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Author Topic: Rosaline's current cravings. M/F, M/M, F/F.  (Read 1298 times)

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Rosaline's current cravings. M/F, M/M, F/F.
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:32:48 AM »
Welcome to my craving request thread.

-No chatspeak.
-No one-liners. I have a tendency to get a wee bit carried away at times and can have lengthy posts. However, I would like it if you are capable of writing a minimum of three paragraphs per post. If you feel inclined to go wild and write more, I certainly will not complain.
-I have few limits and those would be: No scat, vore, watersports.
-I control my character and you control yours -- unless circumstances that have previously been discussed come to play.
-Your real-life gender makes no difference as to whether I would be willing to write with you. If you're  a male wanting to play a female or the opposite, it's all good.
-In most cases I should be able to get a response out within a day or two. Though I can guarantee a minimum of once a week and would like it if you could as well. If you are going to be absent, please try to let me know if you can.
-These are just a few of my cravings. If you think you might want to write with me but have an idea that you may like to try that isn't listed below, please feel free to send me a PM.
-I will be adding and editing to this the next few days.

Current Cravings:

High Fantasy Ideas/Notes:

-I love in-depth fantasy worlds and have always been a fan. Elves, dwarves, ogres, goblins, magic, fae, etc.

Idea1: Been really craving to play my drow female. She would in essence be a traveling warrior fleeing the underdark in an effort to not be manipulated for political reasons. Therefore, any story with this character can go a lot of directions. Perhaps YC is a bounty hunter caught sight of her and decided to capture her to bring her back for the bounty. Maybe something happens along the way where YC is forced to release her in order to survive some kind of attack. Perhaps instead, YC is an adventurer that stumbled across MC fighting some bounty hunters whilst heavily outnumbered and decided to help her once they realize she would lose. Ultimately, I am really open to any additional ideas, etc that you may have as well.

Idea2: Been having an itch to play my cursed elvish assassin. This can be in either a modern or medieval kind of a time period. Some insight to the character is that she is cursed for immortality. That does not mean that she instantly heals, but more along the lines that lethal wounds heal up to a point where it wouldn't be lethal anymore and the healing rate is normal after that. She can use magic, but it costs a heavy toll on her energy-wise, so she only uses it as a last resort. As for any healing magic, she merely takes on the wounds of the one she's trying to heal. This is a flexible character when it comes to the kind of pairing. She has a hefty bounty on her head in a medieval time period, so pairing for that setting could include: Bounty HunterxAssassin, AdventurerxAssassin, AssassinxAssassin, Misc.xAssassin. In a modern time period I usually lean toward having her be a vampire slayer as opposed to just an assassin, so any pairing involving a vampire or wereanimal would work with her as well.

Wereanimal idea/notes:
  -The 'rules' of wereanimals I generally like to follow are pretty simple. Very similar to Anita Blake's versions. I prefer for the strongest wereanimals to have an animal form, humanoid/animal form and to be able to subtly change parts of their bodies (as in turning fingernails to claws, etc.). While I would say that the full moon has a strong pull on them, I don't really like the idea of them being forced to change the moment the moon hits the night sky. However, the first full moon after a human is 'turned' would be the exception to this preference. A freshly turned wereanimal would have to learn control, while starting off with only an animal form, eventually learning the other form and if strong enough, later learning partial changes. Most keep to packs of their own kind. Silver burns like fire, wounds inflicted with it take longer to heal and it can kill them if it hits vital areas such as the brain, heart, etc.

  MC is turned in the most brutal of fashions. During a late night stroll on the edges of newly inherited property, she is attacked by a wereanimal and raped. Left broken and bloodied on the edge of the property she is found by the groundskeeper the next day. After being rushed to the hospital with very few lucid moments, doctors are left to marvel at the fact she survived, let alone how rapidly she started to heal. After only four days in the hospital, she is deemed well enough to leave. What ended up on the reports and in the newspaper was merely that she had been attacked by a wild animal on the edge of her property near the forest.
  Now, the premise would be that the local Alpha learns of the attack via some forms of social media or even by word of mouth during a trip into the small town. Maybe there had been talk of a feral wereanimal in that section of the forest or his instincts lead him to decide to look into this so-called wild animal attack. Although, when he finds the victim of his attack his suspicions would immediately be proven worthwhile as he would no doubt be able to pick up on the scent of someone in the process of turning. However, if he thought it would be easy to question or even break the news to her what she was becoming -- he would be sorely mistaken.
  Whether they are the same species of wereanimal or not can be up to you. I personally like the idea of them being different species of wereanimals to add a layer of taboo to the relationship that would eventually blossom between them. Leaning toward this story being a slow burn on the sexual side, as he would need to earn her trust and help reign in her beast before she might lay with him. I am open to your character being a female or having any other aspects changed.

Idea 2:
   Your character is the Alpha of the local werewolf pack. (Can be any other wereanimal if you prefer something else.) An unknown female werewolf has been scented on the fringes of newly acquired territory deeper in the forest. Upon closer inspection a battered cabin is found and within is a practically feral young female werewolf who had only been changing the last few months. With the lack of control and apparent lack of guidance, she shifts and attacks. Instinctually she fights tooth and nail before finally being forced to submit to the Alpha. Now, what will the Alpha do with the hot blooded pack-less young female that clearly has little no no control over her wolf?

Other pairings:

Vampire ideas/notes:
   -The 'rules' I generally follow with vampires would be a blend of Anne Rice's vampires and Anita Blake's vampires. They burn in sunlight, although more ancient vampires can withstand some levels of sunlight and burn more slowly. I prefer for the vampires to become stronger with age. I like the concept of how holy items work as it is in the Anita Blake series. To elaborate, any holy symbol or taken is only as effective as the user has faith in said diety/dieties. In other words, if they have no faith then the holy items are useless. Silver is something I am torn on, but I prefer for it to be an irritant more than anything else, where it might burn but wouldn't instantly kill them or anything. A stake to the heart can kill them, although for older vampires it may be wise to burn the corpse and scatter the ashes. Fire can kill them, especially after scattering the ashes.

Idea1: MC is an old vampire but peculiar in the sense that he is a complete pacifist. While disliking conflict, he is more than capable of standing up for someone he cares for, usually involving him taking a beating before incapacitating his attacker without killing them, if possible. Perhaps he sees YC being attacked and steps in to save them. Maybe YC has been hunting him for a while, then strikes and realizes there's something different about him while they fight. Perhaps even some kind of reverse damsel in distress where he's heavily wounded and needs help. He can easily be paired with a male or female, your choice. Also, he can be put into a modern or medieval era.

Idea2: This vampire of mine is different in some ways than the one above. Although technically the elder brother of the pair, he has spent less time as a vampire -- by a mere few years. So, he is an older and stronger vampire, just not quite as old as his brother. There is no hesitancy for him to kill if need be. During his unlife, he has been clawing his way up the hierarchy of vampires. Cold, ice-like demeanor. However, as ruthless and heartless as he appears, he seems to avoid killing anyone he sees as truly innocent. Most are kept at an arm's length, but once someone manages to get past his icy exterior he is fiercely protective. Perhaps a normal damsel in distress scenario? Where he reluctantly saves/helps YC, despite being known as cold hearted. He fits in either a modern or medieval erase as well. Open with pairings, really. Can be paired with a male or female. If interested in me playing this character and you have an idea, feel free to shoot me a pm.

+I can also play both brother vampires, but would prefer it if we could double if we do.

Idea3: Have been tempted by the idea of playing a slow burn romance between a vampire and mortal where I play the mortal. It's really general, but if interested in fleshing out an idea revolving around that premise, shoot me a message. Not too picky on whether it's modern or medieval.


Angel/Demon ideas:

Idea: This is somewhat inspired by a request I have seen up here a few times. The idea iso more of a slow burn on the romance side. I am seeking an unlikely love sprouting between an angel and a demon. The structure of the world itself is pretty up in the air as my craving is more specific toward the interactions between the main characters. I am thinking they will both be rather strong-willed and generally true to their morals. Such as, the Demon will not stop causing havoc just because they fell for an angel and the Angel will still have the intent to spread light and combat other Demons. Perhaps Angels and Demons were at war and on the battlefield the Angel comes across the injured Demon. Rather than telling the other Angels where he was she ended up diverting their attention away and enabled him a chance to escape. Say, that sticks with the Demon and they find themselves crossing paths again and again, either on the mortal realms or on their home realms. This is a rough idea and certainly needs some polishing, but this is the gist.

Idea 2: Small note on the way I play angels - the wings are something that can be summoned at will and when they arent summoned there are intricate tattoos along her back from the backs of her shoulders to the backs of her hips. Also, when severed off or horribly injured, they will regenerate but can not be 'sealed/hidden' while they heal. My character would be a female fallen angel. Her occupation on this mortal realm is a mercenary and at times, assassin. Little to her knowledge, her next mark is not only a man of great wealth, power and land, but he is actually not a man at all. He is a powerful demon lord and does not take well to having someone attempt to kill him. I am thinking that she finds his castle/estate and sneaks inside in order to fulfill her job. When she finds him she is surprised by his reflexes and a battle between them begins. While she is exceptionally skilled with her blades, he eventually gets the upper hand. It could be about this time he gets to realize just what a prize he really has, either seeing the markings on her back or having forced her into a position where she summoned them in a futile effort for a last resort while they fight. I am thinking this story will be quite dark in the sense that he would seek to not only break her, but to eventually mold her into the combination of an ideal slave and eventually a 'general' of his army where he uses her to further his control of the realm. So I am seeking it starting off as NC and becoming consensual after he breaks her and starts to train her for pleasure and war. Open to her being tortured intermittently as 'training' for what she may be forced to endure as well as a way to strengthen her.


Miscellaneous Cravings:

Idea: WIP

NC Cravings:
-MasterxSlave Scenario. YC ends up obtaining mine for whatever reason, spoils of war, payment of a debt, bought at a market, etc. Just have a craving for the relationship that developes between the two. Can take an extreme or gentle angle, depending on your preference. Open to this being F/F, F/M or M/M.
 -Gangbang scenario. Somehow, some way MC ends up a victim that gets relentlessly fucked by multiple individuals at one time. Can be a one-shot or worked into a long-term story of some sort. Such as, my character is sold to a brothel where MC is a favorite for a particular group/gang/etc. Perhaps even a client tries to take MC away in an effort to save them. Many angles and ample opportunity to be depraved.
 -Rape scenario: Perhaps MC slighted yours somehow in the past. Maybe MC just strikes YCs fancy. Whatever the reason, YC decides that MC is going to be taken, and taken in such a way where they will be humiliated and forced to also enjoy the rough, painful attention before ultimately being broken in as a proper plaything. Perhaps MC is the spoils of some military endeavor.

Note: If none of these cravings strike your fancy. Here is a link to my complete search thread -
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Re: Rosaline's current cravings. M/F, M/M, F/F.
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2017, 09:37:40 PM »
Added: 2 Angel/Demon ideas, 3 Vampire related ideas, 2 Fantasy ideas, 1 Master/Slave.

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Re: Rosaline's current cravings. M/F, M/M, F/F.
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Tentatively seeking a couple more writing partners. :)