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November 27, 2020, 01:30:19 PM

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Author Topic: Kitten's plots, female for male  (Read 676 times)

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Kitten's plots, female for male
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:22:00 PM »
These are three plots that I'm currently craving. I'd like Witches tower to be a more sweet and romantic game but that's open for negation. I am currently only seeking these three games but you can check my craving thread for details about my kinks and writing samples. I'm looking for someone to challenge my writing and get me out of the lazy slump I've been in with it. Please PM me if you are interested!

Witches Tower
Imogene looks up as the Witch enters, her eyes growing wide with fear. She whimpers as she shakes her head, her hands trembling as she watches her knitting float into the air and into the basket next to her. Her head lowers, tears splashing onto her lap as she listens to the Witch approach.

She's not sure why the Witch keeps her, what the end game is but this is the only life she really remembers. She remembers a family, vaguely. She remembers being surrounded by people and loving parents. She remembers a large house and horses to ride. She remembers never being alone.

And flames. She remembers flames and screams. Imogen remembers being alone and frightened in darkness and then the Witch came. She remembered fighting the Witch, but she doesn't remember why. She also remembers not being able to move, being frozen as the Witch carried her away.

Imogene has never mentioned these memories to the Witch. She's seen the Witches power and it frightens her. She's felt it as well. The Witch has punished her when she's disobedient.

She looks out the window, watching the forest shift and change as the tower travels the land. It's odd. No one can see the tower. She's tried attracting attention. She's screamed and wailed but no one can hear or see her. Even when they are so close...She can almost touch them.

But the magic of the tower keeps her from leaving, it keeps her from ever stepping foot outside this tower without the Witch's permission. And she only ever sends Imogene for a short period of time and only to get something.  She's not sure why the Witch can't get them herself, but she's grateful for the chance to leave the tower.

Imogene turns to the Witch, nodding her understanding. She's not sure what the Witch is doing but she knows that it can't be good. She shudders as the tower fades and she finds herself standing in the forest below. She looks up, then looks at the hourglass amulet. 3 hours. She has three hours to complete this before she's returned to the tower.

Imogene starts walking, following the path towards the shrine. It's a small, hidden shrine built by the druids and the Witch wants a carving from it. Despite her fear, despite knowing that what she's doing is wrong, Imogene finds herself smiling. She's in the fresh air, feeling the sun on her skin.

She can't help it, she starts laughing when she comes to a field and and runs through it. Her arms are outstretched,brushing across the tall grass as she runs for the simple pleasure of being free to do so.

Some work does need to be done with this plot but I have the bones of it down. The Witch needed a virgin(my character) to collect components for a spel. The spell would change the face of the world and be devastating, though the exact nature of it can be discussed.

Now, I lean towards this being a more romantic and sweet game. I would prefer to play across from a white knight type. I'm also thinking that Imogene is a surprise to him. This game could start in one of two ways.

Either he catches her stealing for the Witch and she's able to communicate what's happening, leading him to mount a rescue. Or, he arrives at the tower to kill the Witch and is surprised by her presence there. At that point he saves Imogene which allows the Witch to escape.

The long term plot would revolve around stopping the Witch from casting her spell.

Not in Camelot anymore
He wakes slowly, confused as to where he is. The Knight had gone to sleep in an Inn but he is not there now. He looks around, his head feeling heavy and his mouth dry. His things are were he left them and nothing seems disturbed. But the room...The room is different. His cloak lies on the floor, the chair it was draped over disappeared. There's no shutters over the windows, only a thin lacy curtain. He is very clearly not in the same room. But who moved him? And why?

The Knight carefully stands, reaching for and drawing his sword. His feet are bare as he walks slowly to the door, listening carefully for movement.He can hear someone moving about in the next room, their footsteps light as they pace. They are muttering under their breath, repeating something but he can't hear the words. Sword held before him, ready for combat, the Knight throws open the door. He startles the pretty young girl. She stands in silent shock for a long moment, then screams and runs from the room.

The book she was reading drops to the floor, lying open as she races down the stairs. She very clearly had no idea the Knight was there. He chases after her, calling out that he means her no harm. A door slams closed, the lock clicking home and he can hear her terrified pants from inside the room. She calls out, telling him to go away, begging him to but he has questions. She doesn't answer him and he can hear her working a window open. She screams suddenly and he can hear the thud of a body hitting the floor.

A mans voice now, telling her that he promised he'd come back for her and the sounds of the girl screaming and fighting him. The Knight doesn't hesitate, he kicks the door down. His sword is still drawn as he kicks the man off her, defending the frightened girl.

This is where the story diverges. It can either take place in the modern age with little to no changes or the world I will detail below! The Knight can be kind and honorable, he can be her steadfast protector and care for her in a gentle and sweet way. Or the Knight can be aggressive and dominant. He might be willing to hurt her when she doesn't have the answers he desires. The Knight might decide to use bondage as a way of controlling her and keeping her close. Perhaps he even rapes her and takes her as his.

They discover that the Knight fell through a portal in time. They are very rare and only open on occasion but through careful research, she's able to discover how to open a portal at a specific location. Does the Knight stay with her or take her with him? Does she have a choice in the matter?

Alternate World
The future is dark. Much darker then ever imagined. The ruling class has only gotten stronger and the King rules with an iron first. His lords and ladies have few restrictions imposed on them and do whatever they like. Under them are the working class. They keep their head down, praying not to be noticed by anyone above them.  To be noticed is dangerous and only ever leads to suffering. At the bottom of the ladder are the slaves. They may be bought and sold at whim. Anything their owner wants to do to them is allowed and encouraged.

There are public and private slaves.The public ones are owned by the government and may be used by any free person at any time provided no permanent damage is left. The private slaves are owned by a free person and may only be used how they allow. Public slaves are often used for menial labor while private ones may have more skill. If the owner desires, a slave may have a tail and ears permanently attached and the slave will receive training on how to act like that animal.

A free, working class person may be bought. If they have committed any crime, not matter how minor, it becomes a matter of public record. Once that record exists, anyone may bid on them. Their price is affected by how attractive they are, how skilled they are and their education. Virgins are rare and highly valued. 

This would be a very dark work. Almost anything is allowed there and the rape of slaves would be common. It would heavily feature BDSM in all it's ranges and would involve non and dub con

Pirate's Treasure
Charlotte Danvers is the daughter of a wealthy merchant. She lives a spoiled and protected life in England, traveling with her father to France every summer. She wants for nothing and was born with a sliver spoon. As her fathers only child, she is heir to his vast fortune, a fact which is not lost on her many suitors. Charlotte has no interest in them, or in being married. She actively resists the idea, preferring her books to male company.

Her father started his business with an old friend of his but over the years pushed him out. He did so skillfully, and by the time they noticed, it was too late to stop him. His business partner was left broke and soon lost his home. He committed suicide in despair. His son however, survived. He'd grown up on the water, grown up sailing and he's a master at it. It didn't take him long to get his own ship and he lured a crew to him with promises of riches. He turned to piracy, raiding any ship he could find. He takes great pleasure in raiding and sinking Danver ships as a revenge for his father.

The Danver business has faltered and failed over the last years, their ships are being taken by pirates at an alarming rate. Mr Danvers has decided to move to America for a fresh start with his family. He leaves with his wife, allowing Charlotte to stay behind to finish the year in England.

The shy, quiet heiress is alone on a ship heading to America. A ship that could easily be targeted by an enemy of her father. She is innocent in all of this, she wasn't even born when her father wronged his partner. But will the Pirate King see it that way? Or will he only see the beautiful, virgin daughter of his enemy?