Ehlamjanx off hiatus please

Started by Ehlamjanx2, July 31, 2017, 11:33:48 AM

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This is ehlamjanx.  I have lost access to the email that I had set up for my user ID prior to going on hiatus.  Requesting an admin's help to restore my ehlamjanx ID to the email address

<snip> no outside contact info in Staff boards

You can verify my IP address.  It is really me.  Please delete this account if my ID can be reset.  Thank you and sorry for the trouble.


This is being worked on.  We'll get you straightened out.  Thank you Ehlamjanx :-)

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Thanks.  I hope it didnt complicate matters adding this duplicate account with that email address.  Appreciate your help.  This account can be deleted.



You should now be able to request a password reminder on the ehlamjanx account; your e-mail has been updated. Once you log back into it, please request to have your Hiatus lifted in the special Hiatus board you'll be able to see.

This second account will be Denied as we don't allow duplicates.