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September 27, 2021, 03:11:44 pm

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Author Topic: Literate and committed male wanted  (Read 805 times)

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Literate and committed male wanted
« on: July 26, 2017, 05:25:53 pm »
The boring rules

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#1. The most important rule and the one I am totally inflexible on. I am a mum to two boys, a pre-schooler and a baby. They come first. Their dad works all day Monday - Friday, and so weekends and evenings are times reserved for my family. I write when they are at nursery, asleep, out with relatives or when he has a film on. Please understand I will not be the most active partner but I will do my utmost best to keep you informed should there be an added delay. My activity/time for posting will be weekday daytime or on my night shifts.

#2. Message me when ever and I will do the same. Even if it is to tell me about a rather delectable piece of toast you had that morning, I love to chat with my writing partners. I will message you if I am going to be delayed with a reply, and I ask the same courtesy shown.

#3. I like to write, I love it in fact. I thrive on details and content, but only when it is done correctly. unnecessarily filling your post with content just makes me lose interest, as poor writing hurts my head. I would hate to call myself an elitist as that is just arrogant and I am not that good, but I would like to put myself at an advanced level. So unfortunately I am not compatible with people who prefer quick-fire, short posts. Anything less than a paragraph makes me frown. Scene and dialogue dictating, I would like to ask for at least two paragraphs per response. If you can do more, than that'd be wonderful. A 1000+ word count post? Love it!

#4. Please read my O/O list, as I will yours. If it is in my off's then please do not suggest it.

#5. My female characters are neither dominant or submissive, as it isn't something I really do. I cannot play as a submissive, they make me uncomfortable. But likewise I cannot play a dominant woman as weak men make me uncomfortable. So I don't partake in exclusively D/s style relationships. Now that being said, and perhaps somewhat a little contradictory but hey-ho, I do prefer the male to take the more dominant role. Depending on the setting, my female's sexual experience will differ, but as a general rule I prefer to include power play and physical, passionate encounters.

#6. Story over smut, always. Purely sex based with no other concept are dull and silly.

#7. I am looking for male writing partners, yes. But am not opposed to playing against a female writing as a male character, or even the pair of us taking on several characters at once.

#8. Some pairings do come with story ideas, but I would like us to come up with something together. Feel free to ask.

#9. Please do not ignore our story in favour of a new one. Receiving one post whilst another thread is receiving multiple is disheartening and does give off the impression you're just not that interested.



Roman -
Centurion x Native fighter, Centurion x farm girl, Centurion x nobility.
Gladiator x Slave, Gladiator x Domina, Gladiator x financial benefactor, Gladiator x Gladiatrix.

Greek -
God x Goddess, God x Mortal, Goddess x Mortal
Trojan War

Viking -
Raider x Saxon Nobility, Raider x Captured Slave.

Tudor period -
King x Lady in Waiting, King x intended Queen,
Duke x Princess, Duke x Married courtier.

Medieval Fantasy -
Barbarian x Eleven huntress, Barbarian x Princess
Black Knight x White Knight
Dragon rider x Princess, Dragon slayer x victim.


Teacher x Student
Boss x Employee
Reunited lovers - A toxic, dramatic and passionate tale.
Obsessive male x ex-girlfriend


Marvel - MCU knowledge only.
Harry Potter
The Tudors
The Hunger Games

Current Marvel/DC cravings
Crossovers lay ahead

Wonder woman x Thor
Wonder woman x Captain America

Mystique x Magneto  (younger)
Mystique x Deadpool
Mystique x Wolverine

Some ideas

Obsession - Female teacher x male student
The idea I have in mind is influenced by a film that I recently watched, but with a difference.

What I am looking for is a male to play a very particular role, and one with a dark and sinister mind. This story will be long term, and whilst sex is involved it will mostly be about the plot and character developments.

So the idea involves a mid-twenties female and a friend of her younger brother, aged around eighteen. She hasn’t been in the town long, taking a new job in the local school. She moves into a small house across the way from her brothers friend, and he takes an instant liking too her. He first meets her at her brother’s house, when she pops round to see her parents. There is an instant and mutual attraction but she doesn’t act on it.

But as his senior year starts, she is his new English teacher, and they begin to flirt and despite her determinations and refusals, he eventually seduces her and they enter into an affair.

But when she confesses to one of her friends over a glass of wine, she realises how stupid she has been and calls an end to their affair. But he is not willing to let her go; his affections for her had taken a darker turn and became an obsession. And it was then that he began to stalk her, hacking into her computer and going to extreme lengths to get her back.

That is what I have so far, a lot more needs to be discussed and ideas developed etc.

Forbidden - Male teacher x female student
Now although I am English, I am all right with setting this story in America, as we (mostly) leave school at 16 over here (unless private etc.) with the option of sixth form added on to some and so on. So for comfort of my partner and what not, I am happy to play as a senior in an American high school.

How they become involved is up for discussion, but I have a few starting ideas.

1)   He is a new teacher in the school and so would never have met her before.
2)   He is a senior/year 11 teacher and would only just start teaching her.

I would be looking for this to turn eventually into a romance, but I am quite happy for this to start out on a more sinister start, so perhaps a bit of blackmail? He could catch her out doing something she shouldn’t be but instead of just detention he takes a more personal approach?  Or in the summer holiday they could have shared a drunken moment (her using a false I.D to get into a club) but they never went all the way. His first class teaching her and they could remember one another, and we could go from there. I am open to suggestions and any ideas you may have. But what I am not looking for is for her to seduce him.

Neither side will win both suffering serious losses to their armies. Starvation is looming, disease and ailment will deplete those already wounded from fray. But neither leader will back down, neither will surrender to the other. Which leaves only two choices: war or compromise?

The King of the home land and the Leader of the invading armies meet and quarrel out their demands and needs, and after many days of strenuous and exhausting talks come to an agreement. In exchange for vast plots of land, coin and titles, the invaders offer no more attacks and their finest warriors to defend the realm from further attacks. All of this will be sealed with a marriage, the Kings daughter to the Chief.

The characters can be juggled around, it can be Niece, Sister or even ward to the King. And it doesn’t have to be the chief; it could be his son or just their most fearsome warrior.

Historical ideas

PLOT 1 Medieval war, drama, adventure
Set in Medieval/Dark ages, could perhaps be in a fantasy realm. Using two characters that are part of a small chosen army, the finest warriors and such, sent on a voyage to retrieve something, escort, perhaps even kill of the dark forces (going the other route to the major armies). My character would be an archer, the finest there has been. Your character could be an excellent swordsman, or perhaps a clan leader who fights with an axe. This would go in Light as it would mostly be about the story, with sex happening. It would be interesting to have the two characters dislike each other, or have a banter-fuelled relationship and build from there. Maybe he doesn't like women fighters or doesn't believe it is their place. Lots is open for discussion.

PLOT 2 Ancient Rome possible NC, Kidnapp

Set in ancient Rome, we would use the "Rape of the Sabine Women" As a basis for plot. The Rape is supposed to have occurred in the early history of Rome, shortly after its founding by Romulus and his mostly male followers. Seeking wives in order to found families, the Romans negotiated unsuccessfully with the Sabines, who populated the area. Fearing the emergence of a rival society, the Sabines refused to allow their women to marry the Romans. Consequently, the Romans planned to abduct Sabine women. Romulus devised a festival of Neptune Equester and proclaimed the festival among Rome's neighbours. At the festival Romulus gave a signal, at which the Romans grabbed the Sabine women and fought off the Sabine men. The indignant abductees were soon implored by Romulus to accept Roman husbands. Now the word rape here is meant in the sense of the Latin word Raptio, as in abduction. So you'll be playing as a Roman man, and I as his abducted Sabine woman. Maybe this will go in NC for now, open for discussion.

PLOT 3 A little Vague, open for change. Period Drama

The King of England. So ruthless and assertive, aggressive and untamable. Un-suited for just one woman, he desires himself many a mistress. Some he loves, some he does he despises, some he only sleeps with for political gain. However, one noble women gains his interests, but she is not so willing to give in, she wants to be Queen before they go any further, but he does not want marriage.

PLOT 4 Again a little vague, but also open for change. Ancient Greece or Rome or Viking Era/War/Battle/Violence

It will be set back in either ancient Rome, Greece or Britain. Based around a great battle, your character will be the most feared and respected warrior. Both arrogant and violent, he commands the respect of his nation, but the bitter hatred of his enemy. As a prize he is given a female as a personal slave, or maybe he takes her for himself. Either is cool with me.

PLOT 5 Pretty much fully formed. Pirate/Action

Many years ago and still now, pirates roamed around in the vast waters of the Spanish Main, or otherwise known as the Caribbean. This story takes place in the past, before machine guns and weapons of mass destruction were invented.

From two sides of the law, a whole different scenario is about to begin. The young daughter of the Governor and the fearsome captain of an infamous pirate ship would soon meet.

One dark night, after a lovely celebration of a wedding between two of the local, noble, residents, a pirate raid ensued. The pirates took everything that they could gets their grimy hands upon, including the beautiful daughter. Cannons blew, destroying the city of Port Rashelo, the girl being left in tears of the horrid news of what fate beheld her home. Leaving only the Captain to hold his hands proudly behind his back in success with a sly grin on his dirtied lips.

How could a vile pirate captain deal with a prissy daughter of a governor? Maybe this could work out in more ways than one.

Plot 6 Dark Ages War/Romance/Politics

A King of a fictional realm has been killed, and his son held accountable for the Murder. Executed for the murder, it leaves only his sister and the cruel and dangerous Right hand of the King to take his place on the throne, as he planned. To seal the deal, he takes the young Princess for his bride to quash any doubts anyone has over his new place on the throne. Or we could use the same story, but have the brother in the place of the Right hand  and he uses his sister for his own perverted needs and wants, her being the prettiest in the realm.