Assassin's Code (F seeking M)

Started by Silvermyst, August 09, 2017, 08:36:21 PM

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Style: Can be romance or non-con.

Romance version:
You are the son of a well-known leader of an assassin's guild. You are out on a mission, you have just killed your target. You are on the way back to your hide out when you see a young women being beaten by a guy. Normally, you would ignore this, but you see the women in basically defenseless and innocent. Never hurt the innocent. It is their code. He steps in. Saves her. He can't leave her there, not for this man to wake back up and hurt her more. So, you do the only thing that comes to your mind. You take her with you. You care for her, nurse her back to health. She is thankful and in return takes care of you. We can discuss it more.

Non-Con Version:
It is basically the same as the story above, but instead, she witnesses you kill the assigned target. No witnesses. It is a code. You must kill her. However, something inside your keeps you from killing her. Instead you take her back with you. It has been a long time since you have been with a women. You miss it. She will become yours, yours to do with as you please. We can discuss if interested.

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