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December 03, 2021, 03:26:15 am

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Author Topic: Smut-Filled Fantasy Concepts (Seeking Semi-Lit Female)  (Read 1063 times)

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Smut-Filled Fantasy Concepts (Seeking Semi-Lit Female)
« on: July 24, 2017, 06:55:14 pm »
Notice that the title says "concepts," which means that I haven't fully fleshed these ideas out yet. It's actually more fun for me to do that part with a partner, ensuring that we both get the best out of the RP. If any of these interest you, let me know. Anyway, here are my sinful ideas.

These ideas take place within the continent of Sumweyr, a World that I created to serve as a fantasy setting for essentially every fantasy roleplay that I do. It has served me well throughout the years, and now, I gift it on to you.

Queen of the Elves, Slave to the Orcs (BDSM/Slave)

Summary: The Elves are the most regal, well respected people in all the land. The Orcs, however, are seen as good for nothing, save violence. However, they do actually have an established kingdom, and a ruler. The King of all Orcs seeks to send a message to the other kingdoms that he and his people will be disrespected no longer. He sends a goblin assassin to kidnap the Elven Queen under the cover of the night, and bring her to him. With such a powerful and well-respected slave at his side, others will have no choice but to take the Orcish King seriously.

Obviously, the Elven Queen isn't going to go down without a fight, but as time progresses, she'll eventually not only accept her fate, but he proud to hold the position as the King Orc's favorite bitch. "Torture" is to be expected, but nothing that is so extreme to leave any serious damage. The Elf Queen can expect to be spanked on a regular basis, and also bound and fucked in public. She will be teased and abused by the Orcish King, but grow to love it.

A Howl in the Night (Werewolf/Rough)

Summary: YC lives a mundane and boring life. She is a simple farmer, living and working on her parent's farm. When she became a woman three years ago, she suspected that life would suddenly become exciting, but things seem to have gotten worse! One day, an event happens that triggered something deep inside her. Filled with inspiration to find adventure, she packs a bag of her things and sets out into the forest. Instead of adventure, though, she finds a witch, eager to experiment on her. As the for approaches, YC passes out from fear...Only to be awoken by the gentle sound of a river, drops of sun kissing her face through the trees, and a strapping man eating a deer only a few feet away.

The werewolf explains to her how he saved her life, but YC is barely listening. She's never seen a man so...massive, and is immediately infatuated. So much so that she stalks him as he makes his way through the forest. All the while, he is aware, and eventually confronts her. YC explains themselves, and their need for adventure, and the werewolf decides to allow her to accompany them. Their relationship evolves into a romance as time passes on, and a little plot might be thrown in as well.

The Queen's Master (Bondage/Rough)

Before MC was a servant to the Queen of the Drow Elves, he was a pit fighter. Before that, a hunter. Before that, a torturer. His whole life, all he'd known was violence and pain, and how to inflict it. Eventually, MC was sold to YC, the Queen, as a slave to be used as she saw fit. She had plenty of capable warriors in her personal army, so he'd be wasted there. And since Pale Elves were so rare, it would be more fun for her to keep him as a personal servant. Unfortunately, he had no use in this department either, as her fleet of maidens and servants were the best in the land. It was suggested by (Haven't figured that out yet) that he be used to satisfy her more...carnal needs. To have him inflict pleasure through pain.

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Re: Smut-Filled Fantasy Concepts (Seeking Semi-Lit Female)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 01:57:13 pm »
i'm interested in your Queen of the Elves, Slave to the Orcs story