Warhammer 40k, Medieval Kidnapping & More To Come [Female seeking Male]

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A little bit about my roleplaying style: I mostly roleplay female characters, though depending on the setting I might think about taking up a male character. Although I don't mind playing out Minor NPCs throughout our story, I prefer sticking to playing one main character. If you like playing more than one character, however, fill free! Most of my pairings will be (MxF) or (FxF). As for Cannon or OCs, I enjoy playing OCs more than Cannon characters. But again, it depends on the setting.

People can expect my post to be anywhere from one paragraph to three, and I always try to match my partners' post. I do enjoy a bit of fluff with my post, but do not worry, I will always give you more than enough to work with!

Although I mostly do 1x1, I can also accommodate small group roleplays! As long as it's no more than five or six people.

Also, make sure to always check back here! I will try to update my request page weekly with new and exciting information, pairing and ideas! With that in mind, depending on the day and how much time I have I can post between 2-6 times a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Right now I'm only looking to roleplay either in PMs on the site or over Discord. Feel free to message me about any of my plots or pairings.

For these pairings and idea, I am looking for someone that is a detailed writer that knows the lore of the setting. While Smut is possible, I will not be the focus of the stories. I would like to capture the grim dark feeling of the world with fear and intense roleplay.

Pairings: Seeking Dom Male for these pairings.

Imperium Sanctioned Psyker X Inquisitor
Inquisitor X Chaos Space Marine
Eldar X Chaos Space Marine

Psyker X Inquisitor Plots

Plot One: A Gift of Peace
--Other Options: Psyker x Space Marine (30k/40k) I Psyker x Emperor (30k)

Elodia sat upon her knees on a cold stone floor. Her bright blue eyes looking around the odd room, at all the things she had never seen before. The Architecture of the Imperiam was so much different than the architecture of her world. The color of jade had been replaced with blood red, the warm ivories replaced with black. It all made her uneasy, though her eyes quickly shifted downward as she heard the larger doors to this room open. It would have been bad to have been caught looking around with out permission. Even if the ring that controlled her collar rested on a pedestal only feet away, even if she wanted to run she could not however. No, the last command she had been given was to kneel and wait, so in turn, the collar forced her to do so. Her body heavy, like someone was pressing down on it.

Seanchan, and her nine moons had finally excepted defeat at the hands of the God Emperor of man or at less his forces. Elodia, a Psyker as the Imperiam called her, was being offered up as a gift to of good will to the commander of the fleet. She had been taken from her Handler of nearly a century to be given away. It didn’t set well with her. She did not know these people, or their ways. They had killed Levian, a good man. An honorable warrior.

Finally, she heard the sounds of foot steps, “So this is your Psyker?”

“Your Psyker my Lord,” The woman had an accent that might have sounded odd to anyone else, but to Elodia it was the only thing that was familiar. “Her ring is on the pedestal, ready for you to take.”

“And what...I just put on the ring and say something. The witch will do it?”

“You don’t even have to say it, you can just think it my Lord...and this Psyker as you call them will obey every order.” Elodia could feel the smile in the woman’s voice. “They are good pets our...Psykers as you call them, they will obey or they will be punished.”       

Plot Two: A Long Road

Zethina laid in a medical bed upon one of the ships that now circled the planet she had been on. Things had been going so well, not as good as others, but better than her other duty stations. For the most part, people just left her alone when she was not on the job. Sure she still got blamed for things that happened here and there, but she had gotten used to that kind of thing long ago. Keeping her head low and working hard. It had worked well, always moving forward and not backward. No matter how much they tried to find a flaw in her.

But now, things were looking bad, really bad. And there was a knot the size of her fist in her gut that told her....they were going to try and find some way to pin all of this on her. After all, she had been in the area when the bases power failed and the enemy forces pushed threw. She had used her power to try to hold the line, but something had happened. Something had gone really wrong, really fast and she could not remember. All she knew now was, her life was pain. Her leg hurt and she had already been threw a few surgeries, and the medial personal were not even sure if she would walk again on it. Zethina had over heard that much, when they were not talking about her in other ways that was.

With a deep breath, she finally allowed her eyes to clothes. Her head to rest on the soft pillow, hands pulling at the warm blankets that covered her bed. The nice heavy ones they only ever seemed to use in the medical wing. Her mind tried to wounder, to go to darker places like the thoughts of the Black Ships that might be on there way to get her, but Zethina was skilled enough, strong enough to rein her mind back in. Pushing thoughts to the back of her mind until there was nothing more then the gental humming of silence.

It was her own mubbleing that bought her back to the world of the living. A bit submissive...never show your fangs. The words left her lips with out even a thought, she didn't know why she did it. It had always been a tick of her's, ever sense she left Terra....repeating over and over the last thing her only friend had ever told her. A whisper in the night until the dragged the two girls appart. One would head to the fleet, and the other. It made her shiver, surely her friend had made it out as well. The other girl had been just as strong as Zethina, sure she was lacking a bit of control, but that was something that could be learned. And sure she was not as mild-tempered as Zethina had been. But, Zethina had always been a bit tame.

Something caught her eyes, and slowly Zethina looked up. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart seemed to fall to her knees. Bright eyes locking on the rosette that hung from the man's side.

Plot Three: She is Yours
--Other Options: Psyker x Space Marine (30k/40k) I Psyker x Emperor (30k)

Serina felt the sudden pain in her right shoulder, a white hot pain. Yet when she looked down she could see no blood, no wound. Hazel eyes at once went wide as she heard the cry of pain in the back of her mind. The woman swinging around to where she knew her Handler had been, and there he was on the ground. Looking up at another man dressed in the same garb as these invaders. A weapon pointed at him as her handler spoke to this man. Hands lifted out before him, one hand moving to remove s ring from the other.

She called out to him, she could save him. All he had to do was give an order...but it was not the order she had been waiting for. He told Serina to kneel and wait. Yet, as she did she watched as five Titans in radiant armor slowly closed in around her. The woman had never feared death before, but now she did. Her heart raced in her chest. Watching as these men with their weapons that spit fire closed in around her, closer...closer.

*     *     *     *

Lynden reached out with one hand toward the man that had shot him, the taste of copper in his mouth as blood slowly dripped from his lips, “Please...don’t hurt her.” Again he would offer the man his ring, “Take it...please. She is a good girl. She will listen and obey.”

The man felt another rush of cold pain run through him as darkness slowly closed in around him. Horror showing in his eyes as the Space Marines slowly closed in around Serina as she took a knee as he had commanded through the ring, “Please...call them off. She can’t hurt them.” Again he would offer the man the ring. “Spare her, I give her to you.”

Plot Four: Remember The Past
--- F/M or F/F

Zethina sat at her desk, it was temporary...the whole office was. She had just gotten her new ship, her first ship...and everything was being put into their place which was not only a lot of work but a pain in the woman’s ass. She had not see what was wrong with her old ship, only that this one was bigger. Bore the markings of her Ordo better. Soon though, she could stop hopping around. Yet, despite all the moving around paperwork always seemed to follow her no matter how far she went. It drew a sigh from her as she looked down at the folders on her desk. On top of them all was a list of assignments.

Finally, she looked up from the file. Taking in her office. It was big, not big as most, but big and dull. Lots of room to pace around which she often did when thinking. The woman sinking back into her chair, her hand running over her rosette as if it was a lover or some kind of beloved pet. Her other hand moving to push locks of stark white hair out of her face that held such youth and beauty it almost looked unnatural. More so to think that one of her age could be an Inquisitor.   

The perks of being a Biomancer, one could always look her best no matter how time had tried to make her look. Her skin pale, that with her white hair made her green eyes look so bright they looked just as unnatural as her age.

The woman dressed in the traditional robes of her Ordo, her power armor most likely stored away on the ship waiting to be used. But for now she waited for the word that her new office was ready.

*    *    *    *

Zethina moved quickly down the hallways of her new ship, everyone stopping to watch her. The crew was new, and most seemed to be rather young, still they should have known better then to stop and gawk at an Inquisitor. More so, their Inquisitor. Not that she cared right now, the poor boy from the Administratum that was sent to be her secretary was damn near running to keep up with her.

“My Lord..Lady...Lord Inquisitor. Inquisitor Donavan is waiting for you in your new office. He says he has a gift for you or something.” The young man stuttered some, his face going pale as Zethina stopped and looked at him. A smile pulled at her lips which made the man even more jumpy.

Little did the woman know, she was about to face her past in the most interesting way. That her so called gift was a personal Psyker of her own.

I am craving a good kidnap roleplay set in a Medieval Fantasy setting. I want either a local bandit, nomad raiders, or mercenary band leader or even the officer of an enemy army to kidnap my characters. I like always I'm looing for detail writers that are looking for just as much story and character development as smut. Don't get me wrong this will give us to also explore darker kinks, but I also want to explore things like: The First Day/Night of the raid, the day to day life of him and his band/clan, traveling from place to place, raiding towns, watching people being taken and sold as slaves. How she will adjust to it all, maybe starts joining in on the different rites and celebrations. 

I will be willing to play minor NPCs as well as the band/clan comes across people and well as other members of the band and I hope you would do the same. I want the world to come alive around them!

Don't be shy to send me a message so we can talk more about the plot. I love talking out what we are going to do and get to know my partners. This will be something long term as far as it comes to roleplay.

Pairings: Seeking Dom Male for these pairings.

Bandit Leader x Local Village Girl (Human/Elf)
Raiding Party x Local Village Girl (Human/Elf)
Mercenary Leader x Local Village Girl (Human/Elf)
Enemy Army x Local Village Girl (Human/Elf)
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