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May 16, 2022, 12:44:47 pm

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Author Topic: Anthro / Furry: Sibling Incest RP Request (M Looking for F/M)  (Read 968 times)

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Anthro / Furry: Sibling Incest RP Request (M Looking for F/M)
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:58:14 am »
Selectively Looking - I don't want to take on too many RPs at once.  I am looking for partners who can post frequently.  Therefore I will be choosy. 

Current Craving - Brother x Sister (or Brother) Incest - Currently I'm really only looking for a Brother x Sister (or Brother) incest RP that probably a little more erotic than plot driven.  I am kind of thinking of simplicity of complexity, having the characters in late high school or early college as well as the setting being more or less Modern

I don't really have any specific plots beyond dealing with the taboo and secretive nature of such a pairing.  Obviously, based on the title and reading further, I would like it to be in an Anthro / Furry world with no humans.  It can be something like Zootopia or really any other setting as long as it revolves around Furry characters.  They can be human-like or animal-like in personality depending on your preferences.

I normally tend to lean towards canines as a standby for species (foxes); however, lately I've been wanting to do something a bit different.  I am looking to play a Zebra male.  I guess depending on preference my partner could really play anything as it makes some degree of sense to have mixed species couples.  Hell, maybe that could be taboo too.

Male Character Idea - NSFW

The plot to smut ratio I'm looking for is about 60/40 as, at the moment, I'm more interested in the erotic RP.  However, that's negotiable if we can work out a good plot together.

PM me if you're interested.  I'd also be willing to entertain the idea of doing a Brother x Brother incest RP as well.  I've never done that before, so why not.

Requirements - Specifically looking for a partner who can:
  • Post 3+ Paragraphs minimum.
  • Post a couple times per week.
  • Help drive a story or be entertained by erotic focused RPs.
  • Be okay with Furry / Anthro themed RP

Here is a bit of information about my own RP Style and what I expect:

RP Style

Posting Style:
I typically post to match my partner but I can personally range from 3-10 paragraphs depending on the situation.  I would say that my average posting length is 4-5 paragraphs with an introduction post ranging from 8-10 depending on how well I want to flesh out the world.  I tend to put detail to my character, include thoughts and emotions as well as attempt to paint a picture of the scenery. 

That being said, I expect a certain amount of quality and quantity from my partner so I get a little put off if someone can't reliable post a least 3 paragraphs.  Given that a character has a wide range of emotions and the world itself has a number of nuances, I think that's a reasonable request.  It's understandable to occasionally post two paragraphs, if things are moving quickly, but I don't like that to be the norm.  I RP not only to have some fun, but also to challenge myself as a writer.

Posting Frequency:
I typically post frequently throughout the week.  So expect at least 4-5 posts each week if not one or more daily if we happen to catch each other at a good time.  If I am unable to post, run into a block, or get sick I will let you know.  When looking for a partner, I prefer someone who can post about as much as I do.  If you can post once a day, great!  I like reliable partners and I've run across too many people here who disappear for longs periods without any word or update.  It's very frustrating.

Communication and Honesty
I tend to let my partner know if I don't like the way the story is going or have suggestions to change the flow.  I'll let my partner know if I really like the story and their style as well.  I will be honest and not sugar coat anything.  If I am not having fun I'll say so.  I expect the same.  One the other side of that coin, if you are becoming disinterested in the story, please let me know and we can either end it or work to correct the flow, don't just vanish.  It's rude.

Typos, Grammar, etc
I am in no way a grammar snob.  I am in no way a spelling snob.  I make stupid typos and so do other people.  If you can't understand what I am saying (it's not that bad, I'm exaggerating to make a point) then let me know.  I'll do the same if I can't understand my partners post.

I don't have any real preference here.  I can play either or switch or bounce back and forth depending on the scenario.  Depending on the story, I'll do what is needed or if my partner has a preference I'll play along with that.  Honestly based on the nature of things, I end up in Dom roles, so I'm sure it would be fun to play a Sub role from time to time.

Things to Avoid:
There are some things I don't want to RP:
  • Toilet based RP
  • Vore
  • Vampires
  • Anything underage (that doesn't mean 18+ only, but I would be hard pressed to play anything younger than 16)
  • Large age gaps

Writing Sample
Koben had come from a long line of dark furred mercenaries that started their career in exactly the same way.  Lair had an intensive year long training program run by the Apostle Corporation.  It was common for young Vargr to finish their education and attend the mercenary school versus moving on to a more civilized career.  Year after year the program was becoming more and more popular as conflicts with the humans increased.

The life was popular to young pups who had no desire to be planet bound.  The tales of exploring the stars had taken on a life of romance and mystery, the last frontier for adventure.  Not like this young wolf had much of a choice.  His father, Mordin, had been a proud and notable mercenary, amassing a impossible amount of fame and fortune (none of which he passed on to his children).  To follow in those footsteps his older brother Dzaku has also joined the cause and if the last letters he had received were true, making quite a name for himself as well.

This put the whole prospect in a different life for the young male.  After all, he was all for keeping his body in shape and his mind sharp, but he knew he would have a long way to go before he would be able to equal the rights of his family.  But the life style was certainly appealing.  Mercenaries had a way about them that was attractive.  Since they risked their lives on a daily basis, they tended to party hard and in a more self destructive fashion.  The average life span for a mercenary was about thirty, and if you made it that far then you likely had enough money to retire.

So the training course went by with the normal speed.  The pomp and circumstance was performed and Koben was granted the honorary first rank.  To the eyes of his people that made him a soldier, defending the cause.  To the other Mercenaries, it made him slightly better than the shit they scrap off their boots.  And the arrangement for attending the school is performing a one year tour with Apostle Corp in the Regina sector, doing odd jobs and protection work for that specific Mega Corporation.  Apostle had it's hands in everything, government work, trade, manufacturing, mineral gathering so the work was generally endless.  Hence them opening a school on Lair in an attempt to lure cheap labor out into space.  And it worked.

So given his standard issue Gauss Rifle, which fired shards of metal a sub-sonic speeds using a powerful magnetic thrust, and a suit of body armor, he left his known world behind, his surviving family and friends, and loaded up into a class Beowolf ship bound for a station.  The trip would be a few weeks via jumps space.  One of the perks of traveling with a company.

Apostle corp knew how to treat the new mercs.  Not only was their trip sponsored by the company, it was known that mercenaries tended to enjoy themselves after their graduation.  This ship was stocked with any number of drinks, fine foods, games, a few of the less damaging recreation drugs, and enough gender diversity to make sure that everyone's needs were met.  And they were.  Each evening was full of debauchery, each night filled with lust, and during the day there were enough games and vids to keep the recovering passengers occupied until the cycle started anew.

Truth be told the trip was a bit of a haze.  With no real personal belongings nor any pack to speak of, one quickly formed with the twenty or so recruits.  Even though it was understood that the pack would disband when they arrived on station, after all, each of them was already spoke for by another group that was currently in operation.  But that didn't stop the normal genetics from tugging at their Vargr minds.  Even in such a small place, with little to do, a leader would attempt to establish himself or herself to determine what they were drinking that night, or what game to play, or to get the prime choice of partners.  Koben, being an ambitious and generally overconfident sort (one had to in this profession), took place in the dominance fights, never being one to accept any specific spot.

But all in all it was in good fun, as all of them knew this was only temporary.  And after a few jumps and a couple of weeks destroying more and more braincells, the captain of the small Beowolf class vessel came over the comms and indicated that they were about an hour away from docking with Apostle's main station.  So naturally everyone geared up in preparations to finally be off this tin can and into a significantly large tin can.

And which their life of fortune and fame awaited.  Koben, a young and handsome wolf, his body toned through the year of mercenary training, but not as larger as some of the other Vargr.  Completely black fur from head to toe save for a small white tuft at the end of his tail, prepared himself to start the next leg of his life and he hoped to the Ancient powers that created their race, that his head wouldn't be blown off in the first month.  Of course, he also prayed he wasn't on some meaningless guard patrol...where's the fun in that?

Adult Writing Sample
Everything was becoming suddenly intense.  His body was on fire with each movement she made, as her sodden nether lips rested against his aching rigid flesh, their bodies so close to simply merging in that beautiful fashion as they were meant to do.  Even when she began to rock her hips, he could feel that pulsing in his loins, the pleasure that sparked up his spine.  He gasped loudly, a bit louder than he should have, as her body ever so gently teased against his flesh.  That pressure began to build in the pit of his stomach, more pre-cum leaking from the tip as his sack had become somewhat swollen to the point it was causing him some discomfort.

His ears remained perked to listen to her words, but he was struck dumbfounded by her movements.  It was now impossible for him to concentrate as his paws curved from her hips to feel the soft shorter fur of her rear as well as offer a soft squeeze of her rump.  This was turning into one of the better trips he had ever taken.  Of course, he had come here planning on merging their two magics together and hopefully using his virginity in one massive spell to do away with the humans for good.  It's why he clung to it with the last act of his conscious mind, the extra power gained from the act.

Her actions and her words were driving his arousal further, and just before she dismounted him she could feel an additional swelling occur at the base of his shaft as that knot began to form.  To canines it was a clear sign that his climax was pending.  To the feline, it might look strange, but then again the whole organ likely look peculiar, not that Rolu would know.  She obviously took to it well enough so it couldn't be too different than the rest of her species.

As she dismounted he let out a little whine of disappointment, but her mind was obviously made up.  Then when she moved into a different position his whine faded and was replaced by a heavy moan as her felt that feline tongue caress over the thick tip of his length.  His hips arched encouragingly towards her as he turned his azure eyes to her risen rump.  That damp canine tail whipped erratically back and forth as his eagerness was getting ahead of him, his breath in heavy pants as she descended on his length.

One paw returned behind him to brace himself as the other moved to rest on the small of her back once more.  That paw curved around her rump, caressing over the fur there to make it's way to those nether lips.  He wanted to touch them so badly, for the first time.  In which his progress was a little hasty and the movement there seemed more out of quick need versus a sensual caress.  His paw made it's way between her legs, as they were bent, to find those soft, damp nether lips that had suckled and ground against his shaft moments ago.  There a few digits moved over the flesh, mentally mapping it out, the entry - how warm, wet, begging for something.  He slowly probed two digits against the opening and began to descend into her.

At the same time all of her actions at his member caused a flood of pleasure to course through his veins.  His hips bucked and despite the fact that she was taking it slow, his length was already too sensitive.  The feeling of her warm maw embracing him, the slick hugging of her cheeks against the side of his throbbing wolf-cock.  Then when she moved her paw down to caress over white furred sac, he lost it.

With a sudden and startled cry the male climaxed.  Again, It was a bit louder than it should have been - more of a yip that broken the calm sounds of the flowing river, the burning fire in the distance, and the all too brief sounds of her suckling on his member.  Following the noise there was a distinct clenching in his sac and at the knot as a pulse of seed burst from his length into her waiting mouth.  Another quick jerk from his body and another jet fired as the heaviest part of his sudden climax was over.  His body was tense and his fingers had buried themselves deep within her as his left leg twitched.  His breath, which was rapid pants, had sucked into a gasp as his body shook with pleasure.  Then as fast as the explosion came, his body began to calm.  The tension melting from his form.  His ears ticked back slightly, a little embarrassed at his eagerness and naivety got the best of him.

After the climax faded, whether she remained where she was or looked up, his fingers began to continue their exploration of her sex, diving in slow patterns as his member remained rather hard after his climax.  Wolves were known to be virile and could orgasm multiple times if needed or wanted.  He glanced down at her, the scent of her sex still flooding his nostrils, he was unable to escape it.  He was more interested to see how she would react, given what happened.
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Re: Anthro / Furry: Sibling Incest RP Request (M Looking for F/M)
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2017, 10:43:55 am »
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Re: Anthro / Furry: Sibling Incest RP Request (M Looking for F/M)
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 02:04:40 pm »
Nice ideas Kanen.

I am not sure we would mesh and I can't, at the moment, guarantee how frequently I can post.

But I did want to say that you have nice ideas.