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December 04, 2020, 05:17:07 AM

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Author Topic: Return of the Evil Ex (M lf F character - player gender irrelevant)  (Read 973 times)

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Offline NiceTexasGuyTopic starter

This is taken.  Oh my god, is it ever taken!

Thanks for your interest.


(FYI:  Also posted in non-forum roleplay requests.)


An ongoing fantasy of mine - Most details not carved in stone.


We married young.  I was somewhat naive.  You were even more so.

You began to mature more quickly than I, and eventually decided I wasn't good enough for you.  Wasn't fun enough.  Didn't make enough money.  Couldn't satisfy you in bed.  Your new circle of friends were in agreement, and encouraged you to "move on" without me.

I never dreamed you had your own bank account.  It's something I would never consider.  And the way you put it, it sounded perfectly reasonable for everything to be in your name, given the fact I was in a more hazardous occupation. 

When it all hit, it hit me hard.  All the money drained from our joint account.  A night in jail for an assault that didn't take place, complete with restraining order preventing me from returning to my own home.  And of course, divorce papers. 

It took me years just to get back on my feet.  We haven't spoken since divorce court.  Well, "we" didn't speak, you spoke to me on your way out -- mocking me for being too much of a loser to satisfy a woman like you.

Then, one day, years later, an interesting item arrives in the mail.  Addressed to me at my last known address.  From a lawyer's office in another state.  Do you open it?  Of course you do, and what a lucky thing you did.

It seems I'm to inherit a great deal of money from a long-lost relative.  Do you forward this information to me?  Of course you don't.  You might, however, contact me confessing how badly you feel about what happened, wanting to make up for what you did to me in the divorce.  Knowing all my kinky little proclivities, do you think after all that's happened that you could say and do all the right things to have me at your feet -- begging you to take me back?

I think you can.


I like to work out the details before we start -- especially the kinks you know you can exploit.  Hopefully that won't take long and we can launch into the play relatively quickly.


Alternative ideas along the same lines:

- You didn't turn into an evil selfish greedy bitch while we were married.  We just grew apart and divorced.  Only after the divorce did you discover your true nature and the power you have over weak-willed males.

- We didn't divorce, just separated.  You imply a desire to "work things out" - but really I'm just being set up to take the big fall.


I could go on and on, but you get the general idea.  I'll throw in some keywords or phrases just to see if it helps spark some interest.  Not all these themes have to come into play, but hopefully you will find some of them inspirational:

lesbian (you - and/or your lawyer)
bi (your character)
forced bi (my character)
hypnosis / brainwashing
large breasts
transformation (from frumpy to gorgeous)
public humiliation
interracial cuckolding / humiliation


Respond here or via PM.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Offline NiceTexasGuyTopic starter

Re: Return of the Evil Ex (M lf F character - player gender irrelevant)
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 07:16:38 AM »
Has it been a month already?

Since I haven't had any luck getting involved with anyone who actually wants to roleplay, perhaps I should give this a bump.