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Started by Wikwik, August 15, 2017, 02:13:38 AM

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Hello! I am, obviously, Wikwik, and this is my beautiful request thread. I'm currently looking for some more partners for delicious roleplaying!

The Wonderful Wik

What's a Wik, you might ask! Well, me. I'm a Wik. There are many like me, but....well actually, no. There aren't many like me. There's only me. That's probably to the benefit of society. And you as well, since you've stumbled across the one and only Wik! It's like Christmas come early.

If you'd like to take a look at my more kinkier side, please take a gander at my O/Os: http://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=173431

Of course, I'll cover quite a bit here as well, but it never hurts!

What I Provide

So, what can I actually offer you? Well, hopefully, a fantastic partner and experience for our play together.

When it comes to settings, try me! I'm almost always down for any sort of scenario that you might have in mind, and if I'm not, we can work together to shape it into one that I am. Modern, Fantasy, Medieval, Sci-Fi, Post-Apoc, and so on. I can and have done all of these time and time again, and certainly some interesting ones in between.

When it comes to my characters, I'm highly versed in playing both the female and male role, and can do so during almost any RP. For females, I usually tend towards the submissive side, while with males (unless playing a femboy), I prefer to play more dominant. As for pairings, I'm open to doing


And most importantly, something I always strive to provide is a friendly partner. I'm cheerful, and always happy to discuss any ideas you have OOC, or just in general. I don't expect us to be friends, but just friendly during the conversations where we aren't playing people looking to fuck each other's brains out!

What I'm Looking For

So, what am I actually here for? An RP. Shocker, I know. But to be slightly more specific, I'm looking for fun partners who love to write in nearly any and all situations. I've got a vast array of ideas and desires and fantasies, and I'm always looking for someone to play in some setting or another.

When it comes to your characters, I'm looking for pretty much anything. Man, Woman, Beast. I'm always eager and open to whatever kind of characters you folks might have in mind!

As for the RP itself, I'll just be straight up. I usually like 50/50 plot to smut ratio, and any tip in that scale is usually towards smut. However, that's not to say I'm not interested in story-heavy ideas or can't build a good world. I certainly can, and if you have an idea, please, let me know, even if it's 10/90 in favor of story. If it's just THAT good, I'll say yes anyway. I'm extremely easy that way!

Current Cravings
Current Cravings

Thuggish Male Characters - Maybe it's cliche to enjoy bad boys? Well whatever. I adore them and I love thug/gang culture when men are already in it and women are dragged into it. Any inclusion of this is fantastic!

Femboys - So straight up, let me mention that I only enjoy femboys in MxM scenarios, where either myself or my partner is playing a femboy and the other is playing a much more dominant character to really mess up the femboy. That said, when it's done right, it's usually done really right!

Multiple Characters - If there's any one single sentence that turns me right onto a partner, it's "I love playing multiple characters". I simply adore big RP worlds and love multiple characters, and any addition of this will usually have me begging for more!

Pre-Made Characters - A slightly strange craving, and not for everyone. I have a list of characters from previous partners whom I no longer play with, but I simply love the characters that were done in the RPs. So much that, should you be willing, I'd love to provide you with the details of these characters, have you put your own little twists on them, and we play them out in a world to destroy their perfect lives (usually).

The Rules
The Rules

-->Semi-Lit AT LEAST. Please, for the love of whatever you believe in or don't believe in, be able to coherently speak and write English. I write around three to five paragraphs generally (though to be honest I'm more of the "what you give, you get" type of person. If you give me a well-written, long post, I will return the favor. If you give me something that looks like you hashed it out in about two minutes, my reply might match that.) The minimum I'm requiring is just a couple short paragraphs each post that I don't need to spell check every two seconds to understand. Be able to keep my interest, have me WANTING to reply to you and not make it feel like a chore in hopes that your next post will be better. I will extend you the same courtesy, with interesting replies (I hope) that are well-written and keep the story going.

--> The PM. I expect replies to my thread to be something that catches my attention. Do I expect a book? No. Do I need fireworks to be spewing out of your PM? Of course not. However, if all you send me is a PM that says "Hey wanna RP?" or little more then that, I probably will be less then impressed, possibly to the point of not even replying. Tell me about yourself, tell me what ideas from my thread you liked or present an idea yourself, tell me your kinks! Give me something to work with. Also please make sure to reply to this thread in a PM, not the thread itself!

--> The Roleplaying. I really prefer roleplaying through private messaging at the moment. Forums are alright but not my preferred method!

--> Taking All Comers Female, Male, Femboy, Trap, Futa. I'll fuck 'em all!

--> No Real Life Stuff. I'm on this site because I like to RP. That's it. I don't want to see pictures of your dick, I don't want to webchat over Skype. I don't want to meet up in real life. I have a perfectly fine life outside of BM and I'm not looking for any new friends. Seriously, one mention of meeting up or exchanging pictures and I'm gone like the friggin' wind.

--> No OOC IC. What I mean by this, is don't do stuff like *Rubs your ass* or *Strokes your hair*. I don't care what you want to imagine doing to me, but leave it to yourself. I cannot express how much I hate roleplayers who try to get 'comfortable' in OOC with shit like that. It'll grind my gears.

--> Talk to me! In contrast to what I just said, I do love OOC! I just don't like the sexual parts. But I love to chat, whether its about the RPs or just the fun we're having. So please don't be shy to strike up a conversation outside of the RP. I likely will! This isn't necessary, so if you're anti-social type of person, I'll leave you alone outside the RP. But if you're friendly, I will be too.

What Wik Loves
What Wik Loves

So, now that we've gone down the guidelines, I'll go through some stuff I absolutely adore seeing in roleplays and from partners!

--> Humor. I like a partner who can make me laugh. I try to be funny, and even if I'm not, my partners in general seem to enjoy my witty (or horrible) banter. I like the same. Your character can be the most staunch, stoic person in the world. I'd like YOU to loosen up a bit. Show me you're enjoying playing with me, enjoying our RP! So many times I've had partners who can't take a joke!

--> Communication. Right alongside humor, I like to keep in touch. Do you like the RP? How's it going so far for you? Anything you'd like to add in really badly? Let me know you're enjoying it, what you're really having fun with. Have a problem or just want to let me know about an idea you had? Fantastic! I will NEVER think you're bothering me, even if you send me a hundred PMs a day. I love to hear all your thoughts about our RP! While I won't message quite that much, I also usually send a PM or two every couple days just to check up.

--> Understanding. I am a human. Stuff happens. Sometimes I can't roleplay. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Rest assured, if I am bored with our RP, I will be courteous and message you. I will never just drop it. If I haven't replied it's simply because I'm busy or perhaps not in the writing mood. Please understand this! Likewise, I will never pester you for posts. If it's been a week and a half with no word, I might shoot you a message just to check up. I will always be understanding about your family life, work life, etc. We're all people, and I don't expect your full-time commitment to be to some girl you just started RPing with two days ago!

--> Literacy. I want detail and depth. A 5 paragraph response means nothing if its all just fluff and stuff that doesn't matter and doesn't help advance the story, or sex, at all! Make sure the post counts. I'd rather have a two paragraph post that's really well written rather than a boring 5-paragraph post. With that said, I like a couple paragraphs per post. I adore several! 4, 5, 6 paragraphs per post is a nice, healthy chunk to me! While that's usually my limit if playing multiple characters, I can write tens of paragraphs for a single character is we're going long enough. Of course, I understand the different between needless fluff and actual writing. I'm not going to try and stretch every post into a 20 paragraph mess. Sometimes a post only needs 2 or 3 paragraphs! I'm just saying I love a variety of post lengths.

--> Smut vs Plot. Naturally, I love smut. That's why I'm here and not some PG-13 website. I adore tons of sex scenes. Now, the reason I say this is because, generally, I like my smut to have a plot. Maybe an extensive plot, maybe a little simple one. I don't want to just start out the story with only "Secretary x Boss" in mind! I'm never going to turn down one-shots, but I like at least a little inkling of plots! And like I mentioned, I DO enjoy smut. I love plot as much as the next girl, and am happy to keep the action/drama ball rolling. But as I said, if I JUST wanted drama/action, I'd go to a different site. Although I mentioned I enjoy 50/50, my general, favorite ratio is 60/40 in favor of smut.

My Pros and Cons
My Pros and Cons

Well, I'm not the most humble gal in the world, but I think it's important to let people know about my flaws in advance, but at the same time, try to talk myself up. So here, I'll just go over a few things about me that I consider either strong points or....not so strong points!


--> Health Issues. I have health issues that I'm very forward about. I dislike talking about the specifics, so here's what you need to know. Sometimes I go to the hospital. Sometimes I don't have time to alert anyone. Sometimes I can be in the hospital for a few days or a few weeks. This is something I'm struggling with constantly in my life and I try to keep my head above water. Apart from hospital visits (which are slowly getting less frequent, yay!) it doesn't hinder my ability to post that much. But occasionally I may need to disappear, and unfortunately sometimes I don't have the time to warn my partners. So please bare with me! If you haven't heard from me, this is likely the case.

--> Smutty. I've come to accept the fact that I am, in fact, a pervert. A big pervert. With that said, I sometimes have a tendency to stick on smut. I'm reluctant to have the smutty scene end, even though I love the plot and want to keep it moving. Sometimes it may seem like too much. Just let me know! Poke me with a big stick and say "Oiy Wik! They've been fucking for a week straight! Shouldn't they have school or something?" I'm very, very aware that I sometimes go overboard, and if you remind me, I'll get myself back on course right away.

--> Jealousy. The old green-eyed monster. No, I'm not going to barrage your inbox with a thousand posts. No, I'm not going to get short with you. This is a very, very minor thing, but hey, I'm acknowledging my flaws here! Anyway. The long and short of it is if you tell me that you're roleplaying with five people, I'm going to strive to be the best. I'll do everything in my power to make sure that when I send you a reply, you drop other replies to respond to me! Maybe this is a good trait, as it just means I'll be faster and better with my posting, but still, I like to be competitive, and I like to win those competitions!


--> Cheerful. I'm just a happy person, I like to think. I don't get mad or irritated easily. Are you having a bad day and don't feel like posting? Just shoot me a message and let me know, or talk to me about it! I'm always willing to discuss whatever you like, no matter what the issue is. I'm extremely friendly and easy to get along with.

--> I change easily. Am I writing too much or too little for your tastes? Let me know! I can change one way or another and give you posts that are more easily suited for your style. Do you not like where an RP is headed or want to try something new? Just tell me and I'll be happy to discuss it. I'm always up for trying new things and I adore discussing anything to help make the RP better between us!

--> Honest. If I'm not feeling something, I'll be straight-up about it. I'll tell you face to face (or PM to PM) and just say "Hey, it's not working". I'll do my best to suggest something to make it more interesting for me. But with that said, if I ever disappear or stop responding, don't take it personally. I will let you know if I'm not interested. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a specific RP for a day or two, and I think that's ok. It doesn't mean I'm done with the RP or dislike it. I may just not be feeling it and as a result, I don't want to give you a post that's half-assed. I give my 110% to everything I post and want to ensure the highest quality of RP to my partner. So don't take it personally. It's not you, it's me, and sometimes I'm just not in the mood. I will tell you if there's a problem. I promise!

--> Literate. I'm a good roleplayer. I'm not the best in the world and I occasionally meet someone who's better than me, and I'm aware of this. But I always rise to the challenge and do my best to impress them. More importantly, I know how to type. I'm fast at it. If I'm in a posting session, I can jam out replies faster than most people expect. My posts have few errors (and now after I post this, I'm sure to prove my point there's going to be like one thousand errors or something ridiculous...) and I never ever use net-speak or text typing in my roleplays unless my character happens to be texting! I take pride in my work and will never give you what I feel is a half-assed post.

So, now that we've got an idea of what it is and isn't I'm looking for in a roleplaying partner, let's get down and dirty!

Getting Kinky
Getting Kinky

Although you can take a look at my O/Os, it's a bit out of date (hoping to update soon) and so in the meantime, peruse here!

--> Third Person. I only roleplay in the third person, and I'd prefer that you did as well, lest it get fairly hectic.

--> Multiple Characters. I cannot stress how truly and deeply I enjoy this. I really cannot. I DO NOT require it in an RP. If you want our RPs to be one on one, I will accept this. But having more then one character really gets me more interested. I like long RPs and I like having more then one character. This is something we'll really have to discuss when we talk about the RP, but even so, its one of my favorites.

-->Multiple Roleplays. I like being kept busy. If you have more then one idea, I'd love to do them all with you (though eventually I'll have to have a limit!)

--> Big Cocks. Some girls like smaller dicks. Some like average ones! But I like big dicks. I don't need an exact measurement, I'm not that type of person. If you want to, feel free. What I like is describing the thickness, the girth, the length, and how mammoth it is. For my girls, you better expect that your guys will have the biggest dicks they've ever seen, and their husbands will have much, much smaller ones. If I'm playing a guy, their cocks are going to stretch your girls wide open!

--> Making It Fit. Right along with cocks, I like it being a tight, tight fit into my girl. But you make it fit. All of it. Maybe it's a bit unrealistic sometimes, but I don't care. It's a roleplay. Stuff her with as many inches as you like and make her squeal!

--> Breasts. Right along with dicks, I love tits. When I'm playing a girl, I want them to be fondled, groped, roughly handled and squeezed. Make her tit-fuck you! Squeeze them while she's being fucked! On the flip side, I'll always pay attention to breasts. Kneading, sucking, pinching. Everything to make a girl squirm in pleasure.

A Few Examples (NSFW)

--> Various Men. I'm interested in the male body! However, unlike with some ladies, I'm fine with men in all shapes and sizes. Want to play a muscle-bound stud? Great! What to be a greasy, fat inkeeper that forces my girl over a table and fucks her raw? Fantastic! Want to be a brutish Orc that has his way with whomever he wants? Sign me up! I'm not picky when it comes to men, and I love my girls both being pounded by a hunky stud who's the hottest guy she's ever seen and being forced to suck off a fat nerd who has blackmail on the poplar cheerleader. This goes for guys I play as well. If you prefer studs, I'll play one! If you want to be fucked by the dregs of society, I'll happily play along.

--> Hair. I love a full head of hair on a girl. Soft locks that your character can run their hands through, whether that be long, straight hair, a short bob, or a couple of sleek or puffy pigtails to toy with. My female characters will have varying hairstyles, and while I'm fine playing opposite a bald man, I do enjoy a nice head of hair to grip in the throes of passion! Likewise, playing opposite girls, I'm not a huge fan of a pixie cut. I like either long/mid length hair or if its short, I like it to be sleek, like business style. Just not a 'tomboy' style haircut.

--> Ass. I like myself a butt. Now, I don't mean massive bubbles. I mean anything ranging from a nice, cute and tight athletic butt to a healthy shaped rear. I dislike it when a female has basically no ass, or when they have a massive one that obstructs traffic. Expect my women to adhere to that!

A Few Examples (NSFW)

--> Oral. Giving and Receiving. Now, out of the two of these, I like blowjobs far more. I love both writing and reading about how a nice, fat cock is stuffed down a tight throat, about how a female can barely breath by having a massive girth making her air-tight while his balls slap her chin, about how her eyes are wide with astonishment at how much left she has to fit inside her small mouth. I really do adore blowjobs, both when I'm the girl and the boy! Naturally, I have nothing against getting eaten out or eating out. I just prefer having a girl on her knees!

--> Anal. Not much to say about this. I love having my character get her ass pounded, whether its from behind while she's on her hands and knees or getting bent in half and having a cock skewer her. Both of a woman's nether holes deserve to be filled to the brim in my eyes, and if both at the same time, well that just makes everything easier! Likewise, who doesn't love a hat trick? Don't be surprised if my guys go for her mouth, pussy, and ass all in the same session!

A Few Examples (NSFW)

--> Gang Bangs. This goes hand in hand with multiple characters, but it doesn't always have to, as they can happen without a bunch of main characters. I love having multiple guys on a girl, or sometimes, multiple girls on a guy. Or massive orgies. It's all fun to me, but I think I prefer many guys on a girl at once the best. I like every hole being stuffed until the girl is basically bursting.

-->  The Setting. This isn't really a kink, but I wanted to include it. I love all scenarios, so never be afraid to ask. Fantasy, modern, medieval. I love them all!

--> Dirty Talk. Slut. Bitch. Cum-dumpster. Worthless whore. I enjoy these and many more degrading names for women. My girls are usually proper little things. Make them know that they're nothing but a whore! In contrast, I'll likely be very filthy mouthed should I be playing a guy. Or a girl. Most of my characters will be filthy ^-^

--> Owning/Degrading. Again, along with dirty talk and dominance, a lot of the time I like to have a guy own the girl. Making her beg for cock, displaying her in public, holding her down and having her suck him off. All great!

--> Orgasms/Excessive Cum. Now, of course, everyone likes orgasms. But what I mean is female orgasms. I really enjoy having a girl that I'm playing just cumming like crazy, sometimes even two or three times in a row. Girls that cum easy or get horny quick are a real turn on for me. I love giving the notion that the guy is so much better than guys before him. I like girls to be able to be manipulated and controlled through pleasure. Right along with that, though, is the male orgasm. While I enjoy it normally, I like to have a lot of cum when a guy explodes. I don't mean so much that it floods the house, but definitely a LOT more then normal males. Like so much that a female would have a real hard time swallowing all of it and it usually overflows, or it stuffs up her pussy so much that its dripping down onto the floor before the guy is even finished.

--> Dressing Up/Roleplaying. I like to have our characters roleplay from time to time. It feel it ads more of a real world environment to them, as if they really have their own personalities and can use that to be OTHER characters. Not much more to say about that, I just like clothing, whether its roleplaying or just sexy attire.

--> Cheating/Netorare/Cuckolding. One of my biggest, if not the biggest, kink I have at the moment. I absolutely love cheating in RPs, specifically from the female perspective. I want my girls to be taken away from guys they're faithful towards and love with all their hearts. I want them to be guilty about it, but unable to resist fucking the stud again and again. Almost always, my girls will have a significant other that your men are just better than. Likewise, except my guys to be stealing your girls away from their sweet hubby or boyfriend! But especially I adore the guilt with it. Is she cheating on her husband of ten years? She should feel bad about it! But, of course, it just means that she gets fucked all the harder and squeals even louder when it happens. She just feels bad about it ;)

--> Beast/Monster. I love it. Whether it is a werewolf, a Minotaur, or just a plain on dog. I adore this in all shapes and sizes, both playing a girl against a monster or dog, or playing the monster/dog/beast in question!

--> Interracial/Racial Superiority. Now, this kink means a few things. The first part is easy. I enjoy mixing races, whether that be normal races, such as a black man and white woman, or supernatural races, like a human female and orc man. For the most part, I enjoy my women to be of the Caucasian or Asian variety or Human/Elven/Drow/Draenei/Succubus, while the men are different races. Racial superiority goes along with this. While in terms of the entire RP, as well as how I actually feel, all races are equal, a lot of my characters don't talk like that. Orcs may talk about how they are better at fucking then other races, bragging about their cock sizes. My white girls will praise the black men fucking them and will swear that black cocks are so much better than their husband's.. Things like girls praising Orc cocks simply because they're Orcs, swearing that they love taking Orc dick more then a human's. Things like that. I have a thing for white/Asian girls getting hooked up with dark-skin men. Not every single guy needs to be black, naturally, but I'd love for a big portion of them to be, and sometimes will play off that with racy undertones. "Little white bitch loves some dark meat, eh?", "Big black dick better than your little Asian boyfriend's, isn't it?" Stuff like that.

--> Thugs. I love thugs. If we're playing a modern RP, chances are thugs are what I'll want to play against or with. Not that I don't love diversity, and I'm not going to turn down an RP that doesn't involve them. But when it comes to my preference, I adore these. Gangster speak and the general interracial tones that come with everything.

--> Casual fucking. This is a slightly odd one, but something I adore to see. Did a wolf-man just knot a girl and make her squeal in utter pleasure. I'd love to see him pick her up and take her back to his den. But while he does, he keeps his cock inside of her, basically walking along and, as a result, ramming his cock up into her with every step. A casual fucking where he gets a bit of pleasure from it, but it's more a display of power. The thrusting making the woman unable to recover, to keep her locked in pleasure and moaning with every step. Obviously that's only one scenario. Anything with casual fucking/breeding like that, where fucking the girl is second nature/a casual task for the beast/man at hand. It really gets me going. Or one of the characters is sat in the living room, having her suck his cock while her boyfriend is on the phone, talking to her and asking her to come out. Things like that. Really pushing the men's sexual dominance over the woman further!

--> Cervical Penetration. Pretty self explanatory. I like having cocks big enough to pound deep into my character's womb and making them feel pleasure that no man has ever felt before. And likewise, I love penetrating a cervix!

--> Giving In/Non-conish. I never like full-on rape. I'm not against non-con situations at all, in fact I love them! However, I like girls giving into their baser desires. I love having girls who will always give in, though sometimes it takes repeat visits for them to properly break and submit. They loved it the first time, but are still guilty/hesitant afterwards and need more convincing. My girls will put up a fight, but by the end, they'll be cumming their brains out. She may hate your character, but she'll be unable to deny how good they feel. Likewise, I love girls I'm playing against to give in as well. Full-on rape doesn't do it for me. They can scream and fight, but I love to have them cumming in the end. Especially dealing with the guilt of loving it that comes afterwards!

--> Rough Sex. Self explanatory. I love rough sex. Not to say I don't enjoy gentler moments, but I love having my girls get ruined, and doing the same to girls I'm playing against!

--> Public. Anything in a public setting. A risk of being caught. I absolutely adore it. Being felt up in a mall and fucked in the dingy bathroom. Getting railed in the closet while the husband is getting dressed in the room right outside. Fucking in a dark alleyway where anyone could catch the lovely, pure girl cheating on her boyfriend. It's always great!

--> Clubs. I adore clubs. The throbbing music, the mashing crowd. Anything with clubs is always a plus. I love a girl dancing and just getting felt up from behind, eventually getting so turned on just from the guy's hands and mouth that she lets him drag her over to a corner, where he proceeds to fuck her brains out in the darkened corner, the party continuing just a few feet away!

A Few Examples (NSFW)

--> Dirty Texting. I absolutely love dirty texting, especially when it involves convincing a girl that she wants a cock or convincing her to cheat on her hubby/boyfriend ^-^

A Few Examples (NSFW)

--> Prostitution. I love both pimping out girls and being pimped out! Works very well with any thug settings ^-^

--> Videos/Pictures/On the Phone.

--> Risk of Pregnancy

--> Deep-throat/Face Fucking

--> Condoms. I love any sort of play with condoms. Having them break during sex. Filling them up and leaving them bulging on the bed, or draped over her body, a constant reminder of just how much they've banged already. Or the girl insisting on condoms and the guy persuading her to let him go bareback, or else he uses one condom and 'loses' the others, claiming that they're all out, but she's so horny she lets him go bare anyway...Stuff like that!


--> Vore

--> Scat

--> Watersports

--> Omnipovision

--> Extreme Macro/Micro

--> Plastic Surgery (Special note. I do not mean things like maybe my character, at one point, had a small nose job. I mean things like extended lips, massive fake boobs. I like my women, for the most part, naturally beautiful.)

--> Too Much Make-up

--> Text Speak

--> One liners

Other Things I Love
Other Things I Love

--> Thug Speak. Fantastic. There's something about 'gangster' speak that really gets my gears going. Of course, I want it when it works. I don't want to hear thug speak from some massive Orc in a fantasy style RP. But in an RP where your character is from the ghetto? Lay it on thick and I'll adore you forever. This one is so hard to find!

--> Passion. I love passion. I love it when a guy finds a girl so attractive that he slams her against the wall from behind and takes her then and there. When a girl wants a guy so badly that she practically rips his shirt off. While some people dislike passion for this sort of "Hollywood sex" and it CAN be overused, having it done right is something I deeply enjoy.

--> Glass. My girl being pressed against a mirror so she can see herself being fucked by the stud behind her. The dirty shop-keep pushing a girl against the window for all the passerbys to see as he plugs her tight cunt. I adore being pressed into glass. It just makes every scene that much more erotic, with the breasts or ass being meshed tightly and rubbing against it. Quite the display from the other side!

--> Wanting It/Unable to Deny. A girl cheats on her husband, and feels deeply guilty about it. However, despite the fact that she swore she'd never do it again, she's unable to stop thinking about how that man made her feel so much better, so much more alive then her husband ever could, to the point where, perhaps even unconsciously, she seeks him out or dresses to get his attention, just for another chance that he'll seduce her.

--> Seduction. Right along with the previous one, I love characters that seduce. Whether it be a man seducing a woman or a woman seducing a man, I find it incredibly sexy to have someone so into another person that they turn on "that switch" inside of them to make themselves that much more appealing.

--> Problems/Weaknesses. The man a star athlete? He's so bad at school that he's in danger of failing. The knight saved the town? He's got a crippling fear of fire after beating that dragon. A Princess is so utterly perfect? She's grown so accustom to being perfect that she doesn't even act like herself, or a real human, for that matter. They don't have to be that extreme, those are just examples.

--> Problem Solving/Conquering Fears. Right along side problems. I enjoy overcoming things, having our characters grow together. If a man is afraid of women, some girl shows him that the other gender can be VERY good company. A poor nerdy girl doubts she's beautiful? Let some handsome stud will show her what a woman she really is. Solves all sorts of things, from self-esteem issues to fears to nervous ticks.

--> Foreign/Accents. I love foreign accents (on females). Is my girl Scottish? Japanese? Elf in a mainly human city? Fantastic! I absolutely love it when girls sound a bit different from the mass of females around them. I especially love it when this is incorporated into other Rps that might otherwise have nothing to do with it, just like a small side addition. (Bonus points for British/English accents and Scandinavian accents. I love those two the BEST, and will probably use them for my girls often!) Also note, while I said 'on females', I don't have a problem with accents on males. I just don't care either way!

--> Dresses, Miniskirts. I simply love wearing them! The danger of revealing what sort of panties a girl is using. The easy access for a man anywhere, anytime. I love schoolgirl skirts. Plaid, pleated, short enough to drive any man crazy as he can see my tights and how short is it. I also love Queen and Princess gowns that are a little too risque to show to the public. This goes as well with a sort of Eastern-Princess garb, like belly dancer gear. I love that on my women!

--> Sexy Lingerie. Camisols, panties, garter belts. The sensation of showing off to someone. Being told what should she wear too, so when she buys it or wears it, she can remember his demanding words full of desire. The combination with white sheer camisole and panties in a beach house. Black half-cup bra, garter-belt, stockings and lacey panties in a penthouse.

--> Stockings. Or tight high socks. With or without garter belt. Drawing attention to a girl's legs so their eyes can focus the revealing skin between the hem of the skirt and where the stockings begin.

--> High Heels. The sound of a woman's steps. The way they mold their legs. I simple love high sandals. Boots, platforms, wedges too. Anything to raise a girl's height and enhance their legs!

--> Long, Hot Kissing. The ones that make you melt and desire for more. Getting it more passionate as our tongues meet and fight, the warm of our tasting spreading along our bodies, heart starting to race inside our chest, breath becoming heavier.

--> The Fear Of Being Caught. Doing depraved acts that could make even a whore completely embarrassed.A woman under a desk for a man as he tries to work or talk to someone. Have sex in the stairs of a building, trying to do it quickly before someone sees us.

--> Hair Pulling. Tugged, twisted. Making her turn to see him. Or when she's behind, to make her raise her head up. It just helps her to moan louder! Or feeling him tug my hair to listen to him attentively. The feeling of being his plaything, that he can have me anytime, anywhere.

Other Things I Hate
Other Things I Hate

--> Severe Drama. I don't like things getting so out-of-control heavy. Now, this doesn't mean I don't like drama. Not at all. I enjoy drama quite a bit. What I'm talking about is something like "My character was raped by a man wearing a pink shirt, and now she freaks out if she sees the color pink near her." Something along that line. Complete freak outs happening very often, I don't care for that.

--> No Character Development. Even if its just my character slowly losing their mind and going from proper Princess to total slut or my girl being wracked with guilt several times after cheating on her husband, I enjoy character development. What I don't like is that, after weeks of posting and several in-RP days or weeks, our characters are still the same old/same old. It gets very boring very fast.

--> Ignorance. Not to be confused with naiviety. If your girl doesn't know how to do a blowjob because she's a virgin, that's perfectly fine. I'm talking about the kind of girl who gets her clothes ripped off, but then doesn't understand why men are staring. Basically, the kind of Daisy Duke idiot who doesn't realize how hot she really is. (Not to be confused with hot-but-nerdy girls who just need a little confidence boost)

--> SO DARK, SO EDGY. I like grim settings sometimes, I like pushing things to the edge and getting a little violent now and then. But I don't like it when the setting, or characters, are suppose to be just oh-so dark and gritty, so edgy that the world is shocked at them. Like the joker. A fine villain in the movie, but I dislike characters like him within my RPs.

--> Perfection. I enjoy characters who have problems, from small things to large issues. A completely perfect character is a completely BORING character. I don't want any mary sues or jims.

So, onto the meat of everything! The RP itself!


--> Anime. I am a huge anime nerd, as mentioned before, and so I derive a lot of stuff from anime. Whether this means a generic "Highschool Rp GO!" or something more along the lines of an anime-ish adventure, I love to play with stuff from that.

--> Fantasy. Oh boy am I in love with fantasy. Magic, dragons, knights in shining armor. All of them are great. You know what's the best though? Those pure, beautiful maidens known as Queens and Princesses. They're begging to be violated, whether its lovingly by their husband, passionate by some foreign diplomat, or roughly by a brutish Orc that took over their kingdom. I adore playing Queens and Princesses in my Rps!

--> Modern. I love modern. A highschool setting. An office setting. Throw it all at me!

--> Various Races. I love to have a mix and match of races, including but not limited to: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Drows, Draenai, Night Elves. Etc. The only thing I do not like is: Either of us being a shorter race, such as gnomes or dwarves, and I also don't care much for females of hefty races, such as Orcs.

--> Modern Fantasy. Things like magic in a high school, vampires living among us. Things like that. I especially enjoy combining things so that, while there are things like electricity and tvs, there aren't things like guns or airplanes. Swords and horses make things much more interesting, after all.

--> Sci-Fi. While its not my favorite, I do enjoy the occasional trip into the future or on a space ship.

--> Adventure. I like a sense of action in Rps, even if it doesn't always take the fore-front. Whether its my character fighting off a villain, our characters dueling in a friendly, or not so friendly, way, or even rescuing a fair maiden from a vicious gang raping. Everything from small things like that to big things like a full on D&D type session.


Note that if something is not listed on here, that doesn't mean that I won't give it a shot! Below are just some of the fandoms I love and the characters from which I enjoy playing! The amount of stars next to a Fandom are how badly I'd love to play them. Same with characters. (Also, as per site rules, all characters would be aged up to 10 no matter what!)

Persona 3/Persona 4 *********
-Yukari *****
-Chie *****
-Rise *****
-Ms. Toriumi (Maya) *****
-Elizabeth *****

-Yukiko ****
-Naoto ****
-Mitsuru ****
-Chihiro ****
-Yuko ****
-Nanako (Aged up) ****

Harry Potter****


Invader Zim****


-Elsa *****
-Jasmine *****

-Anna ****
-Ariel ****
-Bell ****
-Esmeralda ****
-Rapunzel ****

-All Other Girls ***

League of Legends *****
-Miss Fortune *****
-Ahri *****
-Sona *****
-Lux *****
-Caitlyn *****

-Any Other Girl ****

Pokemon *****
- OC *****

-Hida ****
-Flannery ****
-Rosa ****
-Sabrina ****
-Elsa ****
-May ****
-Dawn ****

-All Other Girls ***

Naruto ***
-Ino *****
-Temari *****
-Kurenai *****
-Anko *****
-Hinata *****

-All Other Girls ****

One Piece ***
-Boa Hancock *****
-Perona *****
-Bonney Jewelry *****
-Nami *****
-Robin *****

-Other Girls ****

Sailor Moon ***
-Any Girl *****

Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra ****
-Katara *****
-Toph *****
-Azula *****
Korra *****

-All Other Girls ****

Dragonball Z **
-Android 10 *****
-Bulma *****
-Chichi *****
-Videl *****
-Pan *****
-Bra *****

-Any Other Girl ****

Dynasty Warriors ***
-All Girls *****

Game of Thrones *****
-Arianne Martell *****

-Cersei ****
-Sansa ****

-All Other Girls ***

Angel Beats **
-All Girls *****

KissXSis **
-All Girls *****

Fairy Tail ***
-Levy *****
-Canna *****

-All Other Girls ****


These are just random one-shot pairings that I'd love to have. Like before, stars are the amount I'd like to see the pairing. Out of five, but of course, even the low ones obviously have some interest for me, or else they wouldn't be on here! (Naturally, there are a ton of pairings I haven't even though of. Feel free to pitch me any you have!) Naturally, I'm willing to play whichever role is opposite your own. So if you're a guy, I'll play the female role. If you're a girl, I'll play the male!

Housewife x Home Fitness Trainer *****
Housewife x Thug****
Daughter x Thug****
Any Girl x Thug (Duh :p)*****
Maid x Employer ***
Teacher x Student ****
Teacher x Student ***
Father x Daughter ***
Brother x Sister ***
Gym Coach x Student *****
Business Man x Secretary ****
Photographer x Model ***
Athlete x Sports Therapist*****
Artist x Muse **
Goth Girl x Older Gentleman *****
Nurse x Patient **
Fashion designer x Model **
Innocent Girl x Drug Dealer *****
Cheerleader x Big Nerd *****
Housewife x Black Handyman *****
Princess x Monster *****
Princess x Knight *****
Princess x Common Man *****
Princess x Father/King *****
Queen x Monster *****
Queen x Knight *****
Queen x Common Man *****
Queen x Other King/Prince *****
Queen x Son *****


But now it's time for the most important part of any growing RP's ad - The actual, honest-to-God ideas! Below are various plots that I've come up with over the years. Some taken from partners, some made by myself, and all promising to deliver a fun time to everyone that I play with.

Original Plots

These are plots that I just have a huge craving for at the moment. The amount of actual 'plot' within them is debatable, as most of them are pretty open-ended, and I'm up for discussing almost anything about them. Still, take a look, and hopefully we can find something we both enjoy!

Also - just something to note - if you're interested in an RP but I've tailored it to where I'm playing the female or male role, and you would like to do that, I'm more than happy to swap and play the opposite side of the RP! All of my ideas are easily changeable in characters and sides for myself

The Tower

Tags: Multiple Scenes/Characters, Rough Sex, Gangbangs, Interracial, Anthro/Monster/Beast, Fantasy
Possible Tags: Cheating, Mind Altering, Bad Ends/Bad Chapters, Etc.

The basics of the story are this. Set in (insert generic fantasy world here), the land is in complete peace when a tower bursts forth in the middle of the land. Almost instantly everything around it dies. The plants wither and fade away, the animals either scatter or drop dead. Every human, Elf, and Drow in sight of the tower feels an unease of dread, and since it sprang up, calamities all over the continent are happening. Clearly, something had to be done.

At first it was thought that the tower could simply be shattered, but it seems impervious. All of the siege weapons prove useless, not knocking even a single brick off of it. The tower is also massive, taller than any building ever seen before and near the size of a city when walking around it. Thus, it was concluded that the only way to destroy it would be from the inside. Armies, heroes, thieves. All have disappeared into the tower, and not a single one has come back out to tell what happened.

My characters, naturally, will be the young, spry adventuring girls that think they have what it takes to destroy the tower. Your, of course, will play the tower. Filled within are all sorts of depravities. Massive Orcs, minotaurs, all forms of half-human, half animal beasts. Even full animals that have been turned evil, given extra strength and sometimes even near-human intelligence.

And, of course, they need to reproduce. Every male hero that enters into the tower is eventually killed, but the women? They're kept as slaves, as breeding for one race or another. My characters, naturally, are trying to avoid this! I'm fine with however we want to play this. I can play a group of girls all at once or one girl at a time. While I do not enjoy guro/death, I'm perfectly fine with 'bad ends', where the girl/girls all completely end up basically mind-broken and utter fuck slaves, and as a result, would then start as a new group. How far they get is up to us, but eventually every girl is subsequently defeated and a new one has to take her place. Of course, the plot is open, and we can always expand as needed.

Not As Planned

Tags: Multiple Scenes/Characters, Rough Sex, Interracial, Cheating, Modern/Modern-Fantasy
Possible Tags: Beast, Etc.

The basics of the story are this. Three guys who have girlfriends far out of their league are unsatisfied. Why, who the hell knows. They're kind of nerds, not really athletic, and yet despite all this, they have the three hottest girlfriends in school, the three most popular girls. And it's given them an extremely false sense of self. It's gotten warped to the fact that these guys think they're the ones who are lowering themselves to these girls and are basically 'chaining' themselves to one girls.

So, they come up with a plan. All three of them convince their girlfriends to have an open type of relationship. Basically where each party can sleep with other members of the opposite sex. There's a lot of crying, a lot of pleading not to break up completely by the girls, and eventually, all three girls tearfully agree to this.

However, things don't go quite as planned. The guys are striking out. Again and again and again. Meanwhile, the girls are scoring. Constantly. This would be the main part of the story. If you could play the boyfriends, that'd be great, but they aren't important. More often than not, they'll just appear in scenes to be basically emasculated. Your characters would be the string of guys (eventually culminating in one guy for each girl that steals the girlfriend, how soon that happens is up to use) that the girls are dating and subsequently letting fuck them.

Your main guys would be anything you want them to be. Dominant, ghetto Black alpha-males? Great! Fat, disgusting men? Go ahead! Dominating these girls completely, making them cum far harder than their boyfriends ever could. Getting the girls into things like gang-banging, amateur video shoots, and of course punishing the boyfriends who set them up for this. Your guys would love to have them call up the dude she's actually dating and make him listen to her get fucked. To send him snap-chats of your character's dick buried in his girlfriend's pussy. To run into the boyfriend while on a date and feel up his girl while he's watching. Maybe even go back to the apartment they share and make her squeal and scream while her boyfriend is in the next room.

Naturally, we can play this out however we like!

Caeder High

Tags: Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Domination, Cheating, Modern-Fantasy, Beast/Monster
Possible Tags: Anything else

To make a long story short, this is combining a number of ideas. The main plot is this. Throughout the world, Caeder High is well known as the best highschool, and college, around. Every year parents apply their children to attend, and if they are accepted, they've given the best education in the world. Not only does it cover things like math and history, but it also offers classes on magic, swordsmanship, summoning, etc. All races, from humans to elves to Orcs, are accepted. The school is situated in the middle of the world, on a special place that none can reach without magic, set on an island where the four climates clash.

This school is not only renowned for its education, but for its strict policy. Students must give their lives to Caeder while they are there. They live there in the dorms from the time they arrive to until they graduate the four year college that starts after the four years of high school. They must work for Caeder, doing whatever needs be done, whether its joining a club after school, helping around campus, or even carrying out missions from the school.

However, the main plot of the story, would focus around a plot within the school. A plot by a few teachers and students to completely turn the female population into complete, utter sluts. What happens is completely up to us. Maybe the boys fail and get punished, or maybe the girls rebel and take over. Maybe the boys succeed and slowly but surely, your characters are the first ones to fall into the trap and become sub servant to the boys. There are tons of possibilities, not limited to what I mentioned here!

Business As Usual

Tags: Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Domination, Cheating
Possible Tags: Anything else

This RP is a fairly simple idea. A family-owned factory is passed down to the son-in-law when the father passes away, leaving him to run the family business. Although he isn't truly their son, they always treated him like one, and making the factory succeed is the most important thing to the man. Naturally, his beautiful wife and loving daughter support him with all their hearts and give as much hard work as possible.

However, the workers of the factory have a different idea. The new boss is far more strict than their old one, and they're driving them up the wall. The new boss and the managers of the factory are at ends, arguing every day, and soon enough they're threatening a strike. With the factory on the verge of collapse, the son-in-law that inherited the business is a wreck, going home and falling into a drunken stupor. The loving wife, on the other hand, is called by one of the factory managers to come and talk with him.

What ensues is the harshest form of blackmail. Either she sleeps with him and he ends the strike or else the factory gets closed down. Wanting to honor her father's late memory and make her husband happy, the wife agrees. The manager, however, is far more talented in the bedroom than her husband, and despite herself, the wife has an incredibly heated night of sex. Even so, it was just business.

That is, however, until the next day when another one of the managers pulls her aside. Soon she finds herself in deep, with all of the managers demanding sexual favors from her at all times. During lunch break, at home before her husband has arrived. Soon her daughter gets roped in as well once night after accidentally walking in on her mother with one or two of the men. Soon both mother and daughter are complete sexual playthings for the managers (and the rest of the factory workers if they want to share them) and even worse, both women find themselves almost looking forward to it each time.

Where we go from there, naturally, is up to us!

A Tribal Encounter

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Domination, Cheating
Possible Tags: Anything else

The basic theme of this RP would be an African adventure. A few inner-city girls, a mixture of white and Asian, go to Africa to do work for the church. Missionary work. They're sent to a new tribe who, while they know how to speak English, are still very behind in the ways of the world. They don't have modern luxuries, and women are still treated as second-class citizens. My girls are going there to change this. Naturally, the exact opposite happens. Your black tribal men slowly corrupt these American beauties until they're all addicted to tribal gang-sex and African dick!

Naturally, this plot is able to be interchanged and made into one about furries/Beasts if we'd like. I'm also up to subbing in a fandom, like Persona, in as well, just for some fun!

Suburban Living

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Thug Speak, Rough Sex, Cheating
Possible Tags: Anything else

Basically, the theme of the RP is a disruption of suburbia. A happy little cul-de-sac where happy families live is suddenly tossed into disarray when three of the new houses that were built are given over to 'rehabilitated' gang members from a bad inner city. The government wants to prove that these gang members can be 'changed' by their surroundings, and so putting them into a nice, quiet little neighborhood will prove that. Unfortunately, just the opposite will happen, and these bad-boy, asshole thugs will slowly corrupt every wife and daughter in the neighborhood!

This RP would rely heavily on the themes of cheating and multiple characters, as well as interracial and your characters being 'assholes' compared to most men. I'll go more into these kinks down below, of course, just to explain what I mean! But in basics, I'd want these guys to be the typical 'thugs'. They treat women like they're privileged to fuck them and are wild and rough during sex, especially with 'thug-speak' thrown in and whatnot!

The Squad

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Thug Speak, Rough Sex, Cheating, Teens, Highschool
Possible Tags: Anything else

Pretty much just 'Suburban Living', but remastered for cheerleaders :p

A small-town highschool, known for its promising football team and exceptionally pretty cheerleaders, is thrown into disarray when four (or however many you want) new students are transferred by the government and put onto the football team. These new teens are all 'rehabilitated' gang members from a bad inner city. The government wants to prove that these gang members can be 'changed' by their surroundings, and so putting them into a nice, peaceful highschool will prove that. Unfortunately, just the opposite will happen, and these bad-boy, asshole thugs will slowly take control of the football team, and more importantly, of the cheerleaders, making each of those gorgeous girls into their personal cum-sluts. The new thugs themselves don't care about playing football, just being top-dogs in the school and having themselves a network of bitches they can use to their heart's desires.

The Pact

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Thug Speak, Rough Sex, Cheating, Teens, Highschool
Possible Tags: Anything else

So, for starters, I was imagining a group of girls making a little 'pact.' One of them is a well known slut, one is a typical 'good girl', one is a hard-working athlete, etc. Just ideas, since their personalities are of course up to you. Either way, the end result is the same. One day, when these friends are hanging out, they've been talking about how unsatisfied they are with life, and one of them comes up with a deal. That all of them just let loose for one school year. That they just go wild, hook up with any guy that tries it with them. To really 'live a little' before they all go off to college and settle down, focusing on their future and whatnot. Even though a couple of them have boyfriends, they agree, wanting to experience life (maybe because the slut seems to have such a good time)

From there, we explore their lives as they start to experience more and more sex, and more and more perverted natures of people. The popular bitch letting a few nerds blow all over her face. The typical good girl sucking off a teacher to get her A- into an A. The cute Asian letting the football team each have a go in her. Whatever we decide, with the ante only being upped as time goes on.

Naturally, they're trying to keep it a secret from their families and their boyfriends, so they have to sneak around. Maybe one of the girls has a brother or two who finds out? Maybe one or two of the girls gets in a little too deep with some of the 'bad boys' and soon finds themselves in the middle of a gang bang with actual gang-members. And when they try to leave, the gang decides to tell them that they're bitches of the gang now. Different fun scenarios to keep the tension high, all the while indulging the girls into more and more lustful situations, until they're not too sure they want to return to their old lives!

Bye Bye Daddy

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Thug Speak, Rough Sex, Cheating, Teens, Highschool
Possible Tags: Anything else

Three sisters live with their father and older brother in a beautiful house in the suburbs thanks to their father's good job as CEO of a high-profile electrical company. Their mother passed away from cancer a few years back, leaving the girls with just the father and brother to depend on. However, this summer the father and brother (who works at the same company as the father) are both called away to a two-month long business meeting in Japan. Unfortunately, the budget is tight and the girls wouldn't be able to come with on the trip. And while they're old enough to stay home alone, both of the men feel uncomfortable leaving the girls on their own. So they ask one of the brother's best friends to come and stay with them, which he happily agrees to. The girls are all fine with it, as they've known him for years, and he's always fun to be around, not to mention treats them with the utmost respect.

Until now.

Recently, the friend had fallen in with a gang, becoming more and more 'thug' like, in both dress and appearance. He's always lusted after the girls, but didn't want to risk their friendship. Now, however, it seems like the perfect time. Once the father and brother are gone, the newly-turned thug invites some of his gang friends over, and slowly starts to take over the house, as well as the girls, turning them from gorgeous little teens into his own personal sluts. Not to mention maybe even bottom bitches for his gang, letting the gang members use them as they would and even starting to prostitute them around.

From there, we can go however we like, and have the story blossom!

My Idol Is Perfect

Tags: Interracial, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Thug Speak, Rough Sex, Cheating, Idols
Possible Tags: Anything else

Life for the new Idol group, Girls Sky High, or GSH, in Japan was fantastic. They had skyrocketed to the top without much help, mostly due to their charm, charisma, and their multi-national appeal due to having a mixture culture rather than just a group of all Japanese or all Korean women. But in this industry, there's a ceiling you reach without a corporate sponsor, and the girls find themselves pushing against this very well.

But not to worry, because just when our girls are in need, that's where my characters come in. A new group that's risen in power in the Japanese politics, a foreign company that is very interested of getting into the Idol market. And GSH seems like the perfect group to start with!

What follows is this insidious foreign company turning these pretty, popular Idols into their own personal sluts, into girls who put on a good show and then go backstage to suck their producer's cock or whore themselves out to business rivals for good investments. The most popular idol group in Japan is being corrupted, and it's all up to my company to do it!

From there, we can see what happened!

A Whole New World

Tags: Interracial, Bestiality, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Cheating, Modern, Fantasy
Possible Tags: Anything else

Basically, my idea revolves around a fantasy world that is severely lacking in females. In this little fantasy world, almost every race is present. From massive muscled orcs, sentient werewolves, big skrags, Illithids, and beyond to simple wolf packs and horses. The only thing that isn't in abundance is humans. They're practically unheard of in this world. And every race is in dire trouble, with few females left.

That's where the female character (or characters) come in. A magical rift in the real world would open and pull your character/characters in, and suddenly the pretty cheerleader or the hard-working office MILF find themselves in a land where everything is big, strong, and horny beyond belief. To the beasts and creatures of this world, these women will exude scents and pheromones without even meaning to. They'll be tempting beyond belief, and while the female characters only want to find a way home, they'll end up dealing with beast after beast and their thick, insatiable cocks!

So, this can go a few ways. We could have just one character, or a couple characters, depending on how many we like to play, and just stick with those. We'd follow their adventures around as they struggle to survive in this harsh new world and how they react to the beasts around them. Or we could do 'bad-ending' sort of things for girls. Maybe one girl ends up as a breeding bitch in a wolf den, and we just leave her there for a long while and introduce another character to take her place, perhaps picking up much later. The options are endless and we can really decide where to go.

Clash of Nations

Tags: Interracial, Bestiality, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Cheating, Corruption, Fantasy
Possible Tags: Anything else

This particular RP would be building on a world that already exists, and so while we could have OCs, I have a list of all the females in this world and their personalities, looks, etc. There are quite a number to choose from and I've been looking to get this going for a while, so if you like the idea, let me know and I can send you the character list! The largest scale RP, set across five different countries. The story initially began when a Princess went missing, and as a result, all five nations went to war for various reasons. There's quite a lot of story in this one, but I'll give the short version. Alliances and marriages were made, and soon everything settled down. Skip forward quite a few years, and all of those nubile Princesses are now gorgeous beauties with teenage Princesses of their own! All of them are gathering for the youngest Princess' birthday up north.

This is where we would start. Far to the East is the most 'savage' country, where sex and fighting are far more common. They're still civilized, and they live on the edge of a desert. I imagine my characters would come from beyond the desert, an unknown 'sixth' nation that wants to join the alliance and strike up friendship and trade. The group arrives at the capital in the North just as the party is getting started, and naturally, they're welcomed. I imagine these men all being incredibly dark skinned, as well as some not even being human, being Orcs, Minotaurs, etc. and being very muscled/strong, given the rough environment they live in. And naturally, they aren't actually here to make peace. They're here to secure themselves a very large portion of gorgeous Western (at least Western to them) women to bring back home and fuck to their heart's content!

From there, we can see what happened!

Fandom RP Ideas

While I'm always open to any sort of fandom idea, this section is for fandom RPs that I have in mind and am absolutely craving at the moment!

Game Of Thrones

So, this one is actually pretty simple. My favorite female character within the GoT universe is Arianne Martell. I would adore playing her in a roleplay where it's basically her adventures, especially if we focus on her cheating on Aerys Oakenheart in favor of Darkstar or anyone else. I'm just itching to play this tanned, exotic beauty and have her get utterly ruined :p


A few ideas I have!

1st - Your character, or characters if you'd like multiple, would be an OC/OCs that come to town. Whether we want to have this set in the 3rd universe and just bring in characters from 4 a bit out of canon, or set it in 4 and have the two-year-older characters from 3 show up is up to you. Anyway, all my female characters would be the various females set throughout the two games. Some would be dating Yu Narukami/Minato Arisato, some would have other relationships. Your character would steal each and every one of them away and make his own personal harem. Pretty simple! (Bonus points if we could work interracial into this one ^-^)

2nd - I'd love any number of long-term one-on-one pairings. Minato X Yukari, Yu X Rise, Yu X Chie. Whatever. I love all of them!

3rd - Basically a new game plus. Your character already knows what's going to happen, and uses his found knowledge, you being either Minato or Yu, to not only stop the danger in its tracks, but to also make his own nice little harem!

To Be A Master

Tags: Beast x Human, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Cheating
Possible Tags: Anything else

Basically, I would play three girls who are complete Pokemon Masters (Or at least two of them are). Their Pokemon are the best and strongest around, able to best all others. The reason? Because they're giving them such good rewards, of course! Taking those massive, thick Poke-cocks day in and day out and helping them relieve themselves so that when battle comes around, the Pokemon are 100% focused on the fighting.

Naturally I'm happy to just play out the world as we see fit and enjoy capturing new Pokemon, introducing them to the world of fucking while the original team, of course, gets their usual reward for each battle. However, just because I enjoy being different, I do have a little mix-in that I'd like to include. Basically, I'd like to play 3 different girls, each with a different approach in the RP. If you don't like playing multiple characters/multiple scenes, that's fine, but this is just what I thought of!

First girl - The first girl would be what I described before. A Pokemon master, fucking her Pokemon for rewards, very confident and a bit of a hustler, able to con people out of money. (I'd be happy to occasionally get her into a bit of trouble where some men realize she's hustling them, and she has to get herself out of the situation with a heated gang-bang for them the men and their Pokemon ) But otherwise, she's usually just enjoying the thick cocks of her team to keep them battle-ready!

Second girl - Much the same as the first, but I love the idea of this one being pretty much controlled by her Pokemon. When they want to fuck, they fuck. Middle of a town? It doesn't matter, her Arcanine breaks free, mounts her in an alleyway, and she has to pray that no one walks in while she's getting utterly rammed. A battle ends? Her Machamp instantly turns and takes its prize by skewering her with his dick right up against a tree, the other trainer watching in shock! Just some arrogant Pokemon that take their trainer as they want, and of course, she's only too happy to receive their dicks, even if she always tries to get them to wait.

Third girl - This girl I imagine as the opposite of the first two. She's got a team of basic Pokemon, or perhaps just weak ones. And the result? She loses almost every Pokemon battle there is. And she has no money to pay! So the result is that almost every man she battles not only takes her body for themselves, but they want their Pokemon to become even stronger, so they let them release their aggression and pent-up sexual desires on this busty, supple human that just lost to them! She's pretty much a slut for other people's Pokemon while her own can't do anything but watch

A Hogwarts Pact

Tags: Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Cheating, Corruption, Magic
Possible Tags: Anything else

So, this idea takes place directly after the 7th book. Hermione has returned to Hogwarts to finish her final year at school, while Ron and Harry have decided to go straight into the Auror business. Thus, this means that Hermione is now in school with Ginny and Luna in the same year, and the three of them are practically inseparable. Most of the school is jealous as well, since both Hermione and Ginny are dating two of the most famous wizards in history, and Luna has recently started going out with Neville as well, although none of their boys are in school with them.

Thus, this leaves them as prime targets. One day when they're walking through the grounds, a group of three boys take control of them with the Imperius curse. And as a result, they make all three of them form an unbreakable bond with one another. The bond that they make? That for their last year in Hogwarts, they'll be completely open sexually, and will fuck whatever boy tries to. Naturally afterwards, all three girls are confused and scared, unsure of what came over them and made them do it. But the unbreakable bond is, as they say, unbreakable. All three girls now have to survive the school year being prime targets for boys. And somehow, word seems to spread quite quickly....

What comes next is a spectacle of debauchery. Ginny being fucked between Quidditch matches. Hermione on her knees, sucking off the new, handsome Muggle Studies teacher. Luna doing her best not to moan as she's pounded in the closet during Transfiguration class. Whatever sort of mischief we want to get these girls into. Worse still, all three of them will discover that they adore getting fucked like this. They won't be able to deny their baser instincts, try as they might at first, which will lead to boys being able to control them even more!

Where we go from there is up to us. Maybe one or two of the boys decide to start pimping Hermione out in a muggle ghetto to earn some money? Maybe one of the Slytherins brings Ginny home at some point and the remaining Death Eaters have fun fucking the little blood-traitor girlfriend of the 'hero'. Honestly, it's a wide world and we're free to do whatever we want with them!

Invader Zim

Tags: Beast x Human, Robot X Human, Multiple Characters/Scenes, Rough Sex, Cheating
Possible Tags: Anything else

Well, I don't have too much of a plot for this. I've just been craving it lately. Basically, I imagine years after Operation Impending Doom 2 started, ZIM is still trying to take over Earth. He's grown to normal human height now (and has modified GIR as well), and Gaz and Dib are 8 and 19 respectively now. Basically, this could go a few ways. Maybe ZIM wants to get at Dib by fucking his sister and making her into his little cock-pet. Maybe the Armada finally arrives, and Gaz is taken as spoils of war. We can include Tak as well, now turned into a human-sized sexy little alien gal!

Musically Inspired One-Shots
As the title states, these are one-shots, and are inspired, some loosely and some more strictly, by songs. Needless to say, once the RP starts, the gloves are off and we can do whatever we want. The music idea was just the starting point for the RP, and don't worry, we don't have to sing our RP or anything silly like that.

Now, something I would like to mention that, while these are one-shots, I believe every RP has the chance to grow into a more fully-length one. So, if we do a one-shot and we find we're enjoying it, I'm ALWAYS open to discussing extending it, or even more simpler than that, just keeping it going and going, adding in new things as we see fit. I love long roleplays, and so I will never complain to a one-shot being extended. Just let me know what you think!

In addition, even in some RPs where I don't mention, every single RP has a chance to be multiple characters. I LOVE multiple characters, and so taking any RP and adding multiple characters into it, for either one of us or preferably both, will earn major brownie points with me.

The same goes for other tags. I tried to include the tags that are relevant, or in my mind, a high possibility of happening within the RP. While the tags state what the RP will contain, we can certainly include stuff that isn't in the tags. For example, one RP that doesn't say incest in the tags can still be turned into an incest RP if so desired by us!

Naturally, my role in this RP will be the females and yours will be the males, unless specifically stated (or requested by you) otherwise.

Rumor Has It

Tags: Cheating
Possible Tags: Incest, Multiple Characters, Etc.

Inspired by the song "Rumor Has It" by Adele, this RP would feature cheating as it's primary stable plot. Now, this could be done a couple different ways. The first way I see it would be a middle-aged man falling for a teenaged beauty Queen, and as a result, begins fucking her instead of his wife. It could be a friend of his daughter, someone who shows up at his work frequently, or he could even be a teacher and she needs extra grades. The main plot would involve around him slowly giving more and more to this girl, until not only is he fucking her every night, but he's practically HER husband, buying her whatever she wants and taking her on dates while she, in return, is only more than happy to bend over any way he wants. This could easily be turned into an incest RP if we wanted the girl to turn out to be his daughter or niece. Either way, eventually rumors start to float around town, and soon the male will find himself having to be careful of his suspicious wife.

The second idea involves multiple characters. While the husband is cheating around on his wife, the wife too, instead of being a faithful woman, is also seeing someone else. Now, this can be done a number of ways. It could be that the man and wife are both cheating with another couple, the wife cheating with the other couple's husband and the husband with the other couple's wife. None of them are aware of it, but once they find out, they could certainly keep going, having fun as two couples. Another way would be that the wife is just banging a teenaged boy while the man is banging a teen girl, like from the first idea. They could be unrelated, or the teens could be siblings. It could be possible that the wife is banging out of revenge from finding out her husband was cheating, the boy could even be the teen girl's little boyfriend or something similar. The possibilities are quite unlimited, it's whatever strikes our fancy!

House of the Rising Sun

Tags: Prostitution, Multiple Characters
Possible Tags: Drugs, Magic, Etc.

Inspired by "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals, this RP would be centered around a whore house, aptly named House of the Rising Sun. Now, this RP could be done in modern times, or else in a fantasy like world or even back in medieval times. The time isn't too important, as the plot remains the same. The House of the Rising Sun is the most popular, prestigious whore-house of its time. The girls within are beyond compare, being incomparable beauties with the skills to match. None can fuck you like the whores of the Rising Sun, and it's well known that none of the women within have ever backed down from a challenge. However, one day, a man (or group of men) come into the House. Not only are they handsome, but incredibly rich. Coming up to the mistress, they buy the place out for an entire week, renting it to themselves and only themselves. However, the situation is even more strange than that. Not only are these men handsome, strong, and rich, but the first few whores they deal with are left singing their praises. No girl in the Rising Sun has ever been bested in sex, but when these men were through with them, the girls were left asleep or barely awake in a state of sexual bliss, the men eager and ready for more.

Throughout the week, all of the whores and even the mistresses are repeatedly fucked and brought to their knees by the man/group of men until, when the week is up, not a single girl within the House desires to be a whore anymore. Instead, they're all eager to stay under the care of this/these man or men and receive this pleasure for the rest of their lives. What the men do with them, however, is up to themselves.

Needless to say, this RP requires multiple characters. I'd like at least 4-5 girls to be played by me, probably more. If you'd like to have multiple men, so we can have more than one scene at once, I'm more than happy. Even so, if you TRULY desire this RP but absolutely hate multiple characters, we could arrange it so that instead of renting the house for a week, he just rents one whore and has the same result, only with just her instead.

Also, while no matter what your character/characters will be extremely skilled at sex, the ways in which the girls are manipulated is up to debate. We can certainly use sexual drugs or magic to help increase the pleasure the whores feel, or how much they crave it, or it could just be good, old-fashion pleasure that makes them lose their will to still be a whore. All of it is up for debate.

Bad Boys

Tags: Domination, Hardcore
Possible Tags: Gangbang, Racial Superiority, Abuse, Incest, Cheating, Fantasy, Drugs, Etc.

Inspired by Alexandra Burke's "Bad Boys", this RP is about a group of women, or just one, who have a taste for dangerous men. Gangsters, thugs, possibly even murders. Anyone who seems like they could dispose of the girls whenever they want get them extremely hot, and thus, the young lady goes out in search every night, looking to pick up the baddest boy, or boys, possible. Whether its a group of women who hit the clubs and all go home with several gangsters, or one girl who lets herself be picked up by a few men and then gang-banged brutally in the alleyway, this RP would be about a girl getting herself into a dangerous situation or with a dangerous person, and loving how much stronger they were than her.

Obviously, while it doesn't have to include anything to do with race, it certainly could. White girls looking for thrills with big, strong black men or petite elves in a modern world wanting to find out just how powerful Orcs or Taurens are. It can be done any number of ways.

Geeks Get The Girls

Tags: Nerdy Guys/Hot Girls, Domination, Cheating
Possible Tags: Incest, Drugs, Magic, Blackmail, Multiple Characters, Etc.

Based off American Hi-Fi's "Geeks Get The Girls", this RP is about, obviously, geeks getting with girls that are completely out of their league. Whether its the computer nerd, the chubby unpopular kid, or even a socially-awkward brother of the cheerleader, the loser ends up banging the shit out of the popular girl. This could be done just through seduction, or else through some sort of black-mail, drugs, or magic. The end result is the same though, with the popular girl, either willing at the start or not, ending up absolutely loving the way the guy she thought was a total loser can fuck her way better than her previous jock boyfriend. It might be so good that she even convinces her friends to come party with them as well, leading to the loser getting himself a little harem going within the school.

She Wolf

Tags: Breeding, In-Heat, Domination
Possible Tags: Beast, Cheating, Multiple Characters, Etc.

Taken from Shakira, "She Wolf" is an RP about a woman at her peak who, above all else, has a deep desire to be bred and mate with an "alpha male." Now, this can be played a number of ways. For one, the girl has no set age. While women typically peak towards their thirties, the woman could certainly be younger, even down to the high-school teenager age, depending on how early we want her to peak. Any age between highschool age and thirty or so is fine with me, though keep in mind that the high-school age needs to follow BM standards.

Now then. The first idea would be a girl, in her peak, simply not getting what she needs. Whether its a boyfriend who isn't ready to commit, a woman in a new marriage with a husband who doesn't want kids, or even a young MILF who desires more from her lack-luster husband, the main plot of the RP is the female going out, looking for the toughest of the tough. The jocks, the fighters, the supreme alpha-males who, besides giving her a great fuck, are almost guaranteed to knock her up. Of course, one guy isn't enough. Instead, she's determined to get potentially knocked up by as many "alpha-males" as she can find, until she's nice and pregnant or, god-forbid, her significant other finds out.

The second idea would be a girl going into almost literal heat. The same girls from before, usually normal, not only find themselves craving alpha-males, but along with the human versions, they find themselves perversely attracted to beasts or anthros as well (or other races, if its a fantasy RP). Thus, in between fucking humans, they find themselves getting knotted, finding monsters, even going to dungeons to get their fix of getting pumped to the brim with hot, thick alpha-male sperm.

Stacy's Mom

Tags: Age Difference, MILF, Cheating
Possible Tags: Multiple Characters, Incest, Etc.

Fountain of Wayne's ever-popular song, "Stacy's Mom", is the inspiration for this RP. The song and the RP are quite close on this one, as the main plot of this is a teenaged boy completely obsessed with his girlfriend's mom, who is quite unsatisfied with her husband. Needless to say, one hot afternoon when he shows up and "Stacy", or whatever her name turns out to be, isn't there, the mother finally takes notice of what a handsome boy her daughter is dating, and the forbidden affair begins.

This could easily turn into a threeway if the daughter, or father, finds out and demands entrance, or even if they both find out and decide to take revenge by fucking each other.

Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Tags: Hardcore, Gangbangs, Drugs, Cheating
Possible Tags: Etc.

"Girl All The Bad Guys Want" is a song about a story as old as time. An extremely cool girl and the less-than-cool guy who lusts after her and fantasizes about being her boyfriend. In this RP, however, the fantasy comes true. After catching him spying on her outside her window, the girl decides that, with a little work, he could be quite fun boyfriend material. Inviting him in, the girl shows him the night of his life, finding him not only to be pretty damn good in the sac, but eager to listen and pleasure. The boyfriend then gets dragged into the girl's life, and soon learns that being cool isn't all its cracked up to be. In a world about hardcore sex backstage with bands, drugs, and getting gang-banged in the locker rooms at school, the boyfriend struggles to try to convince the girl that she needs to leave, but unfortunately, she keeps finding herself betraying him and his trust, unable to stay away from the men who dominate her and who taught her how to be so "cool."


Tags: MILF, Unsatisfied, Cheating
Possible Tags: Incest, Gang-bangs, Multiple characters

Bowling For Soup's "1985" is the record for which this RP is scratching. Set around a young mother who is living a boring house-wife life, the RP is about the female's slow descent into wild times. Living at home, taking care of her children and husband who doesn't satisfy her, the mother soon discovers something quite appealing. Her son has quite a number of attractive teenaged friends, all of whom she's caught more than once glancing her way when she's bent over vacuuming. Starting with one, the mother seduces them one by one, finding them to be astronomically better lovers than her own husband. Soon it branches out, the young mother attending to pizza delivery boys, UPS men, repair men. Anyone who comes into her house that she thinks looks handsome finds their way into her bed, pounding the brains out of the once-faithful mother.

Of course, this RP could easily add in the fact that she has a son or two whom, in her lust, she decides could work better than her husband as well.

Another course for this RP would be fairly similar, set around a group of young housewives that all find themselves bored with their husbands. That is, however, until one of them suggest they use each other's families for some fun, in the form of sons. And thus, at their next little meeting, each wife brings their son, or sons, over and "borrows" them to another housewife, wanting to prove that their sons can fulfill any sexual fantasy that they might possess. Of course, this one also has a deep potential for incest to already be included, given how easily the mothers convince the sons to fuck their friends.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Tags: Age Difference, School Setting
Possible Tags: Cheating, Gang-bang, Etc.

The RP set around Brittany Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is quite simple. A schoolgirl who, despite her looks and popularity, is extremely lazy. However, to maintain her spot on the cheerleading squad, position in the student council, and her overall grade-point average, the young student has taken to not only making sure that every class she's in is taught by a male, but that each and every one of them gets a nice helping of tight schoolgirl pussy every day in exchange for giving her an A on every project, assignment, and test the class has. Whether its getting rammed in the locker room by the studly gym teacher or bending over a computer chair for the less-than-attractive science teacher, the girl has no bounds, giving it to each and every school teacher she can to manipulate her way into staying at the very top of the food chain.


Tags: Celebrity, Gang-bang, Domination
Possible Tags: Cheating, Incest, Beast, Etc.

Another Spears song, "Lucky" is an RP centered around the less-than-glamorous aspects of being a teenaged pop idol (or pop group, for multiple girls). From sucking off her producers to getting gang-banged by her stage crew to being filmed in an underground Japanese Beast movie, the young girl quickly discovers that while the rest of the world considers her to be "lucky" to be a celebrity, it certainly is hard work! Even more than that, it turns out that this innocent teen idol for children around the world has found quite the sick enjoyment in the way the ruthless celebrity world treats girls, or more specifically, the way they treat her.

Call Me Maybe

Tags: Cheating, One-Night Stands
Possible Tags: Gang-bang, Etc.

Who knew such a catchy, modern pop-tune could breed such a filthy idea? I sure did! In this song-inspired RP, the main girl would be an extremely promiscuous female who, despite having quite a good boyfriend, just can't stop cheating. Whether its letting herself be picked up by a stud in a gym, hit on by a frat boy at a club, or just getting a good rutting in the alley behind the bar, the main character again and again lets herself get fucked by random strangers. And each time, just in case, she gives them her number, for future use. However, later on in the RP after some numbers have been established, the phone will start to ring. What will happen when she finds herself getting blackmailed with videos and pictures, or worse, her boyfriend starts to notice her phone blowing up every single night.

Heart Attack

Tags: Tomboy, Fairly Innocent (At least at first)
Possible Tags: Incest, Cheating, Etc.

"Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato is a fairly new song, one that got my attention after hearing it on the radio by chance. The RP inspired by it can be fairly innocent, or turn into something much more wild, depending on the direction we go. Overall, I have two plots in mind for this RP.

The first plot is about a tomboy who, despite being very pretty, is one of the guys. Most of her friends are guys, she's obsessed with sports and video games, even loving things like anime and cosplay (and secretly, hentai). Naturally, most of the guys seem to treat her as just that, one of them. She's friends with the nerds, the jocks, the skaters. Every boy is her friend, but none of her boyfriend. That is, however, until the new guy comes to school. Fairly good looking and a bit quiet, the new boy immediately attracts her attention, and she attracts his. Within a day, he suddenly asks her out, something no other boy had ever done. By the end of the night, the two had such a great time that it leads up to her bedroom, and after the lights go out, into her bed. The RP then follows the two lovers in the tomboy's slow change from an over-all tomboy into a more girly-girl. She retains all of her likes, still loving sports, but she attempts to look more feminine, to be the "perfect girlfriend" for her new boyfriend, because he makes her feel unlike anything she ever has before.

Of course, this scenario has a potential for a "bad" end, where the girl, upon discovering her inner woman, begins to cheat around with other guys, from the athletes and jocks she used to hang out with to the anime nerds who have her dress up for cosplay.

The second idea I have is very similar, but instead of a tomboy, it's more of an extremely popular bitch. One who couldn't care less about her various boyfriends, and in fact, is almost disinterested in boys. Again, until the new boy shows up. Rinse and repeat with the first idea!

Scotty Doesn't Know

Tags: Cheating, Public, Risk of Getting Caught
Possible Tags: Incest, Gang-Bang, Etc.

From the popular movie Eurotrip comes the song "Scotty Doesn't Know", all about a boyfriend who is clueless to the fact that his "perfect" girlfriend is getting her ass railed by another dude at almost every turn. Needless to say, the RP will be about the same thing. The main girl, a popular girl at their college, has a lackluster boyfriend who is totally head-over-heels for her. However, what he doesn't know is that she gets off on public sex, especially when another person doesn't realize its happening. Thus begins her series of adventures of fucking multiple guys (she'll have a group of guys who can fuck her really good and always call on one of them), to fuck her at various points. In a changing room at the mall when she's shopping, over the phone when she's talking to her boyfriend, out in a van when she's suppose to be on her way to church. Any depraved spot she can think of that risks them getting caught, especially by her boyfriend.

Given the incest tag for the fact that the boy she's fucking around with could easily be her brother or brothers/cousins.

Man, I Feel Like A Woman!

Tags: Clubbing, Hardcore
Possible Tags: Cheating, Public Sex, Age Difference, Etc

Not all country songs make me cringe, and this is one of the rare country songs I love. A fantastic beat and fun lyrics make Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" a blast to listen to, and thus, form an RP about! As quite a few of the RPs, this can go a couple ways. The first one I imagine is a group of women (or just one woman) decide that they need a night out on the club. Whether it's to escape the stress of college, or perhaps more mature mothers getting a break from their annoying husbands and children, they decide to hit the clubs. There, of course, the girls run into various men at the clubs who decide to help them forget their troubles, and before they know it, they're being led back to apartments, or perhaps a dark corner of the club. Naturally, after one night of pure smut, they could run into trouble when the boys/men they met decide to call them up the next day...

The other vision I had is that an Otaku girl, or perhaps a group of them, decide that they're sick of being the nerdy, awkward girls around school. Due to the fact that they're always wrapped up in various clubs and manga, they rarely take time to work on their appearance. However, one night wanting to prove they're as pretty as other girls, they decide to actually give a damn, and lo-and-behold, they're amazingly gorgeous, especially strapped into the tight clothing they're wearing to the club. They're finally getting attention, almost all the eyes in the club on them, and before long, some of the boys from their school decide to approach them, hardly even recognizing them. The group of boys (or one guy) would be boyfriends of some of the most popular girls in school, ones who usually make fun of the girls. Thus, they'll waste no time in deciding to lose their virginity to these handsome boys, partially to enjoy themselves and partially to get back at those girls.

That Don't Impress Me Much

Tags: Cheating
Possible Tags: Age Difference, Etc.

Shania Twain strikes with another country hit, "That Don't Impress Me Much". This RP I imagine being in a small suburban cul-de-sac. Rather friendly with each other, the house-wives around the block often get together and discuss their rather boring lives. All of them are married to men who are successful, from a doctor and a scientist to an incredibly handsome actor. However, despite their husband's success, all of them find themselves longing for something more than their husband's apparent "perfection" to the outside world, since they rarely pay their beautiful wives any attention. However, all of the house wives are suddenly struck with "school-girl fever" when a new family moves onto the small block. A regular man and his wife, and their incredibly attractive teenaged son, who's home from college for the summer (or possibly multiple sons). Needless to say, all of them secretly decide to have a little fun, and one by one, they discover the boy/boys have that "magic" touch that they had been missing in their bedrooms and between their legs. Endless energy, eagerness....everything their husbands lack, the teenager sports, and the result could cause quite a scandel for the little cul-de-sac if word got out.

You Oughta Know

Tags: Cheating
Possible Tags: Hardcore, Domination, etc.

Inspired by Alanis Morissette's song, "You Oughta Know", this RP is about a female who has trouble letting go, and a man who has trouble saying no. Simply put, a couple ends their relationship due to always fighting and not getting along. Nothing abusive or anything like that, but simply screaming at each other. However, despite that, both of them hold lingering sexual attraction for each other. Despite the man getting a new girlfriend and marries her, the ex keeps showing up whenever the wife is no around. At his work, at home when the wife is shopping, suddenly pulling him into a dressing room when his wife is changing in the next one. All sorts of hi-jinx that result in the two of them going at it like a couple of rabid dogs, each time leaving the man guilty and swearing to be true, but he can never manage it.

Feels Like The First Time

Tags: Harem, School Setting
Possible Tags: Cheating, Virginity, Innocent, Magic, Etc.

Foreigner strikes from afar with a classic, "Feels Like The First Time". The idea I have in mind after hearing this song is a boy gathering up a small harem of girls all drawn to him because not only does he treat them like princesses, but he can completely fuck their brains out in every way they want. From lovingly laying them on a bed to ramming them in the bathroom during class to spreading them in the shower and seeing how deep he can get inside their ass, the male slowly grows a faithful harem that would do anything for him.

This can also be done with a little magic, to give a bit more to the name of the song. Basically, the magic would allow him to restore their womanhood to the complete tightness of virginity each time, so that while they wouldn't lose their hymen each time (unless they WANT that), they would get the fresh tightness each time, allowing him to freshly stretch and plunder them to his heart's content.


Tags: Clubbing, Hardcore, Domination
Possible Tags: Drugs, Incest, Cheating, Etc.

A fairly simple RP comes to mind from Jessie J's "Domino", which is already pretty blatantly sexual. Basically, the RP would be about a girl, or girls, in a club. Their only goal is to find someone to completely fuck them senseless, and they certainly find their tickets. The club turns out to be pretty into sex, and so they get even more than they bargained for. From being forced to their knees in the middle of the dance-floor to being lifted up between two guys or taken into the back and rammed into pure ecstatic oblivion, the girl/girls find themselves in a heavy night of indiscriminate sex with a sea of the most amazing guys they've ever had before. And, of course, there's always the option for them to take the invitation to a private apartment the next day.

Teenaged Dream

Tags: Magic, School
Possible Tags: Beast, Etc.

Katy Perry's fun hit "Teenaged Dream" is already pretty obviously sexual, but all the better for thinking up fun RP ideas! So, this RP really has two parts to it. The first part is where my highschooler/college student begins to have extremely vivid dreams about a perfect girl, or girls. Naturally, a ways away, your girl/girls are having the dreams as well. In the dreams, our characters already know each other and are routinely going at it. The setting is always different, their clothing is different, but the people remain the same. And both parties are left completely sexually satisfied when they awake. This goes on for a few times before suddenly the girl/girls parents announce that they're changing schools or they transfer universities, and suddenly the two meet in real life. Where we go from there, of course, is up to us!

California Girls

Tags: Shy Boy/Confident Girl
Possible Tags: Cheating, Incest, Beast, Etc.

Another Katy Perry hit, "California Girls" is a pretty simple idea. As the name states, this RP is mainly about girls from California. Beautiful tanned blondes, brunettes and raven-hairs in bikinis, red-heads on their knees....Simply fantastic! Now, I can see this being a couple different things. The first would just be that a group of guys, or just one guy, decide to get away from their cold state for the long winter break, and go to California. Naturally, their first day at the beach, they meet some girls/a girl who simply blows their mind, and my guys are so different from the usual idiot stereotypical surfers that your girls are intrigued. Cue kinky beach sex, hot condo-by-the-water romps, and good old-fashioned California fun!

The other way I can see thing being swung would be a brother visits his sister for spring break. She's going to college there, and while they've always been close, they're also extremely different. The brother is, while fairly cute, no absolute stunner, and was already a lack-luster student and a bit of a shut in. Meanwhile, his sister is (or at least she is now), a complete bombshell of a party girl, who is eager to show her brother, whom she's always crushed on, just what "California" girls can do. This can be anything from just straight incestuous fucking to her even doing more kinky things, such as showing her brother how close she is to her friend's wolf friend making porno, and having him watch her get gang-banged (or letting her friends reverse gang-bang her brother)


Tags: Hardcore, Domination, Age Difference
Possible Tags: Beast, Etc.

Nickelback strikes with a hard song about fooling around in the shape of "Animals". Now, this can be done a couple different ways, as most of these RPs seem to be able to do! The first would be about a man in his mid-twenties, or possibly even older, going out with a much younger girl, in her late teens. Her parents don't approve, but that only makes her want to go down on her boyfriend even more. From sneaking out at night to letting him climb in her window, she wants to jump his bones as much as possible and please him however possible, leading him to manipulate her a bit for his pleasure. Possibly even to letting his friends gang-bang her.

The other would be, of course, Beast fun <3

More Below!


This place is for any plots that I already have pretty much made out - all that's left is you! Either you'll take on the role of the partners or, if you wanted, you could play the premade characters and I could make up new partners. Take a look!

Big, Big Plots!

Suburban Housewives - Tales Untold

The setting of this story is pretty simple.  A new suburban area has just been finished, and immediately the houses along the richest Cul-De-Sac fill up. The story will revolve around the families, or more specifically the wives, that inhabit this neighborhood. They'd happen alongside each other, sometimes overlapping, but to start off, each wife would have their own set of circumstances that gets the ball rolling.

((Warning. You may recognize a couple of these names and appearances. Yes, I do have a fetish. Shut up and go away!))


1. Amy Ryder

Since she was in junior high, Amy has been in love with the same man. Born and bred in Britain, Amy found herself attracted to an exchange student, a young American who had transferred to her school. In 9th grade, she started dating him, and the two had been together ever since. Immediately after graduating, the two got married and settled down back in America, where the husband had a job lined up for him. Several promotions later and they're living the good life, having just moved into the new suburban area. The only problem lies in the bedroom. Although sex was initially fine between the couple, things have grown a bit stale. Amy tries to spice things up, but her husband is too lack-luster until, one day, he comes to her with an exciting idea.

They'd shoot a porn. But not just any porn. They'd hire a real, local porn star to come and fuck Amy, and the husband would leave for the day, leaving the two to film whatever they wanted. Then, whenever they wanted to get in the mood, they could play the porn and it would turn them both on. Amy, of course, is hesitant. She doesn't want to fuck anyone besides her husband. However, eventually his pleading got the best of her and she gave in, determined to make her husband want her again. So, they set it up, the husband hiring a company that would send over a porn star, one cleared of any STDs and such, and he would fuck Amy for one full day and make a thrilling video about it.

So when the day arrives, Amy kisses her husband goodbye and lets him leave. Not five minutes later, the porn star arrives. About as different from her lack-luster husband as possible, the black porn star is handsome, fit, and eager to fuck the beautiful house-wife. The only problem is, the sex is a little too good. Amy had been planning to pretend and act for the porn, but by the end of just the first round, Amy is squealing i pleasure, cumming harder than she ever had in her life. What follows is a day of absolute mind-blowing sex. The porn star seems insatiable, and Amy, in her new found lust, is as well. The two fuck everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom to even up against the backyard windows. By the end of the session, Amy has been pumped full of more cum than she ever imagined, her pussy, ass, and mouth having been used multiple times.

The porn star leaves and Amy is happy to have her husband back, feeling guilty for enjoying it so much. However, a new problem occurs almost immediately afterwards. Sex with her husband is immensely unfulfilling. After a session of him cumming inside her and being unable to make her cum, Amy is left pondering as her husband goes to sleep, guiltily running over the previous day and wishing that she could feel his cock once more.

Of course, she does. Amy, unable to help herself, tracks down the company a couple days later and begs the porn star to fuck her once more, under the guise that her husband wants another video. The porn star accepts happily, because after all, Amy is an extremely attractive woman. Another day of mind-blowing sex leaves Amy feeling extra guilty, since this time, she had lied. She had told her husband she was going out to see a friend, and instead, ended up fucking the day away. What follows is Amy's slow descent into a cheating harlot. Again and again, despite her promises to herself, she finds herself returning to the porn star and requesting another "movie" be made for her husband. Soon it evolves into gang-bang moves, with Amy taking three or four large black dicks at once. They even coax her into a couple Beast films, and Amy finds herself screaming in pleasure as a Husky-Beast drills and knots her pussy harder than any man could.

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless and we can go where ever we want from there. The scene would start with Amy bidding her husband goodbye and the porn star arriving.

2. Yukari Takeba

With a Japanese father and religious mother, Yukari always had a strong upbringing. Her father was cemented in the old ways of Japan, and although Yukari looked more American than Japanese, she always had been treated by her father as if she was raised in Japan. Thus, Yukari was hardly surprised when she was wed off as soon as she graduated to an accomplished businessman. She accepted that, as the business man was fairly handsome and charming. Soon, however, after moving into a new house, the trouble began. Her husband loved to drink, and while he wasn't abusive, his sexual skill, which was at least normally adequate, plummets. Yukari becomes increasingly frustrated, not only being tied down to a man she barely likes, let alone loves, but also the fact that her husband can't even stop drinking long enough when he's home to have a decent sexual session.

So, fed up with her life, Yukari takes a job to get away from it all. A school guidance counselor. Working at the highschool, Yukari eases her own troubles by helping others with their own. The only problem is the boys. Rowdy, rough, and incredibly good-looking high school boys that turn her on in a way her husband never could. And then, when one day one of them makes a pass at her, she returns it. Shocked at herself, Yukari immediately tries to take it back. She's too late though, and before she knows it, the young man is kissing her right there in her office. What ensures is a steam sessions of TeacherXStudent sex that would get her fired if anyone knew. Afterwards, Yukari is ashamed, letting a student do that to her and cheating on her husband, which due to her Japanese upbringing, is immoral and wrong. Vowing never to do it again, Yukari goes home.

The next day, a Saturday, has her husband leaving for a two-day business trip. He's barely gone, however, when a knock on the door reveals the very same student she had been fucked by. Desperate to keep him quiet, she invites him in and tells him that it was a mistake, but of course, the student doesn't believe her. After all, during their session, Yukari had been cumming almost non-stop. The beautiful young teacher is unable to deny that, and when he makes more advances on her, her body remembers how much better the young teen had been than her husband. After an afternoon of raunchy sex, the teenager leaves, and Yukari once again promises herself that never again would it happen.

Unfortunately for Yukari, the male hadn't left for long. He returns not even two hours later, but this time, he has a group of buddies. Members of the sports team, the swimming team. Young jocks that Yukari had often drooled over in private. Unable to help but panic, Yukari begs the 'leader' of their group to forget what happened, but of course, he doesn't. He knows that she loves it too much, and sooner rather than later, Yukari finds herself in the middle of the group of boys, willingly and eagerly sucking them off one by one before bending over and letting them have their way. Teenaged vitality certainly proves to be something else, and the boys stay the weekend, turning Yukari's beloved house into nothing more than a sexual play ground where Yukari is fucked constantly, much to her guilt, and even more, to her delight.

When they finally leave, Yukari can barely face her husband, but manages to pass it off as being under the weather. The two-day, non-stop romping session had left Yukari incredibly shocked at her own willingness to cheat on her husband, and at how good sex could actually be, having been a virgin before her husband. Unable to keep it out of her mind, the next day Yukari calls in sick, wanting to get her head straight. However, much bigger plans are on the horizon for her as the teen shows up after school and reveals that the videos they had taken, which Yukari hadn't cared about in the heat of things, had gotten extremely popular on the internet. Encouraging her to let them make more amateur porn leads into Yukari giving into the young man "one final time", and as her husband comes home and calls out to her, Yukari bites back a moan and replies that she's showing while, in reality, the young man is fucking her hard in her own bathroom, only feet away from where her husband is.

Where we go from there, of course, is up to us. The scene would begin with the first time in her office.

3. Chie Satonaka

Fighting was in her blood. Since she was nine years old, Chie was obsessed with martial arts. Old Kung-Fu movies, taking all the classes she could, getting in fights at school. The young, half Japanese, half English girl was known for being a tom-boy. Her father owned a dojo in Japan, which only made things easier for her to stay in shape and keep strong. However, as she went through high school, something unexpected happened.

Chie fell in love.

While always pretty, Chie had never considered herself "womanly" or "desirable", but her boyfriend seemed to disagree. The two fell madly in love, and on a spree, got married with her father's blessing right there in the dojo the day they graduated highschool. Combined with the fact that her husband got a job within a high profile company and rose quickly, soon earning them a transfer to America, Chie's life was perfect and on track.

And the sex was quite good too. Chie was a strong woman, and didn't expect her husband to be able to match her in bed. He proved her wrong time and time again though, and while it was nothing astronomical, Chie was quite satisfied with what her husband had to provide in the bedroom. Thus, when they moved into their new house in America, Chie was optimistic. To keep herself fit, Chie joined a local gym, one that was open twenty-four hours a day for easy access.

Going to the gym whenever her husband was busy or asleep was Chie's way of relaxing. She loved working out, and admittedly, it turned her on a little bit to be stared at by men. Her body was in perfect shape, and dressed in just a sports bra, a tank top, and tight, short work-out pants, she turned many heads at the gym. The men were certainly nice to look at too, since while her husband was handsome, he lacked that raw "manly power" that those at the gym had.

Things went wrong, of course, one fateful night. Alone at the gym at midnight, Chie was just starting her work-out when another figure enters. A large black male who often came to the gym that Chie sometimes chatted with. Being the only two in the building, he starts working out next to her, with the two chatting easily. When they decide to switch machines, he offers to help Chie stretch, and she agrees, a little more heated than usual after covertly watching the hunky black male work out. It doesn't take long for the touches of him to turn from helpful to hindering as he gropes her more and more inappropriately, but Chie finds that she wants him to continue, her body tuned up and high on adrenaline. The male was handsome, powerful, and as she found out soon, sported the biggest cock she had ever seen.

The gym was filled with squeals of pleasure that night, the handsome man fucking Chie long into the night before they finally part and head home at the crack of dawn. Driving home, Chie is filled with disgust at herself, hating that she cheated on her faithful, satisfying husband. Promising that it would never happen again, Chie takes a shower and heads to bed. But those kind of promises never last long, do they?

A couple of days pass, with Chie avoiding the gym like the plague before she decides its safe to go back. Unfortunately, whether unconsciously or not, she chose another night, one where the gym was empty once more. Within two hours of arriving, Chie finds herself panting like a bitch in heat, pressed against the full-length mirror as her hunk of chocolate muscle plows her from behind, giving her another mind-shattering night of pleasure.

For a week, Chie swears off the gym, and it works well, with Chie taking runs and working at home instead. However, two things go wrong. Predictably, her husband no longer satisfies her in sex. The second is that, after a week of not seeing her, the male shows up at her house one day while her husband is working in the back yard. Refusing to take no for an answer, the large black male forces himself inside, and soon enough, his touches ignite the spark in Chie that her husband simply couldn't give her anymore. While her husband faithfully worked outside, Chie found herself on her knees in the living room, blowing and then fucking the handsome, muscular man.

And as they say, the rest is up to us! The scene would start out the first night in the gym.

4. Rise Kujikawa

Being a teen idol was hard. Rise worked day in and day out to be the face of Japan. She had a natural charm to her, being half Japanese and half German. Her voice was unparallelled, her body to die for. Of course, she was a proper young Japanese woman, and thus, being a teen idol, never did anything more risque than a couple shoots for swim wear.

Once she graduated, Rise's managers wanted to take Rise on a tour of the world, to show off "Risette" to every country and boost her fans. The plans backfired, however, when she met a handsome man in America and retired without a second thought, marrying him and comfortably shifting into the position of house-wife. At least, that's what she thought.

Almost immediately Rise realizes that being a house-wife has none of the fame and glamor of being a Japanese idol. Her husband, while caring, is lack-luster in the bedroom and ends up leaving her satisfying herself with dildos more than he does. The frustration builds and builds until one day, when her husband is gone, Rise notices a small group of construction workers fixing a post outside. Deciding to be the good American housewife she now was, she offers the three strapping gentlemen relief from the heat, inviting them into the lovely house and giving them all something to drink.

One thing leads to another, and their polite conversation turns lewd, with one of the men having even seen her as an Idol. Rather than be disgusted by the increasing sexual comments, Rise finds herself loving the attention. Basking in it and even returning it. It was like being a star all over again, being reborn as someone who held people's attention. Thus, when one of them steps up and kisses her, its only a moment of hesitation before Rise returns it, and with that, the day blends into the young, inexperienced former-idol learning all the wonders of sex, and by the time they're done, Rise has been used in ways she never knew before and fully exhausted, having experienced more earth-shaking orgasms in that one day than her husband had been able to give her in two years of marriage.

Naturally, Rise feels a little guilty afterwards. It was a one time thing though. They were just construction workers. However, things go from bad to worse when the next day they show up again, revealing that they are, in fact, porn stars. The three men had been simply playing around as construction workers, having offered their friends a bet that they could do their job for a day. They lost the bed, but gained a much better prize. Rise, shocked and horrified, begs that they don't tell anyone. But then they offer her a plan. A way for "Risette" to make her big come back, as a Japanese Idol turned porn-star. Wanting to refuse, she finds she can't resist the handsome, burly men as they once again touch her, this time with video cameras at the ready, and she soon finds herself as the new star of a porn.

After that day, Rise doesn't hear for the men for two weeks, and thankfully, has settled down. Living with the guilt of cheating on her husband twice, Rise throws herself into being a good housewife, trying to forget about the pleasure the men brought her and the porn they had made. Until, naturally, things go bad. One day Rise finds a package outside her house, and within, are several DVDs with her own, cum-splattered face on the front bearing the headline "Rise Kujikawa: Risette's big return!" in bold letters. Furious, she calls up the number that was included in a small letter, and after tearing the man a new asshole over the phone, storms over to his house when he invites her over.

Of course, things don't quite go as planned, and instead of chewing him out and getting the porn removed from the market, Rise finds herself making another one with him that very afternoon. One well-placed call to her husband leads to a three-day-long porn session, with Rise making more and more porn, unable to help herself or her amazingly lustful labido. Things get even more degrading as they do things like film her as she calls up her husband and fuck her, making Rise struggle to keep her moans from going through the phone. They take her over to her house in the dead of night and fuck her against the window of her own bedroom, able to see her faithful husband asleep inside. The three days are abusing and degrading, but also fantastic. They leave Rise feeling more pleasure than she ever had in her life, and as a result, when the three days are up, she can barely stop thinking about the lewd porn she had made.

As usual, the rest is all up in the air. The scene would start with her noticing the three construction workers outside.

The Kinks

Obviously this RP would involve a lot of kinks, but these are ones that I'd like to have a big emphasis one.

Multiple Characters - We could obviously just pick one of those scenarios and play with it, but it'd be a big plus if we play multiple of the scenarios I mentioned and somehow get them intertwined!

Cheating - Obviously, this whole RP revolves around adulterous wives. Its a huge kink of mine that I'd like to employ.

Guilt - I love the guilt the women feel afterwards, swearing that they'll never do it again each time, even as they're sinking down to their knees to suck a cock or have just had their ass filled up by a hunky man.

Husband Abuse - I love having the male characters degrade the women's husbands. They'll talk about how they're better than them, the black ones talking about how Amy must love black dick, or how Rise's pathetic husband can't fuck her properly. Naturally, in the heat of the moment, I love it when the girls agree, swearing that they love the cock fucking them and that their husbands are useless. Of course, it helps add to the guilt afterwards as well.

Interracial - Now I'm happy keeping it less fantasy with just black on white, but I'm MORE than happy to upgrade to fantasy/modern and have the men be Orcs, Beasts, or any other race you can fancy!

Outfits - Not specifically mentioned, but since they are doing porn, I love for girls to have sexy outfits. Everything from sexual every-day clothing to lingerie and even roleplaying outfits like a nurse or french maid, I love having outfits for your girls to wear.

The Girls

Obviously, the characters I mentioned for me to play are a big part of this RP. So, here is a brief construction of their profiles. Naturally, we are always able to change something if you like.

Name: Amy Ryson
Age: 27
Race: British
Position: House Wife
Appearance: Amy stands at 5'7 with short, dark brown hair that is cut in a sexy business like style, with her bangs usually swept to one side and the rest of her hair slightly above her shoulders. Bright green eyes and a soft, pale complexion give Amy a very pretty, almost angelic face to her, which is a contrast to her sinful body. With full E-cup breasts, Amy is a bombshell, leading down into an equally curvy figure that ends in a nice, fairly full bum and curvy hips.
Kinks: Amy especially loves to be fucked doggy-style and have her hair pulled, as well as degraded with words. Usually up for anything, those will get her rocks off especially hard, as well as being dominated. And, as she'll find out, she has a unique love of a nice, thick knot from a Beast filling her up, and possibly even more.

Name: Yukari Takeba
Age: 26
Race: Half Japanese, Half American
Position: High School Guidance Counselor.
Appearance: Standing at 5'7 with soft, cinnamon eyes, Yukari has soft, light brown hair that she keeps very neatly brushed and styled. Reaching the back of her neck and allowing her fringe to sweep slightly, Yukari is very self conscious about what she eats, usually counting calories. Her body is petite but very supple. Soft, C-cup mounds lead into a slim waist and a tight butt, along with legs that go on for miles. Her complexion is slightly tanned, but still mostly a creamy peach-white.
Kinks: Yukari absolutely loves giving head, and there's little she adores more than having a thick load into her mouth or splattered on her breasts. She also enjoys cow-girl or being bounced on a man's lap, like a servant girl pleasuring her lounging Master. She's very hesitant about anal and Beasts, but could be convinced to try it with the right man.

Name: Chie Satonaka
Age: 8
Race: Half Japanese, Half English
Position: House Wife
Appearance: Chie stands quite short at 5'4 with bright blue eyes and a body she had trained for years. Her light brown hair is kept in a fluffy bob that extends just a bit down her neck. Her skin is slightly tanned from all the work in the sun she does, and needless to say, her body is in perfect shape, with a nice C-cup bust and the tightest ass this side of the ocean, as well as strong legs that could kick a building down.
Kinks: Chie loves all sex, but nothing gets her going like being pinned by a man. Up against a wall, down on the ground, her legs mounted on their shoulders. Chie loves to be dominated completely and have a man overpower her and fill her up as much as they want.

Name: Rise Kujikawa (Risette is her idol name)
Age: 21
Race: Half Japanese, Half German
Position: Former Idol, now House Wife
Appearance: Rise has long reddish-brown hair that hangs midway down her back, though it is usually kept up in two thick, fluffy pigtails, her hair having a lot of volume and it is a style she has loved since her idol days. Standing at 5'5, Rise has alluring brown eyes that seem to shine in the dark, giving her a set of what men call "Bedroom eyes". Her body is still in tip-top shape from when she was an idol, her beautiful set of full D-cup mounds complimenting the slim waist and curvy-yet-tight hips and ass she sports, giving her a beautiful figure that some women would kill for.
Kinks: Rise loves having her hair used as a handle. Whether its in her usual pigtails or is hanging loose or swept into a ponytail, Rise adores when men tug on her hair when she's sucking them off or pounding her from behind. In addition, Rise has an abnormal attraction to big cocks. All women like them, but for Rise, seeing a massive cock is enough to practically send her into heat.


And the Ad is done! I'll likely update it often, so keep an eye out, though I'll usually bump to say when I've added in new stuff!

Now I'll apologize deeply for the terrible ideas I've presented and making you read all of that and wasting your time! Ha....I hope. Anyway, I think that about concludes my ad. I don't have anything more to add to entice you to contact me, so hopefully you're interested by, if nothing else, the fact that I can write at least somewhat decently and seem fun. I really am, and of course, if you have any suggestions/scenes I'd LOVE to hear them! So please, send all your comments, questions, criticisms, snarky remarks, and love proposals to my inbox! I hope to hear from you all soon, and thank you very much for reading, I hope you've enjoyed yourself! Looking forward to talking to you soon!


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