Vague fandom RP ? Need inspiration!

Started by TwilightJester, August 01, 2017, 05:55:19 PM

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So i have no RP in years online with strangers. I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing again! So i thought id post some fandoms I'm into see if anyone else was interested. If you want to do Canon characters that's cool. I am new with oc's but i really wanna try and give it a shot! So tell me ideas you have etc.

*Lord of the rings / The hobbit
* The walking dead
* Way to many animes to mention.
* Star wars
* Dragon age
* Voltron
* Avatar the last airbender / Korra ((honestly i would love to do a oc in this universe.))
* Pokemon
*Harry potter.

Also if you have any ideas for a new universe tell me!!
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OH and how did i not put marvel !!!! thats a huge one for me.
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Would be interested in something involving skyrim :p


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