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Author Topic: My Sensualist and Adventurous Desires [MUL]  (Read 511 times)

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Offline LunarisTopic starter

My Sensualist and Adventurous Desires [MUL]
« on: January 04, 2009, 10:00:14 PM »
Hi, all! Since coming here to Elliquiy, I've come to remember just how fun it can be to write with another author one on one...and as someone with a huge list of unused characters, I'd like to seize this wonderful opportunity and let my solos give me the chance to actually play them and indulge in a few fantasies while I'm at it.  :)

My ons and offs are listed in my signature, as are examples of my writing in my intro thread and the exotic solo area with the lovely Seren Fey and Nirinian. Te list is small for now...but over time, it may grow.

Some of the fun things I'd like to try are:

Wild Desire
Futanari/Feminine Hermaphrodite x Half-elven Druidess
(Receiving Anal and fondling/kissing heavily desired)

For some time you've traveled with with this druidess. A powerful young woman with a deep connection to nature, she has guided you through a thick and mysterious forest for many days and her knowledge as a herbalist, wisdom about the natural world, and natural magics have kept you safe, warm, and fed the entire way.

Perhaps she discovered you injured and tended to your wounds...or maybe you were part of an expedition and got separated somehow. Either way you have needed her and she appreciates the company.

But as you near your destination and realize that you may part ways soon, a deep desire for her fills you and intoxicates your senses. Something about her fills you with a nearly uncontrollable craving for a night of passion with her. Perhaps it is her deep serenity, contentment, and blissful smiles. Or maybe it's the way her long hair is caressed by the winds. Could it be the sway of her rounded hips? The gentle bouncing of her shapely derriere? Perhaps it's her entire silhouette or those strange green eyes and full crimson lips...

Whatever it is, you're not sure how much longer you can go without indulging in your deep lust for her.

(Yes, some anal is very much desired...but smart and sensual anal. Lubricant please? One can be passionate without being a beast. *laughs* But don't just stop there. Everything in my ons and offs is fair game, especially fondling, kissing, cuddling, and tender words. As for races, humans, elves, or anything that wouldn't be out of place in a nature-filled environment -you'll have to hold off on the vampires, demons, and such. Sowwies- is fine. The druid will be controlled by me and your character cannot be one that would show blatant disregard for the environment.)

A Shift in Alignment. A Sexual Addiction
Hermaphroditic Erinyes x Succubus
(Giving anal and fondling/deep kissing heavily desired)

It's no secret that Devils and Demons completely loathe each other. And on one chance encounter an Erinyes just happened to defeat and capture a Succubus on the battlefield. At first, the Erinyes sought to torture the Succubus by making her into a personal sex toy and frequently having her way with her. Unfortunately *or perhaps not* for the Erinyes, the pleasure was too great...too blissful. Over the years, it became less about hate and more about desire...about need.

Despite their agelessness, centuries of life as a devil are starting to fold away and each time she visits her captive, her heart beats faster as love begins to pour in and she realizes that life without her thrall is a hell unimaginable even with all she's seen. She needs her thrall and adores her. Sex is now love-making and though she has yet to speak her feelings, she expresses them with every touch and gaze.

(Somewhat of a spin on the previous idea. I'll be handling the Erinyes and the Succubus is yours to control. As torture turned love, has the succubus found her own hate blossom into something warm and deep? Or is she simply biding her time and relishing in the knowledge that she will soon have an erinyes thrall. A loyal pet to siphon more will and sweet pleasure from? An ageless being. Unlimited thrills. With either path, the hate between them is gone and roles are starting to blur. As with the last one, anal is not the only thing desired...just the first. I'm also heavy on foreplay, kissing, and so on.)
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