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Started by Lotherio, January 06, 2009, 11:33:55 AM

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A few things before I get into what I actually desire. 

I am looking for cooperative characters.  In the end, the characters will have some sort of relationship.  I’m not opposed to some conflict and/or tension at the beginning and along the way.  Personally for myself, I can’t imagine being with someone that I have no desire to be with and I can’t RP a character like this.

As well, the conflict can and should be mostly external.  Which is to say that I also think that there should be some sort of conflict; or more specifically some plotline to the story and RP.  True I am interested in erotic interactions but I want more than just stories of intimate liaisons.  I’m an open-ended campaign sort of guy.  When I start a story, I’m good in just keeping it running so long as we can find something to keep RP’ing about and ending it when we think we’ve played it out.

A key element to my sense of story is that when I do take on a character, I tend to take on the side of good or hero.  Not necessarily the cut and dry, I wear only white and smite evil sort of good, but in the end good.  Which is to say I tend towards heroic RP.  I still feel there is plenty of interesting conflict and adventure for good that isn’t cookie cutter.  By example, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot were all good people throughout their little love triangle.   The love between Guinevere and Lancelot was neither good nor evil, but unlawful under the context of the monarchy of King Arthur.  King Arthur knew the love between Guinevere and Lancelot was pure, but as the king he struggled with his duty to uphold the law and in the end his duty was to indeed uphold the law. 

On my list, I’m not going to define any roles for my partner to play.  Rather, I’m going to write up a few characters that I might like to play and if someone can think of a partner to throw into the story that could interact with any of the characters, just let me know and we’ll work things out from there.

The concepts/settings are not flushed out, but that's something I'd prefer to work out with a partner - same with the characters.  I'm not set in my ways, I'm just addicted to RP and I enjoy the collaboration in coming up with RP/story ideas..

I will see about adding more as they spring to mind.

I think that sort of covers the basics and, this being said, onto my wish list.

Atomic Café

This is a post apocalyptic world somewhere between movies like Mad Max or Cherry 2000 (completely ruined) and Streets of Fire or Tank Girl (ruined but with elements of civilization still thrivin). 

The world is post apocalyptic following the rise of mega corporations in a cyperpunk style.  Large cities survived the fallout and there is still sum semblance of a ‘normal’ life for the wealthy elite that live in these cities.  The barren lands between the largest cities is really more like life after fallout.  Technology advanced so far, there are things like androids and robots just shy of real AI, holographs and such, but its also stuck somewhere in a post modern feel; the wealthy still have a few advances of their own, but everyone else is hobblng the old technology together to try and make it work for their survival.  The styles of dress are somewhere between those 70s and 80s post apocalypse movies.  Gangs that do exist exude a certain style, whether it’s the football pads and spikes of car gangs in the barrens or the pompadour leather rockabilly styles for some of the gangs on the streets of the large cities. 

Only a few mega corporations survived and they interact with each other and have become the governments of cities.  The big cities are all cities with sky scrapers and high rises and the majority of ‘regular’ citizens live in these buildings, well above ground level.  Everything below 5 stories has been left to the wastes.  The mega corps maintain the cities and law for the paying citizens (something like Lone Star from shadow run).  Each remaining sky scraper is virtually a fortress.  The two worlds exist completely apart from one another, the wealthy perhaps use helicopters or some future tech flight vehicle to get around.

Much like wealthy and everyone else lives completely different life styles from one another, city life in the few remaining big cities is radically different than life outside the cities.  The people fighting to live in the large cities have banded together enough to fortify the cities as protection from the roving bands of nomads and car gangs that roam the barrens.  A third element that might be interesting is roaming bands of nuclear cannibals – perhaps a certain portion of the population affected by a radiation madness that makes them crave flesh (not quite zombies aka George A. Romero, but something approaching the infected people from Omega Man, intelligent zombies).

There is plenty of room to flesh this concept out more, but I’m looking at a story that involves two people stuck in this world trying to survive.  As for a plotline, I’m thinking one of us comes from the wealthy side of things and the other one from the fallout victims, quite possibly the barrens.  Something happens to the wealthy person where they need to go into the uncivilized world (below the 5 story mark of the super towers) and interact with the base world that fights for its survival.  Maybe they lost something, or something was stolen.  Maybe the caught onto something the corporations are doing that they didn’t like (sort of similar to the original Rollerball) and they end up fired, but need to do something about this thing.  It happens such that this person needs a ‘guide’ or assistance and they meet the other character for their adventure.  There is a love/hate relationship that develops between the two that is on again/off again as the story develops.  But the plot is what holds them together during the off again portions.  If the first storyline/plot works out great, the world is large enough for the two to go on other adventures and such together.

Fantasy Gangland

This would be a sort of 30s-40s era Chicago gang epic meets fantasy elements.  Something akin to the Dresdan files but with the technology level only up to about the mid to late 1930s.  I’m not opposed to other races existing in this world, but I would be looking for two human characters (M/F) to interact here.  In my mind, one character works for the ‘good’ guys or the law enforcement (a detective, a police officer, a politician, etc.) and the other is on the side of the bad guys or the gangsters (a gangster, someone merely on the payroll of the gangsters (accountant, banker, corrupt officer, etc), an entertainer for the gangsters, just somehow tied to the ‘mob’).  They somehow meet for an impossible relationship and they face threats from both good and bad guys as they explore their own relationship.

Characters I’d like to play:

Businessman on the payroll of the gangsters – lured into the life by the glamour and glitz of it all not that its much for him because he only manages some books and a front cover business for a speakeasy and gambling joint.

Rundown detective, trying to do a bit of good in the face of all the corruption he sees around himself.  He’s wondering half the time if he should really be focusing on internal affairs and policing the corruption he sees in law enforcement itself before he should focus on the criminals at large.  He lives on a shoestring budget and is only trying to make right by what he sees as a vastly corrupt world around him.[/s]

The Last Bastion of Good

This would be more epic, heroic fantasy, but the world is about to enter into something like a dark age.  There was an age of chivalry and learning, but it’s collapsing due to barbarian uprisings and dark magic perhaps.  This could be a quest to discover what is going wrong with the world even or merely the attempt to struggle against the coming of so much evil in the world itself. 

Characters I’d like to play:
Knight, self explanatory for this setting, would be a motivator in doing the good thing. 

Druid – sequestered away from what evil may be transpiring, the encroaching darkness is either on the doorsteps of his only wilderness or he is sought out as one of the last bastions of hope in the encroaching darkness and persuaded to help the ‘civilized’ world.

Bard/Rogue – He plays throughout the evening to earn silver and gold but by night he is a cat burglar.  It is the romance of it all, can he get away with it.  He never keeps what he acquires; instead giving it to a few individuals he knows needs it more than himself.  He plays the border between fame and infamy, his musical persona is something of renown locally if not regionally, but the thief persona in him is even more widely known for better or worse.  He is unsure which way he will go with the darkness falling, either stick to himself and wait it out, protecting those he knows or doing what the little voice deep down inside tells him to do and protect everything he knows.[/s]

Amongst the Stars

This would be a galaxy setting where a few galactic powers have risen up and are competing against one another in a cold war escalating scenario.  There is room for espionage, intrigue and mystery – on a galactic level.  This is a science fiction sort of setting, or at least futuristic.  I envision the galaxy to be human only, or at least human dominated.  The characters could either work for the same galactic power, running missions against other galactic powers or they could work for opposed galactic powers and they happen to run into each other on missions a lot together.

Characters I’d like to play:

Interstellar Man of Mystery – top level secret agent for a primary galactic power.

Liaison – a man serving officially as a liaison for one galactic power as an embassy or envoy to another galactic power.  Perhaps he could meet someone who is working on the espionage side of things and unwittingly be dragged unto the underworld in this galactic scale cold war.

Barter Man – this is a guy who is playing both sides of the same coin.  Not a double agent, more a free agent that barters and brokers information between two or more galactic powers.  Its only a guess what his real game might be in this escalating power struggle.  He could just be looking to acquire wealth and fortune or he might work for a secret third party that is trying to bring the galactic powers to war for some other nefarious purpose even.[/s]

Space Pirates

Space adventure - one galaxy.  Humans preferred.  This is more a space opera meets golden age of piracy.  There are a few powers in the galaxy that exercise some galactic authority but not enough to police the entire galaxy.  Mostly, they're fighting amongst themselves near the center of the galaxy.  I'm thinking that the main galaxy is absorbing a nearby dwarf galaxy.  The dwarf galaxy is still amidst the galaxy's fringe and this becomes the focal point for the space pirates adventure as its something of a pirate haven.  I'm thinking it could be cat n mouse type stuff between pirates and authorities.  However, maybe with the introduction of a new resource from the dwarf galaxy that people are going to start fighting over - could be very limited, even lost alien technology or something that can't be recreated too.

Split Infinity

This would be something of an Amber spinoff.  There exists multiple dimensions of alternate realities and its hard to say if they spring up out of the minds of certain individuals or there are so many that individuals can find alternate realities to fit their desires.  I'm thinkin plot wise, there is one prime reality and the main characters are either fugitives running from this reality or they are themselves looking for fugitives on the run.  There is a secret involved and the secret could be reality shatterin so to speak, but this isn't the trigger.  This could be similar to Amber in that the prime reality is medieval fantasy in nature or it could be something futuristic like a Buckaroo Banzai meets cyberpunk/shadowrun.  Either way, prime reality always has a way of influencing or shadowing the alternate realities and no matter what happens in the alternate realities, their fate is always tied to the prime (maybe the secret is that there is something - device, magic, etc - that can separate the realities and maybe even create a new prime which would drastically change all of reality).


Fantasy Gangland seems interesting. Drop me a PM if it's still open.
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Updated to add a couple more setting concepts.  No characters in these settings because the plotline can be pretty open.  If the setting sounds like a good idea, simply PM me and we can see if we might find an intriguing plotline to run some characters through in the setting.



I've been on this big post modern post apocalytic kick lately, watching movies like Mad Max, Road Warrior, Buckaroo Banzai, Streets fo Fire, and the like.  I've added this as a plot to my want list because I have a strong urge to RP in a setting that mixes these older atomic movies together.