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Author Topic: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*  (Read 881 times)

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Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« on: August 23, 2017, 07:22:54 PM »

This group is based on works done by Michael Manning.
Please take a look at the comic links below so that you get a feel for the type of world that this game takes place in.

The Spider Garden:

1. The Spider Garden
2. Hydrophidian
3. In a Metal Web
4. In a Metal Web II


1. Book 1: The Way Station
2. Book 2: Iron Gauge


We are relaunching this large group game with the intention of doing a time skip five years into the future so that we can start off with a clean slate. This will hopefully allow new players to be able to be introduced without having to have any of the baggage of going through dozens of pages of old posts to try and catch up. The GM's have agreed that in order for this game to be able to continue, we would need to do this slate wiping so that new players wouldn't be put off by all the past posts and plots. A fresh start will allow everyone to be on the same page on day one.

History of the setting
Thousands of years after the great plague ravished the world, wiping out three fourths of the world’s population and any animal larger than a pig almost went extinct, the world has been barely been rebuilt. No one knows what caused the plague or what the world was truly like before the collapse. Humanity lives in a new dark age of technology and a new world order. With the world without its advanced technology, knowledge, or work animals, all social order collapsed as people fought with each other over the small scraps of the remaining readily available resources, the world devolved into survival of the fittest. Countries no longer existed as they once were. Instead they were replaced by massive clans, each independent of each other and always were fighting with each other for greater power and wealth.

With work animals, almost none existent a new source of labor was needed to plow the fields, pull carts, and provide transportation. Soon a new source of labor was found, in humans themselves. At first a few people would volunteer to provide labor to their clan due to not having any special skills so that they could be useful to the clan and not be abandoned due to being a burden. These volunteers would work the pull the heavy plows and carriages so that the clans could expand. As the years went on however the need for more and more labor exhausted all the people willing to volunteer to be labor. So a new strategy was composed. People would now be forced into slavery and forced to provide labor. So the Pony class was born, slaves whose entire purpose in life was to provide labor and transportation for the clan. As the years went by, ponies were breed and sold like commodities and the clans were able to produce more and more for themselves. Slavery quickly expanded past the Ponies and more and more people became slaves to the clan, providing all sorts of services from basic tasks to pleasure slaves for the nobles of the clans. Slavery had become so widespread throughout the world, no one questioned it anymore and only focused on how to breed better, more loyal, and stronger ponies and slaves for their clan. Clans became the new world order, if you did not belong to a clan; you were as good as dead.

The world slowly began to rebuild itself as people were no longer forced to merely survive from day to day. Clans became powerful and wealthy, taking up vast land as their territory and routinely went to war with each other over territory or even small infractions. Since the clans were more concerned with their own power and fighting with each other. Technology of the past became lost to the people. Some technology exists, but replicating it is extremely time consuming and expensive to do, so only the vastly wealthy or clans could afford to have any form of technology.

A young warrior named Malekith Nasbri Songsteel has united the warring clans into one massive Empire, ruling with the power of once mysterious metal armies and technology far outreaching the capabilities of the strong clans. He rules with absolute authority, but has ensured the clans fight each other. He ensures this by refocusing the clan leader’s attention away from fighting each other on a battlefield and refocusing it on fighting each other in the bedroom. The Empires culture has become one of constant ecstasy and sexual tension. Clothing has become tight fitting and very revealing of the skin. Fashion and sexual skill has become the primary money spending tasks of the clan’s nobility. Each clan wants to be known for having the most wealth, best looking and acting slaves, and most important...the eye of the King. For with the Kings favor brings wealth, power, and their dreams. Without it, any noble clan is doomed to wither and die.

The current state of the world.

It was called the Great Chaos. Five years ago, a massive conspiracy against the Phoenix King and his allies was exacted. The King and many of his high-ranking advisers and leaders were either kidnapped or outright assassinated. During the weeks that followed, chaos reigned throughout the empire. The clans who plotted against the King were able to throw the military and administration off their heels. The government was left nearly leaderless and struggled to contain all the revolts and revolutions that were popping up. The empire stood at the edge of being destroyed by the clans that Malekith had conquered during the Great War. It was found out however, that Malekith was not dead, and when he returned from his kidnapping, his rage and wrath was felt by all in the Empire, from peasant to noble. No one was above suspicion.

Malekith's feared Tranceptory, now began to root out the corruption and treason from within the Empire. People were ripped from their homes, nobles were arrested and tortured, whole cities and regions of the Empire were destroyed in the search for those who stood against the King. However, the core clans who plotted the Chaos received special attention from the King. Using ancient technology or even magic as some speculate, Malekith unleashed the power of the gods on those who betrayed him. These Edicts punished those clans responsible for the treason, and left a giant cultural marker onto the people. Cementing the price of treason against their King.

Now five years after the events, the clans have finally been able to reform and get back to some semblance of normal life. The King rarely makes appearances at court or even into public. Leaving the day to day running of the Empire to his Council. A monumental task that the members have been doing their best to do, but without Malekith’s guiding hand, they have had to put most of their effort in putting fires out, rather than rebuilding. The clans are becoming restless and some now fear that the King may return to them, but not as the good king they remember, but as an angry monarch looking to further cut out what he perceives to be treason. Nobles of the clans have begun to gather at the palace once again in large numbers. Some wish to entreat themselves to the King for past misdeeds, other for forgiveness, and further others for more say in the Empire or even their members on the council.

A cauldron of politics is brewing now. Those who adapt to the new order will survive, but those who don’t? Who knows what will become of them?

The Edicts of Malekith

Edict of Storms
'Thou who, in pride and arrogance, stand against the peace and order of Our Empire shall be ground beneath the stones of their land '
The region of Silbert was the chosen place for this edict. The Clans of this region were instrumental in the rebellion against the King. From actively supplying agents or intelligence, to providing safe harbor or passage. The Clans put their lot into the traitor’s gamble. Massive storms gathered over the lands. Winds and rain so strong they could bring even the strongest warrior to his knees. Lightning storms and massive hail destroyed entire cities. Flash floods washed away the farmlands and animals. Huge tornadoes ripped statues and great structures from the ground. To this day, the lands are wracked with sudden and terrible storms, that only the most well-built structures hope to survive.

Edict of Sand
'Thou  that feed the traitors, shall reap the seeds of their betrayals. '
Clan Iblis was renowned for their fertile lands and agriculture. ‘Breadbasket of the Empire’ was a popular saying amongst the clan. When the great chaos came. The Clan bet heavily on the treasonous clans, providing their agents and clans with much needed food and supplies. When the rebellion was put down, Malekith placed the Edict upon their lands. Over months, their lands gradually began to lose their fertile soil. Crops began to fail, and the land itself began to turn to dust. A year later, the great plains and farms of Clan Iblis were gone, replaced with harsh deserts and sandstorms.

Edict of Plague
'Let the treason rot their bodies and destroy their people. For only then shall they know wrath. '
The Black Snake Clan was one of the core groups that planned and executed the great chaos. It was their leadership that helped to organize the many players against the King. Like their Clans namesake, they were the sneaky snake at the core of the treason. Malekith’s rage at this clan was so great, he wanted to wipe the clan from his Empire and from the very history they produced. Thus the Edict of Plague was born. The clan found one day that their sick were exponentially rising, and nothing, even the normal remedies could abate the symptoms. Within a week, most of the healthy members of the clan could barely walk or leave their beds. Foul disease spread throughout their lands. Soon enough the bodies began to fall. The Kings army sealed any access to the Clans, in or out. No one was allowed to escape or ease their suffering. The only thing to go into and leave the clans lands, were the carts that carried the bodies of the dead. Till one day the carts stopped going, and the quarantine lifted. Even to this day, people dare not go into the lands. For they are tainted and few ever return. Those who do, go mad with the sights they see, becoming rambling madmen.

Hello there and welcome to the Realm of the Phoenix King. Feel free to look and read. The ooc section is Here
Feel free to pop in and chat with our other players. Our GMs are also always happy to answer any questions you might have. We are all just a PM away.

*Please Submit your character sheets either here in this thread or PM it me so that me and the GM's can approve it!
Basic Character Sheet:
Character Sheet Code:
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[b]Vital Statistics:[/b]





[b]Player's O/O:[/b] [url=][/url]

[b]Character Model:[/b] [url=][/url]

Our GMs are as follows:
Vostroya, TheDarkMiko, Lynette and Thesunmaid.

Feel free to pm us if you need anything, we will do our best to get back to you quickly.

If you would like to check out the characters we have had in the past you can look here Here

If you would like to know more about the setting please look Here

We are accepting of most characters that fit in with the setting. Here is a few things you should know. This is not based on any one-game system and for the most part we simply play things by ear but we all felt there should be some ground rules for a few things.

You should be aware (in case us being in the extreme section did not tip you off) - We allow pretty much any fetish here. If you are easily offended by other people's kinks or characters this might not be the place for you (and well… this is a rule on E as well). This is also a sexually charged game - There is literally sex everywhere. We try and offset it by plot of course. Slavery is also rampant. So if this offends you out of character, sorry but this is a cornerstone of the games economy. Not saying your character has to like it In fact we have characters that are completely against it. But, you as a player do have to accept it.

Playing a slave or noble

If you are playing a slave character, and this should be pretty much well known as a rule for elliquiy, you have the right to say no to anyone that is playing a Noble (Or other slaves for that sake). If you do not feel comfortable with something, say so. If someone does not want to accept this, please tell one of your GMs and we will take care of it for you. We do not accept bullies in our game. We would ask that you give other players a chance but you will not be forced if someone makes you uncomfortable.

For those who are playing nobles, same thing goes for you. You still have to accept the players' on's and off's. There will be no "But my character would do this to a slave! So I have to play it this way!". Talk to the slave's player and find out what you can and cannot do. Communication is important! If they say that they are not comfortable with something that you have already posted don't whine and pout about having to redo a post, just do it. We are all adults here and I am sure we can find a way to get along and still have fun.

Regarding magic and technology

We are playing in a setting where magic does not exist. This means there will be no magic missiles or fireball spells. This is not to say that you can't claim to have magic and have really cool technology and training that makes it seem like you have magical powers (Ya know, like batman). However, the level of technology is a bit on the low side. Like lighting... only large cities would have electrical generators for the more important parts of the city, like hospitals and the governmental buildings that hold the communication centers and such. The most advanced levels of tech is primarily communications and medical technology.

So this means for the most part that transportation would be for water steamer ships. Land would be locomotives and pony girl(s)/boy(s) drawn carriages.There would be cars and such but they would be exceedingly rare and probably very cobbled together from spare parts and since there are no factories to manufacture these things in large quantities. Lighting for the most part would be oil lamps and fireplaces. The kitchens might have some rudimentary ovens and such. Picture for the most part mid to late victorian times.

Weapons for the most part are swords and sometimes black powder weapons. Muskets and such. We don't have gatling guns and AK-47s unless you have an incredibly good reason for it. (GM discretion)

With that being said we also allow the bullshit rule. If you can come up with a creative and kind of awesome reason for you to have something in particular in your background and back it up, we might just allow it. There are some psychic powers, not jean gray level but small things we can do. If you are told no to something please don't take it as an insult, we are simply trying to keep a certain setting. It would be like allowing the transformers to break into a Sherlock Holmes story, it would not fit. But, if you put some effort and thought into why you should have something. Well, who knows. Please contact a GM if you are not sure your technology would be acceptable!

Characters and sheets

We have types of slaves and nobles on the recruiting page but that does not mean that we only allow those roles. We also have merchants and people from different clans with different belief systems and such. We also have anthros and shape shifters in this game. There are experiments from anything from people who started out as humans to genetically modified and bred in a lab over generations. So feel free to be creative in your backgrounds for the reason you are what you are.

For slaves you should know that as a general rule pregnancy does not affect this game. Slaves are given a herb that would make them effectively sterile unless breeding is needed. All you have to do is not take the herb and fertility returns, although there can sometimes be "accidents" (please talk this over with who ever you want to have your baby daddy or mommy to be and get their consent. If you do not get it, the pregnancy does not happen or you can have an npc be the other parent which you are free to play). Nobles are also able to access this as well.

We prefer to have human or humanoid characters just so we are clear. Its easier to interact with someone who has a face and a way to speak to us than a gelatinous cube or something.

We would ask that you send us a sheet so we can look it over before you start posting, but we do try to get you approved quickly as possible. Clan descriptions you can take your time on, although we would appreciate a little bit of details on it in your sheet. The clan blurb allows you to give us more detail.


This sort of goes along with the bullying thing but it has to be said. We use the bigger fish rule in this game. You are not all powerful - You are not immortal. You can be killed or bitch slapped should what you do make you deserve it. The GMs' word is law if we tell you no, it's no.We are reasonable if you give us a chance. (we have had incidents where someone was asked to leave.It was unpleasant to say the least, please don't make us repeat it).

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 06:10:04 PM »
Name: Leasick Valshanner
Player: Moon Hound Hati
Age: 36
DOB: 13th of Maius, 1622 AP
Gender: Male
Occupation: Tranceptor Spymaster
Clan: Metal Spider
Rank: Spymaster

Vital Statistics: With a lean, muscular build he stands tall at 6'2". His eyes are a dull, silvery gray that almost seems hollow at times as if he's dead inside. His hair is white, which is not a vain attempt to emulate the king, but rather an unexpected natural development of his body. Fortunately, he hasn't been losing his hair, so it doesn't appear that he'll be going bald prematurely as well.

Usually, he dons the spymaster's robes over his regular clothing. The hooded robe is black and carries in various places, such as the sleeves and the back, the symbol of his rank: an ever vigilant eye. They are dark purple in color, as purple represents good judgment; a trait vital for a spymaster to possess. He is rarely, if ever, seen without his tome, which contains many secrets and important information. All of it is written in a code of his own design, a safeguard in the unlikely case it is ever stolen from him.

Personality: A man as calm and calculating as that he is dedicated; a mind tempered by the nearly decade long lasting unification war. Once upon a time he had been more trusting, more hesitant to decide the fate of others, their lives, and livelihood. The life of a spy, however, weeds out such weaknesses     lest you wish it to weed you out, instead. Possessing a sharp mind, he is always watching, always thinking, and gathering information. Despite his calm nature, he can be quite charismatic and charming when he chooses to be. Whether this is natural, or simply yet another aspect instilled in him by his training, remains unknown.

History:  There are many strange tales to be told in the world as it is now, and that of Leasick Valshanner is no different. Born within the Metal Spider clan, his family lived in stark contrast to what one would call a traditional family situation. All children within the Valshanner family lived in the same home. Siblings and cousins all shared the same walls and halls. They were cared for by a rotating set of adults, which were sometimes actually older sibling or cousins. The parents of most were rarely at home, as they lived dangerous lives as spies and soldiers. That had been the Valshanner way for generations upon generations. It was likely due to the low average age expectation within the family that this way of life had been erected. If one or both parents of a child were to perish it would create little trouble within the family.

From a young age on they were trained and taught, observed and graded for what was judged to be the best line of work for them as adults. Of course, not everyone had the fortune to be born with useful talents. Leasick's younger sister was one such person, and she was sold off as a slave early in life, after having been deemed to possess any real talent of note. The money made from the sale would be added to the family's funds, to be used to raise children that were of worth. Leasick had felt conflicted, as a child, when his sister had been taken away, though all he did, in the end, was watch wordlessly.

He grew up to receive training to become a spy, and information gatherer, and sometimes even an assassin. With a sharp mind and swift hand, he performed minor tasks as a minor member of what back then could be called the Metal Spider clan's spy guild. His primary tasks involved weeding out those that would conspire against the clan and infiltrate crime rings. This lasted until Malekith Nasbrí Songsteel rose to power and initiated what is now known as the unification war. Many of the tasks of the spy guild were now being handled by the Tranceptors, a group of enforcers set up by Songsteel.

Leasick continued his work without complaint, gathering useful information where he could and formally passing them on to the Tranceptors. Eventually, sometime early during the second year of the unification war, his work was rewarded when he caught the interest of the Tranceptor's spymaster. As the spymaster, she received all the information coming into the organization and had come to acknowledge the potential this young man had. As the Tranceptors, still young and prideful of their ruleset at the time, were a sisterhood, she could not formally induct him as a member and her protege. Instead, he was formally contracted by her as a third party, a mercenary in all but name, whose purpose was the aid the sisterhood in the war effort.

He became the secret apprentice of the spymaster, who assigned him more and more perilous tasks as the months passed by, which served as both training and tests. His greatest feat during that time of war was when he infiltrated a clan opposing the Metal Spiders strongly and assassinated its leader, eventually forcing them to submit to Songsteel. It had been a large clan, which allowed him to fairly easily slip into their ranks. Over the course of several months he worked his way up, all the way into the most inner circle of the clan, feeding them false information forged with the help of his mentor, the spymaster, setting up a number of "false victories," where the members of the opposing clan would have appeared to emerge victorious against the Metal Spider clan, reclaiming some the land they had previously lost. But what truly happened was that, during each skirmish, in the midst of the fog of war, more Metal Spider infiltrators were injected into the rank of the enemy clan, donning armor, weapons, and markings taken and copied from previously slain members. Leasick organized these members under him as he drew closer and closer to the clan leader, ultimately initiating an assassination within the inner sanctum of the clan, slaying the man in private himself. The other agents had been tasked to open the main gate of the city the clan had made their stronghold, allowing the Metal Spider clan forces to invade, catching them off guard. With their leader dead, the clan was forced to submit, with the whole ordeal only costing a minimum amount of lives, compared to what a full frontal assault would have left in its wake.

When the unification war ended Leasick's mentor deemed it time to retire. It was then that she put forward his name to the sisterhood, with the recommendation that he become the next spymaster. While initially hesitant or even outright dismissive of the notion, they eventually recognized the retiring spymaster's choice and all the work Leasick had done not only for the Tranceptory during the war, but for the Metal Spider clan and its king as a whole, which also meant that they acknowledged the fact that he had the skill set required of a spymaster. Finally having become an official member of the Tranceptory, his mentor remained in her role passively for two more years, properly guiding and advising him as he assumed the role. It was during this period that his hair began to lose its raven black color, turning a near snow white within just a few short months. Leasick has now worked as the full fledged spymaster of the order for a little over six years now and has done more than enough to silence the protests of any senior member who would question his worth. The kidnapping of the king had been a disgrace to the spymaster that he believed he should have found out about and prevented, causing him to redouble the effort put into his work and playing a large role in tracking down and persecuting the traitors responsible for the king's kidnapping.

  • Anal
  • Squirting
  • Lingerie
  • Thigh high stockings (particularly black ones)
  • Oral (giving/receiving)
  • Rimming (giving)
  • Breastplay
  • (Light) Bondage
  • Toys
  • Intelligence
  • Playfulness
  • Just ask~

  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Complete doormats
  • Those that stand against the king
  • Tactlessness

Player's O/O: Click Me!

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Re: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2017, 05:33:45 PM »
Glad to have our great Spymaster back!  ;D  We weren't able to really get his character going the last time the game was running, but I think we can get it working this time around.

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Re: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2017, 05:39:35 PM »
*Puts an end to her tortuorus indecision.*

The comics you linked have inspired me, greatly. I think I would like to join up but I still have a fair amount of reading to do before I can think of creating a character.

That is, if you'll have me. :)

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Re: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2017, 05:41:52 PM »
Hooray! We would be glad to have you Divine!  ;D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Re: Realm of the Phoenix King *(The Great Restart)*
« Reply #5 on: August 26, 2017, 05:43:25 PM »
Hooray! We would be glad to have you Divine!  ;D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Aww snaps, sweet!

Pretty sure I'll have a list of questions to ask once I make myself more familiar with the world. For now let me get back to the reading and see if any ideas come to the fore. :)