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Author Topic: [Closed] Nab Yourself a Monster Boyfriend Before the Slayers Arrive  (Read 1010 times)

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Are you looking to be wooed/ claimed/ violated by something massive, immensely powerful, mysterious and strangely beautiful?

Do you want the devotion of of a creature that would slay armies or lay their life down for you without a second thought? Do you want barely controlled strength kept in check for your sake? Do you want to know what gentleness those great clawed hands are capable of?


Well, do you have the music that can tame the savage beast? Are you willing to go through hell before you can experience bliss? Can you touch a monster and feel the man beneath its skin?

If so, send me a pm and I'll see if I can pull a monster out of my closet that will suit your desires.

Please take a look at my O/O for other important information.

I decided to open my request up again. Now updated with a plot! I'm still open to other ideas too.

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Alienated is now Taken
Genre: Science Fiction
Main kinks: non-human alien, breeding, dub-con, size difference, borderline sexual compatibility, excessive semen

The basic premise is a researcher's daughter discovering an alien in the secret research facility her father works at. They become friends, the girl believing that the creature is imaginary. Eventually the staff discovers the break in the vent through which she had always reached him and since the girl has reached early adolescence she decides to put childish things away and doesn't try to find another way to reach her friend.

Years later and after her father has passed, she is contacted by the research facility and discovers the true nature of her father's work. Turns out a sentient planet gave earth a choice - assimilate and become a part of its 'body', meaning hybrid humans would serve the planet in a manner somewhat similar to how human cells work (the planet does have organisms and each kind are engineered for a specific purpose e.g. white blood cells and warrior-like aliens) and are under his control (a hive mind basically). A ship was sent with a couple hundred embryos, some of which would end up viable and able to breed with humans. Only one of that batch survived it's first years, however, and a second craft was sent. The researchers had their hands full with figuring out the alien technology and with the government being against the idea of assimilation and planning on what would be a hopeless war instead. So the researchers disappeared with their work and settled in a desert town and renovated a multi level underground parking in a abandoned building, which they  reopened as an agricultural and water efficiency lab as a cover. They just need to produce first. gen. offspring, since the information they received promises that they hybrids will be able to integrate easily into society (unlike their alien parents, who are imperfect in a number of ways) and will have genetics that will ensure their survival and reproduction. The planet gave earth a 10000 years to populate itself with these hybrids.

The monster in this story would be the only surviving embryo from the first batch. Most had to be euthanized due to severe deformities, uncontrollable aggression and other afflictions that caused them to be impossible to work with. And Subject 1 was been the subject of a lot of arguments between the scientists as they considered getting rid of him as well, since he has been responsible for the death of a couple of scientists. He has no capability for hearing within human ranges or vocal chords, which makes it extremely difficult for the scientists to communicate with him and his aggression towards the scientists and the aliens from the second batch of embryos means that he has spent the majority of his life in isolation. His saving grace is that he is viable for the breeding program.

And the heroine made the mistake of giving her 'imaginary friend' a kiss in a moment of adolescent curiosity and horniness and the DNA in her saliva was just what Subject 1 needed to end his 30 year long childhood and get his reproductive system going (specifically tailored to be compatible with her's by using her DNA). The scientists discovered this and that is why they contacted her.

Plot wise, the goverment discovers the research facility and the herione and Subject 1 needs to flee, armed only with a list of adresses of people friendly to the cause. Herione is responsible for Subject 1's introduction to the world and keeping him from killing indiscriminately.

As for the alien's appearance, I'm thinking very tall (10 to 12 feet) and lithely built. A long, dexterous tail and a digitigrade type leg build (with feet able to grasp things). Five fingered hands. Pale grey skin. His senses are tied to these tiny little little raised dots (think about braille dot sized) over his body. The glow a luminescent blue when stimulated and are arranged in patterns of differing density, depending on where they are on his body. For example, there would be more on the bottom of his hands than lets say, his back. He has knee length white hair that isn't quite hair. His face looks vaguely human, like a sculptor had gotten 3/4 of the ways done with a bust and then abandoned their project. It's just the mouth that looks pretty normal most of the time, but when its time too feed it gets much less so.

Subject one is aggressive and hardwired to protect the person he is 'bonded' with and very intelligent despite his communication problems. But he is very inexperienced, both socially and in terms of how the world works.

I can't help but wonder what kind of heroine it'll take to handle this beastie  :-)

This started out as an original thing I was writing, so here's a sample if you're interested
Aislin wondered what had brought her to this moment, this place, this monster. It felt safer to consider the past than the future with its terrible choice. Yes or no. Have a hand in saving the planet or destroying it. Yes was seated in front of her, wrists and ankles bound to the wheelchair they had brought it in on. The monster was sedated, as usual, and slipping in and out of consciousness. The cell was silent, except for the electric buzz of the ventilation system that brought fresh air down into the research facility. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The space behind her eyelids exploded in a flash of white after spending an hour under the energy saving fluorescent lights that reflected against the walls of the cell and made them blindingly bright. No was that white nothingness she saw with closed eyes and the silence of the room. The end of the world.

The monster's fingers twitched and she tore her eyes away from the door marked 'EXIT' in a frantic red. It lifted its head and the fall of its hair parted to reveal half-awake eyes. Its lips opened slightly and its nostrils flared, tasting the air. The monster's eyes rested on her. She wondered if it thought it was still dreaming or perhaps it was remembering. Did it even recognize her as the little girl from so long ago? And how had that little girl managed to mistake the monster in front of her for a human? She shook her head at herself. That had not been the right question to ask. None of her imaginary friends had looked very human after all. It had fulfilled a need, just like the others had. Why had she needed it?

The monster blinked, its lashes almost translucent in the harsh lighting. She lowered her gaze to its lips that seemed about to speak, parted as they were. She knew better though. Her eyes settled on its hands, which were silent. Aislin wondered if they still remembered how to speak. They drew into fists as she watched. There were bruises on his wrists from the bindings that kept her safe.

The answer came to her suddenly. It had been locked away in the movement of those slender hands with their too-long fingers.

Once, a long time ago, there had been another little girl with hair like spun gold in a pretty blue dress. A girl who had reminded Aislin of Alice who had followed a white rabbit into a topsy-turvy world called Wonderland. She had become determined to become friends with the golden-haired girl. There had been a obstacle to their friendship however- the girl was deaf. Aislin had started learning sign language promptly with the help of her father who tended to take her whims all to seriously.

It was just another hot summer day stuck in her father's office when it must have started. A lonely seven year old girl wishing for someone to practice sign language with while her father worked.

Loneliness. It had been loneliness and the promise of friendship that had brought her to this cell, with a figment of her imagination sitting in front of her, unforgivingly real.

She thought of Gwyn, who had been her best friend for the past twelve years and almost forgave herself for descending down the little trap door in the storage room attached to her father's office.

Aislin could almost hear the hinges creak open, revealing the crawling space that lead to him and to her memories.

The metal armrests shook as the monster tried to free its hands. The noise the wheelchair made as its joints complained brought Aislin back to the present.

Someone in some control room turned the lights off and on again, very deliberately.

It didn't stop stop fighting its bonds and Aislin looked away well before the sound of his struggling stopped.

When she returned her gaze to the monster its chest was still rising and falling rapidly, its hands shaking. Its eyes were trained on her, fully awake after the pain.

Aislin's heart started beating faster when its hands started to move in the graceful, deliberate way in which he spoke.




It was painful to watch him sign with bound hands when he needed to bring his hands together to complete the last two gestures, but she understood all to well what he meant.

He was calling her a traitor.

She signed, putting some force into the stabbing motion that was part of the accusation she made.

"Murderer," she whispered.
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