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March 05, 2021, 08:18:04 pm

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Author Topic: [Inactive] Persuasions: An Extreme Human Roleplay Game  (Read 713 times)

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[Inactive] Persuasions: An Extreme Human Roleplay Game
« on: July 19, 2017, 05:57:17 pm »
Welcome to Persuasions
A sense of danger...
A shiver up the spine...
Bragging rights for years to come...
All available year round.

Haunted houses have always been a proving ground for adventure seekers who want to prove they've nerves of steel, and an industry of solo-experience, full-contact, minimally regulated haunted houses has been building up around the U.S. for some years. By their very nature, however, those haunted houses are only available near Halloween. The creators of this company decided to combine the in-role participation of an escape room with the thrilling elements of solo fear experiences to create Persuasions, an immersive experience. Participants are required to submit the results of a physical exam and to sign a detailed waiver consenting to any treatment aside from being forced to have contact with another person's genitals or being treated in any ways that will result in lasting injuries or long-term marks. They pay a steep - but, reviewers assure, worthy - sum, and are issued a packet containing two things: an informational pamphlet about their "character," who they are, what they've done, and what their eventual captors want from them, and a card giving them a 48-hour window in which they should be prepared to go on their adventure at a moment's notice. When the window begins, they enter their code on the Persuasions app on their phone, and they're off. Within their window, they are taken, and the Persuasions team uses punishments that fit their character's crimes, along with persuasions of a sweeter sort, to get what they want. Players may end the session early by giving it up...assuming they're given the opportunity. Players who make it to the end of their session without cracking get their picture on the website and a $1000 prize...but that hasn't happened yet. 

Persuasions is currently accepting applications. Interested applicants must be literate, multi-paragraph roleplayers capable of writing dimensional characters; this is, after all, an adventure expedition in its own way. Characters may be of any gender and in good health, and must submit the application below for consideration (you're welcome to PM me and chat first to see if you think it's worth taking time to fill out the application, however). 

Persuasions Application

Thank you for your interest! Please submit the following application for consideration:
Code: [Select]
[b]Why are you interested in [i]Persuasions[/i]?[/b]
[b]This experience is emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically intense, and cessation of the experience is only possible at certain points in play. Do you feel you are able to handle it?[/b]
[b]Are there any phobias or traumatic histories the team should be aware of?[/b]
[b]Our scenarios fall under three tracks: The Sheriff of Nottingham (in which a team of do-gooders seeks to right your character's wrongs), The Celebrity (in which misguided fans seek to ensure that your media project goes in the direction they want), or The Spy (in which a team seeks to extract sensitive information). Are you more interested in one scenario than another?[/b]
[b]Do you have any special requests? (These may or may not be heeded.[/b]

This game falls into the "extreme" category, so anything that is up for grabs on my F-list is up for discussion. The game will not involve intercourse or other contact with team members' genitals, but may well involve forced orgams, breathplay, force feeding, enema play, predicament bondage, or a host of other elements as per our mutual preferences. The Persuasions team is made up of multiple people of various genders, but if you have strong preferences regarding who has contact with your characters, let me know. My only stipulation is that I won't play solely F/m.

My ideal negotiation for this game works as follows: you check out my Ons and Offs, PM me with or without a character application, and we talk a little about what's interesting to you about the game - both how it's thematically fun for you and what your character stands to get out of it and what kinks you would like to involve. (If I don't yet have the character application, I'll get it at this point.) Once we agree that we're compatible and would like to play the game and you've given me any preferences you have as far as scenario, I will send your character their informational packet...and we'll then open a thread for the game proper.

Right now, I'm only looking for one participant, and will be a little picky about who it is - this is a new style of game for me to write, so I'm going to be particularly careful about choosing a partner who I think will be a good fit. If it goes well, though, Persuasions may be open for business again soon.
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