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Author Topic: Will you bite if I ask nicely? ;) (seeking a few new stories)  (Read 3373 times)

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Offline assionpayTopic starter

Will you bite if I ask nicely? ;) (seeking a few new stories)
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:17:14 pm »
I am a long time roleplayer, a good writer, and have a creative mind. I enjoy story based RPs with sex as an undertone. I enjoy the sex, a lot, but romantic or sexual tension, building depth of emotions and story, should be first and foremost. If the story isn't going in a good direction or if something is confusing, I'll message. And I welcome you to do the same. Just don't be a dick and we are all good haha.

That said, here's a bit of what I'm looking for:

Please post several paragraphs. I hate saying that I have an expected amount, as I know it varies, but one liners are so hard to work with and I consider myself a very verbose writer, descriptive and such. Also, please be able to post every few days. I know that's asking a lot, but if it goes more than a week without getting a post, I find I forget the passion and intrigue that was created. I try to post every day, or every other day myself. The longest I will let a post go is about four days, and even then, you'll probably hear from me explaining why. Some stories require very fickle muses, for example, and sometimes RL is just crazy :) I will only post in threads/forums :). Lastly, I post in third person past tense. I find it is just easier to describe things. I will only adjust this on very specific cases.

I enjoy stories set in a modern setting: big cities, small towns, high schools, college, etc. But I also enjoy fantasy type settings with taverns, inns, sprawling forests, and mystical creatures. I don't do well with medieval or old english type settings (lords, ladies, manors, victorian era, etc.)

I enjoy very kinky things from beastiality, NC, bondage, incest, anal training, choking out, master/pet to very light romance, teasing, spanking, hair pulling, and makeout sessions,
                          but please no fisting, gore, bathroom play, cervical penetration, or extreme pain.
Possible tags indicate what I'm particularly open to with any given storyline, but they aren't all a must or supposed to be an all inclusive list. For example, I don't list oral very often in there, but there can be plenty of oral or face fucking as the story allows :D

p.s. I'm a sucker for dominant, feral, animalistic, and aggressive kinds of male characters. Not all characters have to be like that, but if you find that you enjoy playing a dom, a bad boy, or a bit of a sadist. I think this is at least worth a look for you, if not a PM about creating something together :) And that doesn't mean these guys aren't capable of having romance either. Maybe they are just misunderstood :) Either way, they do need to have some depth to them. A character who can't love or feel or care about anything just isn't interesting to me :) Sorry! I usually enjoy playing an equal or sub F character.


Red=particularly craving 

1) Brothers Divided: She's new in town, a striking beauty. She certainly starts to turn heads at the bar that she tends. And she catches the attention of not one, but two particularly well off men in town. But they have a secret, a dark secret. She's got no idea what she's in store for, the roller coaster of emotions, of lust and desire, of danger. And they have no idea how they are going to stay brothers when they find themselves lusting after the same wild woman. Either looking for someone to play both brothers or potentially two different writers to each play a brother in a MxMxF story (possible tags: supernatural, bondage, rough sex, biting, romance, public sex, flirting)

2) Can We Still Be Friends?: Together in high school, they were supposed to be perfect together. Things were amazing, for awhile. As school ended and they started planning their futures, they found they each had different goals. It just wasn't going to work out. So they separate and stay in touch. But now, after several years, they meet up. Maybe it is a chance encounter or it could be one reaches out to the other. They are so very different from how they were in high school. Each has developed their own sort of kinks and sexual desires, for example. Can they stay friends while spending time together, at or around their partners (dating or married), or will they slowly give in to their curiosities and give it another try? I'm thinking that their current sex/romantic lives are pretty dull/crappy. (Possible tags: adultery, romance, bondage, rough sex, D/s, pet play)

3) Best Friends Girl: An action filled plot. The three of them had been friends for awhile. She was gorgeous, and they had both seen her on that same night. But her now fiance had seen her first (or won the bet to be able to talk to her) and that was that. YC, his friend, was always there, but it always sort of ate at him because he still wanted her (MC). The day of the wedding, YC is the best man and MC is getting ready for what should be the biggest day of her life. Then there is what seems to be a crack of lightening, but YC knows all too well what it is. It's a gun shot, sniper. The groom is shot and killed, devastating the day and the bride to be alike. No one understands why, except for YC. He knows the past that the two of them shared, the reason why they were out together that night they met her. It seems that their past caught up with them. But YC knows he can't just leave her, so he takes her in. While part of him wants to simply protect her and comfort her, he can't deny the feelings he has for her and the desires she sparks within him. He's falling for his best friends girl. A play on a classic, in my opinion:) (Possible tags: action/romance, bondage, light-rough sex, teasing, foreplay)

4) The Uncertain Path: When a young woman is woken in the middle of night by the sound of broken glass, she fears the worst. When she moves to look downstairs, all she sees is a dark figure looming over her parents before he fires a bullet into the back of each of their heads. They always told her to be prepared and without a second thought, she rushes out of her window and down to the driveway where she escapes in her car. With an emergency bag of clothes and a secret stash of cash, she needs to hire someone to help her. She needs to hire the best, a mysterious and seductive man that her parents always told her could find anyone. Even their killer she hoped. (Possible tags: Bondage, rough sex, romance, action, NC, kinky, ageplay)

5)Ghosts of Her Past: A new life, a fresh start, everything was going to get better, she thought. She had ran away from her possessive and rather physically abusive boyfriend in the cover of night, living with a distant relative across the United States where she could finish college and have a normal life. The problem is, he finds her. He finds her and has never taken no for an answer. Further, she wants to be strong, but she can't deny how his violence and roughness always rather turned her on, whether it was against her or someone else. This is a story of how he works to claim her again, her body betrays her, and the different shows of his dominance along the way. This wouldn't really be NC, but definitely a bit on the extreme I'd say since I do want there to be physical abuse, in and out of the bedroom. Flexible. I'd also really enjoy this being supernatural. Two vampire lovers, vampire and werewolf, or a witch and vampire. Maybe they have been lovers for a long time. (Possible tags: NC, bdsm, beastiality, humiliation, rough sex)

6) Criminal Bloodlines: YC is part of a gang and has been for a long time. He and MCs brother grew up together, have been in the gang together, and are thick as thieves. By association, YC and MC grew up together as well, though he is a few years older than her. She was always the dorky little sister bugging to hang out with them. He was always too cool for her. But now she's not a little girl anymore. They run into each other and reconnect. The attraction is instant. But can he get rid of his gang ties to fall for the good girl? Or will he drag her down with him? Drugs, violence, secret trysts, and a passionate romance. I'm excited to see where this goes. She will undoubtedly give him a run for his money.

7) New Guy In Town:When a strange drifter comes to town, no one thinks much of it. In a town off the interstate, it's not uncommon for people to stay awhile and then leave. But he is different. MC is a waitress at a diner, sees all sorts of folks and hears all sorts of things. When YC comes in, she is taken by him immediately, and he her. But certainly he won't be staying long. She tries not to get attached, but can't help herself. He's not like the small town guys she's used to. There's an air of mystery. And for good reason. He's hiding a secret. What is it? And what will she do when his past comes to catch up with him? (Possible tags: action/romance, light-rough sex, super powers/supernatural)

8) Unexpected Visitor: Escaping from an abusive relationship, MC is distraught on an empty road when she hits, what she thinks is a dog, but it is actually a shifter (or werewolf). She takes it hope and nurses it back to health. YC is the shifter/were, perhaps separated from his pack, or perhaps a lone wolf. He finds something alluring about her, whether he's never been around  a human or she is just different than most he met. He decides to share his secret at a point. And then her ex comes back into the picture. We could play the ex as an NPC or other character if partner is willing to play both. Potential for an on the run kinda scenario or for just a developing romance. (Possible tags: beastiality, knotting, light-rough sex, bdsm, dominance, dom/sub, romance, possessiveness and jealousy)

9) A Slave Tale:MC has found herself trapped in the slave trade, an abhored underground institution, but an existing one none the less. Setting being fantasy/partially medieval I'd say, with travelling caravans transporting the slaves. Nations are warring and capturing and selling humans from one nation to a different one, is just another kind of warfare. MC is fiesty and a fighter, though she has never seen actual combat before. I'm thinking she could be a noblemans daughter, or perhaps some other young delicate thing just in over her head. But she knows she doesn't belong as someones slave. YC comes to the slave trade, maybe an avid buyer, perhaps goes there for fun, but either way, he sees her and knows he wants her. Maybe he is smitten by her, maybe he recognizes her and has always secretly wanted her. He can make her submit. Maybe he just wants to have her as a kept woman, catered to as he's able, but his sex slave otherwise. He has unique sexual tastes and is eager to have someone to try them out on (I'm open to these being fairly dark). Can he get her to want to submit to him? Or can he get her to fall for him? (Possible tags: romance, bdsm, obedience, dom/sub, humiliation, punishment, orgasm denial, teasing, rough sex, courting, and a variety of other sordid things if you like :))

10) The Hidden Key: Traveling to a foreign country was supposed to be fun, and in fact, her work. MC was there for an archeological dig, something to fulfill her degree. She knew she was on to something, working to dissect some ancient lore that she just knows the scholars have gotten wrong. Was it fate that brought her there, at that time, to that temple/place? Or was it something deeper, something older and beyond anyones comprehension? YC is a creature of the night, some supernatural beast or guardian or shifter that has been in those lands for a long time. Maybe she is his soul mate, a connection that could be felt between both of them or perhaps just him? Maybe he feels some cosmic connection to her? Or just some divine force of the gods telling him to protect her? But she is on to something, and she might very well be the key to it herself. And it's going to lead to trouble (Possible tags: action/adventure, romance, light-rough sex, supernatural)

11) An Eager Student: Not your typical teacher or student. When saved by a hunter (general or specific type. I was thinking like a Dean or Sam Winchester), MC finds herself shaken, but also a bit more eager to learn about those "things" than she should be. She sneaks her way into his car, intent on learning more. I forsee there being a bit of love/hate relationship at first. Of course they are both attractive, but some of "this isn't a place for someone like you" and some "I can handle whatever it takes" etc. She won't leave well enough alone, so he begrudgingly works to teach her. I'd be most comfortable if this took place in the Supernatural universe with original characters. (Though I'm not opposed to someone playing Sam or Dean). This would be a long-term story of their hunts, dangers, and the inevitable romance they develop. (Possible tags: Romance, action, light-rough sex, teasing and attraction, possible NC or monster sex if we decide she will be caught at times)

12) Witness Protection: MC, the daughter of a leading crime lord in the city, is taken in by the police. Of course, she is fiesty and does not go without a fight. Held for questioning, they are hoping she can help to bring down perhaps her own family, but at least give information on one of the other crime families. She of course keeps her mouth shut, but it turns out that daddy sees this as the opportunity he's been waiting for. He convinces her to do this, go into witness protection, and give the police the dirt on his leading opponent so that he may better take control of their turf. Problem is, the same detective she fought so hard upon her arrest is the same one set to watch her. I'd like a bit of dubious NC here, but not a requirement. At least a bit of a powerplay/banter/teasing etc.  I think there would be some rough sex, as she is not the type to be easily tamed. Regardless of the heat of the moment emotions he has towards her (anger, lust, possessiveness even) he wants to protect her, especially when the other family comes to take out the witness. I am open to discussing variants of this. Dirty cop, lawful good cop, different antagonist. (Possible tags: rough sex, domination, NC, bdsm, humiliation)

13) Deal with the Devil:My character starts college and things are much like she expected. The work is time consuming, the students are apathetic and keep to themselves mostly, and the sororities and fraternities seem to be where any kind of fun is. MC is more timid, but trying desperately to step outside of her comfort zone. When she joins a sorority though, she finds far from the sisterhood that they promised her. They tease and torment her, place her into some depraved situations (we can explore if you would like to play some of these out). Then she finds it, a hidden book on witchcraft buried deep in the library archives. It feels like fate! She does the one thing she can think of to make it all stop, makes a deal with the devil/demon. Looking for a partner to play the demon character and help her seek revenge or power. Again, we can explore some depraved things. I imagine that part of the arrangement isn't just selling her soul to this demon, but her body as well. (Possible tags: humiliation, D/s, rough sex, beastiality, group sex, lesbian/FxF sex, sex slave, orgasm denial, forced oral/anal)

14) A World of Monsters:An alternate modern day universe where monsters (of various types) far outnumber humans. In fact, humans are often killed or enslaved as werewolves, vampires, minotaurs, shapeshifters, demons and the like rule. Most have sort of districts or sects of land they inhabit, trade takes place, laws are established, etc. But it's not a perfect world. Even in a world of monsters, there is a hierarchy. MC is a female werewolf. It is by far one of the lower monster types because they are still half human whereas the other species are completely non-human. Things are complicated even more when matters of breeding are taken into account. Humans themselves cannot be breeders, but werewolves have been found to be a rather strong incubator for monster offspring. The different sects are not at war, and thus, taking werewolf women for breeding purposes is not allowed, but that doesn't stop the occasional female werewolf from going missing. When all monsters are in part driven by instinct, it is impossible to keep them all from falling into such basic needs as breeding. Looking for someone to play a different monster to capture or entice my character back home with them, intent on breeding her and keeping her as their pet. (Possible tags: pet play/master/pet, D/s, romance, seduction, rough sex, bondage, punishment, humiliation, forced oral/anal, breeding, bukkake, multiple orgasms)

15) Well Fuck You Too:Wanting to explore a love hate relationship between a brother (YC) and sister (MC). They fight quite a lot, and look to make each others lives hell in a way. Their parents are often away or busy, so it's mainly just them. At the end of the day though, her brother stands up for her. He's the only one who can bully her, after all. But as they become more sexual individuals (ages to be discussed), their teasing and messing with each other turns more sexual either. She takes great pleasure in seeing if she can give him a boner in public, or around his friends, and he enjoys messing with her similarly (I'm not terribly good at thinking of ways he could tease her at this moment haha). Finally things escalate and one of them forcibly takes the other (NonCon), which rather amps up the game. They now still tease each other, but there's always the threat that the tables will turn to rape again. But is it really that unwelcome after awhile? And who will end up with the final shot and claim as the dom? (Spoiler, I'd like it to be him haha). (Possible tags: NC, Incest, gangbang (if you want to play a few of his friends, that's hot), face fucking, oral, anal, fingering, teasing, outfits, public, humiliation (depending), Rough sex, bondage)

16) A Teacher of a Different Kind: Lilu Lantrissa (MC) has just started a huge life event, starting college. She has also just moved out on her own in a new town. Everything is stressful, but isn't that what college is supposed to be? But after a rather rushed and crazy first day, complete with a rather charming and interesting professor (YC), she starts hearing voices. It's soon obvious that those voices aren't hers, they are everyone elses. (Think x-men universe in developing mutant abilities when under stress). Looking for someone to be her professor who has an ability of his own. Lilu doesn't know who she can go to and it starts to drive her mad. Maybe he notices something is off with her, or he just wants an excuse to talk to her (Maybe he's not above hitting on his students), but finds he can actually help her when she reveals her rather strange issue. Through her bit of struggle, attraction and arousal is obvious and they soon engage in a taboo relationship. Maybe he uses his powers on her to tease her, and she learns to use hers on him. Not sure, I'm open. But it's a nice take on a classic student teacher storyline. (Possible tags: ageplay, supernatural/super powers, public sex, rough-light sex, teasing)

17)Teacher for Blackmail: MC and YC used to date. She was several years older than him, but it had been a wonderful relationship. He was her Dom, and a good one at that. But when she started grad school and he was looking at college, it became harder for them to continue. Then they fell out of touch. Fast forward to her completion of grad school and she actually just got a job as an adjunct faculty (think part time professor) at a University. The frat and sorority life is vibrant there, the parties are crazy, and her students are lackluster at best. But it is a job, helping to pay off her bills, and further her career. What she doesn't realize is that her former Dom is a member of a frat there, and she has tons of his brothers in a few of her classes. When talking about their new hot professor, he realizes and knows exactly who it is. He's missed her. No one has submitted to him since like she has and he's been forced to have a series of boring lays here and there since they parted. He manages to find a video they recorded, quite scandelous and taboo, however consensual, that could ruin her job at least, at most her budding career. He's going to help his frat raise their GPA and get his former sub back in the process. (Possible tags: NC, Blackmail, Ageplay, group sex/gangbang, alcohol and parties, beastiality, anal play, D/s, bondage and BDSM, rough sex, teacher/student)

18) More Than Her Bodyguard:MC is a pageant queen, young and sexy. She's barely legal, and barely starting her reign. Her parents, coming from money and wanting the best for her, decide to appoint her a bodyguard to accompany her on her travels. She's an adult after all, so they can't exactly follow her themselves. But what they don't know is that the ex-military man that they've employed has a soft spot for some kinky stuff, and perhaps for pretty little things like her. Looking for someone to play her bodyguard, the slightly rough around the edges man to take advantage of her, all while they try to maintain her image of perfection to the public (possible tags: NC, teasing and seduction, ageplay plz! Dom/sub, bondage or rough sex, sexy outfits, training, virgin possibly)

19)The Forbidden Fruit: YC is just out of prison. He isn't a bad guy per se, but had developed increasingly protective feelings towards his sister. So much that he put a guy in the hospital when he caught him getting too handsy with her at a new years eve party. More so, he liked it, knowing that the bastard wouldn't get a chance to touch his baby sister. He realized once he was in the joint that he wasn't just protective, he was jealous, and he couldn't stop thinking about her. So when he gets out, he comes to stay with MC, his sister. She's the only one in the family who is speaking to him at this point. He's pent up, strong, and can't hold back any longer. He has to know her in the most intimate way and he's not going to take no for an answer. He's the only one who deserves her, and she'll learn he's the only one who can please her. (possible tags: incest, NC, dubNC, bondage, teasing, seduction, cheating)

20) Down A Dark Path: MC is a good girl, but she's just started college and is experimenting in more ways than one. YC is her brother, never been the college type, but driven all the same. He's in a gang or deals drugs or something, and he likes it. He likes getting what he wants and having the world at his fingertips. One night, he is at a party, either with members of his gang or supplying it with drugs, and he finds his sister in a room with some guy (maybe a member of his gang). She's high on something and seems ripe for the taking. Maybe he's thought about it before, maybe not. He figures no one knows she's his sister and she probably won't remember it anyways, so he jumps in and gets the best blowjob of his life. I want to explore YC luring and enticing mine down a dangerous path of drugs/alcohol/temptation so that he can get more of her (possible tags: incest, drugs/alcohol, NC, dubNC, gb, dp, teasing, bondage)

21) Tricked into Lust: Yc is in a fraternity and MC is new to college. They are siblings, but haven't been in touch for awhile. He's always been sort of the black sheep perhaps. He's part of a fraternity though, giving him the whole college experience! When his little sister comes to the same college he's at and starts staying with him, he's more than a little shocked. She's so different than he remembers. As protective as he is, he invites her to a frat party with him one night. At his frat party, some of the guys dare him to fuck her, knowing its his sister. She's been drinking, maybe she won't even remember? He gives in to the dare and much to his surprise, its amazing! He can't stop thinking about it, even though he's kind of embarrassed. Maybe she knows it was him maybe not. Either way, he knows he's going to have her again. Problem is, it was really good for her too (Possible Tags: Incest, NC, bondage, Dom/sub, drugs/alcohol, gb, rough sex, teasing)

22) The Mark: Humans and Werewolves coexist together, though not always peacefully. Some humans seem in denial of their existence, and others choose to hunt them. Plenty of other humans are just plain afraid of them. The government recognizes them as human, so obviously it's illegal to hunt them, but that doesn't keep some people or religious zealots from hunting them because they are an "abomination." The really tricky part comes with breeding. Werewolves only have one mate that can bear them children. They can sleep with a harem of other wolves, but each wolf is only destined for one mate. It's mother natures way of keeping balance. The problem, the tricky part, is that a wolves mate can be human just as much as they can be wolf. On the full moon, werewolves go out to hunt, driven by animal instincts, and should they scent their mate, they are compelled to fuck. Hard. MC is a human that didn't take the warnings seriously when she was told not to be out on a full moon night. YC is a young werewolf who has caught the scent of his mate, and being the strong virile alpha he is, he's not going to take no for an answer. Once he's human again though, they are each faced with the ramifications of the act and their sealed fate to be with one another or be forever alone.

Possible kinks: knotting, NC, rough sex, bukkake, big cock, romance, seduction)

23)The Hunted: She's known for a year now what her family was, and what they expected her to be. They told her they were hunters, and she would be also. But she had never even been able to hurt a mouse. It bothered her to think of hunting a creature. The fact that they hunted werewolves and vampires and the like was just an added frustrating element. Those things weren't real after all. Maybe her parents were crazy! But she always felt different, always was different. Friends were hard for her to make, she was always stronger than any guy she'd been with or gotten into a fight with. And yes, there were plenty of guys she'd fought. What her parents didn't tell her was how unique she was. Her blood was pure. She was not only born of a long line of hunters, but born under the full moon on the winter solstice. She could only think of one thing. She'd run away. But it's when she flees that the real trouble starts. Her pure blood catches the attention of a rather powerful alpha, an older man who has killed his share of hunters, other wolves too. He corners her, snarling beast that is more massive than most bears. He stops. There is something about her. He can't kill her. But he can't exactly tell his pack that he's gone soft either. So he takes her. Surely he and their pack will find some use for her.

Possible kinks: NC, bondage, rough sex, biting, knotting, breeding, seduction, romance, gangbang or threesome.

24)Trouble at Work: MC is a mid level employee at an office. She is quiet, but sweet and has a decent amount of those underneath her at work, so she can hold her own. YC is either a parolee, ex-con, broke out from prison, etc. He gets a job working there. Maybe he knows someone or gets it as a temp. Little does everyone know what he really went away for. And when he sees MC, he's tempted to enact all those bad things again. They develop an inner office romance where the heated moments just escalate. Will she learn the truth about him? Will she like it? And what happens when someone from his past comes looking for him? Lots of potential here. Open to discussing kinks. Needs to have a decent story though.

25)A Tale of Obsession: MC is an artist, thinking a dancer or sorts, and is good, but struggles to get by. She is self taught and beautiful, but can't get a great break. A wealthy benefactor takes an interest in her, becomes obsessed. He could be human or not. Either way, he has to have her, but not just her body. No, he wants her to bend to his will, to submit. He infiltrates her life and helps to support her dreams, all the while getting pleasure watching her dance, knowing that she is relying on him more and more, and soon, she will dance only for him. She doesn't know what he is, not at first at least, but as she trusts him more and more, he tests her boundaries. He commands more of her, does more to her, until one night, he wants more than just her body. He feasts on her, and she knows just what he is. But she so depends on him, and is afraid of him, that there is no going back. Only forward. A little darker of a tale, but exciting I think. NC options here, def dom/sub roles.

26) Someone I Used to Know: MC was adopted when she was very young. No one knew her real parents and no one knew where she had grown up in. She was raised by a nice couple who couldn't have children of their own. They raised her, loved her, spoiled her, and she turned 18 a very happy, healthy and smart young woman. Then she moved out on her own, and everything changed. She found herself drawn to a small town on the way to the college she was accepted at. It was hard to explain what drew her there, but once she's there, she feels like it's familiar. She meets YC, a slightly older man, who is roguishly handsome and seems just a little bit off. Turns out, the two of them have some history together, and he's not at all what he seems (possible tags: supernatural, witches, werewolves or vampires, rough kinky sex, biting, NC, heat, breeding, occult, incest, romance)

27) One Trip to Europe: MC is visiting Europe, maybe for research or maybe for fun. There is so much history there, and she's taken aback by the beautiful architecture and art and people. She finds herself invited to a few underground type clubs after meeting some local guys. It seems like a good idea, a way to let loose and experience a bit more of the city. But things go wrong. One of the clubs they go to seems darker, stranger, and she feels like she is being hunted the whole time. By nights end, her companions are gone and she finds herself cornered in a dark booth by a man. That's all she remembers. She wakes up the next morning with only a hazy concept of what happened and a feeling that she is still being hunted. The only thing that she knows for sure is that there was a lot of blood. (supernatural, NC, stalking/possessiveness, romance, dreams, crime/criminal, rough kinky sex, biting/feeding)
Did you read all that? WOW thanks :). PM if interested xoxox
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Re: Step right in! Varied Plots inside (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2017, 11:56:15 pm »
Added a few more plots (top two). Currently not as interested in my time travel ones though :)

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Re: Step right in! Varied Plots inside (F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2017, 10:56:28 am »
Id love to do the breeding lust one. That fits my particular desires perfectly :)

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Re: Step right in! Varied Plots inside (F seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2017, 12:44:57 pm »
I am very much interested in your breeder RP or your Witness Protection RP.

I am detailed and have been RPing for over 3 years now.

Let me know if you're interested in doing those RP's with me.

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Re: Step right in! Varied Plots inside (F seeking M)
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2017, 04:26:46 am »
Would be interested in doing the first two stories I just added to the list :). PM if interested.

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Re: Step right in! Varied Plots inside (F seeking M)
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2017, 01:35:46 am »
Hey! I edited and updated taken stories, as well as adjusted a few of the existing ones, and added in New Guy In Town and Looking for Lost Love :) PM with thoughts and ideas :)

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Re: You know you want to look....;) (F seeking M)
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2017, 07:07:55 pm »
Just added a few more plots, formatted a bit, labeled my taken stories, and I put tags on all of my RPs :D Enjoy, PM with interest

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Re: You know you want to look....;) (F seeking M)
« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2017, 06:49:32 pm »
Looking for one of my red cravings plots please :)

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Re: You know you want to look....;) (F seeking M)
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Cleaning up this post a bit. AND I added three new plots :) 21, 22, 23

Taken Plots

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1) Welcome to the Pack: In a world where werewolves are still widely considered creatures of myth, there seems to be no real danger out at night, let alone the full moon. But the truth of the matter is, there is a real danger. Werewolf packs are very real, but nothing like what is in the lore. The packs are largely male, one alpha and several betas. There are female wolves present, but they are very low in the hierarchy, used mainly for sexual pleasures, raising young, and help with the hunts. Female wolves are also infertile. It's a cruel joke of nature, giving the male wolves an insatiable sex drive, but not letting them procreate with more of their kind. The only way werewolves can breed then is to find a female human. As their children as born human with the werewolf gene, it's a sort of loophole to mate with a human female. Her body thinks it is a normal child, but it will always be a wolf. Packs are very particular about who they select as a breeder. The scent, the look, the attitude has to be perfect. This will be the mother of many of their children after all. MC finds herself a bit lost, or perhaps new in town, and befriends who she thinks is a regular guy. He's handsome, alluring, and more than anything, he's very dominant. Little does she know, YC is actually the alpha of his were-pack and he just found out who is going to be their breeder. Looking for someone to play the male werewolves of the pack (At least the alpha male and a few betas). Don't have to play out the actual pregnancy at all or anytime soon either. (Possible tags: Ageplay, beastiality, knotting, NC, bondage, rough sex, BDSM, DP, gangbang, romance even, pregnancy, lactation)

4) A Brothers Lust: She was only 16 when he left, her brother, the guy who took care of her through most of her childhood. He was older and always the athletic type. The family didn't really know why he left so suddenly, but he was off at some college or traveling the world or something. Nothing to be done but to move on with normal life. But she missed him. A few years later, she finds herself calling him up. Her parents think it's time she leave the nest and she doesn't know who else to turn to. Little does she know the reason why her brother left. And now she isn't the same shapeless little girl he remembers. She is a young woman, with all of the curves to match. Truth is, he was bitten by a werewolf and had to leave because a variety of his animal urges were too much to handle, unsafe for everyone. Can he continue to keep them in check with his now gorgeous little sister staying with him? Can he hide his secret from her? I'm also open to him having a different dark secret. Maybe he got into some trouble, or was just simply lusting for her from the begininng (Possible tags: Supernatural, beastiality, knotting, bondage, incest, ageplay, NC, teasing) (discussing currently, may or may not be open)[/s] (Taken)

5) Looking For Lost Love: YC, a vampire, has spent centuries alone, engaging in whatever wants or desires he had. But no one compared to his lost love, the one who was taken from him. MC is a normal girl, but plagued with nightmares of things that feel utterly real, scenes of black roses, a handsome stranger, a stake in her heart. And when YC finds her, he knows who she is, it's his lost love, brought back to him, he just needs to remind her of the world they shared, of the world they took together. But she is different, and rejects his advances, so he turns her against her will. Can he get her to come around, to love him like before, or at least, a new love? Room for some debauchery here if he can get her to her old self, where they ravage each other and take what they want from the world, or more light and passionate if she holds on to her more human side, fighting him or at least trying to change his mind on the world they will now share. (Possible tags: Romance, light-bdsm, biting)

6) 6) Breeding Lust:In a world where population growth has come under government control, and fertile women are often taken to breeder farms, one would think the worst. But at more high tech institutions, such as where MC is, they are serums and developments to not just make you want sex, but to crave it. There are events where fertile men, carefully chosen, are allowed to come and view the women. They can have their way with them, bind them, tease them, fuck them, and ultimately fill them with their seed in an attempt to repopulate the world. And the women love it, often being in a room with more than one male at a time. MC will be one such woman, knowing nothing else or maybe she is new to it all. YC could be a wealthy man, wanting a sex slave, maybe he cuts a deal with the facility, trading or just buying right out. It's a little bit more sexual oriented than I usually go for, but I haven't quite played this out before so I'm interested :). Would also like to play with some different serum effects, maybe milking. (Possible tags: lactation, breast enlargement, bdsm, punishment, Dom/sub or master/pet, anal training, group/gangbang, sex slave at a party, obedience)

18) She Never Saw It Coming: My character is an innocent, wrong place at the wrong time, seeing something she shouldn't have. She just doesn't know how much trouble she is actually in for what she saw. Perhaps she gets kidnapped or taken by those who did the crime. They want to make sure she stays quiet. Kept somewhere secret, but otherwise well maintained, there are a series of men (gang, mafia, underground crime type thing) that tend to her. Rather, she tends to them. Will she escape, or will someone come find her? How much can she endure before she finds herself giving in to the men that have so depraved her? (Possible tags: sex slave, gangbang/group, serve at a party, DP, anal, face fucking, lots of cum, beastiality, humiliation, rough sex, whips or flogging, bdsm, NC)

19) The Governors Wife:You know the part in Pirates of the Caribbean where Elizabeth swan is proposed to by the Commodore, and you're like, wait a minute. He worked on the ship when she was a little girl. How much older is he? I'd like to play off of something like that. MC is a noblemans daughter, wealthy family at least. She is a bit spirited, but beautiful. They sort of arrange that the governor will marry her. Of course, he proposes and she thinks on it, but there really aren't a lot of other options right now. She is but a woman in a time when that meant little rights, especially when you come from a wealthy family. YC is the older governor she is to be married to. He has always lusted for her, or perhaps just recently. Either way, he knows she is a bit spirited and looks to bring her to submit to him. Perhaps he does it through sexual pleasure and orgasm denial, or through domination. He wants a woman on his arm to be the dutiful wife, look and play the part of keeping the house running smoothly and making him look good in the process. Behind closed doors, he is even more the master, punishing her for things that went wrong, taking out frustrations from his day, making her do dirty things that no decent lady should do. He's your character, what do you think? (Possible tags: political/high class, dom/sub, punishment, teasing, orgasm denial, oral, anal, multiple orgasms, bdsm, rough sex, spanking/slaping, humiliation, dirty talk) (Taken)

12) Dark Desires: YC is a vampire, old and jaded by mankind. He finds himself overtaken by his primal urges more and more, succumbing to kills almost nightly to sate his blood lust. They all get overlooked of course. He has his ways of taking care of things so that no one will notice. MC is young and rather your typical innocent. The world is exciting, and she finds herself wide eyed at most things. Including YC. He goes to attack her, knowing he could have her in a moment, but something stops him. She seems different than most. Maybe he wants to enjoy this hunt a bit more. Maybe she stirs a part of him long lost in time. And she finds him dangerous, but soon sees he has a mysterious side that is all too hard to avoid. She wants to walk that line between his feral self, the one that could kill her, and the self that could be the best partner/lover that she has ever known. (Possible tags: biting, D/s, possessiveness and jealousy, romance, rough sex, virgin/anal virgin)
22) Trouble for Daddy:MC is a bit feisty, not necessarily dominant, but extremely strong willed. She comes to live with her father after her mother remarries and they don't exactly have time for her. Of course, there are some angry feelings on her part over the matter. She's never been particularly close to her father. MC moves in with him and starts to act out a bit. She's curvy and just coming into her sexuality. Sure, she hasn't had sex, but that doesn't mean she doesn't fantasize and day dream about it, masturbate, etc. Problem is, her father isn't some old man, and he isn't exactly the picture of a gentleman. He notices the way she struts about, the way she seems to be teasing him and the friends he has over often. How long will it be until enough is enough and he acts on his feelings? And how will MC act when she is finally about to be taken by a real man, not just felt up by some boy? Isn't this the kind of attention she's been missing? And what happens when her father can't help but to share her with his friends? Looking for someone to play the father here and at least a few friends to help fulfill her fantasies :) (Possible tags: incest, ageplay, bondage, virgin, teasing, outfits, DP, gangbang/group)
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I'm selectively looking for either Welcome to the Pack, Brothers Lust, or my newest one, Well Fuck You Too.

Enjoying my incest stories right now in particular :D

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Re: You know you want to look....;) (F seeking M)
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Updated my current wants. Welcome to the Pack, Witness Protection, Deal with the Devil, and My Best Friends Girl are all up for grabs and open for discussion.

Also, some things I want to explore but am not sure of a specific plot include:

date rape/drunk sex
college parties
group sex (YCs. Maybe one main one and a few side ones for flavor :))

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Re: Will you bite if I ask nicely? ;) (seeking a few new stories)
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I just updated my request thread. The plots in red are the ones I'm looking for lovelies. Please PM me with interest

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Re: Will you bite if I ask nicely? ;) (seeking a few new stories)
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Looking for another few stories :). I have lots here obviously, but PM if you think our interests would match.

Updated with new plots and taken plots

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Re: Will you bite if I ask nicely? ;) (seeking a few new stories)
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I have updated my thread here with some current cravings (in red). Not sure how many more stories I can take on, but I'm open and interested, looking for the right partner to play with, or to play with me :P