Looking for the darker side of rp (mxm) (nsfw)

Started by Crystalwolf, July 17, 2017, 10:07:58 PM

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 I'm a bit new here so I'll make this quick and modify this as time goes on. This is gonna be on the darker side of kinks so its not for the feint of heart.


I require all characters to be at least 18. Not only are those the site rules but I fimd anything less disturbing.

I request that my parters post a couple times a week. I understand that life happens and request that if you're gonna be gone for more than a week that you let me know.

Finally no godmodding.


As I said this is the darker side so almost anything goes.

I play Marcus a 21 year old human with pale white skin and platinum blonde hair. He goes out to celebrate his birthday he is stalked by yc. You can play either human or a furry. Somehow during the night he is kidnapped by yc for whatever reason and to do this as you please. Whether that be a slave or as a personal pet.