Dark seduction and more...

Started by LovingDeep, August 06, 2017, 02:31:17 AM

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Welcome to my request one and all. As you see from the title, this is for a dark romance of the fantasy variety. I myself shall be playing the role of a vampire who has been living in seclusion for several hundred years due to his past. YC, we can talk about species later, meets MC in some way. With love on the horizon, will YC be the one to wash away his dark past and bring him once more to the great Lord he once was? We shall see how it unfolds...

I do have a post of O/Os that you can see. Nothing is non-nego for me though, given you make the right case of why or the story calls for it. In this case, slight gore in the sense of bloodletting and maybe some blood play as vampires are prone to such. This can go either way as to the sex of your character for I am flexible, though I will be playing a male. Let me know in the comments or in PMs(preferred) and we can talk more about it. (Edited for mistakes.)
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