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Author Topic: Quix's Curious Quest For A Comedic Collaboration (MxF)  (Read 2010 times)

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Quix's Curious Quest For A Comedic Collaboration (MxF)
« on: July 20, 2017, 08:53:19 pm »
I currently have a few dark stories on the go, and although my main request thread may not reflect it, anyone who knows me would be aware that I have a love of sarcasm, hyperbole, satire and also more subtle humour. It's been a while since I've written a story with those elements at the forefront, so throwing the below plot bunnies out separately to see if I can find a partner interested in collaborating on one. Although when I say comedic I'm still looking for it to be contained within a complex story.

An Epic Fairy-Tale Adventure

Goldilocks has come of age and in her desperation to escape the evil clutches of her widowed Step-father and his plans of betrothal - to him - she leaves her cottage in the dead of night. Tired and hungry, she breaks into an empty house usually occupied by a Father and his two son’s, the Bears. On her discovery and on hearing the story of the young woman a plan is hatched to keep young Goldie on as a household maid. From there begins a tale of sexual hi-jinks and high adventure as the four protagonists undertake a perilous quest to save all those other Fairy-Tale characters in need.

I have lots of ideas for this and whilst most of the story would be written from the viewpoints of Goldilocks and the Three 'Bears' I am looking to delve into a multitude of other classical pairings. Filled with fun and adventure it wouldn't be all sunshine and roses and I expect it to also contain many dark elements as any good Fairy-Tale should, with some characters-in-peril being saved by our dynamic foursome and others meeting a bad end, possibly at our protagonists' hands. As well as a great variety of sexual themes and kinks as we put a unique - and sexually fucked up - spin on their stories. Positing some of the following scenarios and/or others of similar ilk;

Just how close were Hansel and Gretel?

What did Jack try on with Jill up that hill to send her tumbling down, and did he deserve the broken crown?

How best can a woman distract a giant from Beanstalk surveillance?

How high a price will Goldie be prepared to pay to be allowed to cross the Troll's bridge?

What really happened between Mrs Wolf and the Three Chauvinist Pigs?

Rapunzel as a black widow, using the pretence of being trapped in the tower to lure only the most capable and brave of handsome knights in shining armour into her web. Never to be seen again;

Red Riding Hood deliberately taunting the wolf until he can no longer resister her overtures; intent on having him kill her grandmother so she can take her inheritance

Ms Wolf exacting sexual revenge on the three chauvinist pigs

Cinderella as a manipulative trollop who lies about her family situation to gain Prince Charming's attention

A shallow Belle choosing wealth and looks over true love

Not to mention the possibilities offered up by the wealth of other stories not mentioned here. Please note nothing is set in stone nor am I stuck on any specific scenarios. They're all just random ideas off the top of my head intended to hopefully provide a better idea of the concepts I'm looking to play around with, and I'm fully open to suggestions/changes/preferences within the overarching framework.

Of course, everyone would be aged up appropriately, and I envisage characters remaining human, or at least humanoid (such as with any troll or giant, etc) in appearance, with the fairy-tale designation being used a metaphor for personality and/or appearance.

I'm also not stuck on Goldilock's and the Three Bears as the starting point, but am looking to incorporate a set of main characters in possession of a greater overarching goal who we can really get to know/play in depth, and whose story serves as a centring element around which all else is based. Who else that could be and how it'd work, I'm amenable to ideas.

Good Guy Lucifer

I've had a vague idea about writing a story inspired by the 'Good Guy Lucifer' Memes, whereas Satan is the misunderstood good guy, and God, the Evil one who by virtue of having her book published first claimed all of the credit for being 'Good'. I'd envisage it as a parody with a female God, but as far as fleshing out a greater story I've a few broad concepts, but am finding them hard to coalesce in my mind.

Possibly Satan and God are a couple having trouble with their sexually precocious teenage daughter, Eve, and wayward adopted son, Jesus, with every earthquake, tornado and  tsunami a result of marital bickering and a 'Just because we're married, you can't tell me what to do' attitude from God, met with a "I think we need counseling, honey, you've just killed another three-hundred-thousand people," one from her husband.  Of course, would also like to throw a solid overarching story-line in there as well.

One other thing that attracts me in this idea is that with the concept of God being eternal and omnipresent, time-lines and location wouldn't matter. We could move from the present day in one post to God, in a fit of pique, flooding the Earth in the next, then onto Samson and Delilah or Sodom and Gomorrah soon after, potentially playing the characters out and putting our own unique spin on each scenario. Ah, my brain has a habit of getting ahead of me with possibilities, there's now about a gazillion different ideas rattling around unchecked in my head and how they could all fit together.

Game of Tropes

I've nothing set in stone here and all details are open to discussion, however, the broad concept I'm looking to play around with is for us to chose a

common pairing or two, or twenty

Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele inspired

Dominant Daddy/Virginal Daughter

Bad Boy/Good Girl


Vampire/Lycan or Vampire Hunter


Experienced Older Male/Inexperienced Younger Female

Edward Cullen/Bella Swan inspired


Vile Rapist/Innocent Victim

Naive Woman/Male with Seductive Intent

Pretty much all other standard tropes open to discussion

and drop them in the middle of a

familiar plot theme(s)/trope(s)

An innocent daughter of a man whose ancestor crossed the ancestor of a Mafia Don three centuries before is made into a slave to repay the never-forgotten debt

A damsel in distress requires a rugged, dominant male to rescue her from peril

A virginal Princess is pressured into an arranged marriage to a Dominant Prince - from whom she'll learn the arts of submission and diplomacy - in an attempt to avert all out war between two Kingdoms

A naive, shy, innocent, never-been-touched girl needs the strict hand of an experienced older man to teach her about the birds and the bees

Either an Investigative Journalist or a Cop undertakes a secret mission to infiltrate a Biker Bar/S&M Club only to, in the second post, have her intrepid plans foiled by an evil villain who'll turn the once 'strong' - obviously, just look at her profession! - woman into a submissive little fuck-toy to be used and abused for the members amusement

A young daughter is fantasised over by Daddy, who can't restrain any longer his need to teach her a lesson

An impressionable student is taken advantage of by her handsome Professor, who threatens to fail her and treats her like shit before she grows to love it and together they sail off into the happily-ever-after sunset.

A teen, after being forced into prostitution, instead of trying to escape, finds it arousing, leading to her happily spreading her legs for as many men as humanly possible whilst falling romantically for her woman-beating pimp

A woman lost in the woods happens upon a lone man living in a cabin who, desiring nothing but solitude and to be left the fuck alone, - hence why he forwent his Calvin Klein underwear modelling contract for an isolated cabin in the woods - randomly finds himself wanting to seduce her when she knocks upon his door in the middle of the night, and will not allow the buxom beauty to leave until she succumbs to his roguish, masculine charm.

A younger sister to play opposite an older brother who has nothing else on his mind than his desire to ravage and dominate her; no matter what. But, don't worry, she'll like it.

A lone hitchhiker's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere where the first people who happen to drive past unfortunately turn out to be a bunch of vile, but extremely good-looking, rapists, rather than the more statistically probable neutrals or Good Samaritans. Or even ugly rapists.

A human girl who attracts the attention of a Demon intent on turning her into his pet. For something extra unique, she could accidentally summon him by innocently reciting a spell from a dusty old book she just happened to stumble across in an attic.

An 'independent' woman reluctantly enters a BDSM club for the very first time only to experience an epiphany, three-and-a-half seconds after meeting the steely gaze of a man she's never before laid eyes on, where she realises that being a sub is her true calling in life and she's just found her Dom

A female Vampire's inhuman strength and extraordinary abilities are made redundant in the context of the story due to the plot requirement that regardless of how great they are, they still must be lesser than the Lycan or Vampire-Hunter she'll (for that very reason) invariably submit to

A girl falls in love with the man who mentally, physically and sexually abuses her, because:
a) Stockholm Syndrome
b) He was doing it out of love, lust and desire and to show her what it was she truly needed; isn't that romantic?
c) Just because
d) All of the above

A naughty schoolgirl or workmate discovered showing off her boobies by a peer/colleague is subsequently blackmailed into becoming the biggest, most depraved cock-hungry worthless whore in the history of the Universe. Because, well, that action is much more logical than going to the Police and risking a slap over the wrists from her parents, teacher or boss

Again, all other standard tropes open to discussion.

To create our own unique -or not so unique!- story. Then, once we have that, proceed to mercilessly rip the shit out of every cliche that we can possibly manage to incorporate.

For instance, an extreme plot example (and also an extreme example in the use of nouns and adjectives!):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Edward Gray, a dominant, bad-boy Jock Sports Teacher, also later revealed to be blushing virgin Anastasia Swan's biological Vampiric Daddy and a billionaire entrepreneur, uses the threat of failing grades to blackmail the gullible and naive student Cheerleading Princess into becoming the Universe's biggest cock-craving submissive bimbo-slut, imprisoning the long-haired beauty, turned sex-slave, in a tower dungeon before the damsel-in-distress is stolen away from her sparkly captor by a Beast of a Prince Charming who helps her overcome Stockholm Syndrome, and together they live happily-ever-after!

Think along the lines of like Airplane/Scary Movie/Naked Gun/Monty Python and the Holy Grail/The Life Of Brian, etc; something ridiculously over-the-top in concept, characterisation, stereotypes and plot-elements, but still written in a serious tone akin to any other story, as if the characters truly exist as they are within the fictional world we place them in, not as slapstick.

Alternatively to going for outright humour, I'd love to find a partner to write a dark parody, inclusive of social commentary and black comedy, more in line with the 'Though They Walk Through The Valley....." writing sample below.

I know a lot of this is rambling and possibly nonsensical, but if anything in the above does strike a chord with anyone,  shoot me a PM and we can discuss. It's important to find partners I mesh and communicate with well OoC and who are enthusiastic about the story we are (or planning to) write together, so I'd appreciate if some effort is put into any approach. I don't like to be rude but I do like to be honest so I will mention that I'm unlikely to reply to simple one or two line 'I'm interested' type messages that leave me with nothing to work with and respond to.

For more information, my main request thread and O/o's are linked in my signature, with writing samples in the next post.
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Re: An Epic Fairy-Tale Adventure (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2018, 02:43:07 am »
Sample posts from a couple previous stories deliberately written in a more humorous vein:

Goldilocks And The Three 'Bears'

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The weasel shook like a leaf in Papa Bear's grasp and his head bobbed up and down in agreement as Rupert whispered in his ear, and explained the way things were to be. It was easy to order a young woman around, but not such a simple task when faced with a man your own age and twice your size. Jacob Slint was receiving an idea of how poor Goldilock's must have been made to feel and it was obvious the man didn't enjoy it.
However, unlike Goldie, who'd mustered up the courage to defend herself and denied being his possession - which had only furthered the Patriarch's admiration for the young woman - Jacob offered no resistance. Though Papa's words were rough and so was the grip by which he held Slint, he was a gentle soul underneath and had no intentions of maiming the man - if he even deserved to be thought of as such. He wasn't one to cause hurt for hurt's sake, though that wasn't to say that putting the frighteners through Mr Slint didn't bring him any satisfaction. The wink and sly grin he shot the boys as they entered the house attested to that.
Walter and Edmund reached the door at the same time and each emitted an 'oomph' as they became stuck half-in, half-out, of the entrance in their combined rush to be first. It took a few seconds for them to untangle their limbs from the others with Edmund, the eldest and strongest, gaining the advantage. He arrived at the room where Goldie was just in time to see the undergarments she held being slipped into the trunk. His eyes followed the movement of the lacy material and he opened to his mouth to comment, but that turned into another 'oomph, as he felt an elbow dig into his ribs. He tilted his head and the look on Walt's face and way he appraised Goldie made it obvious that his sibling had noticed the same as he. The elder boy rolled his eyes and shook his head as if to scold his younger brother for an obvious lack of maturity, and moved further into the room. Just as she clicked shut the trunk and stood to face them.
"What bath?" Walt's tone was one of confusion as Edmund moved closer to the young woman.
The shyness with which she had spoken and the way her cheeks blushed made the elder boy smile. He completely ignored his sibling's query as he reached out and brushed her elbow with the pads of his fingertips. "Sure, the offer still stands. We'll stop and bathe in the river. That way you won't have to wait until we get all the way home." The images that brought to mind caused Walt to flick his gaze to her chest - the one which contained her clothes, of course, although he was also tempted to glance at the other - , and swallow down the lump which had suddenly formed in his throat, and momentarily forced him to stop talking. He couldn't help but imagine what she wore under the filthy dress. And what, exactly, she'd bathe in.
'What bath?" Walt asked again, but this time his tone contained more annoyance than confusion.
Before he could ask a third time there came stomps on the floor and Rupert popped his head through the entrance. He took in the scene, then focused his attention on Goldie. "Your step-father was very reasonable, and we've come to an agreement. You're free to stay with us as long as you want."
"See Goldie, we told you everything would work out. My papa never lies." Edmund's voice was filled with admiration and he shot her a wide grin. At the same time the fingers which touched her elbow slid down the soft, warm skin of her arm to take hold of her hand. "Let's go".
Walt stood open-mouthed and stared at the two of them. He didn't move an inch as Edmund, with Goldilocks being gently dragged along with him, passed and clapped his younger brother on the shoulder. "Do something useful, and carry her trunk, will you".
Edmund's eyes raised to Papa's. "Goldie asked if we could stop on the way so that she could bathe in the river. I told her we could now that everything is okay. We can't make her walk all the way home as she is." That wasn't precisely what she'd said, but Edmund thought phrasing it as such would make it more difficult for Goldie to resist his plan. And his plan it was. He had no intention of asking his Father or brother to join in the fun. In fact, he hoped they could be convinced to continue the journey home whilst he spent the night by the river, 'bathing' with their new house-guest.
It wasn't until they'd almost made it to where Papa stood that he realised in his enthusiasm, he hadn't even given a Goldie a chance to respond or to see if she was ready to leave. He stopped so abruptly that he stumbled,  his expression one of nerves and apology as his eyes came to rest on hers. "I mean, that's if you have everything you need, and you're ready?"
Papa chuckled at one son's actions as he watched another collect Goldie's trunk and place it over one shoulder. Walt's pupils narrowed at his brother and the look said that whatever Edmund had in mind,  he wasn't to be allowed to get away with it. Not if Walt had any say in the matter.
"Are you ready, Goldie?" The Patriarch stepped inside to give her shoulder a reassuring pat. "If so, just follow me, your Step-Father won't cause us any trouble."

Not So Snow White

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Stuart Thomson had viewed a lot of pornography in his young life; a lot; and in each and every one of the video's, the women had revelled in being treated like a piece of meat and called every name under the sun. Slut, whore, bitch, tramp, hussy and more that he couldn't even recall. From their reactions and expression when the men  - often more than one - issued their orders, and forced them to their knees to insult and degrade them before they bent them over, whipped their asses, pulled on their hair and fucked them, cuffed, bound and at the male's complete and utter mercy, it appeared every woman's fantasy come true. Those men, to Stuart, were the epitome of what a 'Dom' should be.

Obviously the poor boy was a little confused, and unaware of the vast difference between Gonzo porn and a Dominant, or that the women on screen were actresses, and the screaming, writhing orgasms; the likes of which Stuart had never elicited from a girl; were in fact, faked. Luckily for Sofia White, although not the sharpest tool in the shed, Stuart hadn't been denied every last vestige of common sense, and was somewhat cognisant of the possible effects of his own inexperience. He couldn't risk harming Sofia and having her found unconscious, or worse, in his dorm room. That would not reflect positively on Delta Tau Chi and could well see him excommunicated. He'd need to take it carefully, but that wasn't an issue, as she'd stated this wouldn't be their first and last time. There was always the next for both to look forward to.

That he was already on the right track was evidenced by the raven-haired woman's reaction to his authoritative voice when the door clicked behind her, and it elicited a smile from her new 'Dom'. As did her acknowledgement of his importance in the Fraternity hierarchy, and the touch of her fingers which brought goose-bumps to his skin, and a shiver to his spine. "That's right." Stuart's chest puffed out as he followed her gaze to the paddle and handcuffs; the wristbands the last thing on his mind at that moment; then turned back to her with a cocky smirk pasted across his features. "I can have any girl I want now, and I got myself the hottest piece of ass on Campus." Just because she was his toy for the night didn't mean she wasn't worth a compliment.

He grinned and took a step forward, then stopped as her words reverberated in his ears, "Are you ready for me to be your slut?" The girl was really getting into it, and Stuart nodded and squirmed at the sensation of his jeans tightening around the crotch as his gaze dropped to the sight of Sofia's fingers commencing to undo her pants. He gulped, and stood as though entranced until a lightning bolt struck him. This wasn't the way it was supposed to work; he was meant to be in control! Suddenly, with his burgeoning erection forgotten for the moment, Stuart's arm snaked out, and he gripped an elbow. "Did I tell you to get naked yet?"

Quite proud of the commanding tone he'd managed to convey, Stuart arched a brow and shook his head. "No, I didn't. You gonna be my slut, you need to learn to do what you're told. Got it?" It was a rhetorical question, asked as he released her arm and motioned to the floor without allowing Sofia time to respond. "On your knees, and......." The boy's mouth flapped open and closed, and his pupils widened as, with green orbs locked on Sofia's, words failed him. What the fuck did he do now? He licked his lips, and his Adam's apple bobbed as his gaze flicked uncertainly around the room. Confidence was restored when his eyes lit upon his implements, and he turned back, released his grip on her arm and lifted a hand to point. "You need to be spanked. Fetch that paddle and bring it to me."

He then stepped to the two-seat sofa, turned it to provide a full view of the room, smiled at the woman, and completed his instructions as he dropped into his seat. "Between your teeth. And remove the top, I want to see your tits."  Stuart Thomson was starting to get the hang of this domm-ing thing, and could only hope that Sofia was enjoying herself nearly as much. With new-found composure, he waited for his command to be obeyed.

And one more, on the DarK Parody side (abuse/religious themes)

Though They Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Face pale with terror, Adam's shaky hand moved to switch on the bedside lamp. Images of Fire and Brimstone, and writhing figures - men, women and children all - screaming in pain as flames consumed their bodies, flowed through his mind. Eyeballs exploded and liquefied flesh oozed into fiery lava pits, leaving nothing but a collapsed pile of charred bones on the ground before moments later the victim's human form was resurrected in its entirety and subjected to the same agonising fate again. Over and over, ad infinitum.


The Pastor stared at him and Eve, feverish gaze darting between the children seated in the front row next to their Uniformed father and oh-so-sweet-acting Mary, pointing the Crucifix at each in turn.


The question screamed at one child, then the other.


"Hell for you, boy." David twisted his arm and painfully pinched the sensitive flesh above Adam's elbow, the previous day's misdemeanour neither forgotten nor forgiven, but the boy knew not to protest. Or, even worse, to plead to his Step-Mother for assistance.

Father O'Malley, a friend of David's and Police Chaplain, approached from the pulpit.


The Man of God frothed at the mouth and screamed at Adam and Eve in front of the entire Parish, continuing even as the boy cried and cowered away in abject terror. A man who was meant to be loving, and care for his flock. A man who.....................


Adam's head struck the wall of the trailer with a harsh thump, eliciting a grunt of pain, but at least it brought an end to the memories before the howl of denial escaped his lips, further scaring Eve. It allowed him to avoid having to think about what the same Priest had later done after David had offered Adam up as an altar boy on his sixteenth birthday. Where the phrase, In Service of The Holy Father, assumed an entirely new meaning and no amount of soap had been able to cleanse the vile taste from his mouth.

Panting and puffing, he returned to reality and wrapped his arms tightly around Eve, as always feeling guilty that she endured the same nightmarish memories as he. For as much pain and abuse as he'd suffered, it was his little sister's that most pierced his heart and encouraged the relentless mental demons to never rest. Not only what he knew, but the depravities Eve couldn't bring herself to fully reveal after they'd reunited. Maybe if they'd unconditionally loved David, as he'd demanded, things would have been different, but then how can you love and respect one on command who has done naught to earn either?

If there really were such a thing as Angels, why didn't Eve have wings? Adam clasped a hand over hers, and ran a palm lovingly up and down her back, admonishing himself to remain strong for his sister. "Too much power, we can't let him." He repeated her words, and flicked his gaze back to the television, fearful that the channels might have changed by themselves when he'd looked away and David would be there on the screen shaking his head in mocking contempt at Adam and Eve. Then her next comment penetrated his consciousness and the expression on his face when he returned focus to her was one of disbelief, as if she were crazy. "Kill him?" Thunder cracked outside and Adam jumped a foot in the air, expecting the ceiling to cave in and crush them to pieces where they lay.

However, it didn't, and as Eve crawled up his body and his touch drifted down her skin, the spark in her eyes ignited confidence in her elder brother. "Murder him, eviscerate him, cut God's fucking head off and feed it to the dogs." Excitement and glee lit up Adam's features, mostly in surprise that he'd actually uttered the words aloud before his countenance sobered. "Do you think we could, but how? He has his army and would turn us to dust before we even got near. Unless." Adam's brows furrowed in concentration, the last word barely audible.

Leaning forward, he tugged on Eve's arm, bringing her closer, and peered into her deep brown eyes. "Do you recall that movie we watched one time, Evie? The Wizard of Oz." Whispering, he cupped her chin and caressed her cheek. "Sometimes when I have a good dream, that's what I dream about." A light smile caused the corners of his lips to curl upwards as he recalled one of the few pleasurable events from childhood. "That God is like the Wizard, all booming voice and scary threats, but once you get close, you discover he's actually nothing but a pathetic little man, terrified of his own shadow."

Adam sighed and kissed the tip of Eve's nose, then her forehead, "Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but we're not helpless children any more, and if we took out his minions first?" The very same blue-uniformed minions who, after a few too many beers at David's poker nights, lured the teenage Adam down to the basement and forced him to perform acts condemned in the Bible, but apparently condoned by The Lord for certain of his Acolytes. "Weaken his defences and make him frightened of us, before we confronted him." Kissing Evie's nose again, then her mouth, Adam Magdalene lightly bumped his head against his sister's. "If it doesn't work, we're destined for Satan anyway."

The likes of which I'd also be keen to write again and for in regards to what theme, etc, we'd take on, I'm happy to bounce possibilities and preferences around.
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Re: An Epic Fairy-Tale Adventure (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2018, 05:54:23 am »
 Revised, edited and added two ideas.
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Re: Quix's Curious Quest For A Comedic Collaboration (MxF)
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2020, 09:13:51 pm »
Just a monthly bump.

Can take on another slower-posting story or two. If the above isn't your thing, or you don't see anything you like - either here or my main thread - but think our styles/preferences might mesh, please shoot me a pm and we'll see what we can come up with!