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June 24, 2019, 10:37:42 PM

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Author Topic: Let's Get it Write [Long-Term] [mxm]  (Read 121 times)

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Offline TroublingTopic starter

Let's Get it Write [Long-Term] [mxm]
« on: March 23, 2019, 09:29:24 PM »
About Me:

Hi, I'm Troubling and I'm here to have fun and write some good stories with yall.  I'm pretty easy-going. My view is 'we're all here to have fun, so let's see what we can do together to maximize that'. I'm very light-hearted, for the most part. I use emoticons, because sometimes using words just Isn't Enough. Yeah, I also will use capitalized letters to emphasize words. Die mad about it. (actually, pls don't, that WILL absolutely hurt my feelings).

I'm a 31 year old transgender man.  I really don't care about your gender (aside from making sure that I'm using the right pronouns for you, of course!).   I probably won't be posting daily, but I'd love to chat frequently.  I'll  most likely post multiple times per week, tho.  I'm very patient and absolutely willing to wait on replies from you.


-Multi-para.  Usually, I'll type 300-500 words per post.  I LOVE big meaty... replies. ;)  No, but really.  Tell me about your character's inner thoughts.  Wax poetically about the setting.  Give me so many details that Hemmingway's ghost is getting uncomfortable.  I LOVE this garbage, and want to write a dumpster with you.

-PLEASE keep your font black!  I'm colorblind, folks.  My computer settings are very precise so I can actually somewhat tell colors apart, but changing up font color can really mess that up.  I don't want to have to copy/paste every post into word and adjust things again.  Just... please.  Make sure I can actually read your posts.

-Third person, past tense

-I like to talk OOC.  Please, talk to me!  Plot with me!  Be friendly!  I'm definitely not one of those "I'm just here to rp, not make friends" types.   If I don't feel comfortable talking to you, then I also don't feel comfortable writing honestly with you.  When I get more informal, I drop capitalizations and such in order to emphasize certain words or moods.

-Please be willing to write multiple characters.  Like... our main characters are the primary protagonists here, but we're also going to be creating an entire WORLD of others, you know?  It's a sad world when one person has to write all the NPC's.

-I love a good romance.  In fact, I want it to be part of the story.  But it's got to flow naturally.  I really love a good, long slow-burn.  Forget about dicks touching.  I don't even want to see the characters touch hands for at least five chapters (ok, maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea).  Really build that shit up.

-Plot-to-smut ratio: as you can probably guess, this is pretty high.  I require a LOT of plot.  Like maybe 70-80% plot to a little bit of smut?

-Romance-wise, I only do MxM.   I prefer writing transgender men, but I'm perfectly happy to write cisgender men too!  Oh.  Right.  Please don't call transgender men 'cuntboys' to me; it's just... really hurtful.

These are all hard no's from me.

-Age play
-Anything that belongs in a toilet
-Large age gaps

Supernatural (generally light on magic and fantasy elements; I LOVE it when the supernatural elements are loosely explained via science)
Mystery (u want some detectives solving crimes?  how about some civilians solving crimes?  i got u covered.  I don't do slice-of-life type games)
Modern (technically a setting and not a genre, but ok)
Victorian (I'm absolutely not a stickler for 100% accuracy.  I'm not going to be like, "UH, excuse me, but the earlier letter CLEARLY established that our game is set around March 13, 1885, and The Mikado wouldn't be shown until the NEXT DAY, ugh, begone from my sight, I never want you to darken my doorway again with your IGNORANCE".  I just want to have fun, ok.)
Horror (I'm not much for slasher horror, tbh.  Gimme that good ol' fashioned creepy horror shit.  That's the good stuff.  Aw yess...)

Modern Mystery
Right now, I'm really craving a Sherlock-esque type plot where my character is a somewhat mysterious detective type (maybe a podcaster who investigates unsolved mysteries) and requires your character's help (or your character approached mine asking for help with his own personal mystery, idk). This by NO MEANS indicates that my character is the star of the thread----I know I don't like it when I feel like I'm playing an NPC in someone's story, so I wouldn't want anyone else to feel that either.

Modern Supernatural
Slayer/Hunter x Supernatural Being (preference towards vampires, but shifters/werewolves may apply)
Life is tougher for vampires and werewolves ever since they came out of the casket, so to speak. It was a highly controlled event--- the upper crust of the vampire world quickly realized 'we can't stay hidden forever. All it'll take is one quick youtube video and we'll be viral'. So they controlled their exposure as best they could, trying not to alarm humanity.

Spoiler alert: it didn't work.

Humans aren't very well known for Not Panicking, after all. Regulations were quickly put into place, with different states requiring different registration acts. Some were more lenient. Some were less so. In some areas, killing a supernatural is barely against the law----it's broadly assumed to be always an act of self defense. Vampires in particular have gotten the short end of the stick and are required to obtain their blood from dispensaries. The Slayers have become supernatural peacekeepers of sorts. There's very little government oversight on their abilities, or how they can police the communities.

Unfortunately, someone has poisoned it. My character isn't particularly pleased by this, since it causes a good load more chaos than he's comfortable with. One night, he comes across your character being attacked by humans and intervenes.

It's not an act of compassion. The supernatural community is, by and large, closed to mortals (including the supposed peacekeepers between the communities--- in retrospect, calling them 'Slayers' was a bit of a bad choice) and he seeks to use your character as a sort of spy. He wants to know what's going on.

This doesn't HAVE to be modern----it could be Victorian, although a lot of it is set up with Modern language.

Victorian Supernatural
I don't have set pairings here yet.
No set pairings here. You want to play a victorian gentleman seducing a poor servant? I've got that. Two victorian gentlemen trying to get away from society? Got you covered, my friend. The point is, our characters end up at a 'haunted mansion' for a bit of fun.

The problem is, the place really is haunted. Now they've got to solve the mystery to let the ghosts rest.

Victorian mystery
No supernatural elements here!  Again, there's a lack of pairings because I haven't really developed anything here just yet.  Both of our characters have escaped to a small, out of the way estate for personal reasons.  Maybe one is trying to escape a highly public scandal.  Maybe one is a servant at said estate.  There's a lot to work with.

Anyway, that's when murder happens.  Guests at the estate start dying off and there is just SO MUCH SCANDAL going on underneath, oh my god, how did they even fit all that scandal under their clothes. 

Absolutely feel free to bring me your plots too c:

not actively looking atm.