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Author Topic: The Faith Militant Uprising (ASOIAF/OC AU Interest Check)  (Read 1226 times)

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The Faith Militant Uprising (ASOIAF/OC AU Interest Check)
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:11:17 pm »
Aegon Targaryen gave Westeros fire and blood,
But when the Seven Kingdoms had been forged he gave them peace, prosperity & justice
but Aegon Targaryen is dead.

House Targaryen may have formally converted to the Faith of the Seven
but they remain Valyrian in all things.
Incest and polygamy taint King’s Landing.

The High Septon has denounced the King.
‘The Poor Fellows’ have murdered the Hand of the King
and made an attempt on the life of the Royal family.
The Targaryen King has retreated to Dragonstone.
Those who remember their vows to their King and the Iron Throne voice their support of him.
The Faithful & Pious Lords of Westeros rally behind the High Septon.
The Faith Militant Uprising has begun.


So there's a quick blurb to set the scene. Its a conflict in Westeros I have never seen given any RP attention and I think it might be a good one. The RP I have in mind will be split between the two factions, lead by the King & the High Septon. With the exception of a few named canons to give us some context this will be an entirely OC game. The 'Canon' roles up for grabs will include:
  • The King
  • The High Septon
  • The Commander of the Warriors Sons
  • The Lords Paramount of Westeros
  • Aegon's Surviving Sister
One element I would like to stress, neither the High Septon or the Targaryen King are military men. While both characters will be replaced by OCs (like everyone else) I'm going to stick to this concept, the idea being that neither faction will entirely revolve around one Conquering Leader so instead both men will need to heed their more martially orientated advisers and supporters. I believe this will create a more interesting dynamic.

The RP will open with a thread in King's Landing for the High Septon's supporters to meet & discuss how to proceed and a thread in Dragonstone with the King's supporters doing the same. If the High Septon or King are not taken up I will NPC them. Depending on how things go the King may eventually be replaced by the Exiled Targaryen living in Pentos. Depending on how things go.

So before I spend any further time developing this idea, is there anyone who would be interested? Any suggestions or comments? 

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Re: The Faith Militant Uprising (ASOIAF/OC AU Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 04:44:43 pm »
I'm kinda interested. I generally prefer to avoid anything where you have actual political hierarchies between PCs, but in Westeros everyone's so murderously insubordinate all the time I'd guess anybody who wants a high position'll need actual talent at diplomacy to keep it. I'd personally suggest NPCing everyone above the status of Lord of a minor House or equivalent, but that's personal taste, and I'm sure there's a lot of folks who would like to be king.

It's still worth stating that this is a potentially very volatile setup; you have power dynamics between players and also groups set up for a PVP conflict in a setting that is rife with treachery, assassination, and other areas of play that have the potential to make for great storytelling in novels and truly malevolent OOC viciousness in roleplaying games.

At some point, some person whose backstory is "best warrior in the Warrior's Sons" is going to try to kill some person whose background is "best warrior in the King's contingent" and some other person whose background is "leader of a band of insane amoral assassin-clown-ninjas" is going to declare they've both been poisoned with the Tears of Lys already and some fourth person, in the background, will seek the ancient spell for turning into a huge-ass dragon while pointedly ignoring other characters except for sex. These are all things you should have a plan for in advance.

I'd definitely make your conflict resolution system eminently clear up front (I am personally fond of the write-off: X posts each, GM decides who wrote it better, victor gets last post and loser suffers some penalty - death, "victor's choice," or maybe a GM-mandated penalty limit that turns into unlimited "victor's choice" after you trip it the third time or something), including how you intend to handle stealth and deception in a freeform setting. There are a lot of ways to handle a couple folks with swords, but it's trickier if your character concept is face-changing vizier and what you actually want to do is write other characters out in ways they can't react to. Honestly if you could limit direct action between factions that would probably be for the best, but if people think they CAN go for the throat, there's a good chance they will.

Define as sharply as you can the limits of magic and PC access to magic; whatever edge you pick it's likely someone will want to straddle it, so pick an edge you can live with. I'd recommend being super-clear and up-front about exactly what the stakes are for PCs and what happens when they pay those stakes - if they die, are they out of the game, do they get to make another character? If they can't die, where's the line on how far the world bends to keep them playing and where's the line for what CAN happen? A black cell might be as good as death if it means you can't do anything for long enough to lose interest in the game, for example. Some people aren't gonna want to play with even "I'm taking your Valyrian steel sword" on the table in terms of consequence, whereas some people will turn away if they can't rape and eat each other with reckless abandon. Decide who you want your players to be and pitch hard to that audience. Make your boundaries clear, to continue the theme.