necessary without killing the other. The thief somehow always manages to evade being captured, but just barely.

Both come home late at night or early in the morning, battered and bruised, but neither one asks questions. Neither one suspects a thing, even as they help each other tend wounds they caused in the first place. And they play this dance almost every night. Either comment or PM is fine by me, but I prefer to stay on site, if possible.

My character is the thief, yours is whomever you would like to be, from a show or an OC, as long as he is a hero based character. It's mostly based in the DC universe, but it doesn't have to be. Feel free to shoot me ideas or modifications of this as you see fit. I am open to suggestions.
"Not all humans are loyal to you. Most are only loyal to the need of you. Once those needs change, so does their loyalty."

Graves of Chaos

UPDATE! Added the beginning of the story the plot idea was inspired by!
"Not all humans are loyal to you. Most are only loyal to the need of you. Once those needs change, so does their loyalty."