Enslaved on holiday (M or F, bon, possible tg)

Started by playfullchick76, July 27, 2017, 10:53:07 PM

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I do enjoy thinking up ones like these. I havnt offered these particular ones in a while, and they require the right open minds for them, so here's hoping.

1. On holiday overseas, possibly europe, but any overseas location will do, I impulsively visit a BDSM dungeon for a session. Little do I know that its a front for an abduction/slavery ring, with the Master or Mistress enslaving me and keeping me as their personal fetish maid and attendant, even making me see to the needs of the ones locked up in the lower level. It would be more humiliating if I could play a male character thats taken and feminized as much as possible.

2. I would play a male character for this one, to make it more humiliating and shocking. I would be suspected of cheating on my girlfriend, so she drugs me, feminizes me and leaves me in the next state, all dolled up. The first person to pick me up sees me and decides to enslave me instead of helping me, keeping me as his or her captive, feminized maid.