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Author Topic: Fantastical Adventures (Looking for F)  (Read 3936 times)

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Fantastical Adventures (Looking for F)
« on: July 23, 2017, 04:42:46 AM »

Looking For Females

Welcome to my RP ideas thread where male meets female in a hot mix of passion through literary expression. In my opinion and by experience a person's character in a roleplay mirrors some part of who they are in real life so if you are not into being feminine and submissive (in bed) then I am not the partner for you. I will always play as a masculine, outspoken male though not necessarily always dominant in bed (check out the Cowgirl/Minotaur RP). For a potential partner's convenience I have placed a bunch of my character applicatios from other rps further down below.

Have a look at my roleplay preferences for Ons/Offs plus general roleplay information. Personally for adult roleplays I view an accompanying element of plot as essential to supporting the smut. Accompanying visual stimulation is a complement to any roleplay as well and is something I love to incorporate. To cooperate with me PM character details, any suggestions and questions you have. This thread will continually be updated. If you see me as compatible on paper hook me up with a RP suggestion.

A List of Relevant Details

  • When roleplaying I like to utilize attached images of characters and include other images/gifs if appropriate because its stimulating asf
  • Prefer not to share details of myself online
  • Require anime/comic female characters to look like women and not little girls
  • If RPs become a bangfest of me sending out dozens of male characters to fuck YC crazy I either want out or you to create additional chars
  • Writer gender/sexuality don't matter as long as they are good at RPing a female for smut
  • If you have an existing RP idea that you feel I will like by all means share it
  • 1 paragraph minimum with decent writing is all I ask for
  • If a RP idea is taken and you really desire it let me know you want to partner up with me on that premise. Don't be shy I won't bite.
  • Can provide character images, already done so for a couple of my partners
  • In relation to the above line, make sure it isnt JUST pointless, descriptive drivel. I dont judge.
  • Dialogue befitting that of a hentai or porn video is fine if it leads directly up to a smut scene
  • Celebs I crave are Kim K, Ariana Grande, Mia Malkova and Madison Ivy, Alex Morgan and just hot Insta models in general
  • After a couple questions as to whether I can do FxF or FutaxF, I will only rp as a dominant Futa

Original Roleplay Ideas

Hulk Smash Supergirl!!!

In a crossover between the DC and Marvel universes major characters find themselves pitted against those of equal strength in the opposing universe by incomprehensible powers. Supergirl finds herself in a blink from Metropolis to a strange, white space that stretches for kilometres with no end. It would have been completely emtpy if it was not for a massive lump of muscled green in front of her. If things could not get any stranger a voice appears and commands them to fuck...

A Cowgirl and her Minotaur TAKEN

In the fantasy world of Minos, there exists a race of beings that resemble cow-human hybrids. The Minotaurs are the males of the species while the females are the Holstaurs. There society is one of a patriarchy where the males exert their dominance over each other and the females. One thing that brings everyone together though is the periodic mating seasons when primal urges to breed and impregnate overcome normal senses. In this case pairs of adults are chosen by the government based on their genetic compatibility and sent to special facilities, nicknamed 'fuck farms' where they spend a week breeding. Often these pairs never meet again after the mating. When YC comes of age as a holstaur she is paired with MC, coincidentally someone she knows from school but has never talked to. The expectations are clear but will something more come out of their short time together?

Hero Corrupted

Sonic Blade, the world's most renowned and its strongest hero, mysteriously went missing. Heroes from all over strove to find him lest global panic ensue. YC, a powerful heroine considered second only to Sonic Blade himself, is also on the search. Then a strange psionic message prompts YC in their dreams to focus their search in the barren Sahara Desert. Upon heading there YC quickly locates Sonic Blade who is standing motionless. Moving in for closer inspection YC sees Sonic Blade turn his head and smile eerily at them...

Super Sluts (Extreme: Cervical Penetration, Tentacles Through Mouth, Cum Vomit, Abdominal Bulge, Ahegao, Multiple Characters) CRAVING

Version 1: An alien race arrives on Earth and secretly begin kidnapping a bunch of attractive superheroines, using them for breeding purposes

Version 2: The Lord of Lust is able to induce whoever looks him in the eye powerful feelings of primal lust and need for sex. After an entire millennium of fucking he decides to venture out into the mortal realm to have some superheroines join his harem.

Super Soldiers

In the distant future where galactic empires wage war amongst each other humanity has emerged as a militant superpower. Posessing a myriad of monstrous weapons the humans have begun the creation of a female assassin force. Unexpectantly, one of the bio-pods would suffer unnoticed errors in the DNA implantation process and the resutl was YC, otherwise normal as her peers if it wasnt for her enhanced libido. One of the super soldiers assigned to protect this facility takes notice of her and pulls her out early in the process. A smutty adventure through the stars ensues.

Humanity Enslaved (Extreme: Cervical Penetration, Tentacles Through Mouth, Cum Vomit, Abdominal Bulge, Ahegao) CRAVING  TAKEN

Earth was invaded early in their first interstellar exploration efforts by an alien empire that had already enslaved a good portion of the galaxy. Its people forced into hard labour making ships and weapons for the empire, thousands of women, specifically chosen for their attractiveness and fertility, have been shipped away to join the greatest harem in the galaxy under the alien Overlord. This story follows 2 sisters as they attempt to retain their humanity while submitting to their new masters.

Public Affection TAKEN

A young couple in their 20's have a particular kink that gets them into a lot of trouble at times. YC and MC enjoy showing a lot, I mean a LOT, of public affection. Usually it starts off acceptable with some passionate kissing, you know nothing bad. But then things tend to heat up a bit. Having done it in restaurants, public toilets, local parks YC and MC seek ever more naughty thrills in the most inappropriate of places. Isn't love the most beautiful thing?

Little Monsters

YC, an attractive, curvy sorceress has always flaunted her sex appeal. Seducing many men she has mnipulated them to do her bidding then disposed of them when their usefulness ran out. But it appears karma always catches up to those who deserve it the most. YC has attempted a summoning of demonic spirits to do her bidding, intending to destroy the kingdom of her enemies with hellfire. Unfortunately for her she has summoned a host of the most sexually-charged imps who come before a mighty alpha incubus. Has her luck finally ran out?

Haunted House

A beautiful girl finally purchases her first house! Unfortunately for her it is inhabited by horny demonic creatures and it is up to her to fuck her way out...


In an archetypal fantasy world a young adventurer seeks to explore the world with his catgirl who has been his childhood friend. But on their first journey both virgins realise they have the hots for each other and hentai-esque drama ensues...

Big Dick Man

After fighting off a demonic incursion Big Dick Man, imbued with the powers of a sex god, forcefully takes the Succubus Queen as his worthy partner and they proceed to fuck each other's sanity out in this smutty, comedic roleplay.

I love my Granddaddy

MC is has at last reached the grand age of 60 years of age as a proud, patriotic Asian American. Looking back on his life it has been one hell of a journey. As a former Green Beret he served his country around the world, a volunteer firefighter he held back raging fires and he saved many lives in his years before retirement as a lifesaver. But there is one thing that he aint going to tolerate and that is his bitchy 16 year-old granddaughter (YC) who is forced to spent the holidays with him as even her own parents cant stand her. The first few days are tense but MC thinks he has seen it all and is of the mentality of a seasoned, observant warrior. That is...until he spies his granddaughter (YC) taking saucy photos of herself in a skimpy bikini in his own fucking house. He is pondering whether to walk in their and slap her or walk in there and throw his sandals at her pretty face before he plays witness to his granddaughter (YC) beginning to take a small nude flash of a tit to whoever it was she was sending it to. Patience can only last so long...


Fandom Roleplay Ideas

One Piece - Luffy x Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock has harboured strong emotional feelings for Luffy for months. No amount of male sex slaves are able to quench the thirst of her tight, desperate body. When Luffy finally returns from his most recent journey, paying visiting the Pirate Empress's palace before heading off again, she realises that if anyone is going to make the first move to sate her passion it has to be her. Problem is, what thing in the world is enticing enough to turn Luffy away from the allure of his beloved meat?


Naruto - Naruto x Hinata

The most popular couple in the Shinobi world, ever since their marriage Naruto has never regretted choosing Hinata as his woman. Having introduced him to a whole, new world of pleasure and fun this is a chronicle of some of the smuttiest adventures this beautiful couple has made together from doing it in public to special shadow clone techniques.


100% Smut One-Shots

Milk Me Well

The head cheerleader has to ''milk'' the star jock before the big state game in this super smutty one-shot.

Allow Me To Heal You

1st Scenario: Mercy (YC) has to take care of Soldier 67's ''big problem'' before deployment

TAKEN 2nd Scenario: Mercy (YC) has been captured by Roadhog. He proceeds to take advantage of her.

Clean Me Bro TAKEN

MC sees YC, his younger sister taking a shower. He cant resist that ass.

Princess Peaches

Princess Peach (YC) absolutely loves getting destroyed by Bowser and his minions inside their sex dungeon.

Like Mother Like Daughter

A man compares the blowjob skills of his wife to his daughter.


A female boxer/MMA fighter is under the impression that due to her success she is able to best one of her less successful male counterparts. That was her first mistake. Her second mistake was sparring with him alone when the gym was empty.

Ares x Aphrodite

Despite being a female goddess of love, admired by countless girls across the land, Aphrodite will always submit to the most masculine figure she has ever met in her life; Ares.

One Piece - Boa Hancock x Sex Slaves

Finding herself deprived of Luffy Boa Hancock, the most beautiful woman in the world, has to contend with well-endowed male sex slaves collected from all over the Grand Line to satisfy her forever tight pussy.

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 06:54:37 AM »
Character Apps

Varis Lyca
Varis Lyca

Wolf Breed: Grey Wolf

Age: 25


Human Form

Personality: Self controlled and observant Varis often prefers to outwit his opponents, earning himself a reputation as a cunning hunter of both prey and predator. His success has led him to become arrogant though in both approach and attitude, a trait Varis stubbornly refers to as 'confidence' in its purest form.


As a pup Varis was destined to become an Alpha. Gifted with the ideal genetic traits of the ideal grey wolf Varis was selected early on by his father to receive private mentorship. An exaggerated sense of selfworth becoming instilled within him at such a young age Varis had every opportunity handed to him on a platter.

As a young male youth Varis participated and excelled in the hunt. It became a conduit for him to express his pride through displays of talent in the killing of prey. But Varis also learnt the valuable lesson of what it meant to be a grey wolf , his time spent in the forest honing his senses as a wolf. As a human Varis was agile and lightfooted, the quickest of his age.

When he eventually came of age Varis sought the position of Alpha Wolf within his pack. Spending a few years preparing just for this momentous task it was still not easy.

Forced into combat with the current Alpha as was tradition many did not see the nimble grey wolf ousting the Alpha Black Wolf. Utilising his cunning Varis recognised that although he would not best his opponent directly he had a better chance in the woods which he lured the Alpha into. Here he engaged in a cat and mouse game with the Alpha where he suffered horrible wounds that would become permanent scars. Overcoming the odds Varis killed his opponent through stealth, attacking under a blanket of darkness with a speedy swipe to his enemy's throat when the black wolf was exhausted by the hours of cat and mouse he had played with Varis.

Returning to the tribe Varis was met with admiration and outrage from some of the black wolves who believed Varis had used dishonorable strategies in his killing of the Alpha. Though there would still be dissent to this day Varis Lyca has solidified himself as the Alpha of his tribe and now has to deal with the threat of other tribes and also the problem of finding a proper Omega...

Bison Larg
Bison Larg

Pic (NSFW)

Being of the same age as Crystal, Bison is considered built even for the tough standards of young male Minotaurs. Being one of the school's most popular athletes with a secured sports scholarship Bison basically has his future set out. Headstrong and arrogant he is sought after by many young females in heat.

But there is an issue. Bison is a super horny bull which is not a rare thing considering the vast majority of teenage bulls are drooling at their chance to join the fuck farm. Hailing from supreme genetic stock, his mother and father both being vigorous alpha animals (NSFW) back in their days before marriage Bison has found it tough to suppress his strong, natural urges, even on his own mother but he nonetheless has suppressed them through discipline and maturity.

Fortunately for him the time has come to release his pent up stress, most of which is residing within his massive sacs, and finally focus himself on his career. But the farm may also provide a good opportunity to acquire his own personal fucktoy (NSFW).

Siberius Alfa
Name: Siberius Alfa

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Personality: Young and prideful Siberius enjoys his wealthy status, often exploiting it for his own selfish purposes. Always restless and in seek of thrills he is a cunning young okami, devious and dishonest with no ethical boundaries when interacting with other people. Those who cannot keep up with him in his ‘adventures’ will often be left behind.

Brief background: The 3rd youngest of many siblings hailing from a family with close ties to the military Siberius adhered to family tradition by enlisting into the military but was fast-tracked up the ranks as an officer by his powerful family members. This manipulation of aristocratic power made some of his fellow peers resent him. Despite what many said about him Siberius was no snobbish prick. He trained and studied the art of war, expecting to one day cross over the walls to fight the age old enemies of the people.

Looks: His ears are pointed forwards, ending in a sharp tip. Their colour is blonde like his hair but also streaked heavily with splotches of black.

Occupation: Military Officer

Society status: A member of a large, connected aristocratic family with origins in the military, his ancestors are renowned figures known for protecting the city. His wealth is limited by the watchful eyes of his family’s patriarch as a way of maintaining military discipline.

Character strengths:
  • Military Training – As a officer in the military Siberius is adept in all manners of warfare from combat to strategy. He is recognised for his proficiency with a sword.

  • Military Connections – Aside from commanding a small force of soldiers he has many brothers and relatives in high positions within the military that he can call on if in need

  • Intimidation – He has been raised to be of a naturally commanding presence in and out of uniform. His physique is muscular and well-defined and he is able to assert an unconscious and conscious aura of authority both in title and in personality

  • Thrill-seeking – Siberius loves to experience new thrills and adventures, doing the most reckless of things for the pure enjoyment of it.
Character weaknesses: His aggression as a result of his militant background can quickly go out of control. He is of a superiority complex that is common within the city’s aristocracy, often likes to remind others of his position. Though not a misogynist he tends to objectify females, particularly attractive females as a result of a hypermasculine military culture.

Likes: Swords, Nature, Having Fun, History, Military Philosophy, Slavery

Dislikes: Boredom, Emotional Rubbish, Social Justice Warriors, Traitors/Rebels, Art

Sexual stuff: (Domination, Rough Sex, Humiliation)

Master: He would like a slave to accompany him as primarily a sexual partner and traveling companion on his adventures due to him having other slaves to cook and clean, preferably one that can defend and take care of herself, if she cannot defend herself he will teach her which will be much to his annoyance. He will tend to use her for his own sexual gratification but will also prefer it if she enjoys or comes to enjoy that sort of stuff. His slave will be paraded around as his trophy, being shown off to whatever social function he goes but he also intends for her to serve as an armed bodyguard, albeit a seductive bodyguard whose loyalty will be bought by the promise of more independence for herself as his slave, which is a rare thing in his household.

Notes: Gonna go killing monsters someone help me kill em

Visual Inspiration

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2017, 07:03:41 AM »

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2017, 05:29:27 AM »

Can only do One-Shots currently

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2017, 04:51:05 AM »

Currently unavailable for roleplay proposals

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2017, 06:20:48 AM »

Only available for pure smutty roleplays
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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #6 on: September 05, 2017, 05:36:34 AM »
I am interested in:
Allow Me To Heal You #1
Clean Me Bro
Princess Peaches

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #7 on: September 06, 2017, 02:08:05 AM »
I am interested in:
Allow Me To Heal You #1
Clean Me Bro
Princess Peaches

Well, I am currently in the mood for Clean Me Bro so lets do that. We'll discuss this further via PM.

Updated thread, currently unavailable for RP proposals

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #8 on: September 16, 2017, 12:03:59 AM »

Will only do smut heavy orientated rps at the moment due to other rps I am involved in of course

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Re: NSFW Ideas (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #9 on: September 17, 2017, 02:42:33 AM »

  • Currently have room for 1 more RP
  • Limited to posting twice a week (3-4 for one-shots/smut scenes)
  • Am available for smut-heavy group roleplay proposals

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Re: The Lustful Gentleman (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #10 on: September 20, 2017, 06:26:31 AM »

Currently unavailable for RP proposals

You can reserve stories if you wish

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Re: The Lustful Gentleman (Noncon, Sub, Fantasy, Romance, Heavy Smut)
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2017, 06:02:48 PM »

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Re: The Lustful Gentleman
« Reply #12 on: October 19, 2017, 03:11:49 AM »
Available for RP ideas

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Re: Looking for Partners (MxF, FutaxF)
« Reply #13 on: January 14, 2018, 01:11:43 AM »
Super Futa

In a world of super powered beings, a super heroine finds herself facing a whole new breed of sexually invigorated enemies from another dimension seeking to enslave the females of Earth into 1 big harem. Its up to her to convince them otherwise...

Inspiration (NSFW) -

The Great Knight

A female knight is determined to prove to the kingdom that she did not get her position as the first ever female knight as a result of being the King's youngest daughter and embarks on a journey to make a name for herself. Unfortunately for her, she soon learns that her true purpose in life is not to fight but to breed...

Inspiration (NSFW) -

A Goddess and her Lovers

A story about the most beautiful goddess in the world, Aphrodite, and her many lovers ranging from Ares to even her own son...

Inspiration (NSFW) -

Taken In The Woods

An unsuspecting wood nymph frolicks in the wood without a care in the world. Unfortunately for her, she learns the valuable lesson of covering your body up...after of course multiple lessons thanks to a very naive nature.

Inspiration (NSFW) -

Police Abuse

A successful businesswoman and an acclaimed, beautiful feminist discovers the hard way what it means to respect the strong, in this case given to her by a futa policewomen.

Inspiration (NSFW)  -


A beautiful Fox lady is lusted after by pretty much everyone in the animal kingdom. Young and still a virgin its up to her if she chooses the alpha male for her...or maybe more than 1?

Inspiration (NSFW) -

MotherxDaughter (FUTA)

2 futa mothers now find their daughter all grown up. Its time to show her the true meaning of family love...

Inspiration (NSFW) -

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Re: Looking for Partners (MxF, FutaxF)
« Reply #14 on: February 27, 2018, 10:13:18 PM »
Double Her Size (Dubcon, Stomach Bulge, Rough, Objectification)

A hybrid minotaur-human female, a cowgirl, is becoming a common sight in the realm of the Taurus Empire after victorious minotaur males bring home many human slaves. A cowgirl resembles a human though their bodies are much taller than a man's, powerfully built and muscled with 2 small horns on the top of their heads. Your char is a young cowgirl who is assigned as a "pleasure hole" to a rising star within the ranks of the Minotaur armies.

Char Pic -

Dragon Slayer (Noncon, Stomach Bulge, Rough, Objectification)

A beautiful, strong but naive Amazonian princess is determined to prove her worth to her people by bringing back the head of a dragon. It dosent go as planned...

Char Pic (NSFW) -

My Sister (Noncon, Stomach Bulge, Rough, Objectification)

2 futa sisters live alone during the holidays as their parents ar off holidaying. In this fantasy world, futas are normal and they possess tremendous horsecocks. Although the older one tries to focus on her studies, the younger sibling cannot hold back her abnormal lust for her older sister and she expresses this lust in the most primal way she can...

Char Pic (NSFW) -

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Re: Looking for Partners (MxF, FutaxF, FutaxFuta)
« Reply #15 on: August 15, 2018, 02:45:53 AM »
Been a while since I've done a 1 on 1 RP in Elliquiy. I'll be RPing as a male or futa char. For the first 2 scenarios below they'll be hentai to some extent.Tthe 'Rescued But Not Saved' premise I'd like to be long-term if possible but we'll see how it goes initially.

(New) RP Scenarios:

Overconfident Heroine

This (NSFW) Pic sums it up really:

Rescued But Not Saved

In a medieval fantasy world filled with strife and conflict, a lone human mercenary seeks only fortune on the battlefield. During a mission, his crew lays waste to an enemy camp. Within that camp they come across a number of war prisoners of mixed races. Your char, being amongst them, expects to be liberated but to to her dismay, the mercenaries demand a price for freedom. Your char can easily pay that price however, being one of the daughters of a great king in one of the many kingdoms and empires that adorn the realm. However, can she trust that her 'liberators' won't bear ill-will to her if her status is revealed to them?

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Re: Fantastical Adventures (Looking for F)
« Reply #16 on: March 23, 2019, 11:04:16 PM »
Been a while but I'm back in Elliquiy. I'd like to do more long-term RPs with these ideas. Let me know if you're interested with a character app!

A Fantastical Adventure

Set in a world of great empires and mythical beasts, MC is a lone swordsman is pursued by a powerful, mysterious organization for the secrets he possesses and the past he belongs to. No place in civilization is safe for him, assassins roam the realm looking for his head. But, despite the overwhelming danger, he has a mission that he must complete. To avoid his pursuers, he blends into human society as another man, another persona in the form of a mysterious, wandering sellsword that protects the common folk from the monsters and beasts that lurk out in the wilds. He has no time for the pleasures of life for his duty requires his every attention. But then, during what was supposed to be a routine job, YC comes into his life...and everything changes...



Dusk Fall

MC has lost everything he once cherished...the world he once knew is no more. A military-grade chemical weapon referenced as 'Agent Z' has reverted the minds of human adults, transforming them into savage cannibals that scour throughout the night for prey and avoid day for sunlight harms their skin. MC was in his last year of high school when the chaos has been over a year now since the apocalypse.  Only the fittest and smartest survive in this hellish world. Gangs dominate the landscape, with their weaponry and numbers they have created societies founded upon a hypermasculine view of leadership and the misogynistic treatment of women. And the vast majority of survivors are young, from teens to those in their 20s with those over 30 years of age generally being the most hardcore survivors of all given that the chemical weapon specifically targeted older, mature adults.

MC is a lone wanderer of the landscape, highly resourceful and physically gifted, he always manages to find a way out of a tough situation. His one rule of life? To never involve himself in the affairs of others. That is until he encounters YC in trouble...then something stirs in his heart and out of impulse MC rescues YC from danger...only to find himself having a bounty placed on him by the most dangerous gang of the wasteland for YC is not any ordinary slave girl...

He now faces the difficult choice of either abandoning YC to the wolves or breaking his one and only rule for the sake of a girl...



Worst Time for a Crush

What do you do when the apocalypse begins...and you're still at school? MC is an 18 yr old senior student who was in class when Agent Z was launched against his country. All hell breaks loose as the teachers become monsters that attack and kill his fellow students. MC only has his own survival in mind as he moves to escape the school but complications arise and soon enough MC finds himself trapped, cannibalistic monsters that were once his teachers prowling the corridors for fresh prey. And the worst part of it all is the fact that he isn't alone. YC is with him...and MC harbors a crush for YC. Faced with the dilemma of that hot girl you've always liked being in knee-touching distance from you and the arguably more pressing problem of monsters outside the door...MC almost feels like he'd rather take a Math test! Almost.