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Author Topic: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Craving Fandom RPs]  (Read 1606 times)

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Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Craving Fandom RPs]
« on: August 17, 2017, 10:43:15 PM »

And welcome to Scxintilla's random (rambling) roster of roleplay prompts!
(lowkey frustrated for breaking alliteration there)

Pre-pre-Disclainer Disclaimer:
I've been horrendous at consistency. :( I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed of how I've ghosted RPs before. It may be my schedule, or my debilitating aversion to confront partners in stories that I'd fallen out of love with. But now, I swear I'm back ready to fix that.

I'm currently in a massive smut rut and would really stick to exclusively plot-heavy RPs, with probably a 70-30 story to smut ratio, max. [Except in certain situations which call for heavily sexed up plots. However, I don't think I would ever roleplay all smut no plot or plot as a background to keep smut moving.]

Also, I am a whore for drama. I just really love injecting it into plots, so I do hope that doesn't scare you away. I do try to keep it reasonable, though.

I'll bunch up the usual sections into spoilers so that you can just click over and read whatever part you came here for.

Respond via PM, please. :)

Introduction: About Me, Disclaimers, Expectations
About Me

I've been RPing for quite a bit now, I suppose--maybe 5-8 years. I'm just not quite sure what really counted as legit RPing and what didn't as I think I've always been into writing and collaborating with other people. I've been on E for technically, two, maybe three years? I can't recall exactly because of the inconsistency of my being active on the site until I did take a long hiatus and am now, hopefully on for a more stable amount of time.

I'm a pretty mellow person, often a bit Type A, though. This usually just translates into me wanting plot points always being clear to me, me asking a lot of questions but I'm also very flexible to the point of usually wanting my partner to have his/her way with major details (unless they come across as totally unagreeable to me)

I like making friends but am a natural introvert, so I don't really mind whether or not my RP partner gets chatty with me. However, if you're that kind of partner, who likes talking about life, etc., I am totally open to that (just be aware that OOC conversations don't come very naturally to me.)

I'm a recently graduated pre-med student IRL, knee-deep in trying to figure out what's next, trying to get a job, probably going to be taking major career-defining exams this year, so I will have busy times or ruts when all the studying sucks out my creative juices, however, I will try to post at the very bare minimum, once every three days.


Now these are more RP-specific disclaimers that I wish to get out of the way.

1. I am a literate RPer in the sense that I'm sure I can make quality posts. However, this does not necessarily mean I am a verbose one. I like RPing with people who care about detail, who care about purposeful dialogue and thought narratives. I also respect (and admire) people who go above and beyond, doing multiple >5 paragraph posts. I just want to make it clear that I am not one of those and do not necessarily enjoy RPing in those kinds of setups.

Although I think I am capable of writing those, I feel that aside from starters and necessary scene-building posts, the froufrou is not worth the time and effort if it could've been condensed into 2-4 meaty paragraphs. Just my take on things.

2. My forte, if you could call it that, is in character grounding. I just love researching, writing and really getting into the mind of characters I play, regardless of whether or not they be OCs or cannon fandom characters. However, this does not necessarily translate well into my plotting skills. I am horrid at plotting and need a partner who can really pace with me and fill in gaps, or at least give me questions that can lead me into formulating plot points.

I know this seems like a fatal flaw in an RPer but I just want to be honest about my weaknesses.

3. I am open to RPing with anyone, should you be a Lord, Lady or Liege, as well as your character. But just be aware that although I can play any NPC, I am most comfortable carrying a female character as my main.

4. I will be a persistent partner, should I be very much engaged into the RP. By this, I mean given like two to three days of your absence, I might poke, be a bit annoying, etc. I just am very persistent.

5. I'm a sucker for in-RP drama. Just putting it out there. My characters will be real. They will have feelings. They will respond realistically to situations.

6. I RP exclusively via thread.


1. Please communicate. Plotting, like I said before, will really be something I'd need your help in. Absences, with my persistence, get really disappointing after a while. I am a really understanding person. I swear. All you have to do is PM me. :)

2. I'm looking for a detailed partner. Like I mentioned before, I'm not looking for a novella. But I would really appreciate someone who knows their character, knows the scene, knows the genre/theme and can carry dialogue with enough detail to suffice and really do some image-painting mentally.

3. I'm looking for someone who can at least match the frequency of my posting. I understand how real life can get in the way but I do hope on having a consistent partner.

4. Goes without saying: Mutual respect.

Genres, Fandoms, Prompts

Craving Scale:
*** - Super craving!
** - Meh. It'll be fun.
* - Will be picky. It's a bit worn/not my top priority.
S - Slightly smuttier

When the Lights Go Down In Hollywood (Taken)
Involves heavy drama, romance, mental illness.
Your character is an A-lister celebrity involved in multiple movies, award-baiting projects and lives in the tornado that comes with the fame he enjoys. One would think that life would be much simpler that way--allowed to work in an industry he's passionate in, being paid heftily for such, etc. But little do people know that behind the perfect facade, lies a darker secret. My character is the polar opposite of yours in more ways than one. A shy scientist who would more often than not, try to avoid the cameras that come with being your character's wife. If it wasn't for a twist of fate many years ago, with your character on set one of his big break movies, and mine hired to advise the film's details in my field of expertise, this would never have happened.

It may seem like a perfect marriage, still, despite the seemingly mismatched couple. And it was, it really was, until one night, after a month away on filming, your character returns home... different? Almost like he was still acting.

This plot is based on the novel Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult which is about an actor who slowly spiralled into having problems dissociating with the characters he played and the strain of this on their marriage and the family they were starting.

Healing a Loving Wife*** (S)

Set in the 50's, maybe a little more sex in this than my other plots, romance, drama

This is an idea that struck me after pitching it to another RPer here. Unfortunately, it wasn't what they were looking for so maybe I'll have a little more luck here!

The idea's based on what I saw from a TV series called Masters of Sex (in case you've heard of it.). (Which I also didn't finish, in case you have. Lol. It's just a loose basis so not really necessary)

Anyway, in the series, there's a character I particularly like, Libby, an intelligent but very reserved housewife. She and her husband aren't very intimate. He's distant and cold to her, despite her trying to be sweet and loving. Maybe they've been trying for a child for a while and that's been rough? Maybe he's a bit older than her?

The real strain in their marriage, however, is caused by the fact that her husband is pioneering a study on human sexuality which leads him to being very much involved in studying various people having sex, using rudimentary contraptions for sex, and him, soon enough studying on himself and his attractive assistant.

It's an idea that the wife, and basically all of society find absurd and revolting and it sours their marriage quite a bit. So i was thinking of kind of writing the wife's story out since she seems (at least as far as i got in the series) to be a very much silenced character.

I envision her maybe meeting a younger doctor her husband works with? Maybe she seeks companionship and just that at first, they work out each other's demons. Then maybe they move on to realize that she has her own depravities. Maybe it can take a kinkier turn? She realizes she wants to experience her husband's absurd experiments but maybe just not with him. This is very much open for discussion in terms of plot and kinks.

Powerplays **

Involves drama, romance, political drama
Your character is a young politician, steadily rising up the rungs of power and is slated to be running for office in a prominent position in the upcoming elections. He has a pristine record, the people's backing and the killer smile to win it all. Unless, of course, people found out about his involvement with my character.

Option A:
My character is an old flame from an on-again-off-again relationship your character had maintained from university to his younger years in politics. However, the two split after mutually deciding to go their own ways. it was a clean break, which, however, ended just at the cusp of my character discovered being pregnant with yours' child. Still, the two talked about it and decided, again, mutually that my character preferred that they still both go their separate ways. Civil and casual, the two did, and supported each other in the quiet of being privately acquainted. However, with the elections coming, your character's rivals see this relationship as the golden opportunity to expose your character for who he really was--twisting the relationship into one where he was a deadbeat father, etc. and unexpectedly pulling the two back together.

Option B:
My character is a smart, beautiful girl, opinionated and sharp... albeit being less fortunate when it came to the birth lottery. Pushed against the odds, she decided to take up the incriminating yet discrete profession of being a call girl for high rollers and your character had been a frequent client. Over their encounters, she felt like she didn't just want to be seeing him in that way. She was falling in love in places where she shouldn't be--especially with him married and with a government position on the line.

Queen In Training*** (S)

I'd just recently re-watched Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement and now I have a weird itch I want to scratch. Drama, political intrigue, manipulation seduction, domination, D/s

I don't want this to completely be a fandom RP for Princess Diaries but I kind of envision the premise to be the same. A young woman grows up in a different country, is one day surprised by the news that she's a princess, is uprooted from her home, preened, trained and turns into the princess she was destined to be.

Then, the RP begins when she comes of age to replace her grandmother as queen. With her having grown up elsewhere, many had their eyes on the throne and her presence was a stumbling block for their ascent to the throne. The only ways that seem logical in order for her opponents to do so is by de-legitimizing her claim or marrying into the throne.

Enter, YC. He decided to use his charm and wit to his advantage. By seducing MC, he eventually gets her to fall in love with him and bend to his whims in more ways than one.

It's a loose concept but what I envision is a bit of a cat and mouse game between them at first, then, seduction which leads to her submitting to him sexually, then from there, she warms up to him, and falls in love. I want it to be dark, not in the most typical gritty sense but in a sense that she is manipulated without her noticing. He makes her submit in bed and gives her an illusion of control outside of it when in fact, every decision she makes diplomatically, governance-wise, etc, are echoes of what he wants.

It may even take the even darker, grittier direction in the future with him making her submit to the point of providing "underground entertainment" for guests and dignitaries and such, etc.

Sweeter the Second Time Around(?) ***

Involves slow burn drama, romance, more introspective build-up in characters, more dynamic RP partner

This is a rough prompt I've come up with because I'm personally trying to work on a novel based on this. (Actually, this is the roughest plot, which is why I think it would need to bank on really slow-burn drama, introspective conversations, and just a deeper portrayal of the ins and outs of a relationship that is bound to fail.) My initial idea is a not-so-newly broken up couple (college or high school sweethearts, perhaps), after a couple of years of growing up on their own decide to give things second shot. It just doesn't work out too smoothly of course.

Note: My initial idea on this was to juxtapose the girl (MC) and the guy to the arts and sciences, respectively.
 Their personalities, career choices, decisions, etc. are based on that symbolism. I haven't really found a way to really mechanize this concept yet though and although this isn't a requirement for this plot, I think it would be fun to try.

Other Interests


(Particularly Victorian, 20's, 50's, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman and Viking)
Mystic realism
(Fantasy set in the modern world. Not very good at Fantasy though)


Game of Thrones ***
I am obsessed with the TV series and have novice book knowledge. I can play a pretty good Daenerys and Sansa but I am sure and know for a fact that I can rock Margaery. Although admittedly, I'm not good at world-building and plotting, if there's anyone out there willing to work with me despite that  I really love the drama, political intrigue and powerplay that can come in.

I once had an RP going on here on E about Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen which was unfortunately cut short. I'd love to explore that premise again if anyone's interested.

Craving but I might be picky with my GoT RPs for now though.
DC Comics **
Okay, this one's a bit iffy because I may not have much source material read but I do have grasp and grounding on quite a few characters as I've learned from a different RP. If you're willing to work with that, then, I'm game!

Also will be picky about these.

Young Justice **
Contrary to my grasp on the wider DC universe, I've watched the entirety of YJ (and am excitedly awaiting the S03!)
Downton Abbey **
Again, the themes of political intrigue, drama and powerplay are what I look for here, us the period setting as well.
History's Vikings *
Have not watched the latest season.
Suits **
The Mortal Instruments **
This I'd want to use as a loose basis of plotting rather than to actually use canon characters as mains. Hated the movie, by the way, and abhor the TV series but the lore is pretty rich. I'd love to delve into this.

This is a really old fandom of mine but I've recently been really interested in exploring a story on The Circle, playing younger Jocelyn, Younger Valentine, etc.
Avatar: The Last Airbender


Unlike Series and Books, movies are more finite, hence these are movies I'd want to base more loosely on. Maybe it's something in the plot or the nuances or character development that I want to borrow and work a story around. Talk to me if you like any of these too!

Frances Ha
Blue Valentine
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Ghosts of RPs Past and Present

On hold/ Discontinued / Abandoned
All is Fair in Love and War with ZephyrInk
The She-Wolf and the Dragon Prince with Zahard
Southern Slavery with MagicalPen
The Bride's Secret with Blinkin
Batgirl Descends with Mathim
Young Justice: New Beginnings with Franklin
The Fall of Oriella With Lost In The Mist
Mistress, Slave, Slave, Mistress with Lost in The Mist
Natalie's Punishment with DeviantGhost
A Most Unusual Gift with TheMusician
Private Affairs with Lost Castor

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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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Back after an unexpected hiatus.

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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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-Updated about me
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Open and Searching!]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Craving Fandom RPs]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Craving Fandom RPs]
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Re: Story-heavy Plots to Tickle Your Fancy? [Craving Fandom RPs]
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