Conquests of a Married Man (Seeking F)

Started by MagicalPen, August 18, 2017, 03:51:06 PM

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Plot: Chapter 1 - The Babysitter

40-Something Male seeking 16 - 18 Year Old Teen Girl

Richard Simon was a handsome man. He it the proverbial 'tall, dark, and handsome.' He had never had a shortage of female attention, even after he was married. And he had always remained loyal and faithful to his wife. His wife was his female equivalent and bet friend with no shortage of her own male suitors. But then the baby had come along and she had still not returned to the weight she was pre-birth. Her libido was also gone, or so it seemed, while Richard still felt like he had at the prime of his life.

Some time has passed and their sex life has not gotten any better. It seems like once a month for sex and a weekly blowjob to keep him happy. But he isn't happy, certainly not sexually, and his eyes and mind are beginning to wander. The babysitter, a local teenage girl, i the current object of his desires and seems to flirt back with him, especially when he drives her home.

to cut a long story short, I am looking for some one to play the athletic, bubbly, curious teenaged girl opposite my married man. Her level of sexual experience is negotiable, but they will have sex - most likely in the back of his car or somewhere semi-pubic once the tension between them get too much, If you are interested in this plot please PM me. There is still much to be discussed!

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