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August 03, 2021, 01:00:51 pm

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Author Topic: The Royal Guard Dog [ m + m | BDSM | Master/slave | Pet Play | extreme ]  (Read 589 times)

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Offline kasperTopic starter

"For the time you're here," the Prince says, eyes filling with cruel glee, "you'll be my personal fuckhole of a puppy, and that makes you my royal dog. You'll get very special treatment, the servants - they'll all be waiting on you so carefully. It's a great honor. In exchange for that honor, in addition to doing absolutely everything I demand of you, you'll have to follow very strict rules. The palace is covered in cameras, so we'll know when you break them."

The rules are then listed and detailed with much enthusiasm:
1. On the palace grounds, indoors or outdoors, the dog may not wear any clothes unless otherwise specified by the Master.
2. On or off palace grounds, the dog must always be collared and in dog ears and tail. Outdoors, the dog must be leashed unless otherwise specified by the Master.
3. The dog may only sleep in the pet room with the other (non-human) dogs unless otherwise specified by the Master.
4. The dog is not allowed to touch his genitalia for any reason, under any circumstances, unless otherwise specified by the Master. Masturbation will be doubly punished.
5. The dog cannot urinate in bathroom facilities. The dog must have the Master's permission and supervision to go outside and urinate, under all circumstances. If the dog urinates anywhere that is not outside or without permission, then the puppy has had an accident and will be disciplined as the Master sees fit.
6. The dog cannot go outside without the Master's permission.
7. The dog cannot refuse sexual advances and sexual touching from anyone, including (non-human) animals with the exception of when and where it is forbidden for the dog to accept such activities, specified by the Master.
8. The dog is to obey his designated handlers in the Master's absence.
9. The dog is to no longer refer to himself or be referred to by others as human - he may only be referred to as dog, puppy, pup, scoundrel, mutt or other such canine references or petnames designated by the Master.
10. Above all else, the dog must guard, protect and serve his Master with his life.

"Of course," the Prince purred, "All punishments for disobeying these rules will be designated by yours truly, as I see fit."

Hello! I am looking to play the role of the royal guard dog, or the "pet" here. The pet's given name is Aeori, he is a demon Prince from the neighboring Kingdom that your character's Kingdom has been locked in a bloody and long feud with. Upon Aeori's capture, he was presented to your character, the Royal Prince, as a gift. I am looking for some extreme play here including (but not limited to) pet play, Master/slave play, BDSM, collaring/leashing, watersports, humiliation, degradation, punishment and discipline, pain + torture, orgasm denial, house pet, body alteration/modification (whether superficial for appearance or medical and functional), sloppy seconds, sounding, extreme penetration, multiple penetration. If there are any kinks you would like to play out that are not listed here, let me know and we can discuss - I'm extremely open-minded!

I also don't wish to just get into the sexual aspect of this, I'm very much into the mental and emotional aspects, the psychology of the characters and the dynamic between the two. I would like to see plot along with smut, essentially.

Here is what Aeori looks like: