M/M One on One

Started by shadowwolf, January 06, 2009, 02:39:55 AM

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All information regarding my role plays can be found on my website. If you have questions please email me, I often forget to check my messages on here.

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I can take a couple more role plays.


I'm definitely interested.

However I don't believe you're allowed to advertise for games or join one until your account has been approved. Once your account has been approved, PM me if you like and we can discuss what kind of game to run. I'm not too familiar with WOW though I do know a few people who play it and would be game to give it a try if you can fill me in on some information about the setting.

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Hey Shadowwolf,

Please go to the Introduction boards and fill out the questionairre.  If you are approved as a member, you'll be able to advertise here for roleplays. :)

Thank you!
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