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Author Topic: Brothers Grimm (Dark fantasy, paranormal, historical, small group 1 M & 1 F)  (Read 1232 times)

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I plan for this game to take place in the 19th century. We will follow history a little bit such as important historical people may make cameos, but this is still a fictional game (expect to do some mild historical research). As the title states, it will be about the Grimm brothers. The Grimm brothers are famous paranormal investigators and hunters who go about solving the world’s supernatural problems. In this world, there are not just humans but fantastical creatures good and evil. Some of those creatures live harmoniously among humans, while others are feral or straight-up evil and only wish to see their destruction. The Grimm brothers are human entirely, but they aren’t average humans. Their supernatural powers come from magic, alchemy, skills, and technology. Just see them as bad ass gentlemen. So this game will be about the Grimm brothers’ adventures around the world, and also another who will join them.

I am hoping to get one writer to play the other Grimm brother and one writer to play the female character who joins the Grimm Brothers on their adventures as part of the group. I am hoping for this story to be long-term and sort of like Samurai Champloo with there being drama as well as good humor mixed throughout. This is also a mature story so there will be sexual themes but nothing to ruin the overall point of the game. Writers can either drop their CS in this thread or send it to me in PMs if you are concerned. I will only be taking what I feel is the best concept. This does not mean that you aren’t a good writer or that the character you submitted was not a good idea. It just means that I preferred “X” over “Y.” I will also keep any extra CSes in the case we have drop-outs.

On the topic of drop-outs, if you do not think you can commit to a long-term game and you are one of those role players who like to join a game for like a week or two, and then suddenly leave, do not join this game. Realize that you are this sort of person and do not join this game. Understand that when it says that this game is meant to be long-term, that it’s meant to be a long-term game and if you do not have time for such a game, then don’t join. I am looking for writers who are confident in their writing ability, who will create a character they can enjoy, and who can contribute to the story. These are the kind of people I am hoping to recruit for this game so that we can all enjoy it.

The Brothers

The Brothers are gentlemen of their time. This time is during the Industrial Revolution. There are trains, firearms are becoming modernized, and there are some fictional advances with steam engine technology and clockwork. The Brothers are very famous in England, especially with the queen. Many important figures from religious figures to kings and emperors call on the brothers to investigate paranormal situations whether they are true or hoaxes, the brothers always take the case. They record their findings in books and are always experimenting with alchemy and magic to improve their fighting capabilities. While the brothers are only human, their prowess is not to be underestimated. They may be gentlemen, but they are also incredible warriors.

Finding pics can be difficult, so I’m not too concerned about The Brothers having the same hair and eye color or even skin color. They could be adopted, blood-related, or Grimm could be a moniker they created to forget who they were before. I want for photos to be digital, realistic art or you can use photography. Also, you do not have to have a picture. I'm all for your description being greater than any imagery you could provide. The imagery would just be there to support the visuals you already present in your writing.

The Lady

The Lady, I am hoping to be involved with The Brothers' first mission. It will be up to the writer who chooses to play her how she will get involved with The Brothers, and I will offer ideas. She could be a victim in a case, she could be a witness in a case, or she could be the one that is giving them the case. She becomes intrigued by how they operate and takes it upon herself to get involved in their business. While she may or may not be welcomed at first, her persistence allows her to become part of the team. She then will acquire the same magic, alchemy, and weapons that The Brothers use to pacify the world.

Feel free to design this CS, however. You can use "1001fonts" to make your CS pretty fancy or what have you.

Code: [Select]
Name: If playing a Grimm, then his last name will be Grimm.
Alias: If you want an alias, then by all means.
Age: 23+ for Grimm, 18+ for girl
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Written Appearance: What clothes does he or she wear? You can research some clothes designs from the 19th century. The Brothers originate in England so be sure to check out the 1800s for clothing ideas. You can get as fancy as you want, but remember that some clothing materials such as “lace” were not invented until the 1900s. So, again, expect to do some research.

Personality: List a few words that overall summarize your character’s personality, and then feel free to give a decent explanation. I do not expect you to be able to give every detail to the character’s personality but he must have a believable personality. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. No one is perfect and no one has to be so flawed that it’s an issue or seems forced.
Likes: These are not sexual. It could be simple things such as tea, cats, etc.
Dislikes: These are not sexual. It could be simple things such as coffee without sugar, mud puddles, etc.

I am not going to force The Brothers to have a background at this time because it will require a collaboration. So once I’ve selected who the other brother is going to be based on the CS, then we’ll get together and work on the back story. Similarly, the writer who chooses to play The Lady can choose to detail a backstory or allow it to build as it comes to him or her.

Talents: You will list two that are non-combat (such as ballroom dancing, singing, cooking, painting, pianist, etc.) and three that are combat-related (marksmanship, swordplay, martial arts, gunslinging, toxins, etc.). Automatically, all three characters will be skilled in alchemy, weapons, and magic, but you will state a specific specialization. So if you choose “gunslinging” then make them specialize in it. That will be the character’s theme. We don’t want Mary Sues or Gary Stus. They won’t be a swordplaying, gunslinging, martial artist, who can sing, and play Chopin on the piano. At the beginning of the game, The Lady is not skilled in these things but you can go ahead and list what she will eventually be skilled in.

Powers: These powers will be based on Alchemy and Magic. They can be spell-related, potion-related, or transmutation-related. You will describe how the conjuring happens. This not the X-men or Full Metal Alchemist. Potions must be prepared beforehand. They must be drunk, doused, or however you plan to use them. Spells must have an incantation or ritual. Transmutation must actually be set up and require actual materials.

Q: What will be the game pace?

A: I am really big on communication, so the game pace is going to move as we move as a group. As long as no one is waiting on you once or twice a month to post without an explanation, then you should be good. Otherwise, if you can only post once a month, then it may be best that you not join. Your life is just too busy for this game. If ever any of us plan to go on a short hiatus, we should be courteous to each other and let each other know.
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I have finished my CS for now. When we get the rest of the cast, we can tweak, add, and go beyond the basic CS requirements to further detail and customize our characters.

Name: He prefers to be called “Charles.” The only person who calls him “Eugene” is his brother. Anyone else who calls him that is his enemy. He isn’t fond of his name thus why he chose Charles as his preferred moniker. It’s just Charles not “Charlie” or “Chuck.” Any other versions of the name will be treated like “Eugene.” If you want to get on Charles’s bad side that disrespect is all it takes. He is due to be knighted by Queen Alexandrina Victoria; Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; Empress of India.
Alias: Clean Hands. They say that Charles could get involved in a bloodbath with fifty ghouls and beasts and still emerge looking dapper. You would have never known! He would claim to merely be a professional.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Written Appearance: Charles dresses like any gentleman of his time: black frock coat and a dress coat under it; white, gray, and tan cravats; red, gray, and brown waistcoats; suspenders usually when he’s packing some heat; black, gray, brown, or tan trousers; and polished shoes or British military officer boots. When indoors, Charles can be seen without his coat and jacket and mostly walking about in his waistcoat. When he is getting his hands dirty, he will roll up his sleeves to his elbows. Naturally, Charles lives up to his Clean Hands alias not purposefully. The name was created around his mannerisms. His blonde hair is curly and he keeps it tamed and oiled. The edges about his hair and sideburns are always neat, kept crisp with a keen straight razor. His jaw and throat are always smooth and hairless. Someone would have to catch him on a bad day to see him unshaved. His skin has a healthy creamy glow and beneath his layers of fine clothes is the body of an athlete. It often shocks people for he comes off as such a dandy. No one would have suspected his delicate hands to actually be rough and calloused from pistols and other grueling work.


Clean | Witty | Sensitive | Bastard

Charles is quite the character. He looks, smells, and seems like a gentleman, but he would be the bastard in the ballroom talking about how Lady Elaine had put on some kilos if ya know what I mean. He isn’t afraid to sass a lady or a gentleman openly. You know those duel of words and wit? Charles would be in the middle of it. You can’t take the guy anywhere for he will criticize the cleanliness and tidiness of a place or even the food. He will criticize, but then he can’t take criticism. Lord, he will grumble and mutter to himself about the audacity of who or what criticizing him all day. It is hard for him to let it go. Work him up enough and before you know it, he is slapping someone with a leather glove (he has a nice thick one that he specifically uses for slapping fools), and he’ll be challenging someone to a duel. While his opponent may be wanting to cut him a new sac, Charles doesn’t ever kill his opponents. He kills monsters even if it is difficult to tell humans and monsters apart.

The brother is a neat freak. He would claim to not have an obsessive compulsive disorder, and he doesn’t, but sloppiness and disorganization are a pet peeve of his. He is quite stingy with money. He is his own barber and hairdresser because it saves him money and he always knows how he likes his cut and shave, so he can never muck it up. Thus is why he will never hire a maid. The Grimm brothers make a handsome paycheck every time they finish a case, but to Charles why waste it on a maid when they can save money by simply being tidy? He will spend a day wearing an apron and cleaning up the entire apartment.

Charles will socially smoke a pipe with other gentlemen, but he isn’t a habitual smoker. The one thing he is banned from doing is drinking. You get Charles a few mugs of ale or a bottle of wine and he will be the most rowdy and out-of-control drunk you would have never expected to exist in such a man. He will drink, drink, and drink, and then he will either get in a fight or disappear somewhere on you if you aren’t supervising him. The next day, he won’t remember any of it and be moaning and groaning about how hungover he is. Just make him the sober and responsible one and you can’t go wrong.

Women;...women; Charles is particular about his women. She has to almost be smarter and better than him, or at least a bigger dick. If she’s a slob, she won’t work. If she has an annoying laugh, she won’t work. Being a handsome man, Charles will go on dates regularly and usually returns disappointed. He will hold the door open for a lady, offer his coat, lay his coat over a mud puddle for her, offer her his handkerchief (keep it; don't return it please, germs!) and even help her into her carriage. She could be cursing his name all the way to the door, and he will still be a gentleman to the very end. Charles just has a lot of pride and he can’t be bothered with trollops. Shit, if he wanted to put up with one he’d pay for one and pay her extra to keep silent through the entire service but that costs money and so he wouldn’t do that!

Likes: Tea: splash of milk, two lumps of sugar not one; not three; two--shit! Cleanliness, organization, common sense, booze, well-cooked meal and a good witty story or joke.

Dislikes: Animals, children, ignorance, and people who challenge his competence.


  • Gunslinging - Charles won’t dirty his hands unless he has to, so it is hardly unusual that he would be a gunslinger. He has two custom revolvers from Samuel Colt himself. They are light, sturdy, and the barrel six inches shorter than the standard twelve inches. They are black with a cherry wood stock that Charles modified with leather strips and glue to keep his grip from slipping even with sweaty hands (or bloody hands). He uses a moon clip to reload the weapon  immediately, and he is pretty good about making every bullet count. He doesn't waste bullets like he doesn't waste money. Charles is a quick draw. He is deadlier with one revolver than he is with two, and he will at times take out enemies with one revolver at a time. This technique is to free up his other hand so he can use it to rapidly slap the hammer and make those legendary Wild West shots people hear stories about. He takes care of his guns, cleaning them and storing them when he isn’t using them. When they wear out, he imports new ones, and Mr. Colt will have added a new fancy feature to them.
  • Boxing - Charles can hold his own with his fists. The dandy may seem pretty, but he can put a man larger than him on his ass if he doesn't know technique. Charles resorts to boxing when he is out of rounds, when he is drunk, or depending on the duel, he may need to muck a fella’ up. If he pulls out the black gloves, someone is about to get their mug rearranged. Charles has damn amazing reflexes, swiftly bobbing and weaving to get by an enemy’s swings to exploit their open guard with a series of rapid punches. While boxing isn’t the ultimate martial art, it is still effective against the average Joe, which is majority of the world.
  • Knives - Basically, imagine Charles boxing with two knives in his hands. These aren’t normal knives. They are karambits. The hooked knives hide along the curve of his clenched fists and Charles uses them to punch holes into the face, throat, or chest of enemies and lacerate tendons and arteries. Charles rarely uses such lethality on humans and so only unfortunate devils and misfits get to taste his ruthless side.
  • Pianist - Charles was always a piano player since he was a boy. As a child, he hated it because he was forced to take lessons, and as an adult he used it to get money and girls. Now, as a businessman, he will play only for the queen or use it as a cover. All of these incidents of practice have lead to him becoming an amazing piano player. Most people like to hear classical, but Charles can also play some American ragtime.
  • Barber - While Charles only became a good barber to be cheap and do his own hair and shave his own face, he can do it for other people. He would only do this if the brothers were running on hard times. Whatever makes money.


These are just starter spells for now. I plan for Charles to be more of a defensive magic user rather than an offensive with elemental or black magic.

Ward: The ward that Charles casts is to ward off demonic and spiritual possession. It helps if every member standing within the magic circle at the time has a piece of silver on them or some sort of jewelry or trinket. With a piece of white chalk, Charles will draw a magic circle large enough to hold however many people he is casting the ward on. After the circle is drawn, he will take his karambit and begin cutting celestial runes on the palm of his hand. He will always use the hand his silver ring is on for the pure alloy amplifies the strength of the spell. Individuals must remain within the circle when he is casting the spell and remain within it until it is complete. A ward will appear in a random area on the protected bodies and remain unless dispelled by a greater magic.

Gateway: Charles has an old, horn-shaped relic that is believed to be the horn of a unicorn. The unicorn horn possesses great powers but seeing as Charles isn’t pure of heart or a virgin, the only thing he can get the damn thing to do is cut a hole through space. He can only teleport himself or a small group to areas where he’s been before. If he can’t remember the area, then he can’t use the horn to go there. The destination has to be vivid in his mind otherwise it won’t work. He can always hand the horn to someone else for them to try. If they’re pure of heart and a virgin, then the horn may have found a new owner.

Pixie Dust: Dust from a pixie’s bottom. No; really. It looks like gold glowing sparkles and when he tosses dust at people or enemies, they will find themselves lighter than air and levitating. It is a good save during a plummet.

Hyde Serum: An illegal black market potion. The elixir is believed to delve deep inside a person or thing and draw forth the evil that hides in their heart. It literally turns a good person inside-out, transforming the dark and negative energy into a monster. Charles has only one vial of the stuff and he keeps it as a secret from his brother. He figures that if ever they face a foe that they may not be able to beat that the serum would be his last resort.
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