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Started by RachelLS, August 03, 2017, 02:14:22 PM

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Soooo I have an idea for a roleplay that i really wanna do, i'll write the first post in this message, and if you like the idea of it, please send me a PM. Other character would be a single dad with a kid/kids and they end up dating. This causes friction between the children and the families. Things that I like, no one liners, the ability to push plot (without having to really discuss it), and multiple characters. I have ideas for some dark themes in this roleplay, so let me know if you have any triggers. Please PM if interested!

Alex was late as usual, no surprises there. Sitting in the back of the yellow cab, she kept checking her watch, well, the step tracker she basically used as a watch (a very unsubtle gift from her mother last year), her red heeled feet tapping the carpeted floor of the cab. She felt super uncomfortable in the dress Terri had leant her, a black backless thing that kept riding up her arse whenever she wasn't being careful. Not for the first time tonight, she wondered how she'd been talked into wearing it, but she already knew the answer. She hadn't dated for sooooo long and Terri always seemed to know what she was doing so she'd basically said fuck it and put the damn dress on. She'd also had a couple of white wines to calm her nerves but they were definitely wearing off now, and she could feel that anxious feeling settling in her chest again.

Why was she doing this again?

1: She was thirty-four and had been single and sexless for two years. As Terri put it, she needed to ride the horse again... whoever the horse is.
2: Same reason as above.
3: Ditto.

But did she actually want to? Biting her lip, she looked out the window, at the hoods and umbrellas on the sidewalk, the rain coming down hard and fast, the night lights shimmering in the water's reflection. All she knew about the guy was he was a single parent... like herself. They'd chatted for a week or so before she'd asked him out on a date... to meet her at this bar she'd found recently, a quirky place that displayed an array of anything bobble head related. Now she was kicking herself in the teeth for it. He probably thought she was a right weirdo as he sat there alone, surrounded by film and TV bobble head memorabilia. Sighing, she tucked her long dark hair behind her ears, and looked at her watch again. Shit, she was twenty minutes late. He'd have probably gone home by now, thinking she'd stood him up. The traffic was horrific, and Sam had been having one of his melt downs again.

'But I don't want you to go out,' he'd said, clutching his blanket, the one with pink elephants on it, his face red and sore from so much crying. Alex had pulled him into her arms, letting his legs wrap round her waist, her lips kissing his wet cheeks all over.

'Darling, Terri's here with you, and I'm sure she'll let you watch Moana again.'

There was a snort from the hallway and Alex turned to glare at Terri who had an almost empty glass of red in her hand. Rolling her eyes, Terri made a hand gesture to signal it was ok with her, turning to walk back to the living room.

Dani hadn't even come out of her room to say goodbye.

Finally, the cab arrived outside the bar, and after fumbling with her wallet and paying the guy, she threw herself into the apocalyptic weather, her denim coat above her head to keep her dry as the wind whipped round her hair. Throwing open the door with a bang, she startled a couple who were sitting by the entrance, their mood clearly ruined.

'Sorry,' Alex mumbled, stumbling through and closing the door behind her. The place was as mad as she'd last seen it, all manner of bobble heads decorating the red walls on different levels of shelving.  Hell, even the lamp shades were decorated with bobble heads! But the vibe was nice, and she remembered why she'd picked it. The place relaxed her, something that was hard to come by in these last two years.

Looking round, she spied her date sat in a booth. With a slight panic, she pulled her dress down and tried to sort out her hair before walking over to him.
'Hi,' she said, giving a small awkward wave while the other hand kept a hold of her dress firmly.