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December 13, 2018, 05:37:10 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]  (Read 2187 times)

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Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

I'll try to make this relatively short and to the point, since this is an interest seeking thread at the end of the day. A friend (Aylinas) and I have been dealing with a problem. Both of us are utterly enthralled by the idea of a tabletop RPG experience that intrinsically works smut into the works. It seems like the classic thing to do - why not introduce that element of random chance and game mechanics that can create situations which rob you of your agency because you made a few bad decisions and now you've lost? Why not be unable to draw yourself away from the villain because your mind has been seduced by his magics? It is squirm-inducing fun! Who knew bad ends could be so joyous?

The problem? Both of us want this, both of us are submissive leaning, and that creates a problem. So here I am, putting this up in the hope that there might be a GM that would be enticed by the possibility of having a few submissive players at their mercy. I would hardly complain about adding a few more players if there was interest - so ultimately this is for interest first. In any case - here are a few thoughts of mine about some possible systems (focusing on OGL due to access) and what I think they potentially offer. I'd be happy to babble more about other details later!

Pathfinder: Truly the classic TTRPG these days, the accessibility and vast amount of possible characters to create are definitely a huge plus. Combine that with the fact that it feels like quite a few Adventure Paths would be easy to twist around enough to increase the focus on smut and you really have something to go for.  In the past I have considered a potential twist on Kingmaker where the players were controlled by cursed collars to do the bidding of setting up a kingdom for an evil Master and used in the meanwhile, but honestly there is just so much room in Golarion for some naughtiness. I mean, you even have multiple locations in Golarion that have harems and slaves! Of course, a homebrew setting designed to play to the doom of submissive players would be enjoyable too. Really, I think this is just sort of the classic people are familiar with.

Starfinder: It's really Pathfinder 2.0 in rules. I'm sure some players will find a way to fix some high level math problems, but ultimately there is a lot of good in the system. I will admit to a passing attraction to somebody's idea of running Kingmaker in Space, but let's be honest about my real draw to Starfinder. Skintight pilot suits. You will not convince me to not have one in any circumstance if they exist. SRD for this will probably be a month out though and it doesn't have as much existing material to suborn. Still, sci-fi smut? Who doesn't like losing to space pirates?

Fate: I've never been able to work Fate quite as well as I liked as a GM myself, but I'll admit. If ever there was a system that would be perfect for a smut themed game, this would be the one I would think of. Troubles/Aspects could be fluffed around kinks, making it easy to Compel in naughtiness to whatever setting you want. You could potentially even have something like a Lust Stress track, where players would have to resist being driven to their breaking point where they might give in. Somebody could try to spank a player to set up an aspect like "Shivering With Lust." What is not to like about that? Nothing, that's what! Unless you don't like Fate, I suppose.

5e: Let's be honest. I like me some 5e too, even if I think the economy is a little borked. But if I'm not running it, what do I care that the economy is bad! I also really admire the lack of prescriptive rules and the removal of a lot of the bloat.

So that's my brief little bit about what sort of systems I think are nice. My On/Offs page has more information about kinks, but Aylinas and I both share a particular love of bondage and pillories in particular. I quite enjoy a nice bit of costuming myself. But I think if any dominant writer wanted to create a game catered to the degradation of the players? ...mmf. We're in.
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Offline Aylinas

As Anne's tag-along I suppose I should say something...

Hi!   I know running a game is a bigger undertaking than even the prospect of two female adventurers can motivate.  Likewise, adventure plots are hard to come up with, let along ones that somehow keep going after the defeat of a protagonist.  Point is, we realize it's a big ask and I hope we can help massage the plot along or suggest things.  Though really, if we have some mutual interests in good smut hopefully things will work out.

Offline evilnerf

I might be interested in possibly running a game but I'd like more detail first.  Is Dom/Sub required?  What genders do each of you want to play?

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Guilty popping back up with this after a game we felt met our requirements went to crud.

I'm really bad about paying attention to things sometimes...

So! Extra tidbits time!

  • We figured we would voice this to dominant minded DMs because everything is more fun when you're doing things you enjoy and we figured that the dom-leaning types would be more inclined to have two sub-leaning types to do horrible things too!
  • Probably strongly leaning toward female characters.
  • I would hardly object to a few more people - I really just love the concept of a game where the players are victims to a degree, be it of circumstance or losing the fight.
  • Anne adores sluttifying curses. True fact: I was actually just daydreaming and wiggling about the potential for one in a totally non-smut game lately!
  • Aylinas adores nonconsent with big, hulking monsters that aren't going to give her any chance to resist.
  • We both adore games where there is a reasonable expectation of success... but where things could rapidly go downhill very quickly. After all, why use a system if you're just going to railroad?

Offline Autocad

Since the Starfinder SRD is out, put me down for skintight pilot suits as either a player or DM, circumstances depending.

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

I mean, really, who doesn't like skintight pilot suits? They're pretty fantastic!

Offline eBadger

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

We ultimately did look over that (and another similar themed game!) very recently. After some brief discussion, we ended up deciding that the transformative elements of Corruption of Champions were not really to our liking. I favor more being twisted mentally and Aylinas has a tendency to liking to be forced into things. So we decided to take a pass upon such games, unfortunately.

Offline Autocad

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #8 on: October 05, 2017, 07:32:01 PM »
So how about some of dat Starfinder?  ;D

Offline ShinigamiWolf

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #9 on: October 05, 2017, 10:23:43 PM »
I've been curious of Starfinder...if you'll have a non sub leaning player involved, then I wouldn't mind dipping my toes into it for some fun. AutoCad has some pretty good writing style from what I've read thus far so I think he'd make a great DM. Though, I'm not against Pathfinder either.

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2017, 08:07:39 AM »
I would never argue against Starfinder!

...well, maybe against high level play with questionable balance... but that's not the point! I do suspect it would be a little hard to run at the moment without a good bestiary to draw from, but if somebody wants to deal with that particular downside...

Ultimately though - we need a GM, and Aylinas and I want something where bad things can happen to us. What sort of themes are emphasized ultimately depends on the GM, and the two of us will discuss if that is something that makes us squirm or go 'eh'.

Offline ShinigamiWolf

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #11 on: October 06, 2017, 01:44:21 PM »
If you are looking for elements to toy with your character mentally.... I believe Strange Aeons is an Adventure Path in has a lot of Lovecraftian themes to it so it has a system with which to toy off of as far as mental manipulation.

If you're looking for something that can toy with slavery, exploitation, and other aspects...I assume that Rise of the Drow would be a good campaign path to use to alter for some sexual themes (The drow are a bit smexy and saucy if you get my meaning in the first place so it should be easy to weave in).

Both of those of course would be Pathfinder. There should also be the Mindflayers (copywrited name, I forget what Pathfinder calls em) in there for pure mental manipulation and some tentacle theme.

Offline SINless

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #12 on: October 06, 2017, 02:14:12 PM »
So, I might be interested to run this. Depending on whether I have got it correct.

You want basically a normal game, with all submissive PC's
If things go right for you, things keep going as normal, but if things go wrong, the monsters will take advantage of that to have their way with you.
You want there to be curses turning people into sluts, and big, big monsters.

I can deliver that if you wish. There's several games that come to mind, but one that seems easiest to do is pathfinder. Do you like desert islands, deep dark forboding jungle and ancient curses from dead civilisations?

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #13 on: October 06, 2017, 02:29:29 PM »
Shinigami, I will admit to knowing all too much about Strange Aeons, being a Lovecraft nerd myself. ...if the picture didn't give it away. That being said - that's definitely a nail on the head. I adore the mental side of play... almost as much as Aylinas loves rough physicality!

SINless, that is definitely the sort of general idea that I am looking toward. I like the odds not being in your favor, but knowing that there should be a way that leads to success which does not necessarily devolve into smut. Smut themes can permeate, but I'm not quite one for the full out smut setting of smuttiness... usually.

Hrm. If I were to discuss things in Pathfinder, I must admit that I have not done much with exploring desert islands filled with foreboding jungles and long-dead civilizations with a tendency for horrible curses. That being said, I would certainly not be opposed to that sort of thing! I will admit to a fondness toward seeing corrupt elements of civilization as well. ...but that might just be my desire for costumes to show up talking.

Offline ShinigamiWolf

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #14 on: October 06, 2017, 02:43:30 PM »
Are you wishing that every character be somewhat submissive or your two characters being submissive? I'll admit, being a sub can be difficult to play out for me in a game system. Personally I just build a person and play it out without any real leaning one way or the other.

I wouldn't be opposed to playing a Monster Race character to be honest. ~stares at the idea of a Lizardman/Dragonborn cannibal~

Offline Re Z L

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #15 on: October 06, 2017, 05:23:46 PM »
I'd be interested in tagging along as another player (preference towards Starfinder/Pathfinder).  I can do whatever, if you'd like more sub sorts, or a dommy sort of PC.

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #16 on: October 06, 2017, 05:37:47 PM »
I would hardly have anything against more people tagging along. That being said, I probably am interested in a game with more submissive leaning players, so that the themes (in over their head, being taken advantage of) are easier to handle on the DM side.

I am open for any pitches! You're both super nice for offering (Autocad and SINless) and I'd love to see what kind of ideas are bubbling in your deviant heads!

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #17 on: October 17, 2017, 08:57:00 AM »
Bump since we are still searching and I have just finished another stressful bit of travel! Whoo travel!

As a bonus, here is my hypothetical lust disease using the 5e Disease rules as a starting point. I like homebrewing stuff in 5e. It feels so much easier than in other D&D systems.

Lord of Lust's Touch
This illness comes from prolonged contact with artifacts created by a demonic lord associated with lust and revelry. While in the grips of this illness, victims are slowly twisted to his preferred tastes - empty-headed, lustful and submissive playthings. Symptoms manifest 1d4 days after infection and include horniness and disorientation. The infected creature gains one level of Exhaustion that cannot be removed until the disease is cured.

Any event that forces the infected creature to asert themselves - including entering Combat, refusing an order, or commanding followers - forces the creature to make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature becomes Incapacitated with indecision for 10 minutes. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turn, ending the Incapacitated condition on a success. While Incapacitated in this way, they must go along with any orders that are given directly to them.

At the end of each Long Rest, the infected creature can make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw. On a successful save, the DC for this save and the save to avoid an attack of indecision drops by 1d6. When the saving throw DC drops to 0, the creature recovers from the infection. A creature that fails three of these saving throws increases the DC by 5 and gains the Indefinite Madness of "I know it is my place to serve my betters."

Offline Urbanzorro

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #18 on: October 17, 2017, 11:22:17 AM »
Is there a particular setting in mind? Or is it more of a throw things at the wall and see what sticks situation?

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #19 on: October 17, 2017, 02:10:57 PM »
Personally, I am pretty agnostic when it comes to setting. I find things to like in most of the published settings. Really, what I am looking for is a systems driven game that focuses on the themes that make Aylinas and I squirm. I find that most of the games on the board tend to be focused more on the inter-party relationship than external forces... but to me, the ability to lose at the roll of the dice to external forces is exciting!

At the moment, I will admit to a 5e bias - I am thinking of running a non-lewd game in the setting and seeing more people DMing it is always good for brainfuel.

Offline Ixy

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #20 on: October 21, 2017, 11:39:29 PM »
Hi AnneReinhard--

Though 5e seems pretty cool, I have no real experience with it, and all the resources for Pathfinder are just so dang accessible, it's hard to say 'no' to it.

If you do go ahead with your 5e game, would you still want to play a Pathfinder game if I ran it?  If so, and you offer input on the following, we may be able to work something out.  I have some more rigid preferences, whereas other thing are more flexible.

  • The setting would be Golarion-based, since pretty much everything already exists.  Some history and geography can be adjusted for the sake of story.
  • Primarily core and featured classes and races are preferable.
  • All characters would be young, just reaching their prime and adulthood, and from the same general region, chosen as representatives of their people for some unique potential they possess that makes them "adventurer worthy" to be trained in a guild that has not had a recruiting class since "The Event" greatly reduced the population of young people and adventurers alike (still teetering, but leaning toward undead war and curse).
  • They must be able to cooperate... while scheming, arguing, competing and the like are fine, I prefer not to have PC vs. PC squabbling that leads to bad blood among players.  Anything like that must be arranged though me by both sides.
  • The Academy, we can call it for now, will require them to participate in missions around the region, but the instructors have a very specific reason that they cannot intervene directly.  These missions may be deadly, and that is something each character has no choice but to accept.  ... that, and that the instructors are not pure.  They are not chaste, and in some cases they are not welcomed in polite society.  The reasons for this will be understood slowly in game, and the characters will be, in a sense, exploited as they seek achievement and, eventually, perhaps freedom.

My thematic preferences are: heavy mood, action scattered throughout and very intense (occasionally with graphic descriptions of combat, monsters, etc.),  erotic themes frequently as a story element but not as the core of the story, elements of domination, corporal punishment with erotic flavors at times, and overbearing authority, smatterings of horror, lack of outright rape, tentacles, and other anime-centric elements and imagery... and that's about it.  Oh, and smaller groups that post more than two times per week per player.

Is this something you would be interested in?  What players, specifically would want to join in this... again, with deference to AnneReinhardt since this was your request thread?

Offline DeviantMunster

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #21 on: October 22, 2017, 02:59:40 PM »
Curiously, I've noticed it's quite hard to keep a system game going with slow, methodical posts. Wouldn't using an outlet like roll20 or similar allow for quicker and more steady gameplay? I imagine making a post, then a 'persuasion' roll, for example, would lock you up in waiting specifically for the DM to log in for that day/week and reply.

Offline AnneReinardTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #22 on: October 22, 2017, 03:44:38 PM »
PBP games can actually go pretty quick back and forth! Though it ultimately does move slower, certainly. That being said, not having to deal with people's schedule is a huuuuge plus.

@Ixy: So... I talked to Allie about the subject matter that is proposed. I will admit, I too find a certain attraction to the ease of accessibility of Pathfinder compared to 5e. And I must admit to a certain fondness for academies/school/etc settings. I blame a combination of Final Fantasy Tactics and coming-to-age story novels/anime/etc.

That being said, I will admit that both Allie and I lean heavily toward enjoyment of noncon, which it seems like your concept is to push against? I must admit to a worry that it extends to dubcon (coercion and blackmail) as well. That being said, I enjoy things other than noncon as well... I just sort of like that potential option of failure to be there...

My best explanation would be that I like a world where there are the lewd realities you might expect (albeit with a certain glossing over of details that are unpleasant), but doesn't quite cross the line where everything is like a bad porno. So maybe the cruel bandits decide that the party members would work well in a pillory until sold off as sex slaves. But not like...  a castle full of tentacled sex demons for the sake of tentacled sex demons.

My brain works weird.

Also, smaller groups with more than two posts per week? Sounds great! Huge groups are hard to manage.

Offline Aylinas

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #23 on: October 22, 2017, 10:27:24 PM »
What's wrong with a castle full of tentacle demons?   You could name it The Castle of Tentacle Demons and boom, story justification, right?

But yeah, hi.   @Ixy   I enjoy pathfinder quite a bit myself, despite the rules bloat.  As for the idea, sounds like story's at least pretty important, unless I'm misreading it.  While it goes against the lazy part of my brain that just wants pillories and minotaurs immediately, a good story is always engaging. 

Offline Ixy

Re: Seeking Dom-Leaning GM for Systems Driven Play [Pathfinder/5e/etc?]
« Reply #24 on: October 22, 2017, 10:35:43 PM »
Moreso than my o/os would suggest, I'm willing to have more forceful non-con in the event that it' not overly drawn-out or pointless.  I mean, I did enjoy Justine, Eugenie de Franval, etc.  It's just not my shtick when it comes to being a player, and it has to -really- fit the story for me. 

Now, I should clarify that this training center is not quite Final Fantasy levels... while there would be uniforms, there wouldn't be elaborate events... it's more like a summer camp from hell, pulling itself up from the ground after devastation.  Is that still copacetic?

DeviantMunster-- from what I know of that site, I -think- so?  But I think that keeping rolls to the dicebot and trusting that we use group initiative should suffice... especially with a small group and a little flexibility on the rules-lawyering, if there's enough trust all around (so spare the initiative feats unless you really just want the DM to know that you go first before the rest of the crew).  My goal is never to out-mechanic the party, but rather to use the mechanics to enhance the action.

So far, I see this as three possible maybes?

If you're in, what kind of characters would you want to play?