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September 17, 2021, 10:41:12 pm

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Author Topic: Brothers by Blood (Horror Romance, VtM, V20, Extreme, MxM,)  (Read 702 times)

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Brothers by Blood (Horror Romance, VtM, V20, Extreme, MxM,)
« on: August 21, 2017, 11:45:36 pm »

Welcome! I have a desire for a very specialized VtM game about a about a pack of close college studs  who find themselves claimed and embraced by a truley ancient Tzmisce (Your actual clan can vary). The plot deals mainly with the bonds the guys share and their obsessive relationship with the vampire master. They fear him and know how badly they are abused and yet every torment they suffer is a delicious ecstasy and testament to their all consuming passion for him. It's something of a deconstruction of "teen vampire romance" showing just how horrific being the object of affection to a 2,500 year old monstrosity actually is.  This is an extreme and graphic game with strong body horror themes. Some fetish others more straightforward horror. - Also due to the over the top nature and erotic aspects I expect black humor and a touch of tongue in cheek to arise too.  Yes, it's very gay. 

The Basic backdrop goes here. The game would Ideally start with the starving college guys getting ready for a big meeting with a (presumably) dusty old rich man who might write them a fat check.   It should go like this "Preface" below. Though the actual game begins in the middle of it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You and your "Bros" had been together from a very young age. There have been those who would mock your closeness calling you "Gay" but you're all masculine guys. Those people just don't understand what you've been through, growing up in the same shoddy group home without any real family. You are so lucky to have each other and you're comfortable around each other in ways most men aren't.

You were also very lucky to all be able to get into the same college on a sports scholarship. All that time on the court/ring/field/ect must have paid off. Some of you might even make it pro, while others are just using it to get through college.  Unfortunately, even living fairly bare bones (The X Box one was essential to survival) doesn't make your scholarship money stretch very far. Only some of you can even get a job and none of you can get a good job.  Your gas got cut off and it's winter and Ramen is beginning to make you queasy.

Lucky for you guys that your coach and counceller found out about some old rich guy with giving out two twenty five grand living expense scholarships. All you had to do was show up to meet him and convince him you silly jocks are worth it.  You thought you were just going to meet in some restaurant and hopefully get a dinner out of it (or else order a grand round of water). Instead he sent a stretch limo with a full bar to pick you up and bring you to his high rise hotel suite. The dusty old man's booze alone was worth the effort.

When you saw him your heart nearly stopped. The "old man" looked younger than you. In fact until his man servant spoke up and introduced him you thought he must be the unbelievably hot girlfriend of the luckiest old lech in the world.  You might not normally look at men but calling this guy was like some computer enhanced androgynous sex god from outer space. He looked like he couldn't even be real. His touch and scent made your body do things you had no control over.  You and your mates practically barked at him when he suggested you all strip down and talk in the hot tub. Before you knew it he was swimming across your laps, kissing you all.  Even though he had accidentally bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood his kiss was the sweetest thing you ever tasted.  The rest of the night vanished in a blur. The next morning you woke up naked in the hotel bed with all your mates and your host long gone. Only a few signs of a real kinky night and a check for 25 grand left behind.

You should have been scared. In hindsight it was all so obvious. You and your brothers should have taken that money and ran as far away as possible. You had no right to ever touch something like him. Now it's too late and he's claimed you as his property and made you into a monster like he is. . . . No, not like he is. *Nothing* could be like he is. If god existed he would kneel down and kiss the ground your master walks on.  You don't understand him you try to dance to his tune but the music is always changing and you never know the steps. Every single aspect of you and your brothers is his to tear apart and use as he pleases. Something inside you screams at it, telling you it's wrong. Yet you ignore that voice and only wish you could give him even more.

We will be using v20 VtM rules augmented with NWoD combat system. This game is not very "Sandbox" as it has a very central idea behind it, though you will be able to make plenty of decisions on your own.  The Tzmisce named "Lamia" (but you don't know his real name. Also he's no relation to the extinct clan of the same name) has developed a new way to create "Blood Brothers" that actually hybridizes them with other clans. It also leaves all their memories in tact as well as much of their personality, yet the bonds between each 'brother' as well as the one they share with their sire are much more solid and genuine feeling than the standard blood bond.  How lucky that you and your bros get the "honor" of being his first successful group?

Like any vampire that old he's sadistic and crazy. His specific brands of crazy can actually make him seem genuinely (though very twistedly) romantic at times though those very traits also make him unpredictable. For instance he is a Nymphomaniac, he managed to make you all sexually functional (even more then normal humans). However, he has been unsuccessful in bestowing capacity for sexual pleasure and potency on himself.  So instead he is obsessed with your sex organs and sexuality. He may screw you traditionally but it's always about what it's doing to you. Your dick is hardly ever similar to how it was in life, it's always getting pierced, or  any number of other things. Sometimes during all his sexually 'playing' with you he gets angry at how much you remind him of his own lack of capacity for sexual pleasure which makes him lash out at you in anger.  You fear it almost as much as you crave it. His blood is in you and you could never resist him.

This is the one on one version of a small group game I was planning,. Please lets keep it going for a while. I would prefer you to have play two "brothers" and i'll play one giving us a team of three. Due to the nature of Lamia's ritual you'll actually get to pick a clan from most of the standard ones rather then be the default "Blood Brothers". You will get some automatic freebies as well as drawbacks. There will be some pack activity with all the brothers.