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September 22, 2019, 07:05:41 AM

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Author Topic: ARK Survival Evolved (Current regular rp may try to have a number system later)  (Read 662 times)

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Offline TheGuiltySurvivorTopic starter

You wake up on a island and slowly look around, disoriented and feeling sick you turn your head and spew whatever you last had to eat. Your head throbbing with a massive headache, you slowly start to turn your head and get off your hands atleast, your knees sinking slightly deeper into the sand. Your wearing the last set of clothes you wear, reaching behind you,  you feel one of those military packs that feels heavy, most likely filled with something in return. The problem is you still don't know where you are or how you got there. Looking down, you see something on your left arm, turning it to where the bottom part is facing up at you. It looks like it's been implanted in your skin only halfway but you see something that looks like a obsidian diamond inside your arm. Nothing erupts from it whether noise or some type of action so you just stare curiously wondering what it could be.

Lost in thought you don't feel the ground shaking at first, but slowly it starts to get more violent along with a loud noise following when it shakes. Looking up you forget how to breathe for a second, your eyes growing wide as saucers as you just can't comprehend what you are seeing. Right in front of you is a dinosaur, a living breathing dinosaur. Slowly your head starts turning and you notice more of them now of different kinds starting to roam the beach and the area surrounding you.


Hey everyone hope that little intro caught some of yall's attention and are intrigued by this. Starting to get heavily involved in ARK again so hoping to catch some eyes and get this rp going. As it states going to take place on the main island of ARK, some of the DLCs and all will be involved but it will happen later as the rp progresses and the characters are progressing more as well. Starting dinosaurs will be mainly harmless though a couple honestly can harm the characters in the beginning. By chance some of the bigger and more dangerous may be seen but not ran into.


1. No God Modding. - Just like any other RP y'all don't god mod it's going to be fun, so along with this NO OP Characters. No need for a has a solution for everything character. This is meant to be survival everyone will have a problem that hey be able to answer, pieces to a puzzle and hopefully making it back home.

2. Real Life comes first.- I understand we all want to write and have fun but guys no need to make this a priority. Real life comes first. I myself am currently deployed so I'm focused on that 24/7 but will try to be here when I can.

3. Don't stress.- We all have those days where we hit the writers block. Don't stress we all understand so if you just want to relax for a few and be a reader then more gen happy to let you. We're all here to have fun so let's do that and not worry or stress.


So let's start off with characters. Ages can be anywhere from 17-21 but also the kicker is can be anytime frame. For example you want to play some gunslinger, outlaw or whatever from Wild West more then happy to oblige. Or you want a honorable knight from the mideval times please have at the. All of that is welcomed and more and do hope to see that just no future beings is all. Now as said as well no matter what character you choose they have one set of clothing on them your choosing. And of course the Medium Ruck that they are found with as well. Inside they will find the following...
-Spare change of clothes including shoes
-A survival kit inside that contains the following
Hunting Knife
Two sets of waterproof matches
A flint
A metal canteen and canteen cup
Lighter fluid with a zippo
Iodine pills
Small pot
A Camelbak that contains three gallons of pitied water
Small medical kit
And two speciality items that will be discussed when the characters are made for each person.

So as said ages can be anywhere from 17 to 21 get a little difference and time frames. So for example I'll give a brief character description of my character. Please feel freee to ether message them in or leave them in the comments.

- Name Connor Hunter O'Reily
-Age 17
-Body type More athletic then muscular, rather toned
-Hair color Short Black hair
-eye color- Blue

Background- Connor grew up in a military family his father was a Sapper in the US Army while his mother worked at the local hospital. He had a younger brother who was around 8 before he left. When he wasn't in school his father was constantly taking him out to either be hunting, fishing, or camping learning to survive off of the land. Along with that he had a rather hard fascination with the old west as he learned about those things along with when of age constantly going out for shoot lever action rifles and coach double barrel shotguns along with SAA revolvers. He's loyal to a fault as he displays it at school being a leader in his JROatC program and hopes in following in his fathers footsteps.

So nothing fancy just a little information and all.


Dinosaurs and Creatures.

So here is a link for currently all the creatures that have been shown and seen in the game. Of course with this we will be having plenty of more for fun and more orientalist and creativity. Or for just those who wants a specific dinosaur because they love them.

So as well dinosaurs and creatures nearly all of them will be able to be tamed and made docile and domesticated. How that is to happen will vary on the creature specifically. Many all you got to do is knock them unconscious then feed them so when they weake up they realize you were caring for them and all. Others you have to seclude and train/ feed them. While others have to be stolen when a egg and imprint on you when born.

So I believe the major things were addressed hope to hear from y'all soon and get this going :)