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November 23, 2020, 01:24:46 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Fenris, Zevran, Iorweth; long-term MxM dark fantasy [CLOSED]  (Read 624 times)

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Welcome to my search thread dedicated to complex, long-term RP/co-writing projects.

In case we don't know one another yet, please allow me to introduce myself first: I write in the gay fiction genre, more specifically dark historical fantasy. My works focus on adventure, battles, drama, and intrigue but romance and sex are always present as well. I strive to treat my roleplay partner to high quality writing and I expect the same in return. My posts typically range between 2,000 – 5,000 words in length (they are even longer for starters), and I'm looking for a partner who is able to comfortably match this length in their posts.

The overall tone, level of detail, and quality of writing I have in mind for the tales introduced in this thread is rather similar to A Song of Ice and Fire. It will influence the volume of the works as well. Each tale will need 800,000 - 1,000,000 words if it is to be written as it deserves to be. I estimate that the writing of each tale would take some four years depending on the posting frequency. I will expect my writing partner to post every 7-10 days to keep the momentum going, and I will do the same. Please note, this is not a request thread for a casual roleplay that can be dropped at any time, this is an invitation for a long and fruitful writing partnership into which both sides enter with full commitment to make it work through years to come.

What I need from my writing partner:
1) Great writing skills. Make me fall in love with your writing. Write with such level of detail that the settings become real, the characters alive. Make me experience the scene with every sense.
2) Solid world-building skills.
3) Long-term commitment. My writing partner must be reasonably certain that they can see the project to completion. If you regularly face prolonged periods when you can't write for whatever reason (workload, writer's blocks, family life etc. etc.), we won't work well together.
4) The ability and willingness to write great battle scenes. There will be a lot of violence and gore in these tales, and I seek to write them with someone committed to a realistic portrayal of war and combat.
5) Ability and willingness to write strong male characters in MxM romantic relationships.
6) Willingness to write canon characters. It would be great if you could write a number of side characters in addition to your main character(s). However, if need be I am able to write the full support cast and you can focus only on your main character(s).

Lastly: given the huge scope of these works, I will be highly selective in my choice of the right writing partner. If you PM me about your interest, I will definitely ask you for a writing sample (unless we already write together other stories). Please don't be offended if, after a careful consideration, I won't invite you to co-write with me. I seek a partner whose storytelling style will mesh well with mine.

Please don't post in this thread. If you are interested in co-writing with me, send me a PM message.

Borne through the Storms
Setting: The Witcher verse
Timeline: around the time portrayed in Witcher 3 videogame
World state: The Nilfgaardian emperor desires to expand his dominions to the north, a loose confederation of the Northern Kingdoms opposes him. Due to several king assassinations and other events, only the Redanian king Radovid is in a position to face the emperor in the field, their forces more or less equal in strength.
Plot: King Radovid is under a spell cast by Philippa Eilhart, which is the true cause of his "madness." Philippa is trying to get him assassinated on account of the said insanity, so her lover Dijkstra (a former spymaster of Redania) can usurp the throne. Then she would naturally become his adviser, and the de facto ruler of Redania as she used to be when Radovid was a boy. The elven freedom fighters led by Iorweth learn about her intentions, which presents him with interesting choices. If the king was saved and Philippa destroyed, the royal gratefulness could gain the savior a duchy within Redania. If Dijkstra was aided, the reward would likely be equally generous. But either way, there still is the threat of Nilfgaard's expansion that could wipe away any gains the elves would manage to grasp in the wake of the struggle for the Redanian throne.
Pairing: I am looking for a writer for the role of Iorweth. My lead man and Iorweth's eventual romantic partner could be:
- a young druid from Skellige (a human mage)
- one of the Aen Elle elves (an elven mage from another world)
- Isengrim Faoiltiarna (the other elven commander who managed to escape from the clutches of the Nordlings)

Crownless again shall be King
Setting: the Dragon Age verse.
Timeline: starting around 9:30 Dragon and continuing well into post-Inquisition period
Worldstate: initially as the game portrays it in the year 9:30 Dragon. Major divergence from the canon is to be expected later on. In the course of the story, Thedas will be reshaped.
My lead men:
Yaevinn Lavellan: one of the two High Kings of the Dalish elves, a mage skilled in the long-forgotten magic of arcane warriors. He stands against Corypheus because the ancient magister threatens the entire world, but when it comes down to Yaevinn's personal beliefs, the Chantry represents evil almost as great as Corypheus. As the Inquisitor, he has his eyes set on two goals:
1) dismantling the Chantry by any means necessary so it never regains its military strength and political influence.
2) creation of an independent elven kingdom
In many ways, he is an idealistic visionary, but he's also ruthless and cunning enough to pursue alliances that can help him achieve his goals. His ruthlessness has a limit however. He hates slavers with a passion, so he would never come to an agreement with their kind.
Dafydd Sabrae: the Hero of Ferelden, a Dalish elf who has been imprisoned in the Circle since he was 13 years old. As a Warden, Dafydd considers himself a man forced. In this version of events, King Cailan has survived the battle of Ostagar and the goal of Dafydd's party is largely to reinstate him to the throne. Dafydd's reason to involve himself in the endeavor is the promise of personal freedom. A King's patent will allow him to retire from the Grey Wardens honorably and will keep him safe from templars who would otherwise try to hunt him down once he left the ranks of the Wardens. Dafydd knows Yaevinn very well and while their life paths do not cross again until the times of the Inquisition, they eventually work toward the same goals.
Around the year 9:30 Dragon, Yaevinn and Dafydd are not aware of each other's whereabouts and fate. Their stories unfold independently until they merge soon after Yaevinn becomes the Inquisitor.
Pairing: I am looking for a writer to take on the roles of Fenris (romantic partner for Yaevinn) and Zevran (romantic partner for Dafydd).

Image credit: The portrait of Iorweth is (I believe) an in-game snapshot from The Witcher 2 game and is the property of CD Project Red, the image of Skyhold is the property of Bioware.
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