Marvel Universe / AU ? (M/M; Trans*male/M )

Started by lucamadridista, August 21, 2017, 06:39:09 AM

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Hey folks. I'm looking for someone to write a story , someone i can go on a journey with. So please put on your seatbelt for a longer ride.

> Pairings possible: (list is not exclusive)
Stony (Steve Rogers X Tony Stark); Cherik (Charles Xavier X Erik Lensherr); Logurt (Logan X Kurt Wagner); Phlint (Phill Coulson X Clint Barton); Winterbones (Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier X Brock Rummlow / Crossbones); Thoroki (Thor Odinson X Loki Laufeyson)

> some story ideas:
- Vampire / Daemon AU : Person A being a priest /exorcist and person B being a Vampire/Demon
- Trans* soldier AU: Person A is transgender but joins the Army where he tries to hide his post OP scars and still female genitalia; Person B is his supervisor and discovering A's secret
- Soulmate & supernatural creatures AU : Person A being a werewolf / demon and person B his significant other from a rival race or family

If you have other ideas you would like to write out with me, just write me. (or other pairing suggestions)
Also gender identity can be chosen freely between male and trans* male.

I'll wait for your reply's. O8)